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Press conference from Coach Clarke & Stevie Weigh

I watched the press conference and wonder if most of the people on here who are constantly criticizing the coach and playing group have watched it?

some points:

1. Coach Clarke says that those who criticize and those who want to split the group (he mentioned this group now is sticking together) are either a/Not supporters or b/ Other teams supporters!

2. He also says that he shouldn't say he doesn't care but that they care about each other - in other words he does not care what negative 36er fan's think.

3. Weigh says that the only positive that can be taken from the mess is that many of the games have been close losses and they have been placing themselves in a position to win games.

4. Weigh says it's a credit to the coaching staff for blocking out the negativity?

would appreciate peoples thoughts
Do the fan's (You lot) need to start being more positive?

I have heard people say that the club should come out and state it's position but perhaps if people watched the press conference, there is a hint there from Clarke that the group is staying together so get on board....

I know people are not happy with the coach but would a whole bunch of positive comments on here be just what the players need b4 the next game????

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Years ago

Absolutely if no changes are going to be made it is better we try to get behind the guys and show our support and help take some of the pressure off so they can go out and do there job and get some wins. Everyone has had there say, nothing has changed so lets get onboard.

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Years ago

There can only be so much positivity from fans before the boo birds come in. The negativity of late is not strictly due to the past 8 losses, but rather a frustrating 2 and a half years during which Clarke has been the coach.

The only thing that this press conference sounds like is Clarke and Weigh having a whinge at the supporters for not supporting them enough. Well guys, I have news for the both of you: there are negative fans regardless of any team's record in professional sport. Stop complaining about them, and focus on your own jobs which is to win games, and right now, Clarke and co haven't done enough of that.

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Years ago

The way i see it current 36er fans have 2 choices now:

1)either get on board 100% or
2)go find another team to support and let all the bitching and moaning go for good.

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Pick up game  
Years ago

Agree in part anon but right now, what's the alternative?

If Clarke is gone at the end of the season then don't you now just care about your team winning which means being a loyal fan and cheering for them.....

coming Sunday?

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Years ago

Very difficult to be positive when there has been very little to be happy about for the last three years in particular. We keep buying our season tickets and showing up to support the club, but the fake smiles and applause are all meaningless when we just keep finding ways to lose. Sure, blame the supporters if that is easier for you, but FFS give us something to cheer about. Winning less than 30% of our games and playing no finals - yeh, lets cheer for that.

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Years ago

In professional sport you live and die by your results.

Those results don't lie...and they stink.

Do the gracious act and clean out your office ar season's end.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Unfortunately for the 36ers, they've preached repeatedly over the past 5-6 games that they know what the reason for them losing is and what needs to be done, then proceed NOT practice what they preach.

You could understand if the team lost thanks to a buzzer beater, then the next game lost a game by 10 where they weren't in it from the start (aka, different reasons for losing); but when your losses repeatedly come from 'being ahead by comfortable margins, then collapsing after half-time' then there are reasons to be angry.

Besides, the flak will always go with the coach if the team goes bad, just as the manager cops the flak if his team doesn't perform. It's up to manager and the coach to hire/fire the weak links and make a group that performs.

Whether Marty likes it, acknowledges it or otherwise; he will be the target whether he is the fault or not.

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Years ago

Any link at all for the press conference?

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Pick up game  
Years ago

Agree with much of what has been said but you are missing the point.
The owners have not cut his contract short
They would have by now
The Coach is sticking at it and aiming for some wins and the players are also responsbile for better performances
So as a fan perhaps it's time you replace your comments with

#As a fan the club is important to us
#We want results
#Go 36ers
#We are behind you
#Let's nock of Heal & the Kings....

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Years ago

PC is on the NBL website

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UP North  
Years ago

Marty, is that you?

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Years ago

Was this press conference today ?

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

They are have a crack at the supporter base for not supporting them...lol this is gold...this smacks of desperate measures from a man clinging to his position.

