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Boti: Time for 36ers coaches to go

In his writing, he's given the coaches more of a chance than many fans, but he's now called it: time for the 36ers coaches to be replaced.

Article: Massive fail by 36ers

Even used my dodgy bye joke!

ADELAIDE was coming off a bye when it lost to Townsville and Sydney.

Now it's time for another bye, as in "bye bye" to the current coaching panel.
It's a long article and I think many will nod along reading it. Read it in full on

I'd like to see the club reverse the Massingale axing, apologise for the mistake, ask him if he would please stay on, and replace the coaches instead. I think a new coach could steer this team, including Massingale, to where they should be. News like that would draw applause from many, I think.

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Not really a fan of Boti but article is spot on.

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Years ago

Good article.

This is one of the worst decisions the Sixers have made in years - releasing CJ on the basis that he hasn't performed. What a disgrace. Clarke and his off sider should be the ones to be axed. I will always support the team, but htis really is crap

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Marty and Radford will finish the season, then showed the door. I just hope this group stays together after this season. I think we will lose Creek and Gibbo next season. There is no way Gibbo and Petrie will stick around in Adelaide, the Sixers were like the fat chick at a nightclub when the lights come on and it's home time, we were the only ones left.
The new coach needs to replace Gibbo with a Farley type import, someone who can create and finish his own shot. Hopefully we can keep Petrie after next season but I have my doubts. I love the 6ers, always have and always will. I just can't wait for the Marty era to end.

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Years ago

Why doesnt Boti put this article in the Advertiser??????? Putting it on his web page will do no good as hardly anyone will read it!!
The article is spot on but it needs to be put in the Advertiser where 90% more poeple will read and know exactly what should happen!!!

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Years ago

He doesnt get as much space in advertiser any more. this artiole would take up a whole page!

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Years ago

I've got to say Isaac, you've taken a much more clear position on this one than many previous hire/fire/cut/retain decisions. And I completely agree with your assessment.

And yes, I found myself nodding along quite frequently while reading Boti's piece.

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Years ago

Agreed Isaac the Massingale situation should be reveresed. He can flat out score and the fact he hasnt been given adequate chance, is a tragedy. What he was able to against Perth should be embraced and built upon, as it was defiitely no fluke. He didnt take any shot that was out of the ordinary or penetrate against his teams offensive concept. This coaching debacle has gone on too long. Fans are dropping like flies and its getting harder to defend the atmosphere etc when you bring newcomers along to the games.

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Years ago

Did Boti ever get this fired up about Phil or Scotty

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Ballin Fan  
Years ago

I really really liked CJ.

I am a basketball purist,
and this guy to me looked to have the complete set of goods.

Thanks Boti for just confirming that for me. excellent blog.

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Years ago

Theres obviously a gun to the head of the 6ers board.It cant only be the contract payout now.So what is it?Are the sixers broke?The books cant look good this year.Why isnt there some backlash to Martys decisions from his assisstants.It appears we have a lot of sheep.Surely not everyone is happy,why doesnt someone show some balls and challenge these stupid decisions.Constructive criticism is something we all need,not everyone bowing to one person.He isnt the Messiah?

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Years ago

Boti took his time on Smyth but eventually wrote a "time to go" article. Same with Ninnis, I think. I'd say Smyth had a few things going for him to buy time: runs on the board, media presence, etc. Marty definitely has neither of those.

Mutley, I would've said the opposite actually. I've given Marty the benefit of the doubt for quite some time, trying to work out why the coaches have made the decisions they have or looking to explain why the club are making their decisions. I think I'd previously suggested the club look at alternatives perhaps? But at 5-3, things weren't terrible. But last round was it. For Boti, it seems that 0-2 and the Massingale call were his tipping point.

With Smyth, I was keen to see a change well before Boti wrote his piece. Can't remember with Ninnis. Felt a bit sorry for him. I wonder if any fan has felt attached enough to Marty to feel a great deal of personal empathy?

