Get Organized
Years ago

Get the damn Junior Fixture Out BasketballSA -

While you are at it change back to all the div 1 teams in the same place!

Vote here folks

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Years ago

Here here
1 vote from me

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Years ago

Vote, get sh*t done please.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The rationale for the draw could also be reviewed to ensure it is the best and most appropriate way of doing things. For example, is Friday night the best night?

At the moment, there are four time slots used: 6:15, 7:15, 8:15, 9:15. For Div 1, the times are a bit different to reflect the nature of 8 min quarters. Typically, 6:15 = U12, 7:15 = U14; 8:15 = U16; 9:15 = U18.

So, the first question is are these the most optimal times? 9:15 games are late and in my experience only help a child to withdraw from the game.

Stadiums are generally selected with Div 1's at one stadium, Div 2's away. Sounds OK, but would it be better to have say U12s and U14s at one stadium and U16s and U18s at the other? For example, Sturt v Norwood. Pasadena 1 sees U12G2, U12G1, U14G2, U14G1, Pasadena 2 sees U12B2, U12B1, U14B2, U14B1. Mars 1 sees U16G2, U16G1, U18G2, U18G1, Mars 2 sees U16B2, U16B1, U18B2, U18B1. That way the Div 1 coaches can also see their Div 2 players. Alternatively, could an entire division play at a stadium?

I know that teams would still need to achieve 50% home games, but my big question to you all is, "Is the way games are currently scheduled, the best way?"

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Years ago

wont please the 1 home game 1 game away crowd. otherwise worth a try

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Years ago

Ok with 12 year olds playing 9:15 games jack?

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Years ago

Some merit Jack but the late games become an issue for U14's under that scenario

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Years ago

I think the program manager should have the time.

He didnt even turn up to his last game at State Champs.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The 9:15 games are an issue for any age group!

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Years ago

Jack, what you would need to do to avoid 9.15 games is leave stadium vacant and hire outside venue more.

This would cost about $50 per game because yo need a door person and UIC for these stadiums.

Lets say you had 2 new venues and utilised Starplex more, even though its almost impossible to get refs there. Having only 3 time slots you would need to move 20 games.

So would cost $1000 per week or $40K per year. And that is one employee they would need to shed to increase organisational changes like hiring courts, managing refs and door people.

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Years ago

I don't care that we are not at the same place, I just want the program out more than 5 weeks at a time!!! Families need to plan ahead for work, other kids sports. It is unprofessional and people are getting sick of it.

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Years ago

They can't get all divisions out for more than 5 weeks to start with as there is a reassessment of lower grades to make sure they are in the correct division. That is one reason for holding it up

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Years ago

Why do you need to reasses lower division when you have pro/rel.

Oh, thats right, they dicided not to have div 2 involved, they decided on this stupid North/South pools for summer and they have only worked out now that it makes life hard.

SO fix it from top to bottom.

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Years ago

Agree its is just poor admin not to have program ready.
How can you promote to new parents with any confidence about venues times commitment needed when there is no structure. Attracting new parents often hinges on them wanting information


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Years ago

Div and 2 generally does not change in Winter. Work all the other grades around the higher divisions.

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here we go again  
Years ago

BSA at it's professional best, CEO to busy with retarict, a program manager that has his integrity and professionalism questioned all the time and a commission too powerless to change anything. keep up the great work BSA you are killing basketball in SA.

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Years ago

Big vote for all div1 games at same place PLEASE

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Getting smarter  
Years ago

All div 1's same place
Bring back 2 Byes for U/16 div1 girls ??????????????

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Def bring back all div 1 teams together... I know its not great for the 16's who have two byes but would rather put up with that than the atmosphere we have now home and away... More enjoyable for everyone!! Its was also an inspiration for the kids to make Div 1...

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Years ago

WHy does having div 1 all on the same night inspire kids onto making div 1? That doesn't make sense to me.

Also, the U12 girls are in the same boat.

Why should these families put in the same amount of nomination and registration fees and not get the full amount of games.

If you want homer and away. Let all clubs know that in 2 years any club that doesnt have a team in both div 1 and div 2 is out of it altogether.

