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Norwood Easter Classic

Just having a look at the tournament fixtures and am noticing not all that many South Australian teams are actually in the tournament?

Anybody able to explain as to why this is the case?

I know the pool which I'm involved in has 5 Victorian clubs and only 1 South Australian club, it's a little disappointing to be honest.

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Years ago

I think the biggest flaw with the Nunawading tournament is there are too many SA teams there & at worst you get half SA teams in your pool over there.

For Vic teams to come here & play all Vic teams + Norwood just seems like a waste if money & wasted trip. I don't know how long they will continue to support the tournament under those circumstances. It seems the SA Clubs have already spoken with their feet by not attending this tournament. The Vics won't be far behind.

Norwood need to re-think their goals & structure for this tournament otherwise they risk it becoming a non event over the next few years.

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Years ago

Already said they overpriced the carnival imo

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Years ago

Comparing this to the Dandenong/Eltham tournament is no contest. Not only is Dandenong/Eltham cheaper, but it also has a lot more good teams.

Could be the case that this year there was as many SA teams in Melbourne in January as there is in their own tournament this year.

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Years ago

wouldn't hurt for Norwood to show their face around other Adelaide based tournaments during the year.

can't complain of no SA support if they don't reciprocate in kind.

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Years ago

Slowly dying.....

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Years ago

If they didn't use tournament to pay aba players but put back into juniors then local club would support

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Years ago

cant see hw dandy is cheaper - fee maybe but what about getting there etc

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Years ago

It's the reverse for the Vic teams who are coming over. And apparently making up 2/3 of the field.

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Years ago

FYI tournament is NOT used to pay ABA players.

But we can talk about everyone who purchase items from canteens or bars from every other stadium. You shouldn't do this as well then as this pays for that clubs ABA players.

Or should we have a family Day and use the cash money to directly pay Rashaad or Carla B for playing without declaring a cent to the ATO, club or player. Forget the salsry cap, never happened.

Or should we discuss how Woodville pays for a female import + Ng + others at the expense of their junior program. Paying for an ABA GF when they have a TOTAL of 5, thats right 5 junior girls teams. The lowest of any club. Their committee has kids in the ABA side and are hell bent on the seniors program.

Or maybe lets discuss how Sturt demanded Norwood share the Easter classic with them, half of the profits and greater use of Pasedena, incl. bar and canteen, OR, they would pull their support from the tourney. Have a look, Norwood refused and Sturt enter 3 teams instead of the usual 20+.

If the Easter classic entered predominantly SA teams I could understand complaints, teams not wanting to play the same teams every week plus at Easter. Norwood bring in the interstate teams and you still whinge.

Every club has its own way to turn a profit, unfortunately without a bar, canteen or stadium this is there earner.

Mate support local, its not ALL about you and your club.

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Years ago

great work hellrant

support local..?

Norwood supports NO other Adelaide tourney

but we should all help you out ?

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Years ago

Only one canteen in Adelaide makes any money. The others provide a service.

Imports at ABA level can't be paid. Paying them breaks immigration laws.

But that's ok Norwood keep bad mouthing the other clubs an playing the victim. Can't imagine why the other SA clubs refuse to support your club fundraiser.

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Years ago

Wow. What a glowing recruitment pitch.

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Years ago

So Norwood doesn't support any other tournament in SA hey? So 9 teams at westies carnival, similar amount at centrals and a few at st please explain how they don't support local carnivals... how many does your club send to support SA carnivals?

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Years ago

As a parent of Sturt I always felt pushed to attend the Easter tournament. Since the club has decided to give families the weekend off I am much happier.

Why should we participate in another tournament when we already attend in January, May and July?

Families need some time off. Cant be May or July, and I would much prefer going to Melbourne in January and playing at 1 venue than running all over Adelaide over Easter.

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Years ago

Which tournament is in Melbourne in January that is played at 1 venue?

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Years ago

For years now Dandenong have ensured all round games & all B/C grade finals are at one venue (Dandenong) for Sturt teams in return for their continued support. They supply over 20 teams each year. The only travel they do is if an A grade team makes finals, which is more than reasonable.