Its called professional sports not under 18's your paid to win games of basketball and you will always have your knockers but be professional and start winning cause thats always the best way to keep the natives happy, otherwise you just have to cop a little heat from the fans it all part of it....look at Cairns & Melbourne they copping it for sections of the supporter base and they haven't got the coach & captain begging for you not to boo!

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Years ago

no one can win in adelaide.

Clarke will get fired/not get re-signed and will still win an NBL championship at another club before the 36ers do.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Provided this press conference is factual, this is yet another bit of evidence that the coach is 100% supported by the players (as well as by Daryl).

They know Marty is a good coach and a good servant of the club and want him to stay.

The question is, will the 'fans' get behind their Head Coach?

Or alternatively we can continue down the ugly path of :

1) Sack Marty Threads.
2) Sack Marty Chants at Nationally Televised Home Games.
3) Booing the home team at Nationally Televised Home Games.
4) Threads to discuss which players to keep and remove for next year @ the All-Star break.
5) Posts hoping the Sixers lose just so Marty is one step closer to being Sacked.

I think the negativity is a major contributor to the funk the 6'ers find themselves in.

How can the players enjoy playing at home ?

Do you think you are the only ones with lean years?

The Wildcats had TEN lean years.

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Years ago

Spinner. Again the wee defensive I paid my membership I deserve better.

I pay my membership and I want better but he does not blame the fans what they are saying is as a group they are sticking together. You think they don't hear the boo's. they as a group would think it is aimed at all of them and from some it might be from some it might be for the coaches but they can't determine who's boo is for who.

I want changes and wins but hell good on them for sticking by each other. Sadly it probably highlights that some fans have made them feel like its them against us and they shouldn't feel that way from their own

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Years ago

Adelaide fans are NOT the most knowledgable they are the most unrealistic.

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Years ago

The wildcats have made the playoffs /finals the past 27 years ? Where is the lean 10 years they've had ?

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Years ago

Why the fuck would we get behind the coach when we have been 2nd to last or bottom for the past 2 and a half seasons ????????????

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Years ago

If we're not going to make the finals, who cares if we win or lose at this point?

We're here to win titles, not hold hands and think positive thoughts together until we're all warm and fuzzy.

It's pro sports, not kindy.

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Pick up game  
Years ago

Loco with respect that is a stupid view
the reason why you care to win every game is because you want to see something good to go in to next season with

As a fan if they sack Clarke, or not surely you feel good to go to a game and watch them win especially if it's an entertaining game and they beat the Kings?

Also, don't you want to find out who values the club and wants to be in the team next season?

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Years ago

Who cares if the players and coach are united. I would prefer they hated each other and did their jobs well rather than what they dish up. I don't care if the players support their coach. Not all the players would and they certainly wouldn't admit it publicly if they knew the coach had no idea.
Even if Clarke coaches next season how many of current players will still be here?

From what I can read most people on the forum are long term supporters of this club who want nothing more than for it to win. They were supporters long before Clarke and will still be supporting the club long after his times is up, spending their hard earned money week after week, year after year. They know what they are seeing and are not willing to accept it. If anybody accepts what's been going on lately then expect to be losing for a long time to come.

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Years ago

Marcus Camby

"They know Marty is a good coach and a good servant of the club and want him to stay."

Yeh - look at his results. He is lighting it up across the league. One of the best rosters in the league and sitting at 5 and 11. Yeh....what a coach he is.

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No Respect  
Years ago

Has anyone thought the club won't sack Marty and that he won't fall on his sword (as he should) because of his Boomers position??? If he keeps his job for this season at least he can spin his way out of bad results, but if he has no job, what does that say to the new Boomers head coach???

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Years ago

Pickup - to put it in context, I've been a member for 20+ years now.

I'm sure you can appreciate the frustration of the last 3 seasons. I support the Sixers and want them to do well, obviously.

I'd be amazed if Clark is back next season. We won't make the finals this season. My point is why not cut losses and trial a new coach for the remainder of this season (apart from the expense).

I'm not particularly concerned if they finish bottom, second to bottom or third to bottom in that scenario.

