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who will make the finals?

Well obviously NZ & Perth will be there

The Hawks look pretty certain too after beating Sydney, can't see them losing to Adelaide at home so they should finish with 13 wins.

The big games will be the Crocs final 3 games (vs Sydney & Melbourne twice) and Cairns vs Melb.

Cairns will prob be 11-16 going into their final game against Melbourne.
If Cairns wins this one & Sydney beat Crocs - both teams finish on 12 wins but Cairns has series over Syd.

If Syd beat the Crocs in their final game - they prob end Melbourne's chances as I don't think Melb can win their last 3 games.

Melbourne would make it with 3 wins but that seems unlikely. If they win 2 they can still make it but need one of those wins needs to be against Cairns - and they need the Crocs to beat Syd.

Can the Crocs win their final 3 games (2 away vs Melb/Syd & home vs Melb)???
If so they could make the finals but only if Cairns lose to Perth & Melb.

Interesting times ahead............

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