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36ers vs Tigers

The 36ers defeated the Tigers in front of the smallest crowd of the round, 3988.

The score was 84-61.

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The Situation  
Years ago

No need to put a spoiler tag in this thread.

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Years ago

Disgusting performance from the Tigers

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Years ago

Best performance by a sixers team for some time!

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Pie Cart  
Years ago

i agree with Sixersfan,better distibution passing than rely on one player all the time.

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Pie Cart  
Years ago

i agree with Sixersfan,better distibution passing than rely on one player all the time.

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Years ago

Sixers should never have let the tigers get near them in the first quarter. The ejections cost both teams and I for one wouldnt be too excited about a win over a team that is predicted to be bottom of the ladder.
Thanks for the donation Tigers. With the Tigers staying with the Sixers at quarter time the Sixers odds went out briefly.

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Years ago

Loved seeing Mitch Creek drive down the lane and dunk but LUKE Schenser (not sure if that is the right spelling!) needs to start connecting on some of those lobs that Gibbo is throwing up. If we get that sorted out sixers are going to dominate!! ( can Schenser even dunk)

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Years ago

Shensher was utterly patheic. I didnt think much of helliwell last season but on todays performance I would rate Helliwll above him at the minute. He is just a weak, weak big man, with not discernable post moves just a very lazy hook that connects only when he is having a good game. The most overrated addition any team has made this year by a million miles. other then that, the team looks good and I expect the tigers to be dead last this season. I was predicting sydney before but I think tevryones underestimated what corin henry will bring to the table

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Years ago

Firstly, good start to the season regardless of who we played.
Secondly, Schenscher didnt score a whole heap but he did manage to bring down a few rebounds, so not all lost but those free throws were awful.
Weigh, Gibbo, Mitch and Cadee went about the job offensively well. No complaints there.
Massingale didnt do a whole lot, but will give it time.
Petrie as far as I am concerned played his part both with points and the mongrel which Gibbo spoke of at the end of the game. In years gone by, we get pushed, shoved and knocked down easily and again tonight it happened prior to the ejection.
But give credit where credit is due, the brawl was worth it cos it just might send a message to heavyweights Perth and Melbourne that knocking us about might have been ok for the last few years, but this year might be different. In saying that, I dont condone violence in sport, but when it is about backing your teammates in, absolutely.
The refs got it wrong.

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Years ago

Send a message to Melbourne? When have they been a phyiscal threat in the last few seasons?

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Years ago

As a two-year watcher of Schensch go to work every game in Townsville, I can tell you with utmost certainty he will not start "connecting" on any lobs, putbacks, or plays at the rim with regularity, so don't hold your breath. He will convert such plays at the same rate as he converts his 5-8 foot hook shot.

Other than the odd completely open layup, he scores off his hook and his hook only. He will have games where he is unstoppable (because the hook is unguardable), but when it's not falling he doesn't have the grunt to get it done closer in.

It's a unique skillset, but is augmented by the fact he is a fantastic kickout passer which frees up shooters no-end. To get maximum benefit from Schensch you have to run an offense through him, posting, reposting, and playing off his passing ability and the double teams he draws routinely.

I can also tell you that, through all the criticism, he is a worthy addition to any team in the NBL.

When his hook is dropping, he is the closest thing the NBL has to an unstoppable force, but when it is not, it is key that the guys around him recognise his ability to make the right pass and put themselves in the right positions on the perimeter or high post.

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Happy Days  
Years ago

Townsville will battle the Tigers for wooden spoon.Need Braswell to naturalise and get another import.Going to take along time to turn that program around.Tomlinson looked average.

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Years ago

Townsville lose by only 12 to a team many have picked to win it all -- without their best player and sixth man -- and out of that you get: will battle for wooden spoon?


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Years ago

Hurls, Schenscher had 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 4 steals and 4 blocks. Struggled offensively but those are some solid other stats.

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Years ago

at 7 foot he should manage to snag some rebounds wouldnt you think? fact is he took FAR less then he could have and got bodied out of every position he ever made!

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Years ago

you will never get all players firing on same night! Great win.

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Years ago

good fight to start the season

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Years ago

WHAT!!!! townsville fighting for the wooden spoon. bring in their 2 imports and when PC hits his straps, look out. i think crocs will be fighting for a top 4 spot

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Years ago

A solid game for the season opener, wouldn't have minded seeing more court time for Pero.Was the SANFL grand final the reason for low attendance or something else?