After a while there's no point being continually upset at the losses - I just expect them. And to be brutally honest, each one puts more impetus towards sacking Clark.

Just my point of view.

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Years ago

'Clarke will get fired/not get re-signed and will still win an NBL championship at another club before the 36ers do.'

Ha - that's a beauty!! Clarke as the orange boy 4 the Wildcats?

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Years ago

Blame the supporters - this is a lesson in how not to handle a crisis.

Fuck you Marty - I've been here a long time before you got here and will be here a long time after you've gone. Do the club a favor and quit.

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Years ago

To add to the above Does Marty ever take responsibility for anything? Always someone else at fault. Now it's the fans.

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Years ago

Anon 123: absolutely. I agree 100%.

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Master Chief  
Years ago

Difference between being negative and being critical of coaching/team performance

Have heard this "staying together" story for so long now, it's really frustrating. Doesn't mean anything.

Have to give Clarke credit for forming such "unity" amongst group. Has not achieved much else this season.

Responses are so robotic and p.r related though. Just annoys me, in all sports.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


"F*** you Marty - I've been here a long time before you got here "....

Obviously not long enough to learn manners and decorum.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

@Master Chief..

Are we to blame Marty for forming a close knitted group?

Would you rather he developed a team that couldn't stand each other's guts?

How is that type of disunity and disharmony going to translate into on court performances?

Its bad enough the fans having weekly 'goes' at the players.

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Years ago

Actually Marcus we'd be perfectly happy with a group of guys who fucking hated each other who were entertaining to watch and who only went 50+ days without a win during the OFF SEASON!!!

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Years ago

The players aren't likely to come out in dissention against a coach. I guess I'd question if the unity between staff and team is genuine or a bit of marketing from Marty. No way to tell really unless you know the guys personally.

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Master Chief  
Years ago


I gave credit to clarke for forming such a tight culture. Maybe read again?

Of course not. Why would i prefer the opposite? The players and coaches do seem like a tight group for sure (to their credit).

So basically, wtf?

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


If they hated each other it would be iso offence every time the 6ers have the ball...

Not sure this is going to win many games or inspire fan following.

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Years ago

I digress somewhat, but didn't the Bad Boy Pistons and the 3-pete Bulls hate each other for the most part?

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Years ago

Marcus I've seen/been on plenty of teams where guys dont like each other but can get it done. You're logic that it becomes an iso every possesion doesnt hold.

Must say then however if your theory is true then clearly DJ hates everyone on the team cause that kid treats it as his god given right to jack up 20 shots a match.

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Very Old  
Years ago

re sixties rock star


There was at least one NBL premiership winning team that the week after winning the GF series, 3 different player agents contacted the club to explain that 5 of the first 8 rotations ( including 1 import) would not regisn for the next season if the coach remained. The coach went and they made finals for the next 3 years

I think that there are many reasons why Clarke will be staying

1) he wants the boomer jobs

2) he honestly believes that his coaching and his systems will work and there is no need to change them.

3) If he is sacked, he and Radford get a bonus compensation payout that must be big enough to put a sizable dent in the 36ers budget for next season. Its tough to attract a full new set of coaching staff and convince them to move to adelaide, particuarly if you are paying out an additional ( and totally unbudgeted and avoidable) $300,000 cost impost just to get your existing coach to leave 10 weeks early.

4) Marty has always been a stickler for doing as the coach says , and for following the official line. He will absolutely despise every "fan" who dissents in anyway from the party line. He simply could not back down in a situation where he thinks that to do so would be to "Lose" to such people. He will adopt a bunker mentality and take the team all the way to whereever it is that they end up.

Blunty , given that situation, I have no option to support the team and the franchise. I honestly believe that the SOS group are steadfast in trying to do the right thing by the history and future of the club.

But fan support in professional sport is not unconditional, total blind adherence to treating the coach as an infalible superior being.

