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Waverley BigV Men

With the squad they have including NBL players Bennie Lewis and Daniel Dillon how do you think they would go in SEABL?

Which teams would they beat/lose to?

Trying to get a grasp on how big the difference is between SEABL and BigV

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Waverley* mate...

I would suggest that they don't have the size to compete with the best SEABL teams. If they had one legitimate big guy then they would be threat to the top teams.

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Years ago

SEABL is not near the level it was 10 years ago but you clowns keep thinking, posting and rating it as if it is!

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Years ago

Which SEABL teams would not make Big V SCM Finals?
Better question...

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Years ago

OP and first response are from the same IP and computer. I know saying this antagonises the author a little into "Two of us share one machine" posts, but I did like that in this instance, the respondent corrected the spelling of the original poster. Had to laugh.

No shame in this case - happy to have the discussion here either way, so thanks for the topic.

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Years ago

I haven't read anywhere that Dillon is even signed? Just because he played last year why does everyone assume he will be this year?

I think SEABL players overrate their own league. They love to suggest how much better SEABL is compared to Big V but really there isn't a whole lot of difference IMO.

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Years ago

SEABL is better than BigV, much better. SEABL features more NBLers and fringe NBLers than BigV which is just a Victorian league.

SEABL also has a bigger budget for players in imports and better overall preparation for the season. but can Waverley compete in that league? I'd say yes but won't be anywhere near as successful.

btw Dillon is not confirmed yet. Gleeson supposedly don't want many of the key players to play in ABA this year thus the regular ABA guys like Tragardh and Greer are sitting out.

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Years ago

Wavo played Dandy seabl men recently. Dandy won by 14 and were close to full strength. Waverley did not have Platenik, Dillon or Lewis (who are all playing).

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Years ago

I've posted about this before.

The BigV made significant ground on the SEABL in terms of depth and quality in the mid 2000's but have fallen away in the last 3-4 years.

I disagree about needing a big. The SEABL has a bunch of small forward sized athletic imports (massingale types) who do a lot of their scoring. They are not really that big as a league.

I think there is a "different" difference. Most (many) SEABL teams afford 2 imports, BigV clubs tend to afford one. I think Waverley have none.

My memory is that the last 2 ABA national finals held were won by QBL teams. The other state league's all have teams who could compete in SEABL, but overall SEABL has better depth of teams and talent - the import pool helps with that.

Princes second post is a ripper and a good way of looking at it. I don't know the bottom end of SEABl that well to know.

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Years ago

HO-agreed. Waverley has Threatt as their lone import

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Years ago

Threatt is an Aussie.

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Years ago

Threatt is an Aussie

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Years ago

nope he's not. can apply for citizenship but he's not Aussie

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Years ago

SEABL is easily stronger than Big V. In general, Imports are better and there are more of them and the depth in SEABL teams is much greater than the Big V teams.

Id say the bottom three teams from SEABL last year being Canberra, Albury and NW Tas would have missed Big V finals place but all others would have made it and could have won it.

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Years ago

Sixerfan, if that's the case then the structure of Australian basketball is on trouble, and I have liked some of Paul's comments on this before.

Firstly, if 3 seabl teams would have missed BigV finals and the rest won it, then the SEABL has a huge quality problem top to bottom.

Second, you always want to be in a position where the best teams in your next level down would be competitive in the middle of your level. So top 2 in division 2 should be mid ladder in Div 1 - competitive, but not threatening the leaders,a nd not smashing your bottom teams.

This highlights for me that perhaps SEABL (as the unofficial second tier) is too close in quality to the state league's and far from good enough in terms of NBL.

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Years ago

HO makes some great points.. Bak in those days when the gap was closer the BigV included Sandy and Dandy. Which straight up made it stronger... I remember a few years bak at the ABA finals, bigv sides melb tigers and dandy making the top 4?

which was wen the BigV was improving out of sight. the loss of dandy and sandy really resulted in the bigv (standard/quality wise) to come to a stand still.

its all a matter of opinion, but i would say the depth of SEABL clubs goes deeper than BIGV sides

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Years ago

Threatt plays as an Aussie, he isnt classed as an import.

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Years ago


The Big V is the senior basketball league in Victoria comprising 101 semi-professional sides in 9 competitions (Many with 1-2 imports). SEABL has approx 16 teams and a small number of u23's D-League....now only a Victorian Comp run by BV.

At the top level teams are comparable with SEABL (check out the national ABA champs history. SEABL has not dominated. It is a shame that the comp hasn't run for the last two years which would have been a truer indication of Waverley's strength.)

The argument about which League is stronger is moot, because if you think about the above then factor in QABL, Warratah League, ABL and the WA comp (name escapes me but someone will let us know)the comments are irrelevant! NBL/WNBL players will play where they get employment and they play in all of the leagues around the country, and the top teams in each league are probably good matches for each other.

Personally I am stoked that I get to see these guys close and personal at both BigV and SEABL games and then am able to follow them at NBL.

As for the standard of game...having been closely involved over a long period of time...The standard has not dropped at the high end, and the amount of junior talent rising through the competition is a real positive. Mind you...I would like to see a series between Nunawading SEABL men and Waverley SCM....a large chunk of the Nuna team are ex-Waverley.

But back to you original question. If we look back to when Dandenong and Sandy men were still in BigV Champ grade, it was line ball between them and Waverley for finals appearances for a 5-6 year period. And whilst Dandenong has not done particualrly well since rejoining SEABL, Sandy has been up there each season.

As for the particular comments about Waverley above....it amazes me how much disinformation can be bandied about.

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Years ago

It really comes down to money in the end. Sandringham and Dandenong were both in the BigV about four years ago and have done pretty well in their time in the SEABL - both teams were standouts at the time in BigV though.

Albury will be a decent team this year as they have signed up some good Aussie talent in Hollis and Opacic, together with two new imports.

BigV have a couple of teams who could compete in the SEABL but its the lower teams in the competition who would get flogged in SEABL.

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Years ago

Nunawading players who are from Waverley in last years SEABL team??
McDonald - No
Kendall - No
Williams - No
Conn - No
Cameron - No
Kennedy - No
Smith - Yep
Hicks - No


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Years ago

Smith is a Nunawading jnr, only played 1 or 2 years at Wav too...

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Years ago

Eltham has signed Luke Cooper, Graham Dann and apparently Trigger is going back (maybe not every game) plus afew others!
Id put them ahead of Waverley now!

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Years ago

Bobby C - if it is the Bobby from the Bool, the sea air must have you confused!

None of those guys are signed at Eltham!

Cam Rigby is at DV thou!

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Years ago

Im not Bobby from Warrnambool..

I heard this from one of the closest sources to Eltham over the weekend.. Just wait n see!

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Years ago

Ha well your source is wrong, if your close to them call the coach cause he is saying something very different!

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

From the infromation at hand i don't believe eltham have made any signings!

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Years ago

Cooper is a sure thing from what I hear from a few of players at Eltham!

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Dobut the players would be talking it up if it wasn't happening but i wouldn't be so sure!

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