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Years ago

ringlord - Bathurst was on today as well and the game was telecast on 30 minutes' delay

I think that plus SANFL final would probably account for the low turnout

Maybe some hardy party animals also couldn't get up in time to get to the game on the first day of daylight saving?

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Years ago

Look I just dont think they should center there offense around someone who goes hot and cold..

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Years ago

Hurls he took 7 shots, so they didnt focus anything around him. Those other stats show how active he is for a big man in other areas. One game and the team will gel with time.

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Years ago

Tomlinson for all of the expectations I thought was poor. Tigers will fight for the bottom of the ladder against the Kings.

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Years ago

Mick, People have actually picked Cairns to win it!!!?? Are these people crazy or what. Don't kid your self about the Cairns game as that was really an easy 20 point win but the score was made respectable with Cairns taking their foot off the pedal. Sure Townsville didn't have either import but Cairns were pretty much playing with one import as Edwards added basically nothing. So to not even make it a contest was a poor effort by Townsville IMO. In regards to your negative comments regarding Schenschers shooting, you are making it sound like he hits nothing yet he was probably close to leading Townsville in Field Goal Shooting percentage. Sure he will miss the odd easy shot but all big guys do.

Hurls, go easy on Schenscher. Sure he probably had one of his worst offensive games in the NBL but the guy is going to be a big part of this team. Regardless of how he plays he takes so much pressure off DJ and DJ can shoot it with much more confidence.

This Sixers team reminds me of the 1997 team (Mee, Brooks etc) in that there was lots of talented new players added to the team. For this team to start the game slow and then still win by 23 is impressive! Sixers have good offense but just need to work on the defense.

To have a gun point guard like Gibson that is excellent at both ends will help us to make the playoffs. Also I was impressed with Petrie's game and the fact that he is a big that can actually hit foul shots.

Weigh is one of my most disliked players due to his normal ineffectiveness and excessive time but credit where credit is due he had a great game today. I hope he continues to play like that as he is very talented yet usually just plays a passive game.

Massingale didn't do anything but that didn't worry me too much and it was actually good that he was just trying to fit in rather then trying to impress by shooting it lots. He will score in other games. His defense looks lazy is the only worry.

NZ in NZ will be a huge test for us and NZ will be pumped for the game since they lost by 21 to Perth.

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Years ago

Schenschers alley oop was the funniest thing I have seen on a basketball court in a long time

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Years ago

Hurls, he did it in 21 minutes too. I thought he sucked on offense too, but did everything else well.

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Years ago

Massingale and defence should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

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Years ago

I think you can safely say that no one expects Cairns to win it all...

Top 4? Maybe, but that 3-6 bracket will be very hotly contested between Adelaide, Wollongong, Cairns and Townsville.
I haven't seen anyone at all pick them top 2, and very few top 3.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Thought Gibson and Johnson were class acts.
Petrie and Creek pretty good to watch
But, from the game.. Clarke was especially impressed with stevie.. .. aw well.....more minutes....

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Years ago

I thought Schensh had a fantastic game. And Ive been a critic in the past. We didnt need him to score. He had 4 blocks, but he would have affected a shot just by his presence at least 6-7 times which often led to fast breaks.
Its the sort of presence we have needed for years.

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Years ago

Hey Mick, where do you put Cairns and Townsville on the ladder at the end of the regular season?

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bretts the man  
Years ago

We have great depth with team led by strong leader in Gibson who will be one of reasons this team will be in the mix both in D and offence.
DJ has really become a hard player to defend now and really impressed with Petrie as a great addition to scoring potential and really was aggressive towards
ex team mate . Maybe was personal.
Creek certainly improved and Weigh actually shot at reasonable percentage though helped by good ball work and poor D.
Love the height in team .

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Years ago

KingJames - I agree with you on Weigh doing well in today's game. I was left thinking that he is not the sort of player who can create his own offence and that might be why he's looked so poor in the last couple of years.

In this year's team he has more creative players around him. Today, he was able to work with them and get better opportunities. Seeing him several times set the pick and get the ball back to take good open looks - and get them in - really set me thinking this. His shooting percentage was pretty impressive and reflected the open looks.

