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Hoops FBL - Rules and Draft info.

Hi Team Owners.

Below are the rules and current player list, I will send an updated copy of this before the drafts begin at 9am on SUNDAY 23RD SEPTEMBER 2012. The rules havn't really changed at all from last year, but if you have any questions hit me up.

A couple of people have asked about making it more interesting with some $$ on the line. I’m happy for this to happen separately and say those from both leagues that want to, can put in $XX each into one pool and the team with the highest total score from either league takes the cash? If you are keen on this let me know and if enough want to, I’ll sort something out.

Once the draft begins, I will text you a reminder when your turn comes up if you have supplied me with a phone number. (Which most of you have). You are also free to email me a preferred order list if you are going to be absent for a period of time. Please try to check in on the draft page on Hoops fairly often though. There is nothing worse than a day going by with only one or two picks made.

Good luck to all again and those in the Elite League, be prepared for the year of the Daggers!

Elite League Draft Order
1 alexkrad
2 skip
3 Beantown
4 Xztatik
5 Statman
6 TR
7 Lockie
8 Flinders80

League Two Draft Order
1 DB5
2 Pure Silk
3 Hendo8888
4 clarky
6 Bizzy
7 Ox
Remember that the order reverses at the end of each round of picks.

1.1 A full free agent player list is listed below and will be updated throughout the year.
1.2 Each player will have an allocated position against their name. Some players will have 2 positions listed against their name meaning they are able to be placed in either position. They are called dual position players.
1.3 Any new players to the league will be added to the player list as a RESTRICTED FREE AGENT for a minimum period of 24 hours.

2.1 The draft will begin at 9am (CST) on Sunday 23rd September 2012
2.2 The draft will be conducted on a designated draft thread on with each owner having a maximum of 12 hours to make their selection.
2.3 Once they have selected their player, a new 12 hours begins for the next selection.
2.4 If no selection has been made the next owner may take their pick. The owner who hasn’t selected, may then make their selection at any time.
2.5 The draft order is decided from a lottery prior to the season start. Entries in the lottery a based on your performance in the previous season. Or if a new league, will be randomly drawn out of a hat by the league commissioner.
2.6 The draft order reverses at the end of each round. (i.e. If you had pick 2 in the 1st round, you would have pick 7 in the 2nd round, then back to pick 2 in the 3rd round and so on)
2.7 Should you make an ineligible selection (player already drafted, too many of a certain position or imports), the next owner is still free to make their selection and you can correct yours at any time.

3.1 Your squad must consist of 10 players.
3.2 You are allowed to draft a maximum of 3 Centres, 7 Forwards & 6 Guards. Any dual position players count towards both positions.
3.3 After the draft, position restrictions are then lifted and you may have as many as you like for any position.
3.4 Only 2 imports are allowed per team.
3.5 Should an Import become a local during the season, you will then be able to sign another import.
3.6 Each week you will need to select your 5 Starters (consisting of 1 centre, 2 forwards & 2 guards), 3 Bench Players and 2 DNPs.
3.7 From your 5 starters, you must also select a captain.
3.8 This line up each week shall be posted in a designated weekly league thread on
3.9 Should your team posted be deemed ineligible (only list 1 guard) and this is not corrected by the cut off time (rule 5.1), the team from the previous round will be used in its place.

4.1 The starters will get normal points, your captain will get double points and the 3 Bench Players will get half points. DNPs get nothing.
4.2 Scores will be taken from Virtual Sports.

5.1 Changes to your squad line up can only be made from 9am Monday up until 5pm of the day the next round begins, unless otherwise stated.
5.2 All changes are to be posted in a designated weekly league thread on created by the commissioner at the start of each round.
5.3 All Free Agents will be classed as RESTRICTED from 9am Monday until 8:59am Tuesday, meaning owners may bid for them under the WAIVER WIRE (6).
5.4 If they have not been bid for, they become a full Free agent from 9am Tuesday meaning anyone may sign them at any time, first in best dressed.
5.5 You may trade players between teams; they do not need to be of the same position.
5.6 Any change to an owner’s roster must still adhere to Rule 3.2 or it shall be not be official.
5.7 All trades must be confirmed by all involved parties after the initial offer is made and is not official until then.
5.8 Trades can only be made up until 5pm of the 10th February 2012.
5.9 Waiver Wires can also be included as part of a trade package.
5.10 The Commissioner has the right to suspend a trade taking place if it is deemed to be too one-sided (i.e. A star player for a development player). Owners will then have the opportunity to argue their case. The commissioner will the decide whether to allow or cancel the trade.