It appears they have a good relationship with Sturt & both sides benefit from it. Perhaps Norwood should think about the relationship they have with some clubs to see how they can improve their competition.

I have heard rumblings some Victorians are less than impressed with the draw after seeing all Victorian teams in their pool, or a large majority.

I wonder what Norwoods plan is going forward to get back the support of the SA clubs? Or will they just blame everyone else for not attending their tournament?

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I for one am glad My kids are not playing in the Easter tournament.
Easter is a celebration of Christ and what the lord gave up for man kind.....

plus easter eggs and plenty of beer

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Clem Scott  
Years ago

Some very valid points on this thread including Mr rant's, its the delivery.
Norwood have run a very good carnival for 20 years now attracting teams from interstate. It would be great if all SA clubs supported it if able to.

Likewise other SA tournaments should be supported where possible.

It is also understandable that Sturt people are tired as Meske sends 20 teams interstate in January and July. That's what they do.

ABA players have to get money for their programs from somewhere, unfortunately it is from their junior programs or if fortunate from facilities, fact of life.

What I am trying to say is trolls are negative and not good for basketball at all. Can't we all hold hands, sing and be happy.

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Clem Scott  
Years ago

And the world, will be a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race

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c'mon Clem,

The line goes ......"you just wait, and see"

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Years ago

If Norwood provided the same level of competition that the January tournament provided (or even close to) then you might see some teams enter it instead of trekking over to Victoria.

However, you won't attract elite level Victorian teams until you get the SA teams on board. Norwood needs to make a concerted effort to attract one or the other... if you get the good SA teams playing, the Vics will come. If you got all the good Vics over, the top SA teams would play. But they need a focus on one of those two groups to attract the other.

Unfortunately I don't think Norwood has the mentality that they need to do anything except roll out a tournament & everyone else owes it to them to support it. Because poor Norwood don't have a canteen, bar etc etc.

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Years ago

Why should Sturt continue to register more teams into another clubs tournament than the host club itself.
If this upsets you tough!!!!

The Sturt members are glad for the break, we are sturt.

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Clem Scott  
Years ago

Sorry Whaleoil

Heal the world, make it a better place, etc


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Years ago

All I know is that I hope Hellrant isn't in the marketing department at Norwood! Abuse the very clubs that you are trying to get support your tournament - GREAT strategy!!!
All you've done is just confirm that I'm glad we are not playing in your tournament this year. And after that I will never support your tournament again.

Also heard a number of the Victorian clubs are not happy at all about the lack of SA teams - one has even sent an email suggesting this would be the last time they were coming - and this club sends a large number of teams here.

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Years ago

Sounds like Norwood aren't doing too good a job of keeping their customers happy!!!

Is it likely to even be around in 3 years time? I haven't heard anything positive (here or elsewhere) regarding the tournament in quite a while!

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Years ago

Hellrant i love the whole conspiracy theory that Sturt demanded half the profit or they would pull their teams!!!
Next you'll try and tell me that the Easter Bunny is real.
Have you any proof that Sturt did infact make those demands, or is it just a case of paranoia from a club running a second grade tournament that have been hanging onto the coattails of Sturts success with interstate clubs.

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Years ago

does it all really matter ?

so a club is having a year off - they are in credit anyway with all their previous involvement.

What about the other 8 clubs ?

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Years ago

What about the other eight clubs? I willgladly give Norwood our bar and canteen and take the tournament.

I am pleased we are not participating this year and the kids are not missing it either. Dandenong, State Champs and Classics are enough. Why should clubs give money to Norwood where they are one of the most active recruiting clubs out there. If you spent the money on better development than better recruiting (read as poaching) then maybe clubs will support!

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Years ago

A few hours ago
14:14 28 Mar 13

What about the other eight clubs? I willgladly give Norwood our bar and canteen and take the tournament.

that's probably the biggest issue here,this is what other clubs are now pondering .couldnt blame sturt starting a torny though with their success over such a long period .