I believe that at the AIS an existing or potential scholarship holders whose parents questioned or disagreed with Marty too often or too loudly - simply did not get selected or invited back. Simple as that. In his justification it was written up more along the lines of "lacks maturity" or " would be best developed within a club structure" or " ranks behind X, Y and Z in potential at this time".
But his decision was both final and absolute

In his view dissenting fans are in the same category, and have lost all rights to be taken into account. They should just leave.

I'm certain that this is not in anyway the view of the ownership group , or the management group, but they have been left with no control over Marty at all. He simply has noting to lose at the moment, and infact unless the 36ers go deep into finals so he gets resigned, he would probably be better off financialy being sacked before the season ends - so why should he back down now ?

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Years ago

Equal longest losing streak in clubs history... how wonder they are making no efforts to recognise the 30th anniversary, id be embarrassed too!

Clarke should stay on as a key assistant, but there is no place for someone like Radford in this program if you want success. He is causing a lot of issues for the team that doesn't get documented as much as it should do. Only so much that can be said, due to the sources im obtaining such info from, but he must be released. Players arent buying his approach, and the imports loathe him with a passion.

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Years ago

When is the last time a player sat next to the coach at a press conference and said he/team did not support the coach. Get real. All spin no substance.
Great opportunity to give someone a free hit at coaching a team that has to win 10 of 12 to make the play-offs.
Absolutely nothing to lose by making a change, lots to gain.
By the wiegh if the players were so united and committed to each other and the coaches they would have found a way to get some recent wins. That is the only proof in the world of pro sports.
This is a disaster with the coaches finger prints all over it.
Support our team but given the circumstances we deserve something to be optomistic about.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

The Captain is dark on 8 straight losses .
It's the passivity of Weigh . He will just say whatever the coach wants.

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No Respect  
Years ago

Its gotta be about the Boomers. What other reason apart from severe financial pain (that the club brought on themselves), can explain why he is still here? MC has said he cares about the team first and foremost, so fall on your sword, take your loses and regroup. Plenty of other coaches have done the same.

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Years ago

I love the club. But the team is being beaten the same way game in, game out. The opposition team makes adjustments at half time and gets the W. That suggests there is a fundamental problem with the system. The coaching staff are RESPONSIBLE for the system, they just don't seem to be ACCOUNTABLE for the system. Nothing is evolving and hasn't done for the last 2.5 years... Clarke and his assistant must go. I will be very interested to see which players return next year if he is still there.

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Years ago

The players arent dumb, they can tell this coaching panel is a one trick pony. There isnt any ounce of creativity about the way the team is being coached. The veterans must be absolutely furious with the way things are going. Havent seen any of them come forward with this support the coach to the death crap. When was the last time you heard of a employee abuse the employer in the media and keep his or her job. its fluff talk fools, players simply trying to keep a job as a pro athlete. I would too.

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Tairy Hesticles  
Years ago

Marcus Camby must be in charge of PR for the club,. I remember when Kevin Ratzsch was stinking it up at Sydney, and there was one guy that would always defend KR no matter how bad he played, it was later revealed that this guy was Kevin's agent.

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Years ago

Do Marty Clarke and the team need positive comments from keyboard warriors to win games?

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Years ago

can someone post a clip of the conference onto youtube?

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Years ago

Where's the surprise, a guy fighting to retain a salary and a team that everybody got wrong in thinking they were getting players, turns out they got diplomats.

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Years ago

Good post Very Old.

I don't think Clarke would ever resign. Turns everything into an us/them mentalitity, and will stand his ground with his back to the wall. hence the bunkering down.

Your point on being a stickler for doing what the coach says points to a lack of flexibility which shows in his long term consistency. It also shows in his recruiting as all seem to be guys who won't ask questions. That's a problem for fans as we will ask questions, doubtful will get any answers.
A shame when politics gets in the way of the game, but the inside scenarios could be very complex. Money is very hard to come by for sporting organisations at the moment and sponsors even harder. Sometimes waiting and just letting it ride out is the best thing to do.
I don't think many from this roster will be here next season anyway.

