The Way I Saw It!
Years ago

Funny What's Hot / Not - State Champs edition

Hot - Sturt 26 teams, 24 semis, 20 finals, 17 titles! Wow!

Not - Southern, South, Woodville, Centrals, Eastern! Hardly a uniform to be seen on the floor at presentations.

Hot - West Boys. Teams performed at their peak. Great coaching staff (Spear, Clarke, Hunnerup, Molitor etc). A thoroughly well deserved result.

Not - Forestvile Boys. 0 semi finals! What the! However they too have one of the finest collection of coaches in the State and their teams all look to be better next year with heaps of good bottom age players.

Hot - Cayla Francis. Almost single handedly pulled her Eastern team to an upset Under 18 Girls State title.

Not - The North Under 20 Girls who didn't show! Did you have a nice weekend girls? The rest of your club mates were out busting their butt! The State Girls trophy might have gone the other way if you'd bothered to show. I'm sure you will be fully rested for next Friday nights meaningless late night showdown.

Hot - Bob Hunnerup. West vs North Under 16 State Boys Final. Gives his guns the green light against the North zone. It rains triples. 23-4 in the 1st quarter, GAME OVER!

Not - 2nd Assistant from Southern Under 18 Boys. Southern vs Sturt Under 18 State Boys Semi-Final. Time out with 3 seconds left, Southern up 2, Sturt have the ball. This guy actually comes over to the Sturt huddle and looks in as the Sturt coach is diagramming the play to tie the game. Extremely poor form. My nomination for Tool Of The Week-end!

Hot - Victorian Refs. Can you guys stay a while longer? We need you!

Not - BASA not funding SA referee-ing adequately. With the Vics here, we all got to see how far behind we are!

Hot - The BASA Board member who got on the microphone to basically apologise. Make him President!

Not - Di and Phil. Where were they?

Hot - Di and Phil. Well, if they had shown they probably would have been shouted down, so they are "Hot" in not showing to avoid a potentially ugly scene of 3000 people venting their frustration with the worst run State Champs in history.

Not - The Programming. There is not enough space to document this series of misadventures!

Hot - The volunteers who run the Championships. Thanks for your efforts in trying circumstances.

Not - One of the volunteers who I just thanked, but who still should have checked the microphone at Presentations. I thought this was embarassing when this happened 2 years ago. But to happen again!

Hot - North vs Eastern State Under 18 Girls Final.

Not - The person who accused these 2 teams of match fixing! If you are a player from the team that missed out, how about you look at your own performance and stop blaming others and inventing conspiracy theories. If you are someone else, just leave this forum and never come back, you idiot!

Hot - Boti Nagy for his great article on Saturday morning. He said what most of us have been thinking!

Not - The clubs for letting it get this far. You should have cleaned house six months ago and didn't! Now, you will become "Hot" again if you now do something about it, now!

Hot - Norwood Under 14 Boys. Win on the buzzer to qualify for the Australian Club Championships at the Starplex in October.

Not - The fact that the team they beat (West) who have been the best team all year now miss out. Come on now, someone do something and get them in the draw, but not at the expense of North who looked decent. West showed at Easter time they are good enough to win it all!

Hot - Survivor Finale. Boston Rob and Amber on The Amazing Race!

Not - Big Brother 5. Yawn! Except that twin thing, that was pretty cool!

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Years ago

Thanks for the run down

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Years ago

Again great work on the What's Hot/What's not run down.

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Years ago

get a life

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I want 2 hours of my life back from waiting on State Championship presentations.

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bustin treys  
Years ago

Not- About 10 times the medallions falling from the ribbons and onto the Dome's floor before they are even put around the kids neck. What happened to trophies? Instead the kids got these cheap little medallions

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great weekend  
Years ago

Q - how many people does it take to fix a mike?

A - Gilligan's Island

can't wait til next year

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Years ago

Double Clutch.. North u/21 girls don't play in the comp anymore - not even on Friday nights.

They had too many players that didn't want to play because they only wanted to play ABL.

Research DC, RESEARCH! You say you bleed red n white man!

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Peter Maravich  
Years ago

anon - this list was a rip-off. Not a DC original.

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Years ago

You can tell a counterfeit Hot/Not list from the real thing. The real thing will often include references to Hong Kong movies, Australian hip-hop, and at least one not-too-veiled criticism of Mike McKay.

Still, this list was very good, but by someone else.

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got the fever  
Years ago

Hot - the u16 reserves 1 North girl that shot the buzzer beater to sink Norwood in the KO semi

she was in the back court dribbling with 3 seconds left - dribbled down pulled up just inside the arc and unloaded - Rockets by 1

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Years ago

NOT - the referee that allowed the big North girl to remain on the court after the push and shove! A DOUBLE-FOUL, gimme a break!