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Years ago

Here is my (only) criticism of the article (or Boti's recent writings recently):

He suggests that the 6ers rotation is too long, and at the same time suggests Massingale isn't getting enough minutes (as the 9th man).

You can't have it both ways.

Having said that, I agree with everything else written:
- Massingale sacking was unfair - he is being made a scapegoat. He had little/no chance to have a big impact in his limited minutes, and to be honest, I thought he was okay (he didn't kill us when he was on). Apparently a really good guy too who wouldn't make any "young import concerns". For a 9th guy, I thought he did his job.
- the "three year plan" has failed. Whilst I see/hear about much better training tendancies/work ethics than the previous two coaches (my major gripe with them), I see no improvement in games. We got "lucky" with Gold Coasts situation, the only way Gibbo and Petrie would have ended up with us.
- the use of timeouts has been horrible. And we NEVER come out of the timeout well. It's not always about the next immediate offensive possession.

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Years ago

Mascot- Isn't Petrie signed for 2 years? I think I remember reading that once we got him? At least I sure hope so.

From the clubs POV I can see two (minor) problems with getting rid of Marty:

1) The players (esp the young ones) seem to really like him/his style. Rumors on here about coaching clauses may be correct and that may lead to an exodous? Still, a move needs to be made.

2) Money- paying out two coaches could be costly. But so is low crowd numbers and losing sponsorship after 3 losing seasons...

What replacements are out there? Stacker, Gleeson, Joyce (gulp), Smythe?

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Years ago

You can suggest Massingale stays as 8th man and Crosswell becomes 9th man though anon.

Fair enough Isaac. Maybe management is concerned that removed Clarke/Radford will splinter the playing group, but perhaps doing as you have suggested would help to keep them together, assuming Massingale was a great guy and team mate as has been indicated.

Far from engendering empathy, I think Clarke's ultimate dismissal will be for most of us a reason for barely contained jubilation.

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Years ago

The Sixers were prepared to pull the trigger on Clarke at the end of last season but they couldnt get their preferred option over the line.

Then the Blaze fell over and that decision was made to look hasty but it also thew up some talented recruits that the club (and Clarke) were able to grab. The influx of talent helped Clarke's cause with renewed optimism about the teams chances, but now with such a talented lineup underperforming the great recruiting he was able to do between seasons is his #1 problem as the excuses for below par results have now pretty much run out

If the club were willing to move 6 months ago it cant be a money issue, so are the players all so loyal to Clarke that the club is scared to have the playing group offside?

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Years ago

No point keeping the players happy and having them like the coach, if they play like they are. If the team was dominating, by all means keep the players happy, but as it is, the players can be as happy as they want with 'coach' Clarke, the fans are pissed.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Seems 'there's 3 coaches would do it' - Nagy.
Empathy - of course when you're going out there watching training.

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Years ago

Very well written article and more importantly it's spot on.

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Years ago

Clarke's contract cannot be renewed next season. He is arrogant, disregards the fans, has one of the worst coaching records of any 36ers coach and plays boring, uninspired basketball. He has excuse after excuse as to why his teams don’t perform, but perhaps he just isn’t cut out to be an NBL coach.

There are a couple of ways to fix the 36ers

1. Sunday games DO NOT WORK. Throughout history Saturday night games have been a clear winner, with crowds staying away from Sunday afternoon/evening games, Friday games (clashes with junior games) and midweek games. The current 36ers management just doesn’t understand this. Saturday night games have averaged 4500-5000 per match, even with team playing poorly for so long. 36ers management will need to decide next season (if the club exists) what is more important, TV coverage on a Sunday afternoon or bums on seats and a good atmosphere within the stadium?.

2. 36ers games post-Christmas usually draw larger crowds than earlier in the season- again the current 36ers management does not understand this fact. Just 6 of the 16 post-Christmas games are held at home, and just 1 of the final 6 games are at home. Poor spread of games during the last half of the year is a result by a lack of understanding by the 36ers management. How many games did the CEO and marketing manager attend before they were appointed to their respective positions.

