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Kings sign Bruce, Crosswhite, Garlepp & Harvey

Sydney Kings' Head Coach, Shane Heal has announced the first official signings for the 2012-2013 season. The announcement follows the return of Ben Madgen, Graeme Dann, and Luke Martin who all remain on contract from last season.
Aaron Bruce, Ian Crosswhite, Tom Garlepp, and James Harvey have all confirmed they will play for the Sydney Kings in 2012-2013.
Shane Heal said that he is delighted with the structure of the new Sydney Kings line up; and saved a special mention for returning player, Aaron Bruce.
"I am delighted to have re-signed Aaron Bruce for this forthcoming season. We know how talented he is and, personally, I think he is yet to show his true value to the team," Shane said.
“We will be playing Aaron in more of a shooting guard role, where he will be very difficult to defend. The coaching team will be working with Aaron to exploit his explosive scoring and passing ability, which I don’t think even he realises is one of his greatest strengths. We are all really looking forward to working with Aaron and to watching himplay a valuable and very exciting role for us,” he added.
Head Coach Heal said that Ian Crosswhite is a key signing for the Sydney Kings and that he is a very good NBL five-man. He believes that Crosswhite’s best years are in front of him and with his tough defence and solid post play, which is crucial in any good team, he will be a real asset to the Sydney Kings.
“Ian lead the Cairns Taipans in assists last season and I believe he will help raise the intensity and commitment of the whole team with his solid overall post play. We have signed Ian to a two-year deal, so we have a great opportunity to utilise his talents,” Shane said.
The Sydney Kings have also signed Tom Garlepp, who played last season behind Worthington, Petrie, and Hoare at the Gold Coast Blaze; but did not play a great number of minutes. Described as a tough and talented backup four-man with tremendous mobility and a very good mid range game; Coach Heal said that Garlepp’s work ethic, and overall commitment to take his game to the next level, will help the Sydney Kings over the next two seasons.
Shane said that the last Sydney Kings signing to be announced today is James Harvey, who is widely acknowledged as one of the most lethal shooters in the NBL of the past 10 years.
“The addition of Harvey to the Sydney Kings roster will help with a crucial missing link behind the arc. Every team need a leader, and I am confident James will fill the void from last season. He is one of the most passionate leaders I have played with both on the court and in the gym,” Shane said.
“His work ethic will definitely set an example for the Sydney Kings to reach my expectations of being the fittest in the league. James Harvey is a big game player who has dealt with persistentinjuries over the past couple of seasons, so he will come to the Sydney Kings with something to prove,” he added.
Sydney Kings CEO, Ian Robilliard said that the organisation was heading in the right direction with a relatively new team both on and off the court and that he is particularly impressed by the structure of the roster that head Coach, Shane Heal, had signed so far.
“We already have a number of players back in training ahead of the 2012-2013 season and others will be joining them over the forthcoming weeks. This is an exciting time for the Sydney Kings and our supporters. Shane’s team has youth and experience, which is a great combination that should translate to a successful season for the Sydney Kings,” Robilliard said.

For further information, interviews and photo opportunities, please call Mark Wells on 0414 015966.

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Years ago

so has bose definately left??

cause those 4 above with madgen and dann isnt an improvement is it really??

i mean, you have

out . kaz bose grant

in crosswhite, harvs , garlepp.

it looks heaps better defensively i guess. wheres reliable big scorer?? the go-to guy on offense??

i guess same as alot of nbl teams it all comes down to how good the imports will be that will decide if the team is any good.

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Years ago

I assume this is what they're looking like at this point?


phil, Khazzouh, Bose and Grant would be more expensive than Crosswhite, Harvey and Garlepp (unless the Kings are insane). In which case, they can bring in their PG import and have someone better than Ratzsch.

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Years ago

No chance Anatoly Bose is returning to the Kings. Neither is Grant or Ratzsch.

Gynes is still a possibility at returning

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Years ago

Doesn't this news mean that Cadee's number 1 target now would be Adelaide?

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Years ago

Bruce in the 2 = no shots for Madgen.

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Years ago

KingJames, haven't you noticed me mention Cadee enough times by now to know he's likely coming to Adelaide. ;)

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Years ago

Isaac do you think Cadee to the 36ers is a good move considering Croswell is our current back up?

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Years ago

Haven't watched enough of Cadee to know but people seem to rate him as a prospect. My guess is that Crosswell would start initially and then Cadee would work to steal that spot. I imagine that the thinking is that Cadee could learn from someone like Crosswell who's been around, had championship success, etc.