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Just ask any kid or parent who has gone from Div 1 to Div 2 or vice versa.. The atmosphere is definately different. My daughter at one stage had to play for Div 2 for a couple of weeks, the first thing we all noticed was a quieter stadium. It shook her into pulling her socks up and improving so she could get back to Div 1. Have spoken to other parents that have moved and all have said the same.

I do agree all clubs should have at least a Div 1 team..

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Years ago

But if there was 2 teams missing from double byes, then the atmosphere would be dead.

And if a 12 year old kid needs a crowd and atmosphere to make them try hard to get into div 2, they are not a div 1 kid in the first place.

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Years ago

I love how people argue for Pro/Rel at all levels and now want full Div one nights.

I hope you all understand that if full Pro/Rel comes in then every stadium will be a mess of a mixture of teams, clubs and grades.

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Years ago

I think it might be different people arguing that point.

It is one of the arguments againt pro/rel.

And it wouldnt necessarily be that bad. You would generally have a home team on each court at a home venue as you would have the same number of teams in the competition.

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

Jack, 9-15 seems pretty friendly to me . 10 years ago there were games starting at 10-30.

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Years ago

Fill there have never been Junior games starting at 10:30. What rubbish

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Years ago

Oh yes there were, we played many games at bowden in div 1 under 16 and 18 sometimes they started at 11pm as they were always late and had no refs. All girls games at bowden and all boys were at forestville.

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Years ago

Get rid of North / South Rubbish ................

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Years ago

most of you are as clueless as the crowd at BSA.

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Years ago

wow, shows how long since I've been involved, whatever happened to 6pm U12s, 7pm U14s, 815pm U16s, 930 U18s, all same clubs home/away system?

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Years ago

You want basketball to survive, grow and everyone have teams in all divisions, yet you don't respect parents enough to get the schedule out so we all know where we are going in five nights time... you can tell who does and doesn't have kids. The fact that many of us have to organize one kid at one place' and one at another now thanks to div ones being in separate places, makes this even harder, as we don't know where the heck we are even going... Have SOME consideration for others, although with the way things have been run lately, and the consultation that has gone with it....NOT,,,?? the word consideration and basketball put together is really a joke isn't it!!!!

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Years ago

The junior district schedule for the remainder of the season will be available by close of business of the next working day after round 5 is played, ie:
- The schedule for the Thursday competition will be available by COB Thursday 11/5/12
- The schedule for the Friday and Saturday competitions will be available by COB Monday 14/5/12

These schedules will incorporate the following changes:

A new Woodville team in Under 12 Boys Division 4
A new Woodville team in Under 10 Boys Division 3
A new North Adelaide team in Under 14 Girls Division 3
A new South Adelaide team in Under 16 Girls Division 3

Each new team will start with a record of 0 wins and 5 losses, and premiership tables will be ordered by game ratio, as per the by-laws.

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Years ago

Maybe I'll have to shove my head up my arse and get a job at BSA TOO!!!!

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Get Organized  
Years ago

hooray its out!
but why do Fville get u12 and u14 div 1 at the same stadium and no one else does?

we all know the answer don't we?

Pathetic BasketballSA

Hope there is a employment review coming up!!!!

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Years ago

Haters gotta hate eh?

Keyboard warriors and conspiracy theorists hiding behind unimaginative usernames pointing the finger at others who actually making a contribution to basketball in SA.

No that's what I call pathetic.

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Years ago

Why is there only 5 more rounds up. Are we going to have to go through this shininomozzle again in another 5 rounds?

Surely with todays technology we can get a season program!

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Years ago

Making a contribution........Yeah your right. But is it a good one?

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Years ago

About time all district clubs were made to have teams in div 1 and div2 so that we can run div 1 and div 2 as home and away games for each club like it used to be. The way they are running it at the moment makes it extremely hard for some coaches to give up their own time to coach a team other than their own childs team as getting to different venues becomes extremely difficult especially if you only have one car. We also have coaches who coach more than one team which is becoming very difficult now with the silly draw.

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Years ago

Perhaps Basketball could be zoned similar to football where you play for the club in your zoned area which would then stop some clubs from being so strong because they grab all the better players no matter where they live

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Years ago

Now have gone from at least having home games at the same place to no Div 1 games at the same venue at all{home or away}, I might have to give up coaching all together so i can watch my son and daughter play the sport i love!


