Double Clutch
Years ago

What's Hot/What's Not Featuring Paul Rees

What's Hot:

  • Update: Paul Rees, for just being a straight pimp, (and hitting two big threes)
  • Nick Hambour, this guy was the bomb! 39 points at 17/25 shooting with ten rebounds and 3 assists with some massive clutch baskets in the final minutes. Oscar "Ball-hog, no D" Forman battled against Hambour for 12/25, 4/10 from downtown for 33 points, 16 rebounds and one lousy assist. Both were 5/5 from the line.
  • Sturt for being the only ABL team averaging 100 points per game. Constantly push the break looking for alleys. Oscar threw down a dunk that hurt in the first on a break-away and got another later.
  • Also props to both teams for a great spectacle. Women's game was a nail-biter with a 3 pointer on the buzzer giving the North women a dramatic victory, and with the men's game going to the wire it was a great night out. Seems Isaac was money with his selection of game.
  • Libertine's St. Ignatius College jumper that he was representing on the night.
  • The new Jet Li film, Unleashed with Morgan Freeman and Bob Hopskins, great to see Jet Li's acting potential giving some fulfilment outside of Hong Kong for once with what looks to be a great film
  • Sturt looking to trap the point guard on the inbound full court, loved that play despite it not working for them.
  • Eight lead changes and 2 ties in the final quarter in a great game. Hambour ten-footer for lead at 84 to 83 with 8:30 to go. A quick reply by Sturt for 84 to 85 was put to waste with a Burdon 3 for 87 to 85 with 7 to go. Darren hits 3 at 6:25 for 87 to 88. Zorich hits for 89 to 88 6 to go. Little Burdon creates turnover but Sturt recover with Shepherd to hit a driving lay-up for 89 to 90 with 3:10 to go. Burdon hits a free throw for 90 all at 2:55. Oscar drive at 2:40 puts it to 90 to 92. Hambour hits for 92 all at 2:20. Finkemeyer hits at 1:14 for 92 to 94. Finally an Oscar offensive board and put-back at 35.4 seconds give Sturt the final score of the game at 92 to 96. A great match.
  • Playing little Burdon off the bench. Almost created a awesome turnover on Bauer but North couldn't capitalise.

What's Not:
  • Alright, who decided to play Bryon Adams "Summer of 69" in a time-out?
  • North Adelaide's foul count in the third quarter, seven fouls to Sturt's zero. And the reason the Rockets get no calls? Because every damn week "Looselips" Hawkes and co spend all game trying to intimidate the umpires by whining about how their mothers didn't love them enough as children so maybe the refs should go a bit easy on them tonight. The tactic hurt them in the third.
  • What's the deal with the silence at time-outs? Can't we get some phat beats going to keep the atmosphere up? And while on the subject what do people think of allowing songs to be played during passgages of play? (Please, no Delta).
  • Jessie McCartney's parents for giving birth to the little punk
  • Paul Bauer, please don't shoot anymore free throws.
  • Where is North Adelaide's defence? Tom James-Martin hit 2 from downtown after North Adelaide baskets in the second without a North Adelaide player within viewing distance of him. Guy must have stunk badly or something because no-one wanted to be near him.
  • Oh yeah, where is that army of Sturt fans that were expected? There was spare seats at the game! Worst attendance for a North game other than the South game I've seen this year.
  • No mention of DC's glorious list in the Independent Weekly article.
  • And finally, a big "what's not" for Libertine. No one asks DC to be placed on the list, people earn their place rather than corner me at the canteen at half-time. A pathetic sight. St. Pauls forever.

Find of the week:
  • Dallas Quigley. The dude had one of those real good "quiet" games players such as Dusty produce. 17 points on 8/12 shooting with 1/1 from downtown in 28 minutes. A nice surprise package for North.

Flop of the week:
  • Simon Kent without a doubt (to quote Al Green). 3/8 shooting for 7 points, 11 rebounds, 4 turnovers in 31 minutes. Why the hell does this guy get a game? Failing to catch entry passes, travelling on every move, lodging the ball between the ring and the board on an open shot. Failing to box-out on Finkemeyer allowing big ten the easiest offensive board and put-back in the history of the game. Why the hell does Loveday play him on the outside on 41? The ball swings his side and he has no range, the player doubles back on Hambour and the offence is stagnant. Sorry to say it but he played like a hack against Sturt. Total flop.

