Years ago

Would KB & Maher coach

I think this can be a cheap option for the rest of the season, pay them per week and if works well, talk after season and have no strings attached. Coach and win they can stay on if they like, coach and dont win, leave with no hard feelings.

KB, Head coach, Maher Assistant, they both have great respect in Adelaide and not only in the basketball circles. They have great media personalities and most of all they both have amazing basketball credentials.


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Years ago

David spear would be the best option locally or Andy Simons

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Pie Cart  
Years ago

Al Green IMO alongside a former player like Antsey and DMAC,Green will get team up and running and get people back to the games ,as they have been lacking lately

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Years ago

Maher is waiting in the wings.

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Years ago

Brooks was underwhelming to put it nicely in his assistant role at the Hawks.

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Years ago

KB couldn't even get a gig at Centrals

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Years ago

These guys need to be coaching somewhere. One - to show they have a passion for coaching and two - to
gain the hands on experience you need to step in to this type of job.
Cant afford to have a coach learn on the job, costing a very talented team in Melbourne.
How long since KB coached? Brett has never shown interest in coaching.
If making a change - get a coach with a proven track record. This team can win.

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Years ago

Brett would def do it

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Years ago

I don't want Brett to do it. The last thing i would want to see is a great champion of the club get mud thrown at him if it does not work out. Many great players cant coach.

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Years ago

Brooks doesn't like the 36ers front office, mainly the CEO.

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Years ago

I thought Maher's planned co-coach was Rogers? That was a rumour a while ago.

Anon, I agree with that. Surprises me that people keen on coaching NBL don't always pick up experience at ABL level or even Juniors.

There appears to be a schism appearing between Clarke and Radford. Why not remove Radford, demote Clarke and try Maher as head coach, if he really wants to risk his legacy?

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Years ago

I'm not sure whether Brett wants to coach or not, however, his observations when commentating certainly indicates that he possesses the knowledge and insight as to what is required to coach an NBL team. He would definitely be well received by the fans with his personailty compared to Marty. IMO the media would also embrace Brett because of his approachability and ,again, his personailty.
It has been reported, ad nauseum, that Marty is not approachable and has not got a game plan (plan B) when placed under pressure. From the sidelines there also seems to be a clash between Radford and Marty.
As most agree (the fans, not the 36ers board) that the coaching staff needs to go beofre this becomes another losing season in the htree year plan.

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Years ago


As long as Maher, was seen to be working hard, applying some of his insights he says on commentary and letting the players play there natural games, simplify the game and gets all players playing hard all game every game, the talent we have should win a few games, and even if we missed the playoffs, most fans still wouldnt be upset with Brett, as said, he would atleast be approachable, by players, fans, media and would be a great 'face of the franchise' type guy.

Take Heal as an example with the Kings, he has done a great job, doing basically what i have said above, and im sure Brett would do a similar job.

Mahersy if you are interested have a Crack, offer to do it cheap so the club makes the move, allow them to make Marty your 2nd assistant coach (he will probably walk, if not just get him doing individual skill sessions with the young guys, ignnore him on game night) the fans will love you even more for it and will back you 110% even if you do end up with a losing record in a short stint. Like Bickley for the Crows when he replaced Craig, everyone love how he just let them play, was a huge breath of fresh air for the club, which is exactly what the 36ers need.

Just a change from Clarke will be well received. I also suspect you could do a great job, be the local hero and lead us to the playoffs if you give it a go,even if its just a short stint, if nothing else you have PASSION for the 36ers and what it means to play for the club, if you could just instill some of that passion to some of the players that alone would be a massive improvement.

I for one am all for Maher giving it a go, and if he wants KB as his assistant, im happy to see that also, but give Maher head coach and let him pick his 1st assistant, demote Radford to floor sweaper and Marty as 2nd assistant to help out with the young guys at Training, if they walk then good as it would save the club the issue of paying out coaches.

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Years ago

Putting a coach in there who has never coached before is fraught with danger no matter who it is. There is a lot more to it than just what you see on game night.

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Years ago

Even if Maher sucked as coach I'd be happy for him to be given a crack for half a season and see how it goes. No black mark on his legacy if he fails.

Marty is so hard to support, has acted so arrogrant towards fans for the last few years and pissed them off. No wonder there is no one in the stands.

Mahersy for coach.

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Years ago

Just a thought,

what is Mee upto these days?

I reckon a Maher/Mee coaching combo would be as good as there dominant back court.

Both were smart players and played hard both ends of the floor, and played with passion every game.

It would be great for guys like Cadee, Gibson, Creek to have a guy like Mee work with them aswell.

Im sure they would also use our bigs alot better aswell.

Anyway just a thought, i assume Mee is living back in the US these days, but KB is still in Adelaide and would surely know how to get in touch given they are close friends.

Would be worth asking the question to both of them, even get KB on board aswell if it helps convince Mee.

You could also involve a Smyth or Ninnis type aswell in a mentoring/assistant type role to help out, just judging from the fact Maher and KB have worked with both of them on the bball internet tv show, they seem to still have a decent relationship.

You could go with Smyth as senior assistant/coaching director, Maher as head coach and face of the franchise, well atleast the coaching group, Mee and KB as assistants, and have Ninnis assisting and running the academy again working with the young guys/development players. He seemed to do well and formed good relationships with top young guys like Ingles back in the day.