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Years ago

Very Old where do you get this from

"3) If he is sacked, he and Radford get a bonus compensation payout"

My understanding is that it's a contract. If you don't want the person anymore you must pay them out the remaining money. Why would you even suggest that they put in the contract bonus compensation payout?

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Years ago

you can watch the press conference from the kings game on nbltv

At some point when losses are coming like this a line in the sand must be drawn. A public statement setting a standard should be presented by either player or coach. The best chance for this was probably the loss to the Breakers.
Clarke credits players for not splitting, and sticking together and condemns people,ie fans for negativity.
Weigh credits coaching staff for tremendous job they do.

Madgen from the Kings apoligizes to fans for a loss A WEEK ago. Tells how Shane Heal does not accept that sort of performance.

Can somebody tell me why these teams are poles apart on the ladder?

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Years ago

All I can see is marty avoiding responsibility for his poor coaching.

The results speak for themselves Marty, whatever you say is not going to change the opinion of the supporters and rightly so.

Time to bite the bullet, this really reeks of desperation for a coach desperately trying to save his job. Cut the crap Marty.

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Years ago

No changes during worst ever run with great line up equals another season ticket holder not turning up for the rest of the year. My only interest the last month is when will we get a real coach to make our players want to play. Jumping on NZ goodbye suxers until you get serious.

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Mookie Blaylock  
Years ago

Firstly Marcus Camby you are an absolute joke.

Secondly, flat out Marty Clarke is not a very good coach, his record speaks for itself. It sucks! In any other professional league in the world he would have already been fired long ago. His only savings grace is the Sixers being tight ass's!

A good coach is someone who can make his team better, his players better and is someone who can adapt his game plan/strategy to best beat the opposition team. Marty Clarke has consistently showed he can not do any of these things.

Does anyone think that if Brian Goorjian was coaching the Sixers in any of the last 3 seasons that Marty has coached that they would still have had a losing record? Hell f*cking No!

I didn't like Brian much but no matter the talent level of his teams he did all 3 things mentioned previously plus he managed to always have quality imports, which is another thing that Marty has no clue on either.

Finally, what an absolute p*ssy for getting Steve 'under achiever' Weigh sticking up him at a press conference. What else is he going to say, except that the players like him. Give us a break!

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Years ago

OK so We keep hearing that the players are behind the coach, after being at the game Saturday night that doesn't seem too far fetched to me. I do however think there is problems within the team itself. There was a heap of bickering between the players in dead ball situations and it seems that not everyone s on the same page. Having players still unable to remember where they shoud be in an offensive set (no matter how complex it is) as the PG is bringing the ball up the floor is unacceptable - to me it says one of 2 things - either the players are flat out dumb or they just don't actually care and are wanting to do their own thing which is pissing the other guys off.

The team right now is a shambles, confidence is gone, nothing is going right and there doesn't seem to be a way out. For me I can handle more losses but lets actually look like we are leaving it all on the floor. Let's get after loose balls, box out on the boards and aggressively go for rebounds. Let's sprint back on defense EVERYTIME and when you are completely stuffed call fr a sub and get the next guy in to do the same. Shw us your giving as much effort as yiu can and we will get behind you, look for the easy option and you will hear all about it!

And Marty, show us you're pissed, get loud in a timeout, jump up and down, pull DJ when he blows a play or doesn't box out, do something but please SHOW us you care. You seem to have an "us against them" mentality and that's not the way we want it, we want you to win, to be successful more than anything, we all want to be part of your "us" Show us you want it as much as we do and we will back you all the way - treat us like we don't matter and - well I think you know what happens then

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


I am quite certain that Marty is p!ssed when it is not going to plan.

However he is just not the 'F this. Sh.t that. Give the players a spray type' coach.

He is calm, centered and exudes a confidence that rubs off on his players.

Sometimes it pays off...eg. Gibbo's penchant for taking over a game when the Sixers are behind.

Sometimes it doesn't. Eg. DJ 4/20.

Michael Jordan once said 'I can accept losing, but I can't accept not trying'.

At least the team is giving it a good crack of the whip.