Celebrity of the week:
  • Introducing the list's newest addition, the celebrity of the week! And the inaugural winner of the award is Luke Mapunda who spent most of the night trying to chat up a couple of women instead of watching the game. Not sure if he got lucky, but Luke at least has got lucky today and won the inaugural Celebrity of the week award. Good work Luke!

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Years ago

Very disapointed DC.

Reesy made the comment he only made those 2 3 pointers to get on the whats hot list, and no mention at all.

Very sad.

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Years ago

Oscar 'Ball-Hog/ No D' Forman, Come on what chance do you really think there was of someone not commenting about that stupid call! Heck without the O-FACTOR, the Sabres would cause as much damage to the league as the Central women's team!

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Years ago

You should try to get to more than one game DC or get some info about other games.

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Years ago

lol! great call anonymous.
So long as he gains confidence for when he goes back to NBL league im cool with it

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Years ago

The Hot/Not list generally originates from one game per week. Others are more than welcome to add their Hot/Not lists from other games as comments.

The comment about Oscar was more of an in-joke than anything else. We chatted about it after the game. Oscar's defense on Hambour in the third was bad and he said so himself.

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Years ago

Well here you go...

What's Hot : Paul Rees firing away from beyond the arc, not once but twice...should've seen the look on KB's face! Priceless...

What's Not : Neal Bridgeman or whatever his name is. The umpire who is that pathetic that needs to be on show in crunch time during the game. Neal, get a life!

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Years ago

What's Not: Panther for the Tech he received late in the game that cost his team a win.

South were coming back from a double figure deficit when Panther was called for a foul. After telling Neal that he thought he had been working out (or words to that affect), Neal issued him with a T.

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Years ago

"had been working out" does he mean in the gym or in terms of umpiring the game?

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Years ago

Sturty, how can you comment whether or not what I said warranted a Tech when you obviously have no idea what I said?

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Years ago

What did you say, Panther?

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Reesy reads the list? I'm honoured! Reesy is a straight pimp for whom my words wouldn't do justice to such a great man. Hopefully I'll remember to chuck him on in future weeks. I hope to one day hire him as my personal dietician and trainer as I view Rees as having the perfect athlete's body.

As for the amount of games the list covers, well I try to make more than one game a week but sometimes it just can't occur. The list was shorter than I liked this week as I did it in a rush at 2am after finishing an assignment but hopefully next week it should be meatier.

Post #32217, it's good you stayed Anonymous because you would have to be pretty stupid to think that was a serious call on Oscar.

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Years ago

It's not about what the comment contained. It's about the comment!

IOW shut up!

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Years ago

Baylis and shutting up??????
Looking forward to Baylis v Eagles match up based on his remarks at start of season re Salary cap! there will be some heckling going on

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

What's Hot

Newley's dunk in the 1st, took off from the block.

Dix control from the perimeter, including 2/4 from the 3 point arc.
Must be the week for big guys stepping outside.

Dallas v Houston tied at 2-2

Chelsea winning 2-0

What's Not

Wood's foul with 7:00 to go in the 3rd. Down 39 59 wood chased down Newley on a break only to foul him before entering the key. Wood, forget what your junior coach told you, contest the dunk. Get a block or be posterized.

Forestville Womens 4th quarter fade.

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Mr. Brownstone  
Years ago

Sorry Panther, extremely bad timing on that tech. On the other side of the coin you are right Bridgeman struggles & shouldn't be reffing ABL.

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Years ago

After calling my fifth foul against me for holding Reesy on a rebound (anyone there would say it was a bad call) followed by another ridiculous call I politely said he may as well put a green shirt on. Now to call a tech for that is pathetic. How soft hearted can this guy be? I suppose i'll get the bill in the mail from him having to go see his shrink about it all!!!

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Years ago

He is tied in with Woodville isnt he. Saw him screw north as well when they were against woodville and he was ref, might be an issue there

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Years ago

Because Woodville can't win a game on their own, can they?

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Years ago

OH thats a big comment there FLY. Panther forgot to mention the whole game.