Camel - I don't think you need to worry about more minutes for Weigh. He only got 30 today and that seemed to be partly because he was on most of the time that Rush was on. As Isaac has noted, he did a good job of shutting Rush down - only 3 shots from the field.

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Robert pack  
Years ago

My summary of the game today. Thank you Gibbo. I think everyone will ease off of weigh on this forum because of Gibbo, Adam Gibson is a smart point guard that can penetrate, beat his defender which requires Weighs defender to go to him leaving Weigh............... Wide open. I think this team is "The real Deal" Petrie and Gibbo are massive pick ups for the Sixers. I can't wait to see how they go against NZ this Friday in NZ.

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Ballin Fan  
Years ago

I thought Luke was awesome defensively, and he made sure that the team won the boards. He just had a night when he could not finish.

Finally an offence and some guards who know how to use Weigh, just catch and shoot. That is it. No shooting on the move!

Not sure why Crosswell was playing in front CJ who made better decisions while he was on the floor, and seemed to have more of the team's trust. Crossy looked underdone to me.

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Years ago

I was pleased to see Gibbo being used as a PG, that's his strength and the time spent at SG for Gold Coast and Australia have set him back IMO.

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Years ago

Yes the team has all the peices it needs really.

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Soccer player  
Years ago

Hey guys, let me know what you think about my post under sixers category. I am still trying to learn the game and club. Feedback welcome.

On another note - GO 36ERS!!!

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Years ago

Schencher just lost confidence after missing those four straight free throws but like it has been mentioned he was great on the other end. In fact, that was the most impressive part today. I know Melbourne aren't that talented but only giving up 20 points in the second half is good against anyone. Gibbo changed the game in the 3rd on defence and I though Johnson was even pretty good on D.

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Years ago

Wow. Melbourne are going to have a LONG season.

Their roster is pathetic.

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Years ago

@HappyDays- you have no idea mate, townsville were missing there 2 imports! seriously- get a clue!

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Years ago

Man am I happy after that performance. The Sixers are finally back from the wilderness!

Gibbo was brilliant for us, you could just see him decide to take control of that game in the 3rd quarter. In about a 6 min period he not only shut down the Tigers offence by controlling Braswell, he pushed the ball down the Tigers throat until they gagged!

Love what Petrie brings to this team as well. Was great on both ends of the floor and also good to see him stand up for his team-mate without hesitation.

DJ once again great to watch with his silky shooting touch and nifty post moves. What was even more pleasing was seeing him fly after rebounds more aggressively than I remember. Is it just me or has he bulked up a bit in the upper arms?

Steve Weigh finally had a great shooting night for us! Coincidence that we finally have a couple of decent PGs in Gibson and Cadee getting the ball to the open player? I think not!

Schenscher did miss some bunnies on offence, but honestly whats new? He's always done that. You can't ignore the 9 rebs, 4 stls and 4 blks he had though. The big fella made a solid contribution and thats all we need from him.

Nice to see Mitch Creek playing more under control tonight. He picked his spots well and has learnt how to better attack the rim without inviting charging fouls all the time. That dunk he had during the third, he didn't just go flat out at the rim, he held back a bit so he could change trajectory if a defender were to slide in front of him. He also had another play where he saw the defence collapsing on his drive but he was ready to pull up short of the rim and drop in a little floater.

The Tigers actually were quite good until Gibson broke the game open late in the third. Their problem is they have no depth. Seth Scott and Matt Burston were a pretty good frontcourt duo, but they were gradually worn down by the Sixers bigs. The Tigers really need Balls to get fit so they can maintain a proper frontcourt rotation.

Likewise, as I've been saying since they completed their roster a couple of months back, their backcourt is just too thin. Braswell had a good game, but Gibson and Cadee gradually wore him down. With only Tomlinson to help Braswell with ball carrying duties, they are very vulnerable there. Just think what Perth's backcourt is going to do!

Looking forward to a big test next week for the lads in Kiwiland!

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social player  
Years ago

I usually attend games but went to the SANFL GF today instead. I recorded the game on 10 and watched when I got home.

Nice win by the 6ers, was very impressed by petrie and his post moves. Agreed Schencher lost his confidence on those missed FT's but still made a big impact, not worried about the big fella he will be fine.