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Years ago

"He is calm, centered and exudes a confidence that rubs off on his players.

Sometimes it pays off...eg. Gibbo's penchant for taking over a game when the Sixers are behind"

@ Marcus Camby, are you really that stupid? Gibson takes over the game because he goes away from the over complicated offense and decides to put the team on his back, it has nothing to do with Marty's confidence? wtf are you smoking or taking?

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Years ago

Marcus - at risk of falling into the trap of responding to your crap what you just said us the polar opposite if what I'm seeing.

The team is not giving it a good crack, and the coach is displaying an attitude that to me says while he'd rather be winning its not that big of a deal that he is not.

The time for calm is long gone - rip in and show me that you give a shit!

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Years ago

If the group was as tight as stated, when CJ was sacked there would have been out right support for CJ and dissent from the playing group.

Instead the players have hidden behind the coach ensuring they are not the next scalp to take the blame. Timeouts when players are staring into the never never speaks volumes.

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Years ago

3. Weigh says that the only positive that can be taken from the mess is that many of the games have been close losses and they have been placing themselves in a position to win games.

Weigh needs to be told that this is not the only positive. In fact, its not the most important positive either. It is the fans that still attend games and have continued to purchase their season tickets the last 3 years despite a pitiful result from coaches who do not know what they are doing at NBL level, nor adjust what they are doing in an effort to bring about more success. Besides, if it is that important that they have placed themselves in a position to win games, why haven't they worked out what the last piece of the puzzle is to complete the win? This is not important, it is frustrating.

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Years ago

Regardless of whether the fans are behind the coach or not, that doesnt determine games in winning or losing. we go with the mentality that we hope to see our team win. if it doesnt happen, as global supporters and in every sport, someone cops flack for behind held responsible.

MC is to blame, cos thats how the world works; love it or hate it. Crosswell's free throw was poor and he copped flack for it, but when u have a player playing and scoring hard in a few mins, and a coach benches him, hello?

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


Getting me to rip into Marty is counter productive and frankly not my style.

I don't think one needs to be insulting, condescending nor abusive to show passion or show I 'give a sh!t'.

I sensed that the team was on the cusp of something good when 5-3. A whole bunch of factors have come into play to reach 5 - 10. To merely howl for the coach's blood on a weekly basis is too simplistic.

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Years ago


I want the coach and team to rip in - not you, couldn't really care what you do or say TBH

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Years ago

FM. Maybe the players didn't stand ip for CJ because he was a problem.

Yeah I know he didn't get a chance blah blah blah.

He got one and blew it. Played 1 good game. Same minutes in melb for nothing. Maybe the players were happy for him to go, either way

Get over the CJ thing. He is gone.

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Years ago

I was going to use the Goorjan argument myself. It applies to any number of top coaches. If last, second to last and now second to last again doesn't warrant or prompt significant change, then spectator frustration is absolutely more than justified.

I genuinely believe Clark has no business coaching at an NBL level - just my opinion. His lack of PR training due to his AIS background is definitely not helping either - hence the current siege mentality.

We'll have to wait and see what comes out of this press conference. I doubt any of us would be surprised to hear that Clark will ride out the season and that Admin will take resumes for next year's coaching gig ASAP. It'd go a little way towards placating the masses without costing the club anything.

Personally, I'd have one on ones with every player in the group and guarantee the anonymity of their feedback to gauge what they really think before the board convenes.

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Years ago

Loco +1

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Years ago

The problem loco is that we don't know the boards process and to be honest we don't need to.
And if you were them why tell. I am sure all the experts on hear will find reasons to crucify their decisions either way.
They will have the knowledge we don't and we just got to trust why they are doing it this way.

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Years ago

True - but fans will always speculate and voice their opinions either way. It's why we're all so passionate about sport in general.

No doubt there's a lot more complexity behind the scenes than we're aware of.

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Years ago

Mate fully agree. To be honest the speculating Is half the fun til we find out. I just don't like it when owners, management staff etc get abused on here when we don't know what they are going through.

