Years ago

why is Marty still our coach?

Seriously. Why? Who on the team is terrible at D? yet we are the worst in the comp. Why?


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Years ago

Because the club does not have the money to sack him and pay a new coach.

We should be happy we ahev a team at all to watch!

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Years ago

No money to pay him out with and get a new coach of elite level. It's just a damn shame he didn't end up being the super coach everyone fel he was destined to be.

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Years ago

The 36ers signed him to a 3 year deal, even though he was unproven at this level.

That was a mistake which the 36ers have to suffer from.

Just a shame that you loyal 36er fans have to be the ones to suffer from poor decisions by the front office.

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Years ago

Its is what it is at this point. The fans have been very resilient with our loyalty through the form of our deep pockets, our noise and passion and consistant attendance. We will continue to be, as we suck it up for now and make do with the fact we have a team. Even if they are boring to watch, and are coach in a deplorable manner. But soon enough, changes will be made, and we get back to championship calibre roster we are striving towards. Adelaide will be solid again and no longer a laughing stock by opposition players.

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Years ago

just CEO him, problem solved

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Years ago

Terrible defenders are

Ok are


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Years ago

If it's financial, then fine, it's better than no team.

I really think the roster is one of the best in the comp.

It's a shame.

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Years ago

Easy Quagmire, roster isnt THAT good, but better than 6 wins, players look so uninspired. I dont care how much you hear, the players back marty etc, they are just playing the 'game' so to speak, saying what will keep them employed, its human nature sometimes.

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Years ago

I certainly wouldn't call the roster 'the best in the comp', but IMO their roster is probably better (on paper) than Cairns and Wollongong. The Crocs roster is actually pretty lacking (mainly their bench), so you could make a case that the 36ers roster is better.

The 36ers have a more balanced roster than the Tigers and IMHO an upgrade on the Kings, but NZ, Perth and GC are miles ahead in terms of the talent on their rosters.

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Years ago

Same shit,get a life wankers!!

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Years ago

Have to ask anon (#351074).....since when is Darren Ng a good defender? Sure he got a couple of steals last Sunday arvo against the Crocs but generally he is a shooter, not a defender.

Though I can't argue that our best defenders are Creek and Helliwell.

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Years ago

I totally agree with Triton,they had to pay out Ninnis and dont want to forkout another payout and get another coach payment on top.

Sad Sixers will be bottom for next 3 years until we see a good strong team.

Thats why we havent signed Johnson or Creek on long term deals ,ive heard they will sign pending on Clarkes situation.Look at Holmes signed for 3 years ,marvellous,Sixers always leave it late and our quality players will be attracted away to other clubs with $$$$$$$.Sad to see.

Rebuilding if sixers lose their starters.If i was in the SOS group i get cntracts done now not at season end.

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Years ago

Maybe there is a good reason for not signing any more players.
Maybe this is the last season for the 36ers....
Cant see anybody else wanting to lose a shit load of money

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Years ago

Find it very hard to believe with the big crowds the 36ers get vs the roster they put out that they'd be losing money.

5,000+ crowd at say an average of $20 a ticket = $100K+ per game (excluding merchandise, catering & parking) x 14 home games = $1.4 million a season. Sure doesn't include venue hire/advertising but sponsors would more than make up for that.

So conservatively $1.4 million vs $1 million salary cap (and obviously they're under that). Take out coaches salaries & maybe a few part time staff (if not volunteers) from that $1.4m+ and I can't see how it would even be possible for the club to be losing money.

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Years ago

The club would be losing a lot of money.

And to the first post's question, DJ is a terrible defender.

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Years ago

36ers have 5 full time staff.

Under Mal Hemmerling lost about $1.5M

Currently lose about $900K

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Maher Davis Stirling came out last week.
A little bitta improvement on Sunday.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Yes there has to be reason no change in coach so it has to be money and as previous posted could be Sixers last season as hanging in there with Clarke for rest of this season and next then will definitely lose a lot more money , As fans have hung in a long time and with clarke sending team backwards which did not think we could go any worse but we are.
If serious in keeping club afloat then a non proven cheap fill in option to season end and lets see if can get some passion back on and off the court

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Years ago

Anon #351095
They wouldn't be selling 5000 @ $20. $20 is about the adult price per game of season ticket holder. I know walk up tickets cost more but you haven't factored in that a lot of the ticket sales would be children. You haven't included the cost of hire of the venue. Don't forget it belongs to Eddie Groves. I doubt sponsorship would cover the cost of venue hire. There are so many other expenses as well that you haven't included, cleaning of the venue, security guards, Sixers Dancers (not sure about that one), the medical staff, water, electricity, toilet paper, the mowing of the grass (unless council pays for that in which case the 36ers would not be making the bulk of the carpark takings, office stationery, telephone lines and calls, office furniture, machinery, the list goes on and on.

The cost of running the club would be enormous.

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Years ago

If an Nbl team doesn't bring in 3 mill it is loosing money
No team in the league makes money

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Are you kidding me Quagmire, the team are AWFUL on Defence. The roster are just poor on D, I'd even add Ng to that list, a great fundamental defender but no way does he have the weight and strength to compete against many of the matchups hes given in the NBL.

Layoff the coaching staff and realise the reason we sit back in a quarter court NBA style D most of the game is the fact Warren can't defend anyone up the floor. Start putting some back on the players and stop kidding yourselves that this roster is championship or even finals quality, it'll get there with work not removing coaching staff everytime the players fall short. get a clue

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Years ago

Crocs have always made money and the Tigers as well recently made a small profit.

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Years ago

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Years ago

Crocs have lost money last three seasons and take Seamus ' business dealings out of the tigers and they drop plenty too

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Years ago

News to me. I know the Crocs omwers will walk if they lose money so i suggest you are wrong.
I dont care about Seamus money after the event. Making money before he left.

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Years ago

Well accept that you are wrong. tigers lost money in reality but were ok on paper. Crocs owners are nervous

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Years ago

Good. So the Tigers have fodged the books to show that made a profit.But the reality is according to you they lost money. So its a con then for what ever reason, but the MADE A PROFIT.
Crocs owners have been nervous for a few years. Yet they still make a profit. Even if it's a $1.

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Years ago

not to mention the ticket company take at least $3.5 per ticket

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Years ago

Ticket % is standard everywhere.

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