Scuba Steve
Years ago

Tigers cut Dorsey, sign Goulding and import Seth Scott

Dorsey Goneski as we were thinking would happen at some stage...

Goulding In...

Scott In...

Brasswell on the way...

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Years ago

and dorsey out

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Years ago

good move

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Years ago

So the tigers are going to be


Could be ok if imports play well, Ballinger regains old form, no injurys and Goulding improves a little.

If Dorsey is willing to play for minimum or close to and the 36ers have only 2 minimum salary spots left should we look at Dorsey off the bench as our import SG/SF? or are we better getting a Aussie (Dillon?) or a SEABL import in that spot?

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Years ago

I like this Tigers team with a really good PG but Im not convinved Braswell is that man. Am interested to know if they got Goulding for his GCB rating of 1-point, that would allow them another import if Braswell gets citizenship during the season.

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

If the tigers are still paying is salary (as he was contracted for this season) we could get him cheap. Wouldn't mind the sixers taking a flyer on him

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Years ago

Imagine if Dorsey, Dillon & Ubaka all came crawling back to Cairns...

Never bite the hand that feeds u!!

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Years ago

Dorsey laughing all the way to the bank! $150k for doing nothing!

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Years ago

Which is what he did last season!

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Years ago

Orbit, he left Cairns for more money within his desired occupation. Whats that got to do with biting the hand that feeds you? Cairns fans seem real bitter, be uset with the Tigers for their solid recruiting at the time, but no point blaming the players.

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Years ago

Goulding and Walker in one team, not sure if there will be enough room for the egos in that locker room and the plane could explode from the pressure. Lets hope Anstey stays out of the basketball side of things otherwise there will be an implosion

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Years ago

Anon, Cairns is bitter about how the players went about it. Apparently there were handshake deals between a couple/all of the three players and then they went back on their word.

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Years ago

Sigh. We're going to miss the finals again.

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Years ago

Thanks Spursfan that's what i'm talking about. Prob did us a favour as they would have had ego stinking 2nd years anyway. Not so dirty on imports as money is their game. Dillon sucking up now for a 2nd chance. Karma's a bitch!!

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Years ago

Nothing is guarnteed until the contract has been signed sealed and delivered. Naive of Cairns to count their chickens before they hatched.

6ers should go after Dorsey, would come cheap and may be a better option with no real pressure to perform on his shoulders. Has a bit of a backbone that the 6ers roster still lacks.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Think we could do a lot worse than Dorsey and finding unknown imports not good record last few years

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Years ago

All your shit is hearsay orbit. Apparently this, apparenty that.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Ronald Dorsey good for me here . A bitta time at 3 suits me , of course and some 2 . Ideal .

Here in ADL I noticed CNS let Ubaka and Dorsey go back to the states after that grand final , sayen they were gonna sign aussies first , then see if you fit or not later on .

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Years ago

@Anon - its sad when a man's word isn't enough anymore. If expecting a man to honour his word (verbal/handshake agreement) is naive, then karma showed its a wicked mistress in the end. All 3 agreed to terms, were given contracts and then wouldn't sign them / delayed - obviously other teams not negotiation during RFA isn't enforced with the Tigers ? (DD's comments saying he had to make a decision 2 weeks before RFA ended...)

That said, Dorsey and Chewie got 10% more per year than with the Cairns contracts. 12 months later - neither has a job and DD stood by his principles and quit the Tigers and has no job. What that shows that while in Cairns, a man's word is paramount, in Melbourne, a man's word and a contract don't mean shit.

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Years ago

yesss seth scott wears a headband!! love headband wearing players!!! hahahaha

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Years ago

New Tigers singlet?

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Years ago

DD has always been dishonest, nothing new there. People think when someone is quiet and say the right things they are a decent person. He was always going to screw Cairns over and the Melbourne thing was him following his boyfriend Cam and doing whatever he wanted.

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Years ago

Shocker of a jersey, how'd and1 let that thing through?

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