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Years ago

have heard some negatives from some visitors from over the border. days with zero games and a lack of sa teams. is this tournament on its last legs?

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Years ago

Have also spoken to some interstate guys this week who have said the standard in the champ grade has fallen off a cliff & they're unlikely to return. Yikes.

Have there been any positives out of the weekend for Norwood?

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Frank The Tank  
Years ago

I heard some positive comments from visitors and our kids had a great weekend! Great opportunities to play tough Vic teams & I hope they come back - we will!

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Years ago

Heard from a good source that this may be the last time we see any flouro orange teams for a while - apparently not happy with the standard of the tournament at all nor the variety of teams invovled.

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Years ago

My Team played 4 Vic teams and 2 SA. All games were tough and we were batting above our weight. (mixed metaphor!) However, the parents loved it, Kids loved it and the coach was really pleased with the end result! You will find clubs/coaches/parents that will always complain about whichever tournament they attend. (And yes we all complain about refs!) The Adelaide tournament is great! Over the years the standard of competition changes (I've seen it over 10 years) but there are always classic games and matchups...And it is not easy to win! All I can say is on behalf of our kids thanks to all who work hard to put it on and to the local clubs who attended and we played against...many thanks and good luck for the rest of the season!

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Years ago

Internal problems at Norwood too if the rumour getting around Mars yesterday is true

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Years ago

They don't even have the U18 GF results up.

What kind of internal problems???

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Years ago

Thought it was not that much different than my previous 10 years involvement

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Years ago

how much of the disunity or dissatisfaction with tournament is being led by a club who wishes Norwood to fail and how much is actually true?

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Years ago

time will tell - it will be up to the people whether this all succeeds / fails.

If people have a future vision it will prevail but keep beating it up .........

all of this needs to be brought back on track - it is a junior basketball carnival nothing more or less.

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Years ago


how could another club influence the tournament? From what i saw they still had teams involved.

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Years ago

this is well run and a great opportunity for SA kids to play against VIC teams. Well done to all the organisers, parents, coaches and players who attend a great weekend of basketball.

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Years ago

zippity - blaming another club for the lack of satisfaction in your tournament? Another great marketing ploy by Norwood. Fact is, there were less teams, less games, and more than 1 unhappy Victorian club with the tournament. Maybe they will return anyway, maybe they won't. Only time will tell.

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Years ago

Everyone has different needs. However I am glad that we have elected not toattend as finally we get a break from basketball and work for four days. Personally I would prefer to find the extra cash and travel in January for the Dandenong tournament as behind the Classics this is the best interstate tournament and its timing sets up the team ready for the winter season

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Years ago

I've sat back, watched this thread unfold, clenched my teeth when uneducated posters write ignorant comments about every club that's not their own and have a childish whinge about things they either have no clue about or just don't understand. I love this site, I love the threads, the trash talk, the banter, the information, the reports, Jack's write-ups and the variety. Unfortunately, with freedom of speech comes ignorance, a lack of education and just plain dickheads.

Norwood runs this tournament as their main fundraiser because of their lack of other sources (a bar/canteen etc).

The Facts.

Norwood have significant teams enter all other tournaments in South Australia.

The Australia Day Weekend Tournament run at Starplex featured predominantly teams from Central, Norwood and then a variety of Country teams. Bar Central, there were more Norwood teams at that tournament than any other SA team. Easy Pass.

The Bearcats tournament and St Clair tournament has had Norwood teams involved for some time now. The number of teams entered by Norwood match the number of teams entered by any other club on average bar West Adelaide for the Bearcats tournament. Pass.

Don't stand there and throw pot shots. Don't for one second say that Norwood don't support the other SA tournaments. They are there every year. Norwood is one of the bigger tournament participants in this state.

