Years ago

Marty Clarke has club managements full support

Well.....this sucks....sigh...

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Years ago

It's wishful thinking if you all think Clarke will get sacked before the end of the season, ain't gonna happen

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Years ago

He is draining all the passion out of this club. Cant believe how much I dont care anymore at games.

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Years ago

Clarke and Redford here til season end,won't make finals.have a caretaker coach in wont change this club overnight.

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Years ago

Geez, give it up won't ya!

You want a club, you want a team, you complain all the time about this about that

People are prepared to back a plan, which has hiccups , but they can't afford to change the wind for you.

Shut up and let Hume get on with what he has been paid to do

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Years ago

OP, did you read the article? Headline says Clarke's position might be in jeopardy. Body has no comment from owner or CEO. Just that Clarke thinks he's safe and that the management has supported him.

Letting him hang himself with the disunity of the Massingale release, err, release doesn't exactly suggest full support.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Normally after a coach gets the full support of the management it is about 7 days until they get the flick!

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Years ago

The only two happy people in Adelaide right now are Marty Clarke and Marcus Camby

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

At the season launch Marty said something along the lines about if this team doesn't make finals he doesn't deserve to coach. I know the event was videotaped and I would love to see the vision to see exactly what he said.

The Sixers would be unwise to sack him unless the ducks were all in a row with a replacement. After all, it would be a little awkward if a Chistophersen style situation arose where a coach was selected but couldn't actually coach for two games due to some technicality.

As it stands, the Sixers have a very slight chance of making finals, but at 5:11 would need to go a least 9:3 on the remaining games to sneak into finals like a burglar sneaking into a bubblewrap factory, as well as have games go their way. They could still get that run, but the chances of that happening are about the same as some half cut dude on a buck's show making the half court shot dressed in a chicken suit.

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Years ago

Hey Isaac. Yep read it. Seems like the Advertiser just stirring with that headline. I get the unfortunate feeling that he will be here all year.

For those who dont think a change will do any good - it will make this team likeable to fans (the paying customers) again. That is a big deal! Don't just think about the X's and O's.

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Years ago

The only thing he has the full support of anyone to do is to tender his resignation, forthwith.

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Years ago

Why don't they listen to the fans? We want Marty and razors gone

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Pure Silk  
Years ago

What a shithouse weekend , went into the weekend confident that we could get the 2 wins and to get duck eggs is unacceptable. I think the coach is clearly under the pump but so too should be certain players. Crosswell is a waste of space out there as teams are leaving him wide open and he isnt doing enough. i would let him go immediately and give those minutes to the import or daly. The future isnt crosswell. Our defence is terrible and teams score at will. Apart from gibbo the rest needs to have a good look at themselves along with the coaching staff otherwise they shouldnt pick up their pay cheque as they definately arent earning it. Funny thing is I still think we can get on a roll but alot of areas need to be tidied up. Looking forward to Sundays game , just hope I dont leave devastated again !!

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Years ago

The article didn't say much. Marty is hardly going to come out and say "Management have had it with me". The only response was always going to be "full support".

And that's allegedly in private. As Isaac said, there's been no support shown publically by the administration and they handed him enough rope over the Massingale screw up with the "on Marty's recommendation" line.

I guess the saddest thing for me, as someone else mentioned above, is that after so many years as a member, I find myself not caring anymore. Friday night was so predictable, I didn't even get angry at the loss - it's just the norm. At least the crowd got stuck in though.

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Years ago

The club need to come out and issue a statement.

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Years ago

Maybe he should do the right thing and step down. One of the biggest things he keeps preaching is this is not about him or one player it's about the Team. Clearly he can see that he is not getting it done and it is in the best interest of the team and club that he stands down.
How about you back up your own statements!

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Years ago

Clarke's not going to resign off his own bat (unless told to of course) he surely knows his NBL coaching future is in serious jeopardy and will probably have to work his way back up the ladder as a long-term assistant before anyone will ever give him a HC job again.

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Years ago

Marty is only good enough to be an assistant, he's not head coaching material. Cannot draw up proper X's and O's or adjust to what is dished out on gameday etc etc.

We'd all love Marty to fall on his own sword and step down, but that is potentially unlikely either.

Still I'd like the club to speak up and release a statement so we as fan know something instead of throwing up things over and over. It's the least the club can do.

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Years ago

I think that least that the club can do is what it is actually doing Champ: nothing. They seem content to quietly meander along the path towards oblivion.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I have a dream . I have a dream , that one day..
..Clarke will stand down , and Maher will finish this season.
Free at last .. Free at last .
Thank God Allmighty , we are free, at last .

