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Years ago


All NBL olympic team

NOT A SERIOUSE POST! Just a random discussion that could be interesting.

in the london olympics, there was only one nbl player in the boomers, How do you think we would do with a all nbl team? ( but with the exeption bogut and mills)
Who would you put in there?
Ben madgen would deffintly be in therd, maybe with chris goulding and damian martin.

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Moses Malone
Years ago
07:48 7 Feb 13

Reply #403032

re: All NBL olympic team

Gibson. Martin
Mills. Madgen.
Creek. Blanchfield
Knight. Nevill
Bogut. Schenser


And we'd probably lose the Oceania qualification series unless we had a very good coach

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Years ago
08:13 7 Feb 13

Reply #403035

re: All NBL olympic team

@NBL KINGS - There were actually three NBL players in the London Olympic team. Mark Worthington, Adam Gibson and Peter Crawford. And of the remaining nine players, six have played in the NBL during their careers.

As for a current All-NBL Boomers team, I think Moses above has got most of them. Gibson, Martin, Nevill, Knight, Madgen, Forman, Crawford come to mind first. Then maybe guys like Goulding, Cadee, Crosswhite, Schenscher, Johnson.

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Years ago
09:04 7 Feb 13

Reply #403040

re: All NBL olympic team

I'd go:

Knight Nevill Johnson
Wagstaff Petrie
Madgen Redhage
Lisch Goulding Gibson
D.Martin Cadee

*Assuming Lisch is close to naturalisation

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Triton 95
Years ago
09:41 7 Feb 13

Reply #403044

re: All NBL olympic team

Cadee, hahahahahha. I know its not serious but its still funny.

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Years ago
09:54 7 Feb 13

Reply #403049

re: All NBL olympic team

With Marty a lock for head coach.

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Years ago
09:57 7 Feb 13

Reply #403050

re: All NBL olympic team

All i know it would suck. Actually we wouldnt even qualify for the olympics. SUCK SUCK SUCK i say.

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Melbourne Boy
Years ago
10:44 7 Feb 13

Reply #403055

re: All NBL olympic team

Neville - Knight
Forman - Johnson
Weigh - Wagstaff
Madgen - Goulding
Lisch - Gibson

Coach - Bevridge

Bombs Away! They could press and trap all game, not a lick of man to man and could reign 3's with all but the 5 men launching from beyond the arc. It's the only chance against the better teams, never happen but would be fun to watch.

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Years ago
15:11 7 Feb 13

Reply #403098

re: All NBL olympic team

I'd have to put Clint Steindl and Gliddon as reserves as they would lap up the experience!

Obviously it's not a serious post with all them 'typos' lol, but I'd go:

Nevill & Johnson
Loughton & Knight
Weigh & Holmes
Madgen & Goulding(benched immediately if he misses his first 3 shots- nobody should have more shots than points)
Damien Martin & Carter

Isn't it funny that All-Star top vote getter Cam Traggardh can't make anyone's list a few months later!

New Zealand

Pledgehammer, Trueman
Vukona, Boucher
Abercrombie, Henry
Bartlett, TeRangi
Webster, Bloxham

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Years ago
15:40 7 Feb 13

Reply #403102

re: All NBL olympic team

If it's an All-NBL Olympic team Ill include the Kiwis:


I like that team with either Beveridge, Lemanis or Vucinic in charge.

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Years ago
19:26 7 Feb 13

Reply #403129

re: All NBL olympic team

When I read Cadee above I assume you guys are referring to Robbie as team manager??
Other wise I want a couple of kg of the gear that you've been on.

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Years ago
19:38 7 Feb 13

Reply #403130

re: All NBL olympic team

Dillon is a troll. Just ignore the bait.

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Years ago
19:45 7 Feb 13

Reply #403134

re: All NBL olympic team

Once his knee's better Rhys Martin has to be a contender for that team, his game is well suited for the international game.

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Years ago
01:41 9 Feb 13

Reply #403338

re: All NBL olympic team

I'd take Cadee over Gibson, as Gibson won't get any better and I think Cadee could be anything and I was looking to put him in my team but Rhys Carter got his spot

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