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USA Mens Olympic Team Named!

Center - Tyson Chandler (New York Knicks)

Forwards - Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks), Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder), Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers), LeBron James (Miami Heat), Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Guards - Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers); James Harden (Oklahoma City Thunder); Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia 76ers); ; Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers); Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder); and Deron Williams (Brooklyn Nets).

Looks like a very strong team.

No Anthony Davis?

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Years ago

Davis had some sort of minor injury setback.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

One Center?


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Years ago

K-Love can play the 5 spot internationally, no?

I don't understand Iguodala at all.

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Years ago

Iguodala = defence. And yes, Love and even Griffen will play centre because Anthony, James and Durant will get the bulk of minutes at PF.

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Years ago

I think they may struggle against some taller European teams. Chandler as their only centre is a massive gamble. I would've liked to see Bynum in for Harden.

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Years ago

Anthony Davis was never going to make the final cut, the only selection that's interesting is James Harden over Eric Gordon, who's performed well in the past for the US.
You gotta remember, the US only took one centre to the World Champs in 2010 and that went just fine for them, them playing small ball on the international level causes so many problems for the taller european teams. Bynum and Hibbert weren't even a part of the training squad by the way.

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Years ago

The team looks like it was assembled by fans picking their favourite players rather than trying to fill each spot.

It will work for them I'm sure

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El Diablo  
Years ago

Good but not great team for US

They will struggle with:
1. Big's apart from Chandler not good Defenders,
2. Games are always slower due to professional fast break fouls,
3. USA has trouble guarding/switching pick n roll,
4 They have good scorers, but not great/pure 3 point shooter.

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Years ago

Chris Bosh pulled out because of apparently still suffering with abdominal pain and needs to

he doesn't play during the playoffs until the finals, plays without any sign of injury, but is now needing to recover...not buying it.

From a recent article in the Orlando Sentinel

"He experienced the birth of his first son, he was sidelined with an abdominal injury during the NBA playoffs, a masseuse died at his Florida home recently and now his ongoing court battles with Allison Mathis, the mother of his three-year-old daughter, are heating up.

Mathis' Florida-based attorney, Jane E. Carey, is becoming increasingly vocal about her distaste for Chris Bosh. She recently chastised Bosh for wanting to take his daughter to the Olympics this summer calling it a "photo op.",0,

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Years ago

lol @ anyone who thinks this team will struggle with anything other than what stupid glasses they will wear during press conferences

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Years ago

exactly alex! just saw russia and greece struggle against a less talented and less athletic version of the usa in nigeria. europe has too much hype.

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Years ago

That's just tabloid journalism LanceUppercut. Belongs to a womens weekly forum.

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Years ago

No other country in the world could lose their equivalent of Wade, Rose, Howard and Bosh in the lead-up to the games and still name not only a competitive team, but a team that is still expected to win gold.
That's who you'd probably expect to be the starting PG, SG and C as well as probably the second option PF.
So for Australia, it's like losing Mills, Newley/Ingles, Bogut and Nielsen (assuming Andersen is our starting PF).

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Years ago

No Anoymous its not, its Family Law actually.

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Years ago

Alexkrad & Hendo I agree, the US has so much talent they could confidently send their B.

Who do you think will be their toughest opponent...Spain?

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celtic green  
Years ago

I still think they will struggle against Spain; The 2 Gasol brothers are huge and if Chandler gets injured they are very small. I think it might be time to put a bet on Spain...

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Years ago

the situation is in fact family law, but the report you quoted is tabloid at it's best. statements like "photo op" by bosh according to the opposing attorney is hear say. belongs no where near a court room it does however belong on a current affair or today tonight.

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Years ago

The USA are not loading up on centers like Hibbert and Bynum. Instead they are taking more mobile PFs like Love and Griffin.

This is to ensure that their "bigs" can defend the on-ball screen.

Its no secret that European teams love the pick and roll and they are masters at executing of it.

The likes of Bynum and Hibbert may not have the foot speed to hedge out on on-ball screens, whereas Love and Griffin do.

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Years ago

actually anonymous not to sound like a smart ass but it is not hearsay. it may be considered opinion evidence though.but you are correct it is very tabloidy, just wish players would state that they are unable to go to the olympics because of "personal reasons" which would suffice rather than making it about an injury.

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Years ago

on the contrary it actually is hear say because bosh can deny it and no one can prove otherwise unless it was recorded. i do however agree that players should just state the truth on matters just to avoid unecessary speculation by the tabloids. all the evidence suggests that he isn't injured having played surprisingly well during the finals and it's the off court issues that are stopping him playing in london.

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Years ago

Has LeBron played in a game that he wont be givin "special" treatment by the referee's everytime he walks ten steps to the ring? I would say this could cause them the biggest problem..15 turnovers per game!

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Years ago

^^^^haters gonna hate

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Years ago

there gonna win anyway they way too talented and they will be very versatile against spain withe James, melo and KD at the power forward.

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Years ago

Starting 5:

C - Chandler
PF - James
SF - Durant
SG - Bryant
PG - Paul

Sixth Man - James Harden?

Any other suggestions?

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VC fan  
Years ago

Interesting they are going with three point guards and three shooting guards too..

If Rose didn't get injured, who would have been dropped out of Paul, Williams and Westbrook? I would think Westbrook as there is plenty of scoring power elsewhere and Westbrook isn't much of a distributor.

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Years ago

Howard in 4 Chandler & this is a great team - almost as goos as original 'dream team'!

Put money on Spain? They will get the closest by only going down by 10 - 20!!

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Years ago


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