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Basketball Research Project Ideas?

What would be a good basketball related topic for the research project?

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The Medic  
Years ago

Doing your own research on good basketball releated topics for research.

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If you wanted quantitative research (Mathematical)you could research stats in a whole lot of different ways, and see how it related to win/loss record, for example. You have to collect some primary data tho'.

If you wanted more qualitative research, you could look at designing questionnaire(s)to interview coaches or players, or admin, or fans, about a narrow (but deep)study of a range of things, such as people rating their own commitment to the team (36ers?)in relation to success of the team. fans remain fans when their team is losing?

This sort of interviewing research would expect at least 50 (genuine) people to be interviewed.

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Years ago

Do teams that pass more win more?

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Consider a hypothesis that seeks to answer:
'that considerable long term positions for high leveladministrators/coaches impacts upon performance'.
'does height determine success in basketball".
'the basis for dropping basketball from SASI'.
'that a lack of change, lack of facilities, cost and perception of success are factors in basketball's lack of popularity'.
'factors that cause female non participation post 16 years of age'.
etc etc.

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Years ago

If Patty Mills could distribute the ball, would the Boomers win?

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If Kobe learnt how to pass, would he be a much Better player?

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Set Plays vs Motion/Read&React in Junior Basketball.

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Years ago

I did one many many moons ago about the u18 Div 2 girls team I was coaching.

The premise to the topic was "To be a good player you need to be tall".

This was a low level district basketball context but a more substantial study would be interesting.

ie What is the optimum height.

I seem to recall the 100m sprinters were supposd to be around 6ft. Bolt blew that one out of the water!

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Years ago

Study the influence of discussion boards and new media on the modern game. Use Jeremy Lin hype and recent trade as example. Lots of analysis already out there

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Years ago

why was basketball big in australia in '92 but not in '12?

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A study on passing has been done is Spain with the European championships, teams that pass more do win more. Teams that posses the ball more than their opposition also win more. There has also been studies done on style/method of scoring, results said neither free motion or sets were better than the other, rather the more variations on the path the ball takes to get into the basket were most effective.

I would suggest a motor skill learning study into which coaching methods are best at which stages of development, with the aim of the coaching being to maximise speed of skill acquisition while also teaching players how to make 'good' decisions. Good decisions in basketball have been studied previously by a guy called Caleb Harrison I believe.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I assume "Research Project" is the SACE research project required for year 12?

These projects don't worry about the outcome (result), they are worried about the process of how you studied (researched) your nominated subject.

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Correct Jack

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im a toucan

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Years ago

Approach a club and parent group to study and survey New Players.
Information collated could be utilised by the club to improve entry in to their club and better understand if the clients expectations are met. Despite being a volunteer organisation it is a very expensive sport so expectations are expected to be met by parents.

Hypothesise expectations and where you think they are not being met

Record actual event, information, technique and success of a group of entry point players, usually U10 via Aussie Hoops.

Collect initial Parental Expectations of those new to basketball

Collect initial Player Expectations of those new to basketball

Track group through a given period in areas of expectation identified by two groups above

Collect end point of study information by revisiting the expectations and if met.

Test Hypothesis

Make recommendations

BSA and Clubs could use the study to improve entry into the sport.

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Does 'Beast Mode' really exist and if so, why is it always Patty that displays it?

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Years ago

You could potentially research who has received the most hate on the forum.

Marty Clarke
The Joyce family
Matt Bubble Shannahan
Julius Hodge
Mark Wright

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Playing Coach  
Last year

Here is a current basketball footwear research project that all adult players can help with. This Australian basketball survey (only takes 10-mins) from the Podiatry Department at La Trobe University is trying to identify factors and beliefs that influence how adult basketball players (males and females) select their basketball footwear. Hopefully the findings can help improve basketball footwear for us all.

Any adult players (who play in an organised competition at any level) can participate. The survey is here (might have to paste the link into your web browser):

It would be good to see as many players help if they can spare 10 mins of their time.

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