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Years ago

Under 20 men final
great game, skilful under pressure and those foul shots to put the game out of reach of a brave West effort.
Fantastic finish to a tiring week end.

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Peter Maravich  
Years ago

matt really should have ejected (disqualifying foul, juniors cannot be ejected) both girls involved. Their both were confrontational and agressive, lashing out in the heat of the moment.

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Years ago

The reason i did not eject the 2 girls in question in the U18 Girls GF is as follows:

they were fighting over the ball, Mavs No.14 was called for the first foul, but her arm was twisted up with Rockets no.13.

After they got untangled from each other, I think Rockets 13 overreacted by pushing Mavs 14 who reciprocated in kind, which is why the double foul was called.

being a grand final I did not want to go over the top, after all you are all there to see the players play, not me ref.

It probably looked worse than it was, believe me, if there were punches thrown they both would have been ejected immediately.

After that, the game flowed smoothly anyway. I think there would be more of a controversy if I threw the girls out.

The game was fantastic, I think it just showed both girls wanted to win. the OT was great for the suspense. Great game to ref.

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Peter Maravich  
Years ago

ahhhh, so you are mp. interesting. Obviously from the stands the confrontation after the whistle did seem worthy, but you were closer, and i have no doubt with your vast experience made the correct decision.
Q -
Why did you let the North coach get in your ear so much?

Why was the clock re-set. It was on 2.4 seconds, then it took 2-3 minutes before that poor North guard could shoot her free throws?

and Why would you let North's forward push Francis all game, without a warning, to the point of an offensive foul for trying to stop a north defender from hanging on?

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Years ago

For the record, the microphone was checked in the morning. Checked again 5 minutes before the presentations were due to start and was working fine at that time.

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Years ago

The clock was reset because the foul bat fell onto the power switch which does not have a cover to prevent this happening. We then had to figure out why we could not reinstate the 2.4 secs on the clock.
It only shows tenths of a second if you allow it to count down normally, not if you try and set it. the reset to 2 secs was all we could manage.

Marc just tries to get under your skin. What he is saying is not that bad, and he was pretty good for the last 3 quarters of the game. Basically I tuned him out, he did not say anything offensive.

We just let the girls play physical. Cayla was not disadvantaged all that much,but she did swing a head high elbow which is why the foul was called.

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

What's Hot - The quality of basketball in the u-18 games yesterday

What's Not - scheduling the 18's games to run at the same time. Next year, perhaps BASA could try to promote the GF day as a Basketball showcase. I thought the crowd was disappointing considering the amount of talent on display.

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Jenifer garner  
Years ago

Hot: west under 16 boys guns draining 15 threes against south and only scoring 56 points the whole game to win by 3 some kid had something like 7 threes

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Years ago

What's Hot / Not - State Champs edition (#3001) "The Way i Saw It"

Not - The North Under 20 Girls who didn't show! Did you have a nice weekend girls? The rest of your club mates were out busting their butt! The State Girls trophy might have gone the other way if you'd bothered to show. I'm sure you will be fully rested for next Friday nights meaningless late night showdown.

I have NO idea why our 21's team was pulled out! apparently we did not have enough players but we did. we all voted and agreed we wanted to definately be apart of state champs but for some obsurd reason we were pulled out of the championships because apparently we did not have enough players.
so somewhere along the line there was a communication break down.
trust me, i would have loved so badly to have busted my arse for the club. For some reason things just didnt fricken work out

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Bond, James Bond  
Years ago

Hot: The Victorian Referees

Not: The South Australian Referees

Plain and simple the vics let the older age groups play instead of calling shitty fouls that dont affect the game.

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Years ago

WHAT'S HOT: Boti's article in Saturday's paper!!! Right on the money!

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

WHAT'S HOT: Catching up with Chris Mason at LONDON TAVERN on Sunday night for his 21st! Good to see the big fella back in town!

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Years ago

"Hot: The Victorian Referees

Not: The South Australian Referees"

Totally agree with this statement. The Vic refs that were down at pasedena were awesome! Wish they could come over and teach SOME of the SA refs a thing or two.

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

WHAT'S HOT: The Vic refs inventing the sport of BUSH DIVING!

WHAT'S NOT: The Vic refs calling a YIROS a "kebab"!

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Years ago

What's Not - BASA Stipulating that all U14 State games have a 24 second clock and then programming these games at Unley, where they have no clock!

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Years ago

What's Not - the so called Reserve 2 comp. Supposedly promoted for Div 3 teams, but flooded with Div 2 teams..... can guarantee if my son is still in div 3 next year (and thats ok by the way) he will NOT be competing in State Champs. Anyway, its a pathetic excuse for a money making venture, achieves nothing for the teams involved, except maybe injuries.

What's Not - scheduling U/20 teams playing at one end of town for another game on the other side of town 45 minutes after the 1.5 hour game they just finished! Phew, some low level flying done, not to mention exhausted players.... not smart.....

