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Would Jawai have made a difference against Brazil?

Based on what we saw against Brazil, would we have been better with Jawai in the group? If so, who should he have replaced?

Is there anyone else outside the squad who would have made a difference (ignoring PC and Barlow who deserved some minutes)?

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Phil Smyth and Ian Davies ;-)

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No...turnovers and 3 point shooting were the key issues.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

LC is on the button!

Turnovers & poor shooting....i must say thou the offence got us very few good looks compared with what Brazil were getting!

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Years ago

Why isn't jawai in the team?

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Agree, definately outside shooting first and foremost and then turnovers. i thought baynes and andersen did ok. would like to see andersen a more go to guy in the offence. Rebounding was a concern of mine, but the boys did a pretty decent job of it last night. jawai could of helped out there and maybe a bigger body on nene but was more upset with our outside shooting and turnovers. The only player i wished we had on our team is Kiwi. Penney, a player like penney, like gaze is what we miss. Through in a healthy bogut and im declaring medal time. oh well we can all dream.

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Dont think it would have made much difference but maric had a shocker defensively

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Agree with Sitivini that we medal at these Olympics with a healthy Bogut.

I was a big campaigner for Jawai on this squad, but am enough of a realist to know that his role would be mercurial and enigmatic rather than a consistent presence, so you never know what difference he makes in this game.

You can fault Patty for taking too many bad shots, but then on the flip side of that coin you can fault the other scorers for not demanding the ball and making better plays attacking the basket.

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Happy Days  
Years ago

Thought David Anderson was very good for the Aussies.Got them back into the game.

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Years ago

Rebounding was their biggest problem in the 2nd Qtr! Way too many O-Boards!

not enough of Newley who (when he got the ball) slashed through the middle and got to the rim!

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Years ago

Only saw the second half but like LC way too many turnovers and bad shooting from the 3pt line.
But I have to admitt, Patty did chuck up a lot of shots and bad ones at that, especially that 3 with 40 seconds to go.
I haven't been that impressed with Baynes either and didn't see Maric at all in the second half.

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Young Gun  
Years ago

There's been some saying that we need a go-to scorer & I can see merit in that. Before Anderson got going I thought we need a genuine post player who can attack the rim. Anderson was great, but I think there would be a place for Jawai over Neilson. How much weight is there to the belief that he's not in the team/squads because of a fall-out with Brown?

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Jawaii would have sat on the pine anyway. Bogut would have been handy.
Brown loves his guards so get used to it. It's always gonna be a small line up!
PC & Barlow very unlucky.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

LC 100%

3 point shooting let them down - Is Jawai a 3p shooter?
Turnovers - mainly passing TO's. Is Jawai a passer, or a dunker?

The commentators said the last 7 AUD-BRA games have all been tight. Brasil were much better inside in the 3rd quarter which was the difference.

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Years ago

I agree with LC that it is unlikely that Jawai presence would have made much difference as it was the, 3 pt shooting and turnovers and rebounding, but I still feel strongly that Jawai would have been a better inclusion for either Baynes or Neilsen in this Boomers line up.

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Years ago

Aus has no championship calibre point guard. An incosistent Mills who plays like a 2 and a rookie to back him up. Then comes Gibson.

For example if you could swap Mills and Marcilinho, Aus would beat Brasil easy.

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Jawai would definately have helped, big, strong body inside can never be underestimated. Marics looked pretty average, actually he is just not very good. We looked way undersized against the Brazil bigs, and won't be any easier against the bigs from Spain and Russia. Jawai is a good rebounder and solid post defender with his size, there isn't one good post defender on this boomers team. Only think the boomers can hope for is if the get hot from the outside, that will give us fighting chance against most teams. But our interior play won't scare too many teams.

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Jawai is a big and athletic body who can rebound but more importantly score. Let's not all overlook the fact the guy is like a matador guarding a bull on defence!

So whilst potentially on offence he may have been able to help, he would have been a major liability on defence and if we thought our current bigs struggled containing those from Brazil, it would have been a whole lot worse with Jawai.

Jawai could offer this Australian team something in future, but until he commits 100% (which appears he is starting to do) AND work on his defensive game, he will remain a fringe player. Remember that this Australian team is based around defense and with that strategy Jawai is a liability.

As for the anonymous posted who suggested Nevill, get off the weed now!

Maric when fit and healthy outside of Bogut is arguably our best big. Maric suffered a injury against Spain in game 1 and has not hit the court since and I believe this showed. If he is fit, I would expect to see him improve in the next game and he will be a key in stopping the Gasol's if we are to have any chance of winning let alone competing.

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Years ago

You could make the argument that the reason Australia is shooting so poorly is because we don't score enough points in the paint (which means defences can stay honest and guard the Aussies tight on the perimeter).

The mere size of the behemoth would help the 3 point shooting in that regard, but yeah, he's not a great defender. Anderson isn't a great defender either but can work with the confines of Brown's team-defense, so there is every chance Jawai could have fit in.

The other thing about our shooters is that they can't really get their shot off unless open due to low/slow/poor releases. A solution to that is PC, who can get his shot off over any look someone throws at him, but he will ride the pine the whole tournament through (probably because his ballhandling is atrocious and may be exposed at this level).

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Years ago

To the anon who said Nevill, while I doubt Brown would have picked him he certainly should have been invited to camp this year after the very solid season he had at Perth.

How you could ignore a 7'2 guy who can shoot and has worked hard to become a good defender of the on-ball is beyond me, especially when Khazzouh and Kickert were invited to the first camp.

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Years ago

It's not complicated LC. In the absence of Jawai and Bogut, put a big man like Nevill under the basket and the defenders are going leave him there all by himself.

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