3. In game entertainment is poor or non-existent. We get u12’s pre game, nothing at halftime and a dancing fruit choc at 3/4 time. Perhaps the Div 1 U23’s (teams full of the state’s best young players) can play in a knockout tournament before each games, or have a competition where the club team stays on until it’s defeated with a new challenger each week. The 36ers management needs new ideas and so far they havn’t provided any reason for fans to come to the game other than to watch the 36ers play a pathetic brand of basketball.

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Years ago

Pull the players in for a closed meeting with the majority owner, not other staff. Don't hide the meeting from Marty or give so much time that players are primed.

Outline that the club and fans like this roster, love the potential. So many options, there's flexibility, etc. Reinforce that the tightness of the group is fantastic. The club wants every player to look back in March/April and think, at a minimum "We did pretty well. We'll be better again next year, but we stayed together, we made the post-season, fans came back to the Arena, etc."

Clubs and players have a two way relationship. We don't just provide jobs, we strongly appreciate every player's decision to come and play for the 36ers, to go to work every day with the goal to see success here again.

Yes, 5-5 is not apocalyptic on paper, but every win is key and this roster cannot be left to go to waste. You as a group are too good for that. We want to make sure that we have done what we can do to make any year of your career with our club, a positive one for your experience and personal history.

Some of you are new, at least one has been around for Marty's three years. But a constant through a frustrating period has been the coaching duo and not only have the fans not warmed to them, many are actively staying away. And those fans are the lifeblood of us as sports entertainment. This club isn't about money, but it's about tradition and having a future so the tradition endures.

You won't be surprised to know that we are explicitly looking at a change in the coaching group and while we know that many of you are especially appreciative of the support you get from our coaches as mentors, your friendship or mentoring from them need not change if the coaches of the 36ers are different people.

If you want to talk about this now as a group and/or privately afterwards (and we'll do private meetings with each player whether you just want to chat or have specific concerns), please be part of this now. As a club and players, we want to be in that post-season and feared in the league, so let's make it happen.

Etc. Off the top of my head, anyway.

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Years ago

That article says it all - treatment of CJ was a disgrace. Watching the game on Sunday V Sydney, it was the amazing the amount of times Gibson made the second pass to an open guy in the corner or inside who missed and he still got 10 assists. Try getting your 'spot up shooters' open coach and playing Daly ahead of CJ was insulting.

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Years ago

Exactly. It really isn't that difficult.

I'd ask Gibson, Weigh and Schenscher (Johnson/Crosswell?) to talk about how it felt winning championships with South and Perth (Melbourne?). That's what we are trying to do, and have been for the last three years. But it isn't happening, and we don't think it is because of the roster, which is one of the best assemblies of talent in the club's history. Then I'd ask Pero to talk about being in West Sydney at the end, because that is where the current coaching group has the club headed.

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Years ago

Get on board and lets force the club to act.

Facebook has proven to be one of the most effective public movement forums of the modern day.

This team has a chance to go deep into the finals and build again next year to be a championship contender. Letting Clark ruin this season is just despicable.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

I follow most sports and have favourite teams but my real passion was for the 36 ers and season ticket holder for every year at Powerhouse stadium .
But this guy has destroyed all this for me and not season ticket holder this year and only been 3 matches to renew enthusiasm due to great squad has but no he cannot even get them to win games.
But as anon posted it is not just about him losing games for us as it is ,
1 Game strategy -- subs etc
2 Court and public demeanour
3 Disrespect for supporters
4 Understanding type player required with recruiting etc.
5 Game style neither carefree (Smyth) or defensive ( Dunlap ) just routine

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Years ago

Agree with everything Boti wrote.

Wonder how the club will play this - thing we've jumped the shark, finally. At least we can thank Marty for that much.

