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Opals V Brazil

Did anyone watch the Opals V Brazil game tonight?
If this is what we are dishing up only a short time out from an Olympics, we could be in strife. Our point guard play is a worry. Harrower struggles with quicker guards, despite her class. Richards isn't big enough nor does she have the handles or offence to really dent other teams. Macleod is a battler, but is physically too small and that will be found out in international play. Cambage is horrible at defending drivers from the elbow or perimeter and can't deal with defending screen and rolls. Her body language is still a tremendous concern, she was boxed out late in the game and sling tackled her player intentionally to the floor then soon after ran down the floor asking for the ball and when it didn't come because of pressure, she dropped her shoulders and rolled her eyes, stopped being a target and gave a half hearted attempt to get a rebound on the same play. O'Hea, Snell and Batkovic all belong. Bishop sits in between Cambage's immaturity and Jackson's determination. Hodges and Screen are role players and some would question what they add to the group, taking the place of others who could step in and contribute the same things with a better set of skills.

I do realize there's no Taylor and that Jackson sat out, but our group and the lack of sharpness is a worry if this is what we're dishing out and have our eyes set on a gold medal. Am I over-reacting? Or are others worried as supporters by what they saw tonight?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Trying to think who was on when we went on the game winning run in the third - 22 to 6 .
Cambage Batkovic bishop or was it Ohea , and
Screen and Harrower , I think.
The memory ain't what it was .
Anyways , seems they all got on the scoreboard ,
other than Jarry , who's performance was not of the standard of the others.

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Seb Vettel  
Years ago

I don't think you are overreacting because I saw very similar things and thought 'oh no' as well. Evn though we won I just haven't got a good feeling about this collection of players and our goal of trying ti win a gold medal for the country. Jarry tries hard and does the scrapping that good teams need done for them but looks to be undersize and not have the ball handling abilities of the Brazil team or her teammates.

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Years ago

Overseer go watch the game again with both eyes open not sure what game you were watching Liz was more than fine and her body language was great. her d was also great and she played great help d - so get off her and stop creating rubbish

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Years ago

Not creating anything. I'm actually an Opals and Bulleen Boomers supporter and I'm tremendously concerned at our team. I know what I saw with Cambage and we can't turn a blind eye to it and pretend her body language and immaturity isn't happening because while we 'choose' to not see it, the world will and we'll be judged upon it or it will cost us a result, just as it cost Bulleen in the WNBL final.

I don't remember Lauren Jackson being like that and her Opals career began at an earlier age if I'm remembering right.

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Years ago


So you have grudge gainst Liz then??? You do realize she top scored dont you?

We have just beaten one of our 2 main competitiors for top spot in our Olympic group by 20 without Jackson playing and you think we are going badly??? Really???

Sure we had a slow start, but we have only just selected our team and we are 2 months out. This is our first real hitout.

Screen bring toughness and exerience to cover O'Hea and Jarry who while very good both are young.

Summerton bring versatility and quickness to out frontline that is very good and very big but not super fast.

And while Harrower isn't the player she once was, she was very good at gettig us organised and made sure the ball went to where it needed, ie to the bigs.

Richards was great at chaging the tempo and got us lots of easy point after turnovers. While Kath is more of an insurance policy and will be used sparingly.

Not all players are going to be major contributors every game. Some games some players will have better match ups of just play better and will get more time. SOme players will sit more (I would think Jarry and Kath will play limited minutes come Olympics) except in blowouts, so it matters more that they except that role.

If last night was the spring board I cant see how anybody should be worried.

I now name you NEGATRON

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Years ago

FYI, Overseer and Seb Vettel - same IP address.

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Years ago


Love it when that happens.

'No,no, cant 2 different people from the same office have the same opinion'. Hahahahahahah.

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Years ago

It was over the weekend, so I was expecting "We live in the same house" but yes, same sort of thing. In that case, just be honest and say "I live with Overseer and we were discussing this after the game. I agree with them." Or if you're solo, let your opinion stand out there and be judged on its own.

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Years ago

I was at the game and the Opals were very dysfunctional, lacking any cohesion. It was not really until the second half that Australia starting to click through their defence.

Number 8 (can't recall her name) for Brazil carved up our guards and did not look like missing in the first half, but went cold in the second half.

The longer the game went, the better the Opals got, and it was their defensive intensity that opened up the game.

I think the play of our "bigs" was very encouraging, with Cambage and Batkovic doing a lot of damage offensively. I actually did not see any issues with Cambage and her body language at all. In fact if there were some issues, it was because her team mates were not feeding her the ball when she had great seals deep in the paint or was wide open!

O’Hea, Bishop and Screen were all solid, and Snell her serviceable self. The Opals looked more composed with Harrower at the helm IMO, and Richards’ handle did not look that flash at all, although she didn’t play all that badly overall.

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Years ago

Cambage's body language? I didn't notice anything particularly alarming about it. She had 1 to 2, sometimes 3 Brazil players hanging off and pushing her all night, and she handled well.

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Years ago

they did look very shaky at the start but they will def improve over time and a couple of games experience playing together

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Years ago

I was at the game and have seen almost all Opals Melb. games over past 8 years and watched a number of Bulleen games over that period.
Cambage - great offensive game, very intimidating and aggresive, needs to improve fitness and quick pass off defensive boards.
Batkovic, player of the game, super aggresive at both ends
Harrower ran the point to her usual standards, struggled a little with her drive and dish, but controled the offence when we needed it.
Richards, ordinary early in the game but when we established a good lead he intesity [both Off and Def] grew. Her speed came to the fore and she finished well. Confidence is the key and more games will bring that.
Mcleod, did what was required last night and will be a backup who'll probably play few minutes.
Phillips, where is she? Feel we need her!
O'Hea, looking forward to seeing her the most. Shut down Brazils #8 in the second half and had a great game at both ends.
Bishop, doesn't take a step backwards an was was impressive and will give us some quality minutes.
Jarry, struggled to make any impact.
Hodges, good defensively, didn't get into the game offensively.
Screen, role player did everything required at both ends.
Snell, everything expected and very importnat in London
Taylor is a loss but we haven't seen the beat of O'Hea who can easily fill that position

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Years ago

usa tarausi will tear us up unless we clamp the outside shooter down in transition.

Brazil iced some nice threes pulling up quickly off the dribble.

Liz will need to kick it when doubled or tripled.

point guard situation worries me no end.

one has the moves but the others dont.

we will never be able to give the ball to Loz in the front court.

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Years ago

Further to these posts I drove to Bendigo to watch game 2 of the series and had my concerns also. Cambage's body language was poor and I too have watched her over the last 2 years closely, the Brazilians attacked her physically early and this will be a standard tactic in London and impacted on her performance for the rest of the game. Her contribution was minimal and was disruptive to the other youth in the group. She was unable to score with her back to the basket. 2 rebounds in 16 mins is extremely disappointing. On a positive Snell was outstanding and as smart as ever. One showtime behind the back pass was top shelf. Cohesion must improve rapidly or we will find too much falling to too few when the heat is on in London. Good luck girls and Graffy to achieve your dreams. Bring home a medal.

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