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Should the dunk be worth 4 points?

Recently read this intriguing article:

In basketball, the dunk has been around for a long time. It is a foregone conclusion that teams gain important momentum after the execution of a successful dunk shot.

I am hoping that the rules committees in the NBA and NCAA will read this and consider tweaking the current scoring system just a little by making a dunk worth four points instead of two. This would take basketball to another level.

Please hear me out...

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Years ago

I guess I am bias here, with two boys who can already dunk it I would love to see this innovation.

Would it encourage players in the NBL to dunk it, and would this then help us promote the game as an entertaining show to go and see and would the TV here finally get on board by showing the spectacular dunks of the week?

Could the dunk be the answer to lifting the profile of the sport down under..?

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Years ago

Would defiantly make dunks even more exciting,would make the game for exciting and there would be alot more dunks.
however, the dunk would then be over powered wouldent it? i mean if a dunk was worth more than a 3 pointer, you would start to see heaps of players just conintuing to try dunk.
maybe if it was worth 3 points.
i have thought before, that its a shame that s player could do a huge windmill and it would be worth the same as a layup.
but you cant have extra points for style.

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Years ago

and another question, how do you make the difference between a light dunk and a layup where your hands above the rim?
players would be complaining to the refs if the "dunk" wasn't called as a dunk for the extra 2 points.

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Years ago

No no no no no !

The game is already dominated enough by iso plays and big guys and players driving into the paint at all costs.

Defenders are going to try even harder to stop the dunk if it's worth 4 points, which will increase the chance of injury.

I'd rather see 4 points given for a really long shot than a dunk because at least it would reflect the difficulty of scoring it.

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Years ago

When I first read the topic title I thought it was about Dennis Rodman's recent trip to Korea and their crazy basketball scoring system:

3 points for a dunk
4 points for a three-pointer that does not touch the rim
8 points for a basket scored in the final three seconds.
-1 for missing a free throw

Call me a traditionalist, but I like the game just fine the way it it.
Changing the rules in Australia wouldn't lift the popularity of the game. It would just make us laughing stocks.

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Years ago


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Years ago

Basketball is a big boys game. It would be good if the unnk was worth 3. It would cahange the game from the three point shootout that it has become, back to a more traditional game. Bigs today are increasingly only being used as screens to provide open shots for dribble penetration. It moves the bigs away from the paint and limits the chances for dunks and the physical stuff that we all enjoy watching in the paint.

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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

With this rule if a player is going for a dunk and gets fouled, do they get 2 or 4 foul shots?

Would be an interesting change though!!

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Years ago

Better idea to make the foul shot worth 4 - maybe then the big guys would put the effort in to learn to shoot it well!

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Years ago

The NBL should trial new things like this as part of the pre season Blitz tournament.....much like the AFL does with new rules during their pre season series.

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Years ago

Firstly basketball is NOT a big man's game but a WISE man's game. Rewarding size as opposed to skill and wisdom will make the game unshopisticated, the collective wisdom/tactics of decades will be devalued and the dunk itself will loose its importance/effects. Imagine a game played by 5 D.Howards against 5 Blake Griffins then imagine it at a lower level league like NBL. Then there is a thing called Slamball anyway.

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Years ago

So you'd like to see 4 points awarded for Daniel Johnson's meaningless final seconds dunk in the game against NZ?

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Cat in the Hat  
Years ago

This may just be the stupidest idea I ever heard.

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Years ago

Cat in the Hat is right. This is just dumb. Next topic, please.

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Years ago

it would possibly ruin nbl though wouldent it?

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Years ago

100 points for a backflip dunk

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Years ago

Wow, really? No thanks...

I'd be interested to know as to how many of the posters in this thread are from the same IP...

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Years ago

silly idea

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Years ago

Maybe introducing some change like this into a pre season comp' would be interesting, I would like to see the resulting comments from trying it anyhow.

Also, who would not want to see a game of 5 B. Griffins against 5 D. Howards, wow!

Wearing coloured pyjama tops for cricket played at night using a white ball was a stupid, dumb idea too wasn't it?

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Years ago

To anyone who even remotely agrees with the proposed concept: GO FIND ANOTHER SPORT!

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Years ago

Problem in a Howards vs Griffins game would be getting the ball to the dunker without a turnover. Scoreline like Griffins 20 Howards 4

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Triton 95  
Years ago

Stupid Idea.

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Years ago

Howard vs Griff.
Perfect time to employ the Hack-a-Howard stratergy.
Anyways, 4pts for a dunk really ?
That think tank your sitting in needs more air flow.

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Years ago

A game of Griifin v Howard clones is obviously just a throw away line for fun, who would take that seriously?

But, let's look at it this way, if the dunk was worth 3 points, wouldn't it make the way the game is played different and place more focus on designing plays for big guys or athletes who can jump and throw it down...

The 3 point arc has moved out, why? It is because too many players just want to shoot it for the 3 and the big is left to gather crumbs from rebounds?

Is the art of post play being replaced by higher % shooters who just patrol the perimiter waiting for that outlet pass?

Maybe not 4 points, but if a dunk was worth 3, just to even things up a bit, I reckon it would be interesting, anyhow food for thought...

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Years ago

No. Keep it the way it is.

I will have to put up with young kids thinking some freak, dunking machine is better than MJ because he averages 50ppg.

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Years ago

This would make the game even more favoured to natural athletes, kind of unfair to people who aren't born with that potential for athleticism. Teams would just stockpile athletic players, because an in defended fast break would be worth double the points if they player could dunk.

Interesting topic, but would completely throw off the balance of the game.

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Years ago

In that case, every one of these shots from the old Dave Black video will need to be separately rated on a scale from 1 - 300 points.

LOL ....

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Years ago

^The one from the score bench should definitely be 300 points - makes any game winnable.

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Years ago

Silly idea ridden with problems. The immediate thought is that dunks would become more common, but I think the defensive response of teams to protect 4 point baskets might actually make them less common than they are now.

But it might help encourage the return of oafish 7'4" giants to the game, just clogging up the middle to contest dunks. ;-)

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Years ago

would have made Brett Rainbow an all star.
silly idea

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Years ago

While I disagree with dunks being worth 4, perhaps a system like an alley-oop where the pass was thrown from behind the three point line is worth 3 instead of 2 as that is where the play originated from.

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Years ago

as long as the team 3-point % is around the 30s in the NBA and the NBL, and 2-point % is around 50 - 60, then how can anyone say that the bigs just pick up the crumbs? They'd be going for half of all shots taken, surely?

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Clapped Out Hack  
Years ago

Yes off the rebounds from the 70% missed threes but only if the flat shots don't rebound out to the three line again.

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Years ago

Danm lies and statistics!

Stats can be so useful if they are understood and quantified, yet presenting blanket statistical records to make ones point is just so flawed and subjective.

Basketball statistics are usually a good starting point, but that's about it. In the analysis process there is usually a few more steps to consider if one wants to make ones point valid and worth while...

We are all guilty of this at times of course, but the 3 pointer compared with the 2 pointer in basketball can't be judged solely on one set of statistics.

Unless you look at how the 2 pointers are made and of course there are many 2 pointers that are one inch inside the 3 point line.

Point in the paint, that are clean points from direct play and not secondary rebounds, now that is a stat worth recording IMO!

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Years ago

Or, if we want the dunk to have parity with an outside shot we could just remove the 3-point line [it hasn't always been there!] and let the players take the best possible shot, whether it's outside or inside.

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