What's Hot - Vic refs who actually appreciated the quality of the U/20 players in SA, reffing games appropriately and keeping good control - made for very exciting and entertaining games.

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Wayne Beaumont  
Years ago

Would love to have had my second Div 2 team in Reserve 1 grade but not allowed to.
My kids loved the opportunity to play in this tournament and the feedback was great from parents also.

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Years ago

whats HOT: Lauren Mansfield draining three 3's in overtime to seal the under 18s girls North victory!

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been there before  
Years ago

now who would no 14 for Mavs u18s g be?

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boost juice  
Years ago

hot - the Tigers u18 boys state parents - they are the best cheer squad - they would lift any team over the line.

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Years ago

the presentation 4 the state Champs, what the lady's name , sorry we did not get her name , cause the mic was out of order poooo
lADY if u not on sportin gear, pls don't give away trophies, maybe be at the beach volley ball presentation OK

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lady in thongs  
Years ago

lady in thongs, ye I thought I was at the beach volley ball presentation too, so did my grand parents,

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Years ago

number 14 in the under 18 Mavs girls team is Michelle, good tough player who could easily have made the under 18 sa country team this year!

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Wayne Beaumont  
Years ago

tries her guts out week in and week out - great kid

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Years ago

Yes agree. Michelle and Cayla compliment each other really well. She is an engine of the team and it is the V8 with a Mack truck spirit. Very impressed.

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Years ago

They complement each other as well. Oops.

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Years ago

Hot - Norwood Under 12's Div One Girls defy critics and finish third.

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How did the Flames go overall ?

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Bond, James Bond  
Years ago

Not: The norwood U 20 team. Never seen so much cherry picking in a state champs in my life.

Hot; The norwood U20 team, amoungst all the cherry picking they were still an awesome team in tough games though.

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Years ago

Hot - The North under 20 men, in the way they played each game and didnt get a loss on the way to taking it all out. only one second year in that team, look out for back to back titles next year

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Years ago

Hey Country Parent, haven't you figured out that no one on here cares about under 12 girls and much less how much of an effect your daughter has. You can post as anonymous if you like, but your comments give you away every time!

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Hot: Ashley Ng hitting a 3 pointer game winner on the buzzer in the u20 State 3v4 final!

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Sas squat  
Years ago

Hot: Southern not losing a game whole state camps and winning, also have not lost a game this season, which gives them about 16 straight wins

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Years ago

Yo Pablo,
West u/20 boys are all first years aswell... maybe a West v North rematch next year at state champs.. We can only hope! What a quality game they always provide us with! Damn those boys are entertaining....

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Years ago

North u/16g div 1 didnt lose a game all state champs and won, and havent lost all season as well!!

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Paco -
Im not sure, but their all star lineup of Rory, Spud and Zackajack (or however you spell it) I believe are all 2nd years.

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Hoop Addict  
Years ago

EL Gorilla. Incorrect, the 3 mentioned above are all bottom age U20s.

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Years ago

Hoop Addict is on the money. Only 2nd years in that team are J, Ben Jones and maybe one other. Next year's team will be much the same, plus Molitor and maybe one other first year. Not much coming up apart from Molitor though.

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a ref  
Years ago

Hot- The Vics coming down to umpire the State Champs, nice to see us keeping up our interstate relations.
Not- Them being at only one stadium and not being spread around to all stadiums and then demanding more games then what they've been rostered. Can u say Diva?
Not- Ignorant people yet again using a simple post to take a cheap shot at SA umpires. Gimme a break! If you think that you can do a better job come out and do it! Come out to a game where you are the most hated person on the court purely because of the shirt that you wear and see how much crap we really get. You wouldn't last one quarter, mainly because you don't know the rules. The coaches would tear you to shreds and spectators will undermine you and humiliate you every time you run down the side lines. And at the end of the game, after everyone has told you how bias you are, even though you have no idea who these teams are, you go and get your $7.
That's what we have to deal with and we still come out because if we weren't umpiring there would be noone else and your kids wouldn't be able to play. So get over yourself please and give us a break because we are doing the best we can, despite what you may think.

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Years ago

Exactly ref, im another ref, we may not do a perfect job but we do the best we can, and 99 times out of a hundred we get abused if we do something wrong rather than a quiet word, try thinking of the refs for a change, and another thing, REFs are almost never thanked, i wonder y i still do it, Its because i luv the sport.. Dont tear down refs any more, plz, until u do it, dont even think you know how to!

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Years ago

so true!

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Years ago

jones, kelly and mitris are 2nd years, craddock, zacharjak, spadavecchia, zapiello, russo first years. next season - watch out for those west boys, will be an awesome lineup.

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Years ago

got the fever the north girl is no 9 they won by 3 it was a equal until then it was nice to see north win

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wish I could dunk  
Years ago

Hot: the SA refs

Not: anything from victoria

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