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Years ago

Would Cadee be the starting point guard for Adelaide?

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Years ago

well, if we can go after a 6'1- 6-4 american guard who can handle the ball, and score without needing to always have the ball in his hands then yes, cadee crosswell would be great. would hope we target one thats a good defender too.

a guard rotation of cadee, crosswell, import, ng, daly would work. paired with weigh/creek johnson/ shensch and i would target the best young 6'9/6'11 guy i could to play a few minutes.

that would leave us with enough points to go after another import in case of injury.

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Years ago

nothinbg ive seen cadee do suggests hes an NBL starting PG

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Years ago

well no-one ever is until they are

as in, everyone who is now good, or a starter, was once a young kid coming off a bench. i wonder how many said......

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Years ago

FYI - Kings have already signed an import PG as well..

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Years ago


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Years ago

Hammer could right some wrongs and sign Kavossy Franklin and Rosell Ellis as his imports !

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Years ago

Has the Import PG the Kings signed already played in the NBL? or a newbie?

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Years ago

I'll start a thread for the import speculation. Nice info gathering, Nat.

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Years ago

Isaac, I hadn't caught up with the other threads prior to posting.

I am not totally convinced with Cadee either however I think he has huge potential and if he is given the right chance he might be a great signing.

Either way the team they are assembling is much better then last year and if things go the way they are then next season will be a good year.

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Years ago

I haven't seen much of Cadee I've liked personally but purely as back up to Crosswell shouldn't be too bad.

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Years ago

bring back martin iti!!!!

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Years ago

How did this turn into a Cadee to the Sixers thread? lol...

I know no-one in their right mind would probably swap those three for each other, but really, Bose, Khazzouh and Grant were gone with no chance of returning... We were lucky with the lockout to get Grant, he won't be playing NBL level leagues next season, that's for sure... So that's leaving what crop of players this season?

Crosswhite is one of the better big men in the league and IS capable of putting plenty of points on the board when needed, has a nice touch around the basket and is a lot tougher than Jules... His experience will really anchor the team... I'm still not sold on Harvey... if he's healthy, great, but the guy just hasn't had a (good) break with his body, so if we get half a season out of him, I will be really surprised...

I think the lineup would be more like the below, Isaac, you're not going to push your young talented starting SG out of position, I would hope...

Import PG / Martin
Madgen / Bruce
Harvey / ?
Import? / Dann
Crosswhite / Garlepp

That's 63 points (62 if we can get Dann re-rated down mid-contract like Perth did with Williamson) with room either a quality SF or moving Dann to SF backup, Garlepp to the 4, someone like Burston in backing up Crosswhite...

With Bruce spelling both Madgen and the Import PG, you keep up the pressure all game with the scoring from outside and if he's spelling the PG moreso, you're not really losing that much with ball handling as Bruce pulled off some ripper passes last season which leaves Madgen to penetrate and do what he does best...

phil: hopefully Madgen will be turning into our "got to make that shot" guy, or the imports? Also, Bruce showed he's a good scorer and with Crosswhite inside, he's not going to get pushed around either... It's not just about relying on that one shot at the end of the game if you've got the right players to get a good lead and keep it... If they work hard, you never know what this team is capable of...

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Years ago

The Kings will have written a contract that covers Harvey and his recovery and protects their money. He will expect nothing less I'm sure. Also Heal needs to protect his own future. I like the look of this group and there don't appear to be egos that need stroking.
That's a healthy aspect.
If Burston is available, I expect he will be more inclined to head south to Wollongong and family if a spot is available. However he was said to have bought property in Melbourne and his wife is BB retired and now into a career no doubt. Haven't heard much about his physical condition for some time. There's a guy who could have been anything IMO.

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Years ago

Very surprised to see Bruce back for the Kings. He performed well on court but reportedly did not impress many off the court. Word was that he would not be re-signed so I wonder if Heal had to twist a few arms to get that through.

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Years ago

'437, I heard the same. Only there because they couldn't keep Bose.

Sounds like a divisive player and the same was rumoured in Adelaide.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Early in the season , I heard Heal, as a TV commentator ,
before he was coach , say he'd have an Import PG and Bruce at 2 .
Of any off-court malaise , I cain't comment ,
only ever watched him play and train . I've never met him.

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Years ago

Certainly heard the off court stuff to be poor to say the least. very surprised he is back.

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Years ago

Finally somebody who actually knows how good Bruce is/can be..
I love his passing.. His shooting talents were on show during his college years. I am looking forward to this season for sure..