Having said that, as much I don't believe they have to tell us a bit of communication would be nice. The club hasn't given us much for the season really.

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Years ago

Like many have already stated, it's all well and good for Clarke and Weigh (or other players) to emphasise their commitment to the cause, and have a dig at those who they believe are not true supporters of the club, but the fact is that many of the fans who are disgruntled have been members for 10-15 years and still are to this day. These fans have been involved in the 36ers organization much longer than the players or coaching staff and their opinions matter.

The frustration stems from the fact that Clarke is now in his third year and the first two years brought almost no on court success, and through those seasons most supporters cut the team some slack thinking that this "three year plan" might actually lead to something (especially with Clarke's ability to attract AIS players), but in many respects the team's ability to win the games that matter has deteriorated even more this season.

Obviously the last two seasons under Smyth and the Ninnis era add to the frustration of the fans, and that has nothing to do with Clarke, Radford or the current roster, but the Sixers have reached that fragile stage where they need on court success to survive and the results are simply not coming (no matter how competitive we are in games). We just need wins. Simple as that.

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Years ago

and to be fair Clarke took the reigns of the Sixers knowing that everyone involved with the team were unhappy with the on court success of the club, so he knew what he was getting himself into. If the wins didn't come, of course the supporters would get restless. Rightly or wrongly the Sixers were looking for a coaching saviour and it seems they haven't found that. Tough gig for sure, but that's the reality of professional sport and that's the expectations on a Sixers coach at the moment. In reality I think the supporters did a good job sticking by the coaching staff in the first couple of seasons under Clarke given the previous lean years under other coaches.

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Lo 66  
Years ago

It is almost amusing that there are posters here who are blaming negativity from the fans. Never seen a spectator score a basket or grab a board. When MC came to the Sixers he espoused connection with the community and development of players. If that is your platform and if even one player had improved and there was hope for team development, ups and downs (even downs and downs) could be tolerated. There are few players left, Johnson who can't spell his name because it has D in it and Mitch Creek who is significantly injured. No plan and no progress. This makes his tenure especially difficult to tolerate. There is no excitement at a game because there is the inevitable expectation that there will not actually be a contest and the Sixers would be true to colour if their uniform was beige. A clue could have been that they were unimpressive in just defeating a College team that hadn't practiced and had flown half way around the world, basically just got off the plane and included 3 players who were having their first hit out for a year following knee injuries. I guess at least it was a win. Unrealistic expectations; possibly but I would love to hear from any player who can honestly say they are better now than they were at the beginning of the season.

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Years ago

When Clarke arrived I was very optimistic about him. I thought his new ideas, ability to attract players and enthusiasm for a new job would bode well for the Sixers. I really wanted him and his three year plan to be a success.

In a nutshell I figured his three year plan would (or should) read like this:

1st year-Develop players, introduce system, implement ideas and results wouldn't be the be all and end all.

2nd Year-Ideas are cemented and the team is competitive each week.

3rd year- Quite simply the team wins and makes the playoffs.

That is what I was expecting, and obviously it hasn't turned out that way. I'm sure many thought along similar lines so obviously when the plan doesn't follow along it's intended path it's implementer will find themselves under pressure.

In hindsight, it would seem that the Sixers and the requirements they have of their coach in the current climate isn't the best fit for a coach like Clarke who needs time to develop and implement long term goals. It was just a bad fit IMO. I think he would be a great assistant somewhere and could potentially run an NBL club who doesn't need instantaneous success like the Sixers do right now.

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Years ago

I dont think a 3 year plan works in the NBL. There's just too much player turnover because the $$$ on offer are just not significant enough to take 10% less to stay where you are.

If you're an average player in the league, you're on say $70k. if someone else offers you $85k to move, you have to take it. Unlike in the AFL for example where the difference between $400k and $430k isnt such an issue. (It's still alot of money, but it wont be felt the same).

This is a league where you just poach the best players you can from season to season, because if you develop young talent, someone else will just outbid you for their services anyway.

The players are on an average wage, for a short career. they have to make it count when they can.

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