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Opals vs US Can we do it?

Do you think we stand a realistic chance of finally beating the US, after so many previous losses to them?

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Years ago

The USA looked pretty slick from what I saw of the game against Canada. How well do they match up against the Boomers frontcourt?

Fair to say they have an advantage over Harrower?

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Years ago

It could be over before it starts. Team USA's full court pressure is amazing. If we start the same lineup with Kristy (suspect under pressure), Screen (can't dribble) and Snelly (dribbling not really her thing either). It might be worth making some sort of change so the score isn't 18-3 after 5 minutes.

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Mr Black  
Years ago

if we can limit TO's I think we can win, but that US full court press is beast!

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Not with Graff coaching with those terrible white shoes.

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Years ago

Not without Penny Taylor!

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Years ago

Orbit, a little off topic although did you see how horrible Penny Taylor was at the 2010 World Championships?
It was some of the worst basketball I've seen played in the 1/4 final v Czech where she shot 3-16 or something like that which is unheard of in fiba games.
I would prefer to have her on the squad, although I don't think we automatically beat France and blow out teams in the rest of the games because she plays. Especially when LJ and Penny have probably some of the worst on court chemistry I've seen.

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Years ago

I saw the US women and yeah there pretty impressive. its definitely 2 different styles of play and there similar to there mens team. but I think ifd we can pound the ball inside.. we can come out on top... but if we let them play there style of game things could get very ugly very quick

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Years ago

will lose by 20. current form nowhere good enough - would need 35 + 15 from lj and 20 + 10 from l iz

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Years ago

Agreed .
Not a hope in hell of winning this one.
Currently not even playing to our talent level.

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Years ago

They have a better chance then the men do against the USA, but it will be hard as their chemistry and form have been so patchy these games.

Either one of Slambage or LJ are going to have to dominate, with the shooters like O'Hea and Snell ready to knock it down on the kick out.

I’ve been very impressed with Sam Richards - she looks like she can handle the rock – much better than Harrower. Jarry has impressed too.

I think this will be epic. It’s a shame their gold medal game comes now – hopefully they will still have something left in the tank if they progress.

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Years ago

we will have to settle with giving bronze a good nudge.

unfortunately we passed anything else up at the eiffel tower.

our game looks very tired too 2006ish.

china exposed a weakness in the perimeter - tarausi etc will exploit that even more

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Years ago

Could we fly Jan Stirling back in for the finals?

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Years ago

or Tom Maher, ohh thats right our best coach coaches for another country..

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Years ago

US will just close down the inside and we will have no one who can hit a wide open 15ft jumper. The Opals will be lucky to get a score out of the 50s that won't beat the US

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Years ago

Agree our current form not at a high level. We struggled to guard one player from China...US would have watched that game licking their lips!
Would love to see Tom Maher coaching the girls....when will BA learn?? Just hope the girls give the US a good fight. All LJ has wanted her whole career is to beat US for gold.

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Years ago

On current form we will struggle to get within 20, but I'm hoping we lift for the occasion.

We need LJ to stamp her authority on the game, Liz to contribute at both ends, Batkovic to do some damage on offense, and then O'Hea and Snell to conect from long range.

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Years ago

Having watched all the games so far there should be changes to the Opals as soon as they come back looking towards 2016 and beyond. I would suggest that Harrower will or should retire, Batkovic we don't need and Screen not where we need to go .

Inclusions Madgen , PG from the Rangers, Phillips plus 1 other, what do other people think ?

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Years ago

So, assuming that we lose to the US and Graf's job looks shaky, why wouldn't BA go back to Tom Maher?

Is it because Tom's too good and he knows it? Because BA wants someone they can control, eg in terms of marketing being more important than preparation?

Why do so many people think that BA won't hire Tom, or Tom won't take on the job if offered??

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Years ago

Zavecz and Macleod are in the team going forward

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Wow posters looking for Snell to beat USA when only decent shot done whole games was her half way shot.
jackson in current team structure and form a long way from getting a 25+ Vs USA but capable of it .
Can only hope team plays not only what capable of but above.
And limits Harrowers minutes and leaves Screen on bench unless to knock them around a bit

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Titan 46  
Years ago

I would use the players like Bishop,Jarry and Batkovic to defend more than usual minutes to half time and if they give up fouls so be it. Let's be close in a low scoring game at half time. Then hope LJ, EC and O'Hea can bring it home in the second half.

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Years ago

to bad Penny Taylor isn't their otherwise this would be a close game, but on current form it might be a blow out.

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Years ago

Penny doesn't give us a 25 point boost and make it a close game.

LJ doesn't think so anyway

FIBA: Losing Penny for the Olympics, are you where you thought you would be as a team?

Jackson: In 2010, we finished in fifth. We're not going to finish fifth this time. For me, I'm really proud of my teammates. We had Penny at the last World Championship. So at this point, we're back in the semi-Finals, back in the top four and losing Penny obviously hurt us but we couldn't do it last time with her.

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Years ago

Thompson for the next Olympics

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