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Wortho declined by Eagles, sticks with basketball

"I appreciate having been given a chance to meet with the Eagles and have them run me through my paces," said Worthington. “I really enjoyed testing myself out at a different code, one that I enjoyed playing as a junior. Ultimately however making a switch of codes at this stage of my career was always going to be a longshot and they've decided not to proceed.

“I’m satisfied that I can now head over to my new club in Serbia and refocus on my basketball career. Basketball has been very good to me, providing a livelihood that has helped me support my family while pursuing a sport I’m passionate about.

“Basketball has given me the rare chance to be an Olympian twice now, which is something only a select few Australians can ever claim,” Worthington added. “I’ve scratched the AFL itch and now I can look toward this new international opportunity that basketball has presented to me.”
Seems a bit awkward at first and not ideal for hoops to see an Olympic-level athlete consider alternatives, but can imagine he wouldn't wanted to have looked back with regret and wonder if he could've had a crack at it.

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Years ago

Wise choice IMO.

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Years ago

No AFL club would consider him in a million years once they got a look at him up close.

Waaaaaay too much body fat, awkward running gait. Not a chance.

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Years ago

But now he knows, he can concentrate on basketball 100%
Which is good news for both him
And his family

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Years ago

He may have been being diplomatic Mick, but Worsfold commented on how Worthington was a good runner with a high level of fitness.

With 700 players the AFL is not an elite competition, and I think he would have been one of the most athletic big men in the competition. But at 29 it was likely just a good PR opportunity for the Eagles and Wortho.

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Years ago

Certainly got people talking!

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Years ago

Got people talking which is good.

I think maybe if he tried this out after the Beijing Olympics and he was 4 years younger he might have had a better chance at transitioning.

I must admit, he is a player I love to hate but would like to see him play a season with the Wildcats before he retires.

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Years ago

As much I like to see that happen too, he's gone on record saying otherwise:

He may do a Cattalini and return, but I'm not holding my breath.

Pretty funny that he would consider playing for the Eagles before suiting up for the Wildcats.

Bit of a non story in the end but at least basketball, in some way, got on the back page of the Sport section...

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Years ago

It's never about the game or the players playing the game.
It's always about AFL. We know you're game's amazing. Just fuck off already.

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Years ago

He'd be better than Foalu is now

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Years ago

Dead set he would have to push Cox and Natanui out the side. How the hell is that going to happen. At least go to a club with no ruckmen...Like Port Adelaide

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Years ago

Gee Whiz Mick - I thought Wortho looked in good physical condition in London, certainly better than he has in past NBL seasons. Although Wortho doesn't possess the Greek Adonis build that you obviously posses Mick!

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Years ago

Many NBL folk have said that Wortho has the laziest most unprofessional approach to his physical conditioning out of anyone they've ever seen. It's nothing personal, and it's no secret.

That said, he did look a lot better in London.

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Muzz buzz  
Years ago

yep Wortho is a shadow of the player he could have been. Soft coaching post Goorj has seen his game and shape slip away. one of those players that is best suited to an authoritarian coaching style ( Dunlap / Goorjian)

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Years ago

He is, but he also trimmed down in recent years to help with knee problems.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I saw Anstey playing footy on TV recently and he was pretty good . Cox who at 32 years is the best AFL ruckman. Without seeing Worthington playing footy , it's a bit hard to judge. Outside of the salary cap , there will be few more Basketballers doing this.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I haven't hadda call from the Crows yet.

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The Brad  
Years ago

He should have done this 2 years ago and he may have had a chance. But at 29 that's too old for a swap.
I actually think he would have done alright.
He is reasonably strong and can box out well which goes a long way as a ruckmen and even though he wasn't the most athletic guy he could still jump.
And he played hard which you need in footy.

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Years ago

at the AFL draft camp they have a new decision making drill devised by matthew lloyd - if the eagles had wortho do that i suspect that may have dulled their interest as its never been his strong suit.. on that point it would be nice if NBL teams - and junior teams - focussed more on decision making as its clearly something lackng in most NBL players (realtes of course to that thread "are we producing the right kind of player?")

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Years ago

Out of interest, on what do you base that opinion re NBL players having poor decision making?

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Years ago

He deserves credit for having the balls to front and risk the public humiliation of not being picked up. Who knows if he would have made it had he tried earlier but in Australia athletic bigs would be mad not to try football first.

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Pallas 90  
Years ago

Does anyone have any idea what salary he would be on in Serbia?

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