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Years ago

Well said Panather.

The club should make a statement one way or the other. It mut be a pretty hard environment to work in for all involved at the 36ers at the moment.

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Years ago

Well I think we should flood the phones of the 36ers and demand a statement or something to be said.

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Years ago

Wouldn't Kevin Brooks be a better temp coach?
Given he has actually coached.
Even Pero has more coaching experience then Maher.

Also does anyone know if Maher is even interested in a coaching career?
I don't have any idea if he would be a good coach or not.
But is he even interested?
just wondering :)

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Camel 31  
Years ago

While only yesterday [email protected] said 'Maher would do it if asked . All they gotta do is ask him.'

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Years ago

Vote 1: Al Green.

Al Green - the man for a brighter tomorrow... today.

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Years ago

QUOTE - Martin Luther 36er

"I have a dream . I have a dream , that one day..
..Clarke will stand down , and Maher will finish this season.
Free at last .. Free at last .
Thank God Allmighty , we are free, at last ."

Dream 0n.

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Years ago


"The club should make a statement one way or the other."

Club statement:

We have secured the rights to the following site names:


Our resident IT guru is monitoring for more creativity.


"It mut be a pretty hard environment to work in for all involved at the 36ers at the moment."

Not when they're soft cocks.

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Years ago

QUOTE- Chump33

"Well I think we should flood the phones of the 36ers and demand a statement or something to be said."

36er management Waterurd down [email protected]

Expect an answering machine.

"Your call is very important to u$ ..........

now fuck off"

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Years ago

Jesus had the indignity of 1 nail for both feet & couldn't wave his arms.

You guys are endle$$ly going around in circles, threading the nail.

Enjoy the game of basketball in Adelaide while it lasts, it's a sport.

Better option, is to STFU, or get a brain.

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Years ago

Early contender for post of the year and it's only 7 days in.

Also, who gets day drunk on a Monday at 12pm?

I'd hope for a statement from the club in some regard this week, but I'm not holding my breath. Do we still run the post game Q&A's upstairs in the Apollo room? I can think of some I'd like to ask.

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Years ago

If they're going to keep him until the end of the season, management may as well announce now they won't renew his contract - at least they can start looking for someone to coach the team next season - if they want to keep Clarke on as an Assistant that's up to them.

That way, Clarke is not sacked. If he feels pressured to leave and resigns because he knows 100% he won't be there next season so be it; they won't be forced pay him out.

The only problem is if Adelaide now win 12 straight and get to the Finals.

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Years ago

If they win 12 straight that wont be a problem and I'll be happy to keep him.

But there is zero indication that is about to happen.

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Years ago

Looking at the schedule, they have a stack of away games to close the season out.

Does anyone have a summary of what they believe "Clarke's System" actually is? Maher and others were saying it's particularly complicated, but the players keep saying they "believe in it".

Then again, people believe in Bigfoot, Nebiru and the past three Sixer teams...

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Years ago

Marty's system is just heaps and heaps of complicated sets.

It seems like the players never master one but rather struggle to remember many.

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Years ago

@Loco Yes they're in the Apollo after games...

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Very Old  
Years ago

So Marty has been told privately that his contract will be honoured in full. Therefore there is no need for any announcement from SOS, the CEO , nor anyone else.

Meaning that his coaching fate for next season is in the hands of himself , his choice of assistant coaches and the players he selected, retainened or had handed to him at the start of this season.

Nothing unfair about that. I'll accept that.

Those calling for a caretaker coach have short memories, particuarly if they are saying they want Maher to be installed.

Any recent examples of the eventual outcome of hurredly installed caretaker coaches who had outstanding careers as a player in their home town ?

How about Vicki Valk/Daldy and the lightning - yes one championship was gained - but with a very very powerful team, and she already had quite a bit of experience coaching succesfully at the aba level.

The second season not so succesful. ( I'm not bagging Vicki - I think she was an outstanding player and was at the very least a very adequate and succesful ABA coach.

I very much doubt that the SOS group have not seem the simularities in that situation.

I doubt that they would like to see Maher go the same way.

I'm certain that SOS hope that there will be at least some more wins to come before they wave goodbye and welcome in a new coaching staff, but ultimately its ALL their money and if they see a better return and chance of long term success by not being rushed into finding the best replacement for Marcus(?) Clarke then good on them.

