Years ago

What's up with Gibbo?

Cadee tweeted on the weekend that referred to gibbo playing through injury or some sort of off court issues at present. The stats tell the same story. Anyone know what is up?

First 5 games :
13 ppg 3.6 Rb 4 Ass 31% FG 33% 3FGA

Last 6 games :

7 ppg 2.8 Rb 4.8 Ass 30% FG 16% 3FGA

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Triton 95  
Years ago

I mentioned that his stats have not been great a few weeks ago and got my head chewed off. He has not been great all season IMO, He is probably the last (least performed) of all the starting PG's this year. Everyone will say how good his defence has been and blah blah blah but honestly he has not had a good season and it reflects in Adelaid's performances.

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Years ago

He brings more than just stats but there has to be something going on. Of course that tweet but I was surprised yesterday when he was not playing on Flynn. Although Cadee did actually do an excellent job.

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When I mentioned he played his worst game as a sixer a few games ago many said his "defence" has been great though. These stats only confirm his been useless as of late.

My guess is his already shut up shop for the season, just going through the motions now, bet he cant wait to go to a decent coached team in the off season. Who can blame him

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Years ago

Triton I agree. Gibson seems to be the forum's golden child. It's interesting to see when DJ has a great game barely anyone mentions him but if DJ has a bad game then there is so many post about him. On the other hand, if Gibson has a bad game barely anyone mentions him.

Having said that I believe Gibson is one of the most talented players in the league. Unfortunately this season his offense and offensive leadership has struggled.

I think in the first half of the season he was too complacent. The second half of the season he is trying too hard whilst settling for jump shots.

I know this guy must be so frustrated with the losing so that would be hurting his confidence out there. Clarke is not such a player developer after all.

Hopefully he can finish the season off strong (if he isn't carrying an injury).

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Years ago

Currently I believe he is playing through a toe injury that is seriously hampering his ability to get any power and struggling with lateral movement.

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Pure Silk  
Years ago

Think you will find that his toe is stuffed which hinders alot of his movements

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Pure Silk  
Years ago

Bizzy - perfect timing !

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Years ago


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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Doesn't want to stay at 6er's next year.....probably not helped by the fact we are struggling and he is being asked to shoulder the load whilst hurt...not like we have to depth for others to help take the load off him.

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Years ago

I think he is a good player more 'D Martin' than the 'B Maher' we are expecting him to be, never has been a great scorer, but similar to Martin defense and hustle are what makes him great.

Hopefully we get a coach who can keep him and use him properly, ideally we will have him along side a scoring sg/combo guard a bit like Perth have with Martin and Lisch, Cadee has great potential but isnt there yet, so needs to come off the bench next year imo.

I would love to get say Gleeson and use the Crocs model with Schenscher which worked well for them, ie use Gibson as the Will Blalock, get an athletic import who can shoot and score at worse Dorsey, play the offense through Schenscher as they did, Johnson can play the Hinder role of hitting mid range jumpers and scoring, as everyone has been saying all season just a better coach who makes better import selections and has a good game style like Gleeson and this team would be quite good.

Gibbo cant be blamed imo, just need to use him properly, he is a solid play maker, good defender who can score around 10ppg, bit like Blalock was for the crocs, not the elite scorer some are expecting him to be. Some may over rate him, but he is still one of the best Aussie guards going around, hence his boomers performance,

just not the type to win games on his own. Part of me wondered if we would have been better off getting a better import and say Goulding or even Massingale as the 2nd cheap import than Gibson next to Cadee for this reason, as Cadee isnt a scorer either, and you need one in your backcourt imo. But that comes down to selection/choice/preference.

picking up Gibson wasnt a bad choice, and if he sticks around under a new regeim could be very good imo.

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Years ago

Tiger Watcher you might be right that he won't be here next year but where could he go? Cairns would be his best bet but not sure they could afford him and would he want to go to a team that probably wont be successful? or maybe he could take a paycut and come off the bench for some of the other teams. There isn't that many options out there with some great import point guards or already have the shooting guard filled. Maybe Europe is an option for him.