Am already concerned with Massingale, he did absolutely nothing. Could be 1st game jitters, or struggling early with a reduced role but this has to be the worst ever debut performance from an import in 36ers history statistically speaking. I would be more worried if we were not so deep, but even if he is gonna be a 15 min per game role player I still expect more than lazy D and 1 rebound.

Real test for team will come on the road against better competition.

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Years ago

How shit was CJ?.

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Years ago

Cj was a complete non factor. I felt sorry for him actually... he was never given the ball. But then again he was never really in a great spot to do anything with it even if he did get it. wouldve been nice to see him throw a shot or 2 up being that is his strength apparently... But yeah.. He didnt play 'bad' but he just didnt add anything to it. early days yet.. and hes not needed to be much of an impact player, But he hasnt shown any of his cards yet and the jury is still out on him. WHat I saw was.. essentially 0 of the ball movement, and lazy D.. He seemed happy to just try to fit in.. The real test will be over his first month. I dont think Marty will actually bother to sack him as hes not expensive, but he may be brought way down to 10th man spot and limited minutes.

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Years ago

My score card for the game
Adam Gibson A +

You could simply not ask more of a new recruit to a team, he was the catalyst for the offense and defense in the late first quater. Very Very good game

Stephen Weigh A

Stevo had never been a favourite of mine, but that will quickly change if he can continue with this shooting form. Hustled on D.. only made a few silly passes. Nice game

Jason Cadee B

Jason Cadee appeared to go missing a bit at times, but made a few nice passes and a few nice shots and was a steady back up.

Cj Massingale D-

Cj did.. well, essentially nothing.. in semi reasonable minutes. He didnt get the ball alkot, however he never put himself ina great spot to get it either. One of the most underwhelming entrys to a season for an import that i remember. but he wont be relied on to do alot and will probably fill a Ng type role

Luke Shensh D+

absolutely woeful shooting, got out muscled to most everything and is over reliant on an inconsistant hook shot. However made a few boards (as can be expected of a7 footer) and 4 blocks and 4 steals which save him from an F rating.

Anthony Petrie A

Anthony did the work that Luke should have been doing, some nice back to the basket plays and a few nice threes.. good hustle

Pero C

In the minute he got, he did all he could and looked energized to be there

Daniel Johnson A+

he was a beast all night and looks to have improved in the post.

Mitch Creek B

Seems to be stuck in a role player funk a bit, he could be another star on this show but seems to just chip in here and there.. either way played nicely and is a luxury off the bench. look forward to a day where he is dropppin outside bombs

Nathan Crosswell C

Nathan Crosswell was used very sparingly, and held his own without taking anyones breathe away..

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Years ago

Where all the Weigh haters at now?

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Years ago

This game shows why a quality point guard that is a great leader and defender in Gibson will always be better than a mediocre shoot first import point that all the Aussies won't truly respect.

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Years ago

Ok. Let me summarise. 36ers get a home win over a Tigers team tipped by almost all to be in the bottom 2 who were also missing one of their top players AND all of a sudden Weigh becomes a superstar and there has not been one mention of the worst coach in the history of the NBL (going by the usual posts I read on here).

I agree that the 36ers have a very good line up but I think we have to wait for a while yet till we anoint them. Will know a bit more after they visit NZ next week in what should be a great game with the breakers looking to hit back after an opening home loss and the 36ers trying to establish a winning culture.

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Years ago

Then everyone can safely resume the complaining, with any luck? We won. We're allowed to be a bit positive. The consensus isn't a championship after one game.

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Years ago

BTW, hope this isn't a kiss of death:

ADELAIDE icon Brett Maher, who pre-game said this was the best 36ers team since the 1998-99 champion has now amended that to 1986.

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Years ago

Maher's gotta be joking making a statement like that, at this stage of the season.

That's almost at bad as Gaze tipping the Tigers to make the top 4!

They've played one game and beaten a Tigers team minus Ballinger. Heck, the 36ers didn't even properly take control of the scoreboard until Goulding was off as well. That's a team who were universally tipped at finish bottom 2, down 2 starters, on Adelaide's home court. Anything less than a huge last quarter and a blowout win would've been less than satisfactory for Adelaide. Using it as justification to make statements like Maher's is just silly.

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Years ago

I agree. It is fair to say it is more talented than the 2002 side, they had the lowest winning % of any NBL championship team and then batted well above their average in the playoffs.