Those posters who say that the fans are "owed" a sacking by the owners are a little to "ME" focussed in my opinion.

Go and have a discussion with some long term NBL fans out of newcastle and canberra, and see what they have to say about losing a franchise, and talk to some at the Gong and find out just how grateful they are that private owenership came to save their team, all three areas would just be happy to have a team ATM.

What this SOS ownership owes me is a team competing in the NBL for as long as I am here in adelaide, so I can at least see class players such as Cedric jackson in the flesh twice a season. What I owe them is to purchase my season tickets as early as possible.

So, it would be nice to see a win against Heal up next - but I suspect that Heal will be really focused on delivering a body blow to a coach who he could have seen as a vastly moire fancied competitor for the Boomers head coach role at the start of this season.

- a job that I am certain was in Clarkes' goals for this year, and which I'm certain Heal would like to aim for ASAP.

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Years ago

Well the sos decision to hold onto clarke for so long could very well cost us our team for next season @very old

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Years ago

VO why Clarke will be in charge next season as you suggest?
I thouhgt he had a 3 year contract which expires at the end of this season?

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Master Chief  
Years ago

Very old - Most people would be extremely grateful for the work ownership has done, no doubt. Who would purchase a basketball team in the current climate??

But do you not think there is also an element of responsibility, with that ownership, to drive change when needed? Even if finance is tight?

Just don't think people can forever point out that the fans "owe" S.O.S something (very grateful for their work for sure ).

Just think there is a responsibility, regardless IMO.

On that issue, if club simply will not release clarke, for whatever reason, then BACK him publicly.

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Years ago

There's virtually zero chance of a finals appearance at this point, so it's not like wins matter (especially after Clark has lead us to 8 straight L's).

Looks like the Sunday experiment has been a failure as well - attendance numbers are really hurting.

Our record over the past three seasons has unfortunately done nothing to help secure a long term future for basketball in Adelaide.

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Years ago

You guy are a joke.

FFS, one poster was willing to put in $20 (which would pay the PowerAde bill for one training session), in the hope that you army of Marty haters would pitch in to oust Marty.

Either you rabid fan are geniuses for not getting sucked in, or you're tight-arses.

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Years ago

* please delete "would pitch in"

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Years ago

Do we really think SOS need to respond when it suits us. Do we owe them, yeah I think so but threatening to not go anymore or not be a member any more just puts more pressure in them.

I would imagine they are holding a lot of conversations but surely they should say something when it's time to and not jut say something because a few of us members get together on a forum and demand it.

The coach and players, not sure but the club and owners do have my full support. I love this club, would rather some individuals were not in it but I will support the club. That's what they deserve from me

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

I think it is great that our Head Coach is getting support from the top.

Shame the support is spartan from the 'knowledgable fan' base.

Well thankfully, the organisation has trust in Marty's vision for the 6'ers.

Quote from the article below...

"We know we're close but we've got to get it done at some stage," Clarke said.

Take heart guys...Marty and the team know they are close, and the lessons learned from each game can only form a more solid foundation to build for next season.

I'm quite impressed that the organisation doesn't just bow down to the whims of a vocal few, rather, assess the situation logically.

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Years ago

I'm interested to know what harm putting someone like Maher in the coaches seat for the rest of the season would actually do?
It may bring in more supporters.
It would give him a taste of coaching.
If he is half decent it may help keep players.
If he sucks, then tell the players the club will be looking for the best coach possible (that they can afford!) and hit the phones.
It's an interesting concept and would obviously depend on whether Brett wants to coach.
Would Ninnis be his assistant!!!

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Years ago

Maher as stand in Coach, FML, its not domestic U16's, its the highest league in Australia.

Maher can go do a coaching apprenticeship somewhere else for 5-10 years like most other decent coaches.

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Years ago

Spot on Master chief! Very Old & Marcus Camby (possibly Clarke & Radford)are happy to settle for mediocre in "Title Town'!

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


Marty is as frustrated as any 'fan' plus his reputation is on the line.

I think 'rebuilding' Title Town is more apt than 'bringing medicore'.

Takes time, just have to give him that time.

Its only half way through the season with a new roster.

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Years ago

Like Marty gave CJ time you mean?

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Years ago

Loco. I remember a day you used to make sense with your posts.

Time was not CJ's problem. People need to get over that.

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Years ago

I disagree - I rarely made sense under any circumstances.

I'm more jacked off about how CJ's sacking was apparently handled than the event itself, although I don't believe he should have gone in the first place.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


Thats all water under the bridge now.