Firstly i do agree with Panther that was a pretty stupid call but that is Neal and he pretty consistant with shitty calls. Im also suprised he refs ABL.

Secondly both teams South and Woodville were getting some really shocking calls or the refs just missing very obvious ones.

I dont cant blame ya for Panther thats just the way Neal is i think the whistle goes to his head sometimes.

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heard people cover their heads in the outer when mr rees props on the arc waiting for a dish

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Years ago

HOT: The fact that I am going to be civil and admit to DC that I was wrong about crowd numbers. Yes I know it was me you were having a dig at.

I have to admit I was shocked at the crowd numbers. It was almost like midnight in a cemetary. I can't imagine the quality of the game would have kept people away, but the quality of the stadium. There were many more people for the women's game than the men's but it gets pretty tiring having to sit in there for 4 hours to catch both games.

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panther - did the ref get cynical with you when you missed a shot or turned the ball over?

accept the call - just like your coach has to accept a clanger on the court from you and move on

my message is - find out what the refs will support and get on their good side

do not argue with the B

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Years ago

Not as good as some of the other Whats Hot threads.

(Mod: Not as good as some of the other Bizzy posts.)

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Years ago

What's Hot- the What's hot what's not threads.

What's not- bizzy tryin to cut it down.

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What Hot
The What's hot/What's not list and replies

Whats not
The echo - formerly known as bizzy. 170 posts later, and still to provide us with his own opinion.

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Years ago

"Multi Function Polis", it's kind of a strange comment to state,"just like your coach has to accept a clanger on the court from you and move on.." Where are your stats to show that one dipshit? You know you are talking about the player who currently leads the league in field goal percentage...

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Years ago

Congratulations Panther! I dont think multi was having a go at your field goal %age. I think his point is that everyone makes mistakes but refs are the only ones open to such criticism.

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Years ago

If that's what he was referring to then he's never played the game before in his life, nor any team sport for that matter! Are you saying that i've never been criticised? Have a look on this website for starters! I put up with it all the time. From coaches, other players, umpires, spectators, but for some reason some umpires need to be wrapped in cotton wool and have feelings that would make a Kitten hard core!
I have never been one to swear at or call an umpire names, yet they still can't handle a light hearted comment. I have some of the best relationships with refs and the banter and light hearted payouts that go back and forth is always taken as a bit of fun, but some refs have some sort of small mans syndrome or something and feel that you cannot even look at them the wrong way with out them serving you up a "T". Players get so into a game some times they do get fired up, it's all part of the passion of playing basketball, playing sport and if an umpire knows this they understand sometimes a rush of blood occurs and players get frustrated, but don't take the focus away from the game itself by trying to be the main attraction. That's not what they are there for.
I know a lot of people will want to differ with my opinion and that's fine, go right ahead.

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Curious Monkey  
Years ago

Panther - sound like u need a hug?

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i have also had trouble with Neil in the past, but lately he has been good to me. He does seem to hand out T's fairly often though, perhaps he should look at himself as to why he gives away so many?

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Years ago

"...Houston Rockets head coach Jeff Van Gundy has been fined $100,000 for his public comments concerning NBA officiating, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Senior Vice President Basketball Operations."
Just another example of the fragile state of umpires...

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Years ago

What's Hot - Bizzy getting pounded on Hoops SA. Posters from different clubs coming together to tell it like it is. It's for the good of basketball. The game is the real winner today.

Welbourne (spelling??) reffing Div 3 Men on a Monday. Some solid, intelligent reffing. Something seen rarely in Div 3, but much appreciated none the less. Cheers Paul.

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Years ago

Yes the foul against Rees was a bad call, yes the tech was not warranted (especially considering the players had been talking to the refs the whole game.. and the tech came with 2:35 left in the last quarter). Truth is though, Warriors picked up 4 points off the tech to put the lead back to double figures down the stretch. Self discipline goes a long way

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You don't seem to understand, anonymous #32380. yes, there's only 2:35 left. South were down by 15 with about 8 mins left and had got it back to a single digit lead and the players are going to be obviously annoyed and frustrated if a soft foul is called late in the game (especially since the game was so rough). You don't call T's in that situation, when of course comments are going to be flying around, as said before due to the players being tired and frustrated.