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Years ago

Statman, very curious who did the club try to get?

I agree with pretty much everything Boti said in his article and Isaac in his posts, if only they ran the club.

Re players relationship with the coach, the club needs to make the decision, have the meeting with the players and listen to them as Isaac said, the underlying thing has to be that we are making the change and we want you to embrace it.

For me bring in Guy Molloy, was involved in the 2009 Dragons title, being coaching SEABL/Vic/Aus Junoirs since, so hopefully has some sort of decent relationship with guys like Gibson and Creek and many of the guys currently playing in college, he also has NBL playoff experience and built Cairns up from basically scratch, which will be invaluable experience imo, and if someone like Gleeson, Stacker, Westover are happy to be his assistant then they can come too.

If replacing Clarke means Cadee, Creek, Johnson, Weigh walk at the end of the season, well so be it, its not ideal, but not the end of the world, especially when we have only 1 cheap import, could easily replace 2 of them with star imports and bring in a couple of decent young Aussies, decent group finishing college i beleive in the next year or 2, and not be worse off, likely better as keeping the current coach just to keep the players inst working, so id rather lose them all, make some changes and have a chance of doing well than keeping them all for another couple of years like the last 3 just out of fear the players will walk. Thats why i like the meeting suggestion to try and get them all on board and stop the mass walk out if possible.

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Years ago

Im sure you can work it out from my post ;)

With regards to players walking, I guess its not like they will all rush to follow Clarke - as I cant see him being in demand as a coach anywhere soon.

Dissapointing as I had high hopes for him and thought he would bring great results but as Boti says what he brings in knoweldge of the game and preparation is outwighed by his inlexibility on game day and also his disconnect from the fan base.

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Years ago

The coach referenced is Joey Wright.

Another option is for Marty to work as an assistant. Stays involved in recruiting younger talent, trainings, etc, but leaves game night coaching, media and the rest to a new head coach.

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Years ago

That would've been a good idea to demote him and hope he walks away from his contract but with only half a season left on his deal I think that ship has now sailed.

It's pretty clear the Sixers admin have no intention of sacking the guy now.

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Years ago

Shawn Dennis.....getting tired of saying it.

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Years ago

Is anyone else scared that if the team manages to scrape into the playoffs clark will get an extension? I am.

Ok, Joey Wright, still an option? could help us keep Gibson, so may not be a bad idea, im not 100% convinced of him, but has won a title, usually makes playoffs and guys like Gibson seem to like playing for him, so must be doing something right.

Id be happy to make the Clarke out Wright in swap for the rest of the season right now, as would most fans. Im sure the players would be ok aslong as they win plenty of games.

Dont mind the Clarke as an assistant (not fussed if he walks) Wright fill in on the cheap, as a trial for next season type set up if thats a cheaper way of doing it.

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Years ago

Actually I don't think I've seen you so opiniated on a coach Isaac, always thought you had towed the company line ;)

I don't get on and bash coaches as it is done on here to death, however I have to agree, with this line up we should not be a .500 team.

Who though? Smyth has had his time, Ninnis didn't work (although I don't think he really had the cattle) and now Clarke (who I didn't mind as a choice originally).

do we go a tried coach, or do the "Dunlap" thing and go to the College/U.S system? Hmmm.

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Years ago

Isaac - "Another option is for Marty to work as an assistant" I agree, but think the man would be too arrogant to take a back seat and become assistant after his last couple of years "leading" the team to nothing.

This whole CJ thing has really pissed me off and reading most posts on this site, plenty agree. What happens next will make or break the team in many respcts and sadly, I don't think anything good is going to come out of this all.

We finally get a half decent roster and then have to contend with bad decision after bad decision from the coach and it would appear, from the club. What a bloody waste!

I have written to Leanne voicing my disappointment - dont expect a reply, but it felt good for a minute!

