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Can the Sixers still win with Marty Clarke?

The sixers have had a great offseason and signed some fantastic talent but it doesn't divert from the fact that Marty Clarke has coached the team to almost bottom spoons over the last 2 seasons.

At the end of last season this forum was calling for his head and now nothing.

The team has totally changed but the coaching staff hasn't, I think he 36ers has once again missed the boat in reviving this once great team and should off also replaced the coach as well.

You may drill me but facts are facts

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Muzz Buzz  
Years ago


what facts do you refer to?

Fact 1. coached almost the entire season just gone with a depleted team
Fact 2. Has been til now relatively restricted in getting the players he wanted
Fact 3. Has secured the best young group of any NBL team
Fact 4. Has players wanting to come to Adelaide to be coached by him
Fact 5, Isnt a Boomers assistant because they had a spare polo shirt lying around

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Years ago

Obviously this is Marty's last chance. If this 36ers team doesn't at least make the playoffs not only will he get the arse I doubt another NBL team would take a punt on him again.

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Years ago

I think the key fact for most Sixers fans is a 17-39 record the past two seasons, two games behind even the expansion Kings who have also had injury/import woes.

Until his team has a successful season the same questions will be asked. This year's recruitment is a great start, but the wins still have to happen before people will be won over.

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Years ago

Of course they can win, and they will, the question is can they reach their full potential or is Marty Clarke just cut out for coaching (or developing) kids?

Only time will tell. He could turn it all around, but I don't think he has the temperament or maturity in his coaching staff to handle a team like this. Who knows. Let's just let it play out.

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Years ago

If this was his 3 year plan then I dont mind him sticking around!! :-)

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Years ago

He hasn't had a team this loaded - talent wins games. And Adelaide has it.

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Years ago

At the end of last season this forum was calling for his head and now nothing.
You sound disappointed. I think people have gone quiet on that front because it became clear that he was staying. Better to then discuss other things like recruiting, etc.

Can't blame people for withholding confidence in our coaches, but the off-season has turned out well and I think we might as well see how they all go now. Whoever the coaches are, I'm looking forward to the season.

If it all goes to shit, then by all means complain!

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bretts the man  
Years ago

The club has never sunk as low as it has under his regime and for anyone apart from friends or anyone close to coaches and ownership to challenge those that
question his NBL coaching ability is not a long time supporter of this club.
So we base the faith on

Aust. ass. Coach
-- His knowledge is not in question only his ability to motivate and coach a team in pressure NBL games.

Players To club

Again who really knows totally why come to club
But Schens and Gibson did not rush to play for him both knocking back contracts previously to play with him and after choosing to stay GC them Gibson due to other clubs had PG position tied up .
Schens has come home which is always a factor at someone career end.
Petrie also did not have too many options.
We really excited Weigh decided to come .

Then all going to be different as we have got a great team now which nobody denies looks great and congratulate club on doing with a bit of luck with GC debacle .
But dont forget we were told how good last years team was going to be and Weigh was a candidate for MVP .
Yes we had injuries but so did others and we finished dead bottom.
Then do we forget Marty s very bad subs and poor use of Simpson and total over use of Weigh and seeing players get put on pine like NG when in hot shooting spree.
Or how many different ways we learnt to lose un loseable games in last 2-5 mins etc.
Or his arrogant response to our slow painful demise.
Yes he just might be able to turn this new team into a GF team that it deserves but please dont knock those that dare say this guy still has prove himself as a NBL coach especially if have not sat and watch every game last 2 seasons

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Years ago

Time will tell, but there a many games in the last 2 seasons where we had the lead late in the game only to implode in the last few minutes - is this the coach or just the players we had?

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Very Old  
Years ago

Can the sixers STILL win ?? - really the question is will the 36ers now START to win under Clarke and Radford

I think that they will be erratic, and perhaps that could be blamed upon the sudden influx of players who are not across Clarke's and Radford's "system ( whatever that is) .

The real proof of the pudding will be how the team plays and either improves or degrades against the same opposition. with 4 games against each - and it seems quite a few "series" where we play consecutive games - it will be a situation where ( injuries aside) it will be the adjustments that the coaches make that will make the difference -

I'm hoping for the best, and perhaps the Tassie Twins ( are they now triplets with Gibson ?) will be Triumphant and Tear away to a Tremendous beginning to a career that will end with 3 consecutive NBL titles and then with coaching Oz to an Olympic Gold - or with they tumble to a terrible "where are they now ?" future .

will know if we are out of the four in Jan - not long to wait really

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Years ago

wins won't be because of marty, but in spite of marty, but listening to him in the past, wins have been because of him, losses have been everyone elses fault and that's one of the reasons I have no respect for him, from what i've seen he takes no responsibility for failure

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Pie Cart  
Years ago

we can win games providing that coach uses his rotations carefully,we have plenty of bigs and guards now,we have 8 players on our list so far,i think we will look at getting an import PG and we will be solid,whole new team again,but stronger.Starting five will be schenscher,johnson,weigh,gibson and PG Followed by Petrie,Creek,Cadee Crosswell.

We have game against NCAA Team to see how our players perform .Radford will be taking charge as clarke and Gibson away for the Olympics.