The club has chosen to go with SC.

Lets give Marty and SC a chance to show what they got.

Support them to the best of your ability rather than drag the ugly past up everytime there is a hiccup in the team's progression.

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Years ago

True, it's done and dusted. I'm still genuinely disappointed about how it was handled though. As you say, not much good in going over it now.

Still, if we're looking at it from the point of view of analyzing Clark's tenure as a whole, it represents a piece of the decision making chain that sees us in our current position.

I understand the call for unity and agree with supporting the club, however finals would now be a miracle. Putting irrational Marty hate aside, we really do need to look at what's gone wrong here and I personally really do believe the most significant portion of that lies with the coaching staff. But that's just my personal opinion.

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Years ago

Marcus, there is only one thing I agree with that you've said here. Scott Christopherson needs a chance to prove himself, but under a decent coach.

Marty Clarke has had two and a half seasons here and all he has proved is that as the head coach of a professional basketball team, he'd make a good coach at the AIS.

Marcus many more chances does a person need before enough is enough? Clarke's only won 30% of his games. That means since he arrived the Adelaide 36ers have a 70% loss record. You tell me any other organisation who would put up with that? Hell, the 36ers didn't put up with it from the guy he replaced (Scotty Ninnis) so why should we/they put up with it from Clarke?

Marty Clarke is the only 36ers coach who has ever led the team to a season where they haven't won at least 10 games, and in his two full seasons here that's actually happened twice. Unless something happens quickly, this season will be the third in a row where we don't win at least 10 games. The way we're playing it looks like we'll be fighting for our second wooden spoon in a row.

That to me means that his coaching here has been a failure and its time for the 36ers ownership/management to acknowledge that. They need to cut their losses and bring in someone who CAN coach a professional basketball team. But this continued silence from them is pathetic.

As much as I'm against the club getting a rookie coach to replace Clarke, I'd even be happy at this point to see Brett Maher taking over and seeing what he can salvage from the mess we're in. He can't be any worse.

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Years ago


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Years ago

Does any one know if the CEOs job has been advertised? Good management is the key. Why do they stay on for the rest of the season. When you resign. That is it in my opinion. The question I ask is will there be a 36 ers next year. Yes I agree a statement should be issued. Not fair on everyone really.

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HoldenV8, another brilliant post mate.

For all those scoffing at the suggestion of Brett Maher taking over, you guys need to look up in the dictionary the exact meaning of "care taker coach". No one here has suggested throwing a water tight 3 year deal to a man with no coaching experience!

The season is shot now, bring in a favourite son, get on the front foot and show your trying to make a change, confidence and morale will go up in the playing group and the fans. If we go 0-10 then by all means Brett is probably not the man for the job but we can hardly do any worse.

I see tonight Marty has basically suggested any critics of the club are not fans at all. So in a desperation play to deflect attention off his own short comings his passing the blame onto the supporters? lol.

This organisation is treading a very fine line in the supporters blind belief that no matter what happens we will remain.

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Years ago

KRudd had Julia's full support to remember.

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Years ago

I'd support Maher as coach and agree that any change would be positive at this point.

Genuine question - does anybody ever remember Marty taking accountability for results? I've heard "players don't follow instruction", "so and so couldn't cut it at NBL level", "we didn't shoot well" etc.

I've not once heard "We need to look at the system and adjust it as it's clearly not working".

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Years ago

MBF. Trying to show your making change sounds lame. You make a decision because its thought out not because you are trying to look like making one to keep a few fans happy.

As for Brett well why caretaker coach. If they went 0-10 what does that do for him if he does want a coaching future. That's coaching suicide.

V8. Ninnis did see out the season

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Every political and sporting story is basically the "Dragon Slaying" story. There's four main characters.

1. The Maiden in distress who needs to be rescued.
2. The Dragon who is the threat
3. The White Knight who slays the Dragon
4. The Ogre who makes it hard for the White Knight

For example. "Kevin 07"

1. The Working people were the Maidens in distress.
2. John Howard was painted as the Dragon enslaving workers in work choices.
3. Kevin was the White Knight
4. Peter Costello was the Ogre

With the current saga that is happening with the Sixers, I'll let you all work out for yourselves who the Dragon and Ogre are.

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Years ago

Normal basketball story

1. The Maiden in distress who needs to be rescued - The Fans
2. The Dragon who is the threat - The Other Team
3. The White Knight who slays the Dragon - The Coach
4. The Ogre who makes it hard for the White Knight - The Umpires

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