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bretts the man  
Years ago

The big problem here is that Sixers owners cannot keep this guy coaching as spectators are staying away in huge numbers each year and week .
Look at season ticket areas are not even half size used to be.
How long can club survive with this massive exodus of support and scary to think that could lose such a powerful and strong club.
If players want to leave please show them the door as mix not right currently as well.

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Years ago

Joyce, Gleeson, Wright?

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the chief  
Years ago

Good to have you back CJ.

You know what, All of us at Knox know what you can do, all of the other SEABL clubs know what you can do, most of the ballers in Aus know what you can do, wildcats found out what you can do.
According to Marty and Mark you just couldn't do anything.How pathetic.

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Years ago

Dropping Massingale, if nothing else, points to the blatant arrogance and stubbornness of Clarke.

He thinks that getting a better import is the solution. You can't squeeze another impact player into this lineup. He is entirely delusional.

Give this roster to any other coach in the league except maybe Anstey and you have a championship fall in your lap.

He's simply not a professional level coach.

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Years ago

CJ made the mistake of not having a coach clause in his contract. If he did he would be playing.
Cadee - promised start, Weigh- say no more and DJ huge minutes and $
These guys will stay around. Mitch Creek ?? his loyalty is being abused.

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Years ago

A player gets cut, who is averaging about 5minutes a game. Instead of the fans and folks that bleed this club applauding the move, they want the head of the coach. Cant remember this ever being the case before, its a really sad thing to see a player like CJ cut without having any chance to produce, oh except for the explosion against Perth a few rounds back and the win.

Something is clearly not right with this picture, and its becoming increasingly hard to be as one eyed as I've always seen myself to be. Sad times for a once glorious basketball team. Time to pull the pin on the coaching staff.

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Years ago

Let's do something about this:

Yes it's spelled wrong, but the intent is there and maybe if there are enough likes the club might act.

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Joe M  
Years ago

Pack his bags, Marty is gone. But it won't be until the end of the season as the club has no money to pay a new club.

Marty Clarke is a very poor mans Mike Dunlap. Good underage coach but can not talk to adults or coach on a senior level.

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Years ago

If 'coach clauses' exist, they are pretty wothless mid-season out of the contract period. Can't think of any player who would cut their contract and not get paid for half a season because the coach is axed. That gives you half a year to impress them on how good life will be under the new coach.

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Roger Murdoch  
Years ago

I was shocked when reading CJ was sacked this morning. the decision is a disgrace and as a loyal sixers fan from the apollo days it goes down as a sad day in the clubs history. Obviously not because CJ is a fan favourite or long time servant of the club but because his treatment is so unfaair and completely ignore's what is actually wrong with this team. Boti's article is right on the money, I hope sixers management reads it closely, they need to.

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Years ago

The only thing wrong in Boti's article is that he truly thinks the CJ can play NBL.
Everything else is spot on.
The management of the Sixers is almost as bad as the management of the Crocs. Coach survives despite numerous import stuff ups, poor selections etc.

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Years ago

Why do people talk about a relationship between coach and players that would lead players to leave if Marty did not stay on. What sort of carrot is Marty dangling? Why would players be satisfied with under performing as they have in the last 3 years under this coach? Why would Gibson leave if the coach was sacked? Gibson has tasted success in Brisbane, why would he want to stay on if the same coach continued his same unsuccessful ways of running this team? The young players Clarke recruited are not rookies anymore. A better coach can take over and make them better NBL players. They don't need Clarke anymore. As for any new rookie recruits, Marty has been away from the AIS for 3 years, does he have any more influence on up and coming young players. Aren't the players hungry for the success they have not received from Clarke but may get with a new coach? It sounds like nonsense to me that players will go if Marty goes.

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Years ago

Joey Wright would win us a title.

The "he'd bankrupt the club" rhetoric is just dumb.

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Years ago

In a perfect world, Brian Goorjan lands here.


I said it.

