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Guidelines with no teeth

We all know about the Codes of Behaviour etc and being nice to refs and that they can kick you out of a stadium if they feel that things are a wee bit out of control.

My question open for discussion is, What happens when the person who is asked to leave refuses?

I witnessed this last night and know some of the people involved read this forum so no names or venues need to be given, you know who you are.

What is the point of having these powers, when they are actually useless if someone wants to fight them?

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Years ago

If the spectator refuses to leave then the umpires do not restart the game until they do. If they still refuse, then the umps have the power to call the game off as far as I know (could be wrong). Hopefully at this stage the teams will be telling the spectator as well to get the hell out etc and then you might see some legs moving?

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Years ago

poor kids betcha they could cheerfully disown their parents

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Years ago

For the record, I believe the parent in question apologised to the head ref and was allowed to stay. What this says to me is "mouth off all you like, just say sorry afterwards and you can stay". Doesn't this destroy the point of the Code of Conduct which basically says "Don't mouth off in the first place".

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Years ago

Curious to know what stadium this happened at as I saw an incident last night but wasn't aware the parent had been asked to leave the stadium at any stage.

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Years ago

Haaaa, what code of conduct......rules are in place but why are they not followed through?? Not much point really is there? You could probably say the same goes for some of the rules of the game too.....

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Years ago

He should not have been allowed to stay if that was the case, the umpire in charge should know better. Parents/spectators are not going to stop behaving badly unless the rules are upheld and consequences carried out.
Shame on the UIC for letting that occur, he not have undermined the junior's decision first of all and has now shown other bad spectators that if they apologise they can say whatever they like to an official.

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Jeff the Ref  
Years ago

There will be tighter guidelines introduced for State Champs. These will be along the same lines as those enforced over the State Champ weekend in 2004. A word of warning to everyone, enjoy the weekend get into the games but remember the referee you have on your game will be overworked and the best available.

They're giving up their weekend so you or your child can play the game you/they love. Show them respect and they will return the favour. You're there to play or watch your child play the game, not offer advice or critise the referee simply trying to do a job.

They'll make mistakes just as players and coaches will, but it's not your job to let them know it.

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Years ago

State champs, district, local, just for really doesn't matter what grade you are playing, the rules and regulations should be the same for all AND adhered to. As a ref myself, I completely agree with you Jeff the Ref, but unfortunately your plee of behaviour will probably fall on deaf ears......some just can't help themselves.

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Fred The Ref  
Years ago

See i was thinking all referees should be allowed to use mp3 players during the game... this way they can referee to their favourite tune and block out the idiots......

- before someone calls me names for being stupid... this was a JOKE!

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Years ago

New guidelines (on trial for state champs) have been indicated to me as:

1. The coach will be asked to assist with the parent in question. If the coach refuses to help he/she will be assessed an immediate technical foul.

2. in the event that the coach has exsausted all avenues to help the referee with the abusive spectator, the game will be stopped and the Umipre in charge will be called over.

3. The umpire in charge will then ask the spectator to leave. If the spectator refuses to leave, the police will be called.

All we ask is a little understanding be thrown our way, we are not going out there to be behaviour nazis, but I think that some parents should think before opening their mouths, as we are all human.

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Years ago

Does this mean that I can go to a game and pretend to be with another Club and screw with the flow of the game and essentially give people techs?

What if the parent in question is not involved with the team that is playing?

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

great point. Although traditionally it is not within the role of a coach or Team Manager. Perhaps they need to be placed with onus of controlling their parents. That is, if an umpire is being abused by a spectator, he is to approach the coach/TM and ask them to control their parents. It hasn't been their responsibilty to control parents, but maybe it needs to happen to curb umpire abuse.

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Years ago

As mp said if the coach has exhauseted all avenues then they wont recieve a tech foul. I would say the referee would have enough common sense to believe a coach if they said the parent wasn't with that team. Either way the game wont go on until the person is removed so if the parent was indeed with that team I'd say the coach would do something to continue the game, rather than wait for the police or have the game called off.

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Years ago

If these rules stay then kids will get picked (or not) becuase of their parents. I don't want to state the obvious but this is wrong!

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Years ago

One bad parent can destroy a whole team.

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Years ago

STIP, I don't see a problem with not picking a kid if he or she has a parent that is a absolute psycho and is going to ruin the experience for 7,8 or 9 other players, a coach who puts his/her time in for nothing and all the other parents who do the right thing. It's unfortunate for the kid, but the alternative is much worse. It's not so obvious to me.

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Years ago

wow, a parent abuses an umpire. i would never have guessed it! perhaps we should invoke that by-law where the teams have to supply a ref. I wonder how many of those abusive parents would put their hands up to umpire the games. I brought this up with a parent of a team i wont mention (WOODVILLE), and their excuse was that they "werent fit enough." Has anybody seen Antrigg Jackman lately. A great example that you dont have to be fit to umpire. So, all you slack, abusive, lazy parents, get off your backsides and give it a go (Dont say it doesnt happen, just look at Wayne Hoffman at Woodville)

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