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Years ago

This season is absolutely crucial for Clarke. Not only is it the last of his 3 years (God only knows how managed to have the 3rd year honoured, when the previous coach with a better record was cut short after 2 years) but he has a stacked team. All eyes are on him to deliver this season. As for his 3 year plan, I can just see it. 2 years ago when he started as Adelaide's coach, he pulled out his crystal ball and predicted that Gold Coast was going to go bankrupt and he would be the beneficiary of 2 of their best players. It had to be a 3 year plan because the team he wanted was not going to be assembled until his last year. The pressure is really on now because all eyes are on the coach to succeed, not the team.

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Years ago

Anyone know when they play the team from the States?

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Years ago

Pie Cart, they won't get an import point guard.

Anon, check their site - Aug 4 or so.

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Years ago

Rather get rid of the red head radford than marty. radford is a joke

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Years ago

I personally think people underestimate the impact that Clarke and Radford have had on the club...

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bretts the man  
Years ago

I think we understand totally Clarky the impact he has on club and how low he has taken team .
Taking a team to 2nd nd btm in 1st year only the start of it all then progress to bottom in 2nd year was a real feat.
Again not saying club cant turn it around but please spare me peddling his own bu---it in what he has brought to club.
Lets see the season ticket holders numbers even though have a great line up now .
He has turned so many away from our club

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Years ago

So enticing some of the best young players in the NBL to play in Adelaide has nothing to do with the coaching staff?
Just look at the Australian players who have come (and gone) from the Sixers since Clarke took over as the coach. This list is just off the top of my head.

Jacob Holmes
Adam Ballinger
Rhys Carter (In and Out)
Brad Hill
Wade Helliwell (In and Out)
Jeff Dowdell
... potentially
Darren Ng
Nathan Herbert

Mitch Creek
Daniel Johnson
Luke Schenscher
Jason Cadee
Anthony Petrie
Adam Gibson
Stephen Weigh
Nathan Crosswell

There aren't too many other coaches out there (IMO) who would be able to get commitments from these kinds of players.
If you have an idea of a coach who would be able to bring in better players then feel free to name them.

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Years ago

From a recruitment standpoint, Marty (directly or indirectly) has done a good job.
Question is, can he bring the players together and make a winning combination out of them? To this point in time, the answer can only be no. We've come last both his years as coach. Statistically our 2 worst years if I'm not mistaken?
The main arguments being brought forward for him being a good coach is all to do with his recruitment. Until you make your recruits work together and get success from them, you haven't really done much.
He now has a team that everyone agrees should be competitive, a contender even. You could easily argue we didn't in the last 2 years. We should find out once and for all if he can coach this year. Playoffs is the minimum acceptable outcome this season (unless injury derails another season, which we should have the import option to fall back on in this case).
Can Marty recruit? Yes. Can he coach? We'll see.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The single issue with Marty, regardless of the skill level of the team, is the shockers that he lets go on for too long.

Too many times the Sixers have been up by ten, then they let the other team go on a 0-12 run and the Sixers are behind. Surely timeouts need to be called sooner to get control of the game.

Simple rule. 3 unanswered goals = timeout

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Years ago

Clarky, the question has not always been about the quality of the team he puts together (imports aside) but what he can do with them. What's the point in buying quality goods when you don't know how to use them. It means very little to entice some of the best Australian players into your team and end up last on the ladder. These quality young players may have come over for the personal development side of it but the 336ers are a business with financial customers. You need to deliver.

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Years ago

You people have no idea, the Nbl has very a
Little talent pool and what talent there is or was was tied up in 3 teams.You now have a maybe 3 or 4 future boomers which I'm sure had a few more options than Adelaide. Why Adelaide?

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Years ago

Sorry Tassie, it is an even talent pool and Adelaide have been the worst in the league. Cairns and Wollongong have done better with less money and Sydney have even been better after starting from scratch and having a tight budget.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Clarky you posted what Marty has done since coming to Sixers in getting players and who gained and lost .
Mate you were missing one major point with your post is that we fell to 2nd bottom to dead bottom with most frustrating seasons ever endured where i will be lucky to have 2 of group of 12 long long term season ticket holders sign up
Due to GC demise with only us with near full roster and Schens returning home we have a good team .
You can gloss it over as much as you want that is fact .
And now hoping Marty has learnt from last 2 years about coaching NBl and hope we get results this team should provide.

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Very Old  
Years ago

Marty recruited ?

Anthony Petrie
Adam Gibson

Or were we the only club left with points and money and spaces for players this late in the recruitment cycle ?

Nathan Crosswell ?

had no where else to go ( still a good player th0)

Stephen Weigh ?

Yes - beat out every other club in the league for his signature - not

Jason Cadee

wanted to go to a team that was weak enough to probably give him a starters role and bulk minutes in the PG spot - Given Weigh's minutes with Marty - was a good bet he would come here - Woolongong was always going to go import in the PG spot.

Luke Schenscher

He wnated to come back home - but Clarke nixed it last time - this time the "front office" made the deal - not Clarke.

Mitch Creek
Daniel Johnson

Yes they did come "for" Clarke - but I suspect that with this roster - if they say at the end of next season - "if Clarke goes we go" they will have their bluff called.- which is as good as an incentive for the club to go out and recruit exceptionally hard after having to accede to such an ultimatum as I've ever heard of.

So I suppose , in a sence , Marty DID cause all these players to be recruited - if only to reduce the impact of the above threat.

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