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Years ago

I meant that the tech should not have been called, but that doesn't oppose the fact that every time a player decides to challenge a decision they leave themselves open to receiving a tech. And at 2:35 thats not a smart thing to do, especially as a senior player

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Years ago

here's an idea

the player should play
the ref's should umpire

if the coach has question about the umpire, ask after the game, when emotions have cooled a little.

- leave the talking for the people who have nothing better at work, on hoopsSA.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

EC, yeah you're right that the quality of the stadium keeps Sturt fans away, but I feel I'm justified in my opinion that Sturt really doesn't have the greatest away following, (which is basically what I meant, not specifically talking about Sturt home games which aren't too bad).

At least you had a bench to sit on, I was on a steel beam for two hours. Still the North people are making the best of a bad situation.

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Years ago

The other day when someone posted about the difficulties arranging and storing seating at Hillcrest, I imagined these hammocks suspended from the ceiling... or seating pulled down from the rafters. Or that came out of the existing seating.

I think the bigger issue is that it seems pretty dark at one end of the court. As you said, though, they're making the most of what's there to be used.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Funny you should mention the darkened end of the court. It seems Sturt field goal percantage dropped dramatically at that end, as has South's and Forestville's in games I have seen this year. Nice home court advantage to have.

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Years ago

is there not room to store seating above th existing 'cage' at the end of crt 2?

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Years ago

Visitors to Hillcrest, shooting percentages:

Sturt: first half (55.6%), second half (33.3%)

Eastern: first half (36.2%), second half (48.6%)

Centrals: first half (45.2%), second half (38.2%)

South: first half (48.9%), second half (40.9%)

Forestville: first half (37.5%), second half (38.1%)

Do the visitors always start towards the lighter end?

Forestville even. Eastern against the trend. The other three drop: Sturt down 22%, Centrals down 7%, South down 8%. Would be interesting to see the trends over a longer period.

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Years ago

How about North's stats Isaac, they shoot better in the 2nd Half when not going to the darker end!!!!

v Eagles - 37.5% 1st Half
- 42.7% 2nd Half

v Panthers - 44.2% 1st Half
- 54.5% 2nd Half

v Mavs - 41.9% 1st Half
- 41.9% 2nd Half

v Sturt - 46.7% 1st Half
- 47.7% 2nd Half

I couldn't find the stats for the game against the Lions.

Memo to Woodville, West, Norwood & Southern - BRING YOUR OWN LIGHTS!!!!

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Years ago

Actually, just looked at the Box Scores for Women's games and it also shows a similar pattern.

Eagles - 33.3% 1st, 34.3% 2nd
South - 40.6% 1st, 34.4% 2nd
Mavs - 37.0% 1st, 33.3% 2nd
Sturt - 47.2% 1st, 33.3% 2nd

v Eagles - 33.3% 1st, 57.7% 2nd
v South - 27.8% 1st, 37.9% 2nd
v Mavs - 34.9% 1st, 44.7% 2nd
v Sturt - 43.5% 1st, 28.9% 2nd

Don't you just love a good conspiracy theory!!!!

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

dont forget to look at other staidums. Could another reason for poorer shooting in the second half be simply that a team gets tired...

Do North women shoot better in their second halves at home?

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Years ago

Dr D,

That is what the 2nd lot of stats are (v Eagles etc). All except for agaisnt Sturt, North Women shot far better in the 2nd half.

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

oh sh!t, i thought they were mens, i should have read it a bit closer.

there certainly is a pattern there.

Wonder if we can access last years stats and see how long this has been going on!

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Years ago

Excellent, our own basketball version of MYTHBUSTERS (SBS, Monday, 7.30pm)!

Maybe's it's that there's a "second shooter"...behind the grassy knoll!

How about Pasadena's floorboards with duct tape on them? Does that have more of an effect down one end than the other?

Conspiracies....Gotta love them!

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Years ago

must be the breeze

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Years ago

the ring at the lighter end is actually about 4 cm wider in diameter.....we out north investigated this trend last year...yet the club refused to make the change... believe it!!

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Years ago


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its like that  
Years ago

whats not. PHILLY are out

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