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Triton 95  
Years ago

Tigers could take him, flynn probably wont be back next year.

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Years ago

It is just Clarkes and Radfords system. The longer you are in it the worse you play. Look at all our imports - their 1st game is there best then all down hill from there. They suck the confidence out of all their players them blame the fans for not getting behind them and the team.

The 3 year plan to kill the team and culture of the club

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Years ago

Over rated......Coaches get fired when their best players struggle. Prime example....

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Years ago

Oh, good players adapt to systems. Regardless how good/bad coaches are, good players will still impact the game. For a boomer playing in the NBL he has been nothing short of bad.

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Years ago

Fair enough, if Flynn isn't there then he will go there.

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Years ago

"Triton I agree. Gibson seems to be the forum's golden child. It's interesting to see when DJ has a great game barely anyone mentions him but if DJ has a bad game then there is so many post about him. On the other hand, if Gibson has a bad game barely anyone mentions him. "

Generally when Gibbo has a bad game, he's just quiet (and his D has still been ridiculous regardless of offensive performance). When DJ has a bad game, his presence out there is truly detrimental to the team - especially at the defensive end.

The toe injury makes sense. He doesn't look to have a quick enough first step to make him a genuine penetration threat lately.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Tigers are top of his list & they will have cash to spend a Flynn is getting paid top dollar.

They would have a good 3 man guard rotation - Import/Gibbo/Goulding with Goulding also sliding over to the 3 spot and playing some small ball.

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Years ago

I was under the impression Flynn was a reasonable chance on staying if he doesnt make the NBA?

Would the Tigers abandon this chance, to get Gibson? I would of thought Flynn would be the priority.

From a 36ers point of view if we can get a Ervin type (ideally the man himself) to replace Gibbo (if he leaves) and play combo guard along side Cadee, and another import (eg Dorsey) we may also be better off, as strange as that sounds when losing a good player like Gibson.

I wouldnt mind a 36ers back court of

Ervin/ cheap import sg/sf (Dorsey)
(you would probably start Ervin and Dorsey, both slide up a position if playing with one of the young aussie pgs.)

Then keep the front court the same, if Weigh leaves Dorsey will play some minutes as back up sf behind Creek aswell, and id target someone like Brad Hill to come back and backup Creek.

Dorsey isnt the greatest import, but is decent and seems likely to be available at a fairly affordable price, so id grab him, he fills our need aswell.

Ervin is a stud, he would be my top priority for the offseason, (Assuming Jackson is out of reach) im sure the Crocs would be working hard to keep him aswell, with or without Gibson id be trying my best to fit him in, obviously easier cap wise/more realistic to fit him in if Gibson leaves, as rumours suggest he will.

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Years ago

he seems to be arguing and negative at players alot too, i counted 3-4 times vs cats when they had him on screen and he was upset at cadee for whatever reason. Those things hurt teams

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Just went through the Dream Team points per player per game. Interesting stuff. Basically broke it down to DT points/min played. Looks like to get a win, a team needs around 200 DT points/game and this means each player needs to pull in 1 DT point/min played.

The team: (DT/min)

Creeky 1.25
Luke 1.17
DJ 1.13
Petrie 1.00
Gibbo 0.84
CJ 0.78
Pero 0.77
Stevie 0.77
Cadee 0.65
Tommy 0.57
Crossy 0.52
SC 0.14

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Years ago

Just struggling with losing, never been in this position before. May have injured toe, but would imagine his d would be suffering if that was restricting him. Bad situation for all guys on team.
Not one playing close to potential. Simple explanation really.

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Years ago

Yea he would have to be frustrated ay, i dont think anyone could doubt his effort though, he has been one of the most hard working guys all season.

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Years ago

Manute Bol's Father. I hope he does go to a decent coached team. I hope that team is Adelaide. Surely the last 3 years has shown the owners loud and clear that a decent coach is expected next season.