Now to the Easter Classic. There is no other SA tournament that brings the kind of Victorian numbers and talent to South Australia. To not take advantage of the timing and opportunity that the Easter Classic provides is absolutely ludicrous. For any SA club serious about State Champs, which should be every Div 1 and 2 team, Easter provides the PERFECT preparation. Why would you not want to participate in a tournament played in identical stadiums, with a nearly identical format, against a combination of local teams and tougher interstate teams? Why not use this as a launching pad for the most important weekend of the year? Why not use it to experiment and see how your team copes with tournament play? Why not test those fringe Div 1 players? Why? I ask why?

For those of you who are knocking hellrants comments about Sturt, I just shake my head. It's filthy and disgusting behind that double blue curtain.

I spoke to a Sturt parent who was a mutual friend of a family close to mine. She had 2 kids at different clubs, one which was at Sturt. She explained that the reason Sturt were not entering teams in Easter was because "We hate Norwood".

Put aside the 'hate' for a second. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for rivalry between clubs, but each club needs the other for basketball to go somewhere in this state. No matter how much everyone dislikes Sturt or Forestville or Norwood, without them, the SA district competition would be in a very depressing condition.

Next Easter, think about you're own clubs preparation for State Champs, think about the opportunity the players have to go against Victorian's at home and think about what is good for basketball in this state. A tournament that brings Victorian teams to Adelaide is nothing but a positive. Be a part of it.

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Years ago

To tell the truth between entering a tournament at the end of last year like st Clair or one interstate, entering another at the beginning of this year like starplex or one interstate, then state champs and classics plus add on a week for those who are in state teams for nationals and TI and DI camps having a weekend off was great for a lot of teams at our club. Nothing personal against norwood normally we do enter a lot if teams it just this year a lot decided to take a weekend off
Plus there is the money side as well

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Years ago


Good to see someone to attack themselves as ignorant and a dickhead. Cause you just explained yourself. Why would clubs enter your tournament when people like you atack them like this? If you knew what you were talking about, you might make sense. But most ofyour points above where a one sided look at only what suits Norwood, and exactly why all other clubs should just stop attending.

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Years ago


I know it is a pity that Norwood is crying poor when they don't have a bar or canteen. I can see that - South and North must be printing cash with their magnificent bar and canteen facilties. Actually I still can't find the South bar. How do these clubs operate with no tournament and "heritage listed" facilties? Hmmmm perhaps they manage their expenses and costs across the club.

Norwood are delusional. They continue to mention themselves in the same breath as Sturt and Forestville but their junior performances are woeful. They have not won any overall club state championship on the boys or girls side this century. Their only success was Reserves boy champion over 10 years ago. Even West and North have been more successful than that. How can that possibly be when they are large participants in the Easter carnival which using your words is the perfect lead up to the state champs. It is only your opinion that this is the best preparation - I tend to disagree - Dandenong is better.

Anyway it is pleasing to now know that Sturt will underperform at the state champs and Norwood will overtake them as a result of their different particpation levels at the Easter Carnival

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Go for it  
Years ago

Gee, I am glad my kids play in Victoria, a lot of hate involved in junior sport!!!

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Years ago

Anonymous #412375,

If you think that people aren't going to enter a tournament because an Alias on a website called some people who post on the same forum a few names you must be joking.

If you are going to claim I don't know what I'm talking about atleast explain your side of the argument with a valid response and reasonable argument. My points included reasons as to exactly why it is beneficial to other clubs. Obviously other clubs being involved helps the Norwood basketball club, but the other SA clubs benefit as well.

Anonymous #412379,

Never said Norwood was crying poor, I explained that as Norwood doesn't have a bar/canteen that this was a major fundraiser. Correct me if I'm wrong but South has the Marion stadium and North have Hillcrest. Norwood is a much bigger club, with many more teams and no stadium. Court hire is a huge financial drain. Yes South and North have small canteens but they also don't have to pay the same court hire rates for the same amount of players that Norwood do.

Norwood are mentioned in the same breath as Sturt and Forestville only because of size and the amount of teams in the club. Without a doubt this has been Sturt and Forestville's era of success. For what its worth to you anonymous, Norwood won the 16 div 1 state championship 2 years ago. So your comment "Their only success was Reserves boy champion over 10 years ago" is unfortunately incorrect. I never claimed Norwood to be as successful as Sturt and Forestville, no need to make things up to make your argument look better.