6.1 This is used to sign restricted free agents throughout the season. The order of this to begin with is the reverse of the initial Draft order.
6.2 If multiple owners indicate they would like to sign a new player, the player is assigned to the person highest up the waiver wire. They then move to last place on the Waiver Wire and everyone else moves up a spot.
6.3 If only one person bids on a restricted player, they still move to the bottom of the Waiver Wire.
6.4 When bidding for a player, you must also declare who you wish to delist to make room.
6.5 Bids are to be made in the designated weekly league thread on

7.1 The regular season will coincide with rounds 1-21 of the regular NBL Season. The means every team will play each other 3 times.
7.2 The fixture will be announced prior to the draft.

8.1 The top 4 teams at the end of the season will advance to the playoffs.
8.2 The round of the playoffs will see 1 v 4 and 2 v 3.
8.3 This round will be played over Rounds 22 and 23 of the NBL Season. The teams with the highest aggregate score over those 2 weeks will win and advance to the grand final.
8.4 Player signings/delistings may only be made prior to Rounds 22 & 24. However, you may still change your starting line ups for Rounds 23 & 25.
8.5 The Grand Final will be played over Rounds 24 and 25 of the NBL Season.
8.6 The team with the Highest Aggregate score will be declared the Hoops FNBL Champion for 2012/13.
8.7 Playoff games will still be run for all other teams during the playoffs to establish your final finishing position for the season.

9.1 The 2 teams competing in the Hoops FBL Grand Final will also be promoted to the next highest League if possible.
9.2 The 2 teams that finish at the bottom of the table after playoffs will be demoted to the next league below if possible.

10.1 Any queries, suggestions or complaints should be sent to the FNBL Commissioner (skip).
10.2 His decision is final.
PLAYER LIST (12/9/12)
C Alex Pledger
C Ben Allen
C Ian Crosswhite
C Larry Davidson
C Luke Schenscher
C Matt Burston
F/C Daniel Johnson
F/C Auryn MacMillian
F/C Cameron Tragardh
F/C Curtis Withers*
F/C Jeremiah Trueman
F/C Matt Andronicos#
F/C Matthew Knight
F/C Pero Vasiljevic (TBC)
F/C Russell Hinder
F/C Seth Scott*
F/C Tom Garlepp
F/C Will Hudson*
F Adam Ballinger
F Alex Loughton
F Anthony Petrie
F Cameron Tovey
F Clint Steindl
F Daniel Jackson
F Darnell Lazare*
F David Gruber
F Dillon Boucher
F Dusty Rychart
F Greg Hire
F Jacob Holmes
F Jesse Wagstaff
F Kevin Smith
F Liam Rush
F Lucas Walker
F Mika Vukona
F Oscar Forman
F Shane Edwards*
F Shawn Redhage
F Todd Blanchfield
F Tom Greer
F Stephen Weigh
G/F Brad Hill
G/F Glen Saville
G/F Graeme Dann
G/F Jason Forte*
G/F Leon Henry
G/F Mitch Creek
G/F Morgan Natanahira#
G/F Peter Crawford
G/F Reuben Te Rangi#
G/F Thomas Abercrombie
G/F Tim Coenraad
G Aaron Grabau
G Aaron Bruce
G Adam Gibson
G Adris Deleon*
G Ben Madgen
G Bennie Lewis
G Brad Robbins
G C J Massingale*
G Cameron Gliddon
G Cedric Jackon*
G Chris Goulding
G Chris Cedar
G CJ Bruton
G Corey Webster
G Corin Henry*
G Damian Martin
G Daryl Corletto
G Everard Bartlett
G Jamar Wilson*
G James Harvey
G Jason Cadee
G Josh Bloxham#
G Kerry Williams
G Kevin Braswell*
G Kevin Lisch*
G Lance Hurdle*
G Luke Martin
G Michael Cedar
G Mitch Norton
G Nate Tomlinson
G Rhys Martin
G Shaun Bruce#
G Tyson Demos
G Nathan Crosswell

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Years ago

I know people have commitments outside of the internet, but it would be awesome if we could smash through at least half of the draft on the first day.

*wishful thinking*

Skip, since I have the first pick and you guys are in the future from me. I will let you know my pick the night before so we can get started because 9am = 7:30am on a Sunday = Probably asleep.

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Years ago

Always interested more when $$ are involved..let me know what you are thinking skip.

Thanks in advance for this as well.

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Years ago

DB5 - Easiest option would be the highest total score at the end of the 25 rounds gets the cash. Only those that want to enter have to. Dunno what price people would be happy to pay. At least $10 to make it worth it. $20 too much?

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Years ago

In for $10 or $20.

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Years ago

Ill pay to play.

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Years ago

Just to Clarify - This would be separate to the actual competition. Only those that want to would play this. No pressure on those not wanting to be involved with this.

Technically you could win this without even making the playoffs in your league.

I am happy with $20. Anyone that wants in think that is too much?

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Years ago

Should get a Shiva Bowl made up..

I will be in for putting some money on the line.

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Years ago

Shiva Shiva Shiva!

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Years ago

$20 is cool with me. On last years form it will be the same as chucking it in a pokie haha

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