But that 98-99 team had a great 'big four' and some very disciplined role players. While this year's group does have better depth, Im going to wait until they have proven themselves a lot more before even putting them in the same basket as that team who could easily have three-peated!

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Years ago

In 2002 they benefited from injuries to the Titans, who had a couple of key players missing in the semi finals when Adelaide beat them.

Gaze also sustained an injury that year, after being a leading MVP candidate prior to his injury, and returned for the playoffs basically playing on one leg.

The two Melbourne teams were the best two teams in the league that season, were it not for their injuries.

On 98/99- Yeah exactly- stars like Brooks, Mee and Maher. Great role players like Rees, Sapwell, Nash etc. The 36ers of the late 90's were quality outfits.

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Years ago

To start off, it was great to see the 36ers claim a 20+ point first game win! A few things:

1. 36ers defence is still horrible. Gibson/Petrie aside, the team needs to improve it to take on the likes of NZ/Perth/Townsville.

2. 36ers offence was great at times, slightly dodgy at others and looks like it could be much better once the team hits its strides.

3. Adelaide appeared nervous early but seemed to have control over the game, never looked like losing. I have a feeling this Adelaide team will deal with adversity better than previous rosters.


Adam Gibson

I hope Adam stays well beyond this one season at Adelaide, he is EXACTLY what we have been missing. That defence, that quarterback offence and most of all his effort and fitness I expected he'd get tired, he is an absolute work horse. I agree with hurls, A+ game for Gibbo, and he's gonna be a fan favourite that's for sure.

Stephen Weigh

You know what, come to think of it Weigh is a very good consistent shooter. The problem with Weigh previously is his bad decision making and throwing up junk shots. This game he only jacked up one suspect shot, the rest of the shots he was in position with minimal defence, basically the perfect shots to take and he nailed them as a result, never looked like missing those. If he plays this type of game (maybe not with such a high 3pt percentage, that's unlikely), he'll become a hell of a lot more valuable and liked. Especially with our new ability to move the defence, Weigh could find himself with a lot of in-position open shots to knock down. This really was his best game as a sixer.

Jason Cadee

Those threes, jesus. He could well be valuable, he's been knocking them down all pre-season and he did it again this game, he'll bring some unexpectedly strong shooting power and he appeared to be fairly settled in his guard role with only a few nervous mistakes.

CJ Massingale

Was hoping to see CJ show his scoring prowess, he only got 10 minutes and didn't get a shot off which was the only real disappointment, although his game wasn't disappointing, he just was not necessary this game. The fact he didn't jackup shots because with his limited handling of the ball was a relief, I think he will be a great import and at times a game winner. I have no doubt in my mind he will be more dominant and useful in future games, I am happy with his effort in limited minutes, he didn't do anything stupid, he looked controlled and didn't try to force himself into a game at the expense of his team mates which is great to see.

Luke Schenscher

There was a lot of good and a lot of bad. This was not his shooting night that's for sure, free throws, the forced hook shots and that fumbled alley..Gibson tried to get him into the game scoring wise unfortunately Luke just did not have his night on the offensive end. Rebounding and hustle players on the other hand were a good surprise especially early on. He used his long arms to grab the ball in the air and played a nice solid role defensively that Johnson just doesn't provide.

Anthony Petrie

Awesome pick-up. I am surprised at how well he played, especially offensively (he produced very well defensively also) and how influential he was. At one point on court our best two players were visibly Gibson and Petrie. His ejection aside, Petrie, like Gibson, is the type of player we have badly needed in Adelaide. Loved the game, if he was able to finish the game off, he would have been another A game player.


Pero looked like he was raring to go, there is no doubt he's committed to putting in every effort in whatever few minutes he gets.

Daniel Johnson

Pretty much the game I hoped for and expected, definite MVP candidate and his finish around the hoop when fouled was terrific. His jumpshots look SWEET! Defensively he's still pretty useless, but Petrie and Schensch can deal with that if Johnson keeps scoring 20ppg.

Mitch Creek

Love the improvement in his game, would love to see him get more time although it is hard when so many players are firing in a squad with depth. The defense is great and what a drive by Creek!

Nathan Crosswell

Looks like someone who can push the ball up the floor nicely and add some speed. Didn't have much court time, wasn't really needed.

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