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Years ago

Second thoughts

Maybe i should get them into football and netball
Cheaper and more opportunity
Plus i'll probably be able to watch them both


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Get Organized  
Years ago

hey deimos

not sure what your smoking but it must be good!
I think you will find making a "contribution" may include.
1. coaching a team even though your child is not in the team and at a different venue each week.
2. numerous trainings
3. numerous out of hours work for the sport and squads.
4. game night canteen/scoring duties
and the list goes on.
5. travelling all over the country side (aka leyland brothers) with family in 2 directions because of the pathetic draw. Oh and we get penalized because we are not Fville.

All the above is voluntary.

Maybe Basketball SA should be careful as they may lose people who do this every week as a VOLUNTEER.

Just perhaps my expectations as a good citizen expects that those who do get paid are responsible for their actions and have to meet certain goals/performance metrics in order to continued to get paid.

Maybe you are one of these that regardless still go home with your money that the volunteers have "contributed" to!!!!

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Years ago

A sport where you make the finals on game splits but you don't play each other twice?


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Years ago

Check Sportingpulse you will find full season games has been completed. Well done to all concerned.

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Years ago

Hey Get Organized

The hoops forum thrives on people posting their thoughts honestly and without fear of retribution. But for fairness, equity and legal reasons, there must be limits.

Great to hear your claim about your volunteer efforts but they count for nothing. You crossed a line mate. You posted a direct and unsubstantiated accusation against an individual whose name and position is known to all of us and you did it while hiding behind an anonymous tag.

If you want to point the finger at others for not performing then you have the moral obligation (and guts) to place your name alongside the claim.

BSA reps are known to all of us. They are often seen at juniors games. All of us can approach them to express our concerns.

To bitch and moan about them behind a fake tag on an internet forum is a COWARD'S way out buddy.

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Years ago


Haven't you done the same kind of thing your abusing Get Organised of? Attacking someone from behind a keyboard. (And yes I see that I am as well)

Until BSA take step to alleviate the possibility of club favouratism. And while people are able to continuously point out situations where BSA can be seen to favour a certain club, accusations will be made.

And the concern is that it leads to families leaving the sport and in some peoples opinion brings the integrity of the sport into doubt.

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not happy!  
Years ago

All div 1 games should be on the same night....We have one car,3 players in div 1 ![u14.u16,u18]We use to love watching all our kids play it was a big family fun night out.Instead it is organising galore,asking people for lifts,what game should we watch and above all not a fun family night out as we have to split up in all sorts of directions!Basketball has not got enough players as it is,this wont help.We will refuse to pay more then one spectators ticket ......if we get the change to maybe watch the last half of one of our older kids....:[

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Hanging Round  
Years ago

"NotHappy"- 852
Congrats on having 3 talented children who are all playing Div1.
I fully understand where you are coming from, but what about next season?
Assuming U18 player has another year in U18 Div1, what if current U16 player goes up to U 18 Div2 and third child plays U14 or U16 Div1.
Obviously another dilemna could be on the cards.
Agree that "ALL" div1 games should follow each other, but clubs need to be strong in 'trying' to get BSA to change things.

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Years ago

Not happy,

I have 3 kids that are split over div 1, 2 and 3. Can BSa please try and run the competition so that all my kids aree at the same venue.

Obviously a rhtorical question.

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Years ago one stage you knew where you stood and how you could watch all your childre. They made div one, they were all at the same place and for being good enough to get to div 1, and as a pay off, you would (A) get to watch them all.. and (B) not have to run in different directions, in my case over 100km one way. Made it worth helping them with their ball skills, and the extra practice they them selves put in. (not that I wouldn't do that no matter what div they are in)... but now there isn't a pay off for anyone,(except for the petrol station I have to frequent more often that is) including the kids that liked to watch the skill level of the div 1 above them.
But now looks like it would be better to find another more family friendly sport that you can watch & support all of your kids more evenly while they are young.
I must however congratulate the powers that be, for getting the fixtures out to round 18, that is very much where it is due. Thanks

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Years ago

Yeah, congratulations for only taking until round 6 to get the schedule out...

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