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Years ago

I don't know why everyone is surprised. Every player we have had for the last 3 year has slowly become worse over the duration of the season as Clarke and Radford take their skills and ability and throw it out.
We haven't had a player develop under him but we have seen a lot of good players go missing

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Years ago

Gibbo is not the problem. We all know who's to blame and changes will happen once the season is over. I just hope the new coach bring a point guard to the team that is a leader who will keep the players working together as one and play DEFENSE!

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Years ago

Maybe he is waiting to be a Brisbane Bullet (again) but seriously we all keep saying he is on a great pay packet (Boomer so why not) but is he really worth it?

How many clubs could he go to right this moment and make them better without giving them deficiencies due to others lack of playing time.

I think he could make Cairns better, but is it worth taking away Gliddon's development... I'd be absolutely against that and Wilson would be disgruntled by lesser responsibility and playing time.

I think he would be a perfect fit in Perth but would he take a paycut and a role off the bench as we all know Perth fans wouldn't let Martin be benched due to Gibbo!?

I think New Zealand would be a great for for Gibbo if Jackson leaves and Bruton retires but only time will tell.

I believe if Gibson has this high pay packet then him staying in Adelaide is doing nobody any good. Use his pay packet on an import that can help take some responsibility off Cadee as his development should be paramount along with Daly at 36ers.
As for Mitch Creek, he has a stuffed archilles, he won't be back to good enough form for starting until 2014/15... Most archilles injuries take a full year of your career.

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Years ago

Perhaps he's a bit worn down from a fairly heavy schedule, inc. Boomers, over past couple of years.

Some down time will see him comeback strong next season.

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agent 2 the stars  
Years ago

Gibbo definitely working overtime to get out of Adelaide. Melb, Crocs linked. NZ would love to replace CJ with Gibbo also.

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Years ago

Come on guys. Gibson is easily our best player and arguably our best Australian player since Maher.

He will be a massive loss.

The thing that is so annoying is that the 36ers have been feeding us propaganda that the team is united and all behind Clarke.

Meanwhile our best player can't wait to leave.

Gibson may well have left irrespective but I can't help but think we have lost an opportunity for Gibson to have been coached by say Brett Maher. He may have enjoyed playing for Maher considerably more than
Clarke and wanted to stay.

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Years ago

Crocs are linked cause Ervin wants to come to Adelaide!!!!!

I'll swap,those two anyway at least Ervin can create his own shot.

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Triton 95  
Years ago

Adelaide would love that trade, Gibson Out, Ervin In.

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Years ago

Gibbo wants to go to Europe, but hasn't been able to find an opportunity as he can't play as a European.

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Pure Silk  
Years ago

As much as I think Gibson has been our best player and will win the club MVP the reality is he is on big $$ and when you consider that essentially he is taking the place of an import I would definately be seeing what is out there as the combo of Gibbo and Cadee hasnt worked. Whilst you know what you get with him ( great D , work ethic ) his offence has been limited ( due to injury and fitness ) and I expected more scoring from him. If we get that silky guard like a Jackson , Ervin , Flynn type guard I would definately see it as an upgrade !

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Years ago

Pure Silk, the problem I have with the idea of replacing Gibson with a good import is who is going to find this good import? The last 3 years has seen a real tragedy in terms of getting good imports. Just the thought of trying to get one is like playing with fire. I would sooner keep Gibson unless he walks out.

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Years ago

Well if Ervin is available for around the same money there is your import.

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Years ago

Gibson has started on championship teams in two different cities. He's playing below his best, though not terribly, but he's not the only one. I wouldn't be letting him go easily.

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Years ago

Teams pretty good. Keep Gibbo and Cadee, let one of the overpayed front court guys go and bring in a quality perimeter 2/3. You will see the best of Gibbo.
Daly for Crossy. Mitch back and utilized. This team is ready to flourish.

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