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Years ago

All we need is Kyle Lowry

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Years ago

Everyone is assuming the coach clause is pro Clarke. Perhaps the coach clause is...If I'm not happy with the coach then I can be released from my contract? Maybe the clause was wanted by Gibson etc to test out Clarke and have an escape if they didnt think he could take them all the way? Obviously, same would go for any new coach brought in thats why I think Isaacs point of meeting with the players is a good idea. Ultimately players want success so they'll want a coach that brings them that success....Marty isnt the man for that!

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Years ago

I predict that team or rather the coaches will get booed off the court if they lose this sunday..

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Years ago

Wright has never coached NBL teams when there was no dodgy money about, nor ant club that didnt have a star studded line up recruited with that dodgy money.
he was rining the crocs everyday when Wolpert was under the pump and he will be doing the same thing now with the sixers.
He's only interested in one thing. Himself.

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Years ago

^^^Joe M^^^, Mike Dunlap is doing a terrific job with the Charlotte Bobcates in the NBA coaching men...

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Years ago

Why dont the 36rs look within the SEABL or BIG V and Local coaches now, Some good ones out there.

Al Green - Enough said done it all
Ben Harvey - Bendigo won title had good results been aroud a while.
Scott Whitmore- Doing everything well with what hes got- Local boy
Jamie Madigan-Mildura (SEABL & Big V)Won 2 championships in the last 3 years- Ex Local boy
Mike Mckay- Done it all as a Player would be a good coach. Local
Brad Charmers-Albury SEABL Won national championship in first year 300 game player
Grant Wallace- Kilsyth 300 game coach
ect ect ect

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Years ago


Reply #390890 | Report this post

Years ago

Indigo - With all due respect none of those coaches in which you listed would be remotely considered to be the next coach the 36ers.

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Years ago

Clarke well and truly took the soft option by releasing CJ. But if I am reading Leeanne Grantham statement correctly, this is on Marty's head and if the team doesn't improve then its his responsibility since he made the call.

Massingale 'showed promise' in the PSST said Clarke. Then when the season starts his minutes drop from 23 to 9 per game. I don't care who you are, get your court time cut by more than half and unless you're a Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant type, you're going to struggle to make any sort of an impact and your stats are definitely going to drop. IMO, like just about everyone else, CJ Massingale got shafted by Marty Clarke (and Mark Radford I'd say).

Not going to speculate on who the 36ers would or could get to replace Clarke and Radford. Though I'd hope that they would at least want someone who has proven NBL experience (even as just an assistant). If the 36ers management should have learned one thing from all this, its don't get a rookie coach to run a professional team (Phil Smyth being the exception, but he was lucky as he had class players to work with from the start). Clarke has shown that he would make a good assistant or development coach, but not the head coach of a pro team.

CJ, good luck in the future. Its unfortunate that when you finally got your chance in the NBL it was with a team who's coach doesn't know how to use his players properly.

Through all of this I hope one good thing happens. I hope that it means Mitch Creek will start getting the court time he deserves, either at SG or SF. IMO he's being wasted sitting 27 minutes of a game on the bench.

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Years ago

BS. Management/ownership allowed Marty to make the decision,

They could have said no or got rid of Clarke instead.

Doesn't matter how Leanne phrased the press release. This decision rests with 36ers management and not just Clarke.

They haven't listened to the fans and that is why the stadium is getting emptier each game.

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Years ago

Marty def thrown under the bus by the CEO who seems to think this was going to be well received. Such is the front office disconnect with the fan base. This decision has been on the cards for weeks.

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Years ago


Reply #390942 | Report this post

Years ago

Reply #391078 | Report this post

Years ago

Grantham stuffed it again.....just another one. Everything she touches turns to poo!!

Reply #448053 | Report this post

Years ago

a Grantham hater with an axe to grind just crawled out from under a rock?

same IP as CEO resigns thread recent addition Isaac?

Reply #448060 | Report this post

Years ago

What was the giveaway Detective Anon? The fact that they both posted at about the same time and using the same alias? ;)

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