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Years ago


That is only one team and one team does not make a club or reflect how a club performs overall. I am referring to the total program i.e. Champion CLUB and not one isolated victory.

South Adelaide has more teams in Juniors than Norwood. North has only 3 less teams than Norwood so to me South are more important than Norwood from a numbers perspective and should be mentioned in the same breath as Sturt and F/Ville

I am sure that neither South nor North can accommodate that many teams in run down 2 court stadiums. While they may have some benefits on court hire costs for their stadium (which have been evaporating over recent years due to increases) they too would have to place most teams at outside facilities for training purposes at similar costs to Norwood.

Don't you just love facts!!

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Years ago


Your are an ignorant fool. All clubs have to pay court hire for their stadiums. North pays BSA to use hillcrest, its no different for them than Norwood hireing other facilities.

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Years ago

Reply #412408

Again, making up your own words.

"Their only success was Reserves boy champion over 10 years ago".

In return I referred to an instance where you were incorrect by stating that the Under 16 boys won a state championship two years ago. Never did I state Norwood were a championship club because of this one isolated victory.

If your numbers are correct, and I'm trusting they are, then in regards to importance to the local competition, I agree with you. South's importance is underrated.

How quickly we get distracted though, this discussion is in regards to the Easter Classic Tournament, its not a my club is better than your club.

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Years ago

The reasons for not playing are;

Already other better higher level tournaments for players such as classics, State Camps, ECC, Ballarat, 14 Nationals. All superiuor tournaments.

Players and families need a rest and balance to be able to play said tournaments, not too mention the cost.

Finally, it may be too close to State Champs, know of al least 3 players may miss State Champs due to injuries sustainned at Easter.

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Years ago

Ahhh, AK-47, obviously went to the same marketing pitch Norwood threw as Hellrant!

To whinge about other clubs having a go at Norwood, then do the exact same thing to Sturt, shows you up to be a massive hypocrite. And a sook.
"Sturt hate Norwood" as a reason to not play? They have entered massive numbers of teams every other year, sometimes as many as Norwood I'd guess! Did this hate just roll up in the last 12 months? Just shows you as petty and clueless.

Ask one interstate club about their meeting with a Norwood representative about their concerns.... pretty much a shoulder shrug and an "I could care less" attitude. THIS is the reason the tournament is dying - these clubs are your CUSTOMERS, why would they be attracted to help you out with the treatment you give them? The fact that Norwood keep coming on here and pretty much blaming all the other clubs (whilst abusing them) for their tournaments decline is laughable.

And obviously Norwood will be winning state overall club champions this year, as they obviously are the only club serious about winning state champs...

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Years ago

I have traveled to Adelaide for eight years now with two different Victorian clubs and enjoyed each trip, as have the teams I have coached.

The tournament this year saw a noticeable drop in depth,standards and the level of officiating.

Every Victorian coach I spoke to commented on the lack of SA teams which was disappointing. This was compounded by the amount of Victorian clubs who didn't make the trip.

Dandenong, Frankston,Melbourne, Eltham to name a few, all noticeably absentees.

We have had some great times at this tournament and it would be a great pity, if SA clubs couldn't put aside their own agendas to rejuvenate this tournament.

Despite the drop in standard our kids had a ball and would go back next season, though there is talk about going elsewhere if standards don't improve. Maybe our club even organizing their own tour over the break to play clubs in Queensland or NSW.

I can't see how it would benefit Basketball in SA for this tournament was to fall over, put your difference aside, compromise and put out a united release guaranteeing SA club participation.

Do that and you will see Vic clubs coming back for sure.

Finally if I was in SA clubs shoes I would bargain your participation in the Eltham/Dandenong tournament for those Vic clubs participation in your Easter Tournament.

If you drop the baton on this tournament another State will pick it up for sure. Be careful!

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