Kings with Harvey and crosswhite looking to really go at the ring

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Years ago

What went on that was poor off court ?

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Years ago

With the Kings recent signing for the 2012/2013 season and include the players who are contracted
for next season.

This is a short review of each player..

*Ian Crosswhite = Not fit & Always injured
*James Harvey = Always injured due to his weak calf
and will definately breakdown.
*Aaron Bruce = Injury prone and have a bad social
habit turning up to training hungover.
*Garlepp = Should have a good season if he get enough
touches of the ball.
*Luke Martin = Will have an inconsistant season if
Heal doesnt give him direction.

*Magden = Will struggle playing with Aaron again and
James Harvey
*Dann = More effective playing the 3 position instead
4 position and lacks confidence.

*Imports(2) = MUST score 15pt per game, Play DEFENSE
and Rebound! If not, the kings will NOT
make the finals!

Your thoughts..

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Years ago

Hmm... fan of Garlepp... joycefan?

*Ian Crosswhite = Not fit & Always injured
he missed the first six games I think last season and came in and scored 13ppg (@54%) and pulled down 6.8rpg over the first 6 games... He averaged nearly 30mpg in 2011/12, he played a full season into the grand final series the season before that and has missed a handful of games before that... I'm quite happy to suggest you're full of it...

The injury concern with Harvey is legitimate as well as how Bruce is coming back... With less pressure on him though, hopefully he doesn't have to jump in straight away...

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Years ago

Need 2 really good imports to blend this mob of aussies! No X factor at all! No finals 4 Kings IMO...

& while i'm at it 36ers will struggle again also.

Big improvers - TAIPANS!!

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Years ago

I'm pretty happy wsan the kings line up after losing Bose and the big K.. Not world beaters but glad we arent signing little boys.. Still a bit unsure about magden. I know all you south Australians love him. But he seriously does know how to force up a shot.. Looking forward to hearing some more signings

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Years ago

Orbit your kidding yourself. 36ers have a better roster than cairns. Cairns have a better point gaurd by far and maybe trigger over dj but that's it. Our import big can come of the bench, cairns import big has to be a gun.

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Years ago

Cairns are looking very good this season. recruited a couple of good players out of college Cam glidden and Clinton Stiendl, a very good point guard in wilson. And if they can make tragardh play d. Its looking to be an offensively strong team with a defensively strong coach. A lot better start in recruiting then Sydney has had IMO

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Years ago

Assuming Cairns re-sign Loughton their import will likely come off the bench too.

Kings have put a solid crew together, but I think theyll really need their imports to be good contributors to even contend for 4th.

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Years ago

Taips are looking for an import C - depending on the team they are playing the import would start and rotate with Dusty/Alex/Trigger.

It looks as though Loughton went FA to reduce his points rating - word is he has already signed but the paperwork didn't make it last week. He is currently at the Mt Isa Mining Expo with sponsor Skytrans in his Taipans uniform - you dont do that if you haven't re-signed with the club LOL

Someone like Baynes would be good, but he is looking for more fame and fortune in Europe for the next few years - he is a Cairns (Mareeba based family) boy like Jawai so expect them to play for the club eventually. A rather mouth watering proposition.

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Years ago

Adelaide have recruited well and looking a lot better than last year. DJ at 4 and luke at 5 looks good but they will need a good preseason to gel.

ADE better than Cairns so far ?

Cadee is an upgrade and will get better, Crosswell missed the season and will be rough, mitch has talent but is raw, Luke/DJ could be potent. The rest of the team had a season to forget.


Import Big / Trigger (inside) / Loughton (outside) / Dusty (garbage man - does anything) rotation is a massive step from last year offensively. Defensively its about the team system and Fearne has a proven team defensive system. Gliddon/Steidl - future boomers and shooting prowess, Grabua / Hill (should be signed) - atheleticism v defence mongrel and Jamar (its Jamar 'The Smiling Executioner' Wilson - enough said). Taips need a reliable backup to Jamar from the FA list but overall the club has addressed shortcomings from last year and with a good preseason will go top 4 (only missed by 1 game after all those injuries)

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Years ago

Someone stated on different thread tomlinson. That would be a fantastic back up

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Years ago

Tomlinson won't be a king that's a no brainer.

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Years ago

I think he's saying someone mentioned Tomlinson to the Taipans.

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Years ago

It's a bit confusing paul, when the Kings threads turn into either Sixers or Taipans threads lately ;)

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