Imagine that kind of coaching team, would bring back the key players in the 'glory days' and i reckon they would have the passion and tools to bring them back to the top.

AFL clubs run coaching groups along those lines quite successfully these days, so if the guys are interested, why not?

Would undoubtedly be an upgrade on the current coaching group, but bringing 5 guys like that in would also cost money, which could be one thing stopping something like this but the crowd increase from the team winning and playing a more attractive style of basketball could help cover some of that surely.

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Years ago

Shawn Dennis.....problem fixed.

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Years ago

It's too simplistic to have ask former 6er players to return & take up the coaching duties for the remainder of the season. Former great players don't always translate in to great coaches. Better served looking within the current NBL fraternity for prospective future Head Coaches.

Personally i would throw everthing & the kitchen sink at Gordie McLeod & wrestle him away from the uncertain future of Wollongong!

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Years ago

really they are no more uncertain than we are, half a year and we might not have a stadium to play at.

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KracKa BballiN'  
Years ago

With the way the clubs gone with Ninnis and Marty in the job would a rookie coach really be what they're thinking?

It would be great to see Maher,KB, Mee or any other former player as the coach and taking them to top, nice lil fairytale story. But is it a realistic option, do they even want to? Have they got the skills to train and develope a team as well as skills to pull it alltogether on game night?

Besides hearin that Al Green may have offered to coach the team at some point last season, has any former player actually said theyre interested in the job?

Would (cant believe im saying this on here)keeping Marty on as coach, because as even tho we cant see it game night, or from behind our keyboards players wanna play for him. And have someone like ex-player coach in at assistant work? Be less expensive to only pay out the assistant for the season and give it ago now, than continue to see attendances fall to record lows with a roster this good. Do you think with Mahers first home game as assistant coach we could sell out? Another 4000 seats sold going by sundays numbers, about $80k, how much could an assistant be on. I kno im being really simplistic but can any say if it could, or why it couldnt happen?

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Years ago

Al Green has hardly set the ABA compeittion alight as a coach.

Just cause you can play, doesnt mean you can coach.

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Years ago

If say Maher wants to do it, and Smyth is happy to be senoior assistant/mentor than wouldnt that work?, in a coaching team of say Maher with KB/Mee as other assistants, sure we have a rookie coach, but he has a 10 year experienced, 3 time championship winning coach working with him, so dont see it as too unrealistic or too risky.

If atleast Smyth and Maher are willing to do it, id do it for sure, we dont have much to lose, we are already losing games we shouldnt be and looking like missing the playoffs.

Maher as an assistant wouldnt be enough change to me, could just see Marty ignoring him and doing the same thing as he is now.

Else go for a Gleeson, Wright, Molloy, but the advantage with Maher is his whole heart and soul would be in it, not just another job for him, and the fans would really get behind him aswell i reckon, could be an easy way to boost crowds, atleast for a short term stint. He probably would also be cheaper given he lives in Adelaide and is a passionate 36ers person.

Maher and Mee imo would also be good coaches as they both played with high iq, cool heads under pressure and seemed to be good leaders, communicators and good people, to me they are essential to good coaching. I'd back them in a coaching career if they wish to do it.

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Years ago

Sick of hearing how the players want to play for him. I dont care who they want to play for, if they suck under him, whats the point of keeping them happy!? Any true professional will adapt, and will want to play in a winning culture for a winning coach. If they love marty, just imagine how much they'd love a coach who gets results.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Marty's record is better this year than either the other 2 years prior.

Let's give him a chance to prove his worth.

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Years ago

In ratio to how much better this roster is compared to his previous 2 disasters, his effort is just as bad. Your in lala land if you think his game day coaching is acceptable Marcus Camby.

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Years ago

Maher, with Smyth and Jan Stirling assistants.

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Years ago

Fuck you people live in the past!!!

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Years ago

Paul Arnott.

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Hanging Round  
Years ago

What about Rupert?
His name was thrown around a couple of years ago after a successful career at Norwood

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Years ago

Got to say, I like the idea of Rupert coaching too. He's a proven coach, even if it is at a lower level. Maher is one of my hero's and I'd hate to see what happened to Ninnis happen to him.

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Years ago

Yeah, Sapwell please, just ask the guys he coached.

PS That was dripping with sarcasm.

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Years ago

Smyth's not coming back and Rupert, KB and Al are not experienced enough to take the reigns.

My vote is for an experienced head coach proven at nbl level with a maher assistant and a ninnis assistant. With the right head coach these guys would bring enormous benefits to the club and imagine the amotsphere in the team

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Midnight Blue  
Years ago


Bring back a local boy that has been away for many years and was an original Sixer himself.
The boy has many qualifications and has been successful in Junior and Senior coaching gigs(Premierships locally and accross borders)
He has International knowledge and experience coupled with a passion to continually be successful.He builds teams through Development of Juniors and gains valuable experienced players if needed for his team mix.
This guy cares about SA basketball and understands supporter interest and enthusiasm while keeping things simple yet challenging for his teams.
As "King Cole" recently said" Basketball should not be complicated play D play O and back your team to be better at executing both over your competitor"
Worth a shot we have tried lesser experienced coaches!!

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