Melbourne Boy
Years ago

Christopherson Doughnuts!

Is this the first time in NBL history an import has had all zeros in every stat column, this must lock him in as the worst import to ever step on an NBL court.

Great choice by Marty, here i've cut and paste from

S.Christopherson 08:52 0/0 0 0/0 0 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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Years ago

Wow that's a lot of court time to be an absolute spectator. Very surprised he didn't get a single stat in that time. No rebounds? No fouls? I'd say that's the longest played without a stat in NBL history but that's just going off of speculation

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Years ago

He walked alone back towareds the Chifley hotel on his own, through the hawks crowd going home.
Give the guy a break, the fault is all Marty's.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

There is something seriously wrong with game day organisation when the guy who can hit 3's at will at training with ease gets nothing during a game. He wouldn't go out to fail, so what is wrong?

With all those doughnuts should his nickname be Christy Kreme?

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Years ago

Shotwise, it wasn't for a lack of being dead open.......

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Years ago

It's official. He is the worst import in league history, and by a considerable margin. I remember guys who were flat out awful but they didn't put goose eggs across the boxscore. They at least missed some shots, grabbed a couple of accidental rebounds and racked up fouls.

SEABL level player at BEST. I feel sorry for the kid because it's all Marty's fault. Then again you can't really feel sorry for someone who gets paid money to throw a leather ball around a court...

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Years ago

You definitely can't blame him for his poor performance. He was WIDE open on many occasions but it was a what can I do for myself mentality at last night's game for the sixers. Marty Clarke is now officially a serial killer of imports.

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Years ago

Training compared to games is just a different level to what he is capable of.

He's just not good enough. Try running through NBL-level screens and defenders when you are a weakling with a one-dimensional, easily-targeted game like Christopherson and tell me if you have anything left in the tank to get your legs under your shot.

He's just not up to it and it's a recruitment problem not a game-day problem.

Mentality plays a part but when you are physically as poor as he is in terms of physique and talent-level then you better make sure you have some larry bird iron will shit going on upstairs if you want half a chance.

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Years ago

Marty Clarke was quoted as saying we were a Deleon type player away from being a great team.

Clarke, that quote cements you and Radford as being the worst coaches I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing. You are far worse than worst coaches I have seen at NBL level but probably in any sport at any level!,

You do realise that Deleon and other 'game breaking' imports were available this season??

Instead you guys decided to sign Christopherson.

You say the NBL is about having a gun guard. Yet you sign Cadee as a starter when you could have signed Deleon and merely signed Daly as a back up at any point over the off season.

You even had the ability to sign a game breaking import during the season (some who were proven at NBL level). Yet you and Radford chose SC.

His quotes make it sound like he was forced to take SC as a result of a GMs fault!

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Years ago

Deleon wouldn't have solved the porous D in the paint. I also don't think Deleon would've lasted under Marty - they would've butted heads catastrophically. Far too much of a me-first freelancer; I bet it irks Gordie and I bet Marty would've had huge problems with it.

And as said, Marty had ample opportunities to pick up Deleon or exactly that sort of player.

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Years ago

Agree re butting heads. Sign of a bad coach who can't deal with egos and get the best out of players.

Wade and Lebron do their own things outside of the offence. You don't see Miami sign SC to avoid butting heads. This is pro sports not the AIS.

The quote re Deleon was from Clarke himself.

I just don't get it.

He makes the formula to success in the NBL sound so easy yet he himself didn't put it into place. He had three years to do it.

Deleon was available all off season.

Clarke chose not to sign him.

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Years ago

Sign of most NBL coaches. They don't love guys that don't follow team strategy - how many capable guys aren't in the league because of this? Hodge, Homicide, etc. I can see Wollongoing not getting Deleon back despite his numbers. When you have the best three point shooting team in the comp, you want someone dishing more often. Just IMO.

But yes, if Marty wanted someone like Deleon, he certainly didn't try for him. Had Homicide offered to him (similar player besides threes?) and didn't go for it.

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Years ago

Isaac, I also know for a fact (as I was the one that put the Homicide offer to them) that he would have finished the season for the same figure as Christoferson!

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Years ago

Agree Isaac. The point is you can't turn Allen Iverson into John Stockton or vice versa.

If you want someone with the individual ability to score when the shot clock gets to 5 or the game gets close then you have to accept the flaws associated with such a player.

It is just cringeworthy to read Clarke say after the last game that he agrees with what most of us have been whinging about all season.

Using your example of Hodge and Homicide, I can guarantee that if we had those two as imports we would have been entertaining, sold tickets and we would be preparing for the sem-finals.

They also would have probably made Clarke's life hell, not listened to everything he said, brought big egos into the locker room...but Clarke and Radford would be negotiating two year extensions instead of wondering if they will ever coach in the NBL again.

They chose the easy option in SC. I have no doubt he was a good guy in the locker room. However, signing him displayed a lack of balls. Even if he delivered a couple of threes a game the risk reward was no where as great as with Deleon and Homicide.

In the end, we came last, we were boring, crowds sucked and SC and Clarke will not return.

How could have things been worse than that if we signed Deleon?

I just hope Dean and the new coach don't ignore the past. If we learn from the last few years then fine.

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Years ago

I actually think SC would've been a harder decision. To build around belief in your system rather than just find a guy that might get you to the SFs but no further. I always assumed the Crocs didn't retain Homicide for that reason. Of course, hard and smart or silly or risky don't really correlate and even a semis exit would've been great for Adelaide! At the time of the signing, the team were still a chance to turn it around.

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Years ago

We were going pretty good with Massingale!

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Years ago

5-5 with Massingale

3-15 since

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Years ago

What was the record with and without Creek?

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Years ago

Yea, losing Creek was also key, what was his points level? could have we kept CJ and signed say Dorsey for Creek??

If not another reason why they should have signed Dorsey who can bring Creeks size, length, athleticism and versatility instead of SC when CJ was replaced.

Then move Gibbo back to PG, start Dorsey at SG and basically keep the front court the same, with Dorsey stealing a few minutes from Weigh at sf, would have been much much better, and was available, thats what i find so annoying.

Williams also would have been great, well way better than SC and could have put us in the semis, but would have went Dorsey for his size, length, athleticism, which we needed once we lost Creek and would have been handy to have with Creek.

Why we went for a rookie import when proven guys wanted the spot is beyond me, and given they were rumoured to be happy to come for the same money, it wasnt even cap space or funds.

Sure Isaac is correct these imports may not get you past the semis, but that is a good result for the 36ers right now.

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Years ago

5-7 with Creek

3-13 since

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Creek was underplayed when used. Even still, win % with was 42% vs 19% without.

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Years ago

Guys, we've effectively come last every year with Creek.

He was a bench scrub averaging 5ppg in his third season at NBL level.

Clarke never rated Creek's smarts and that is why he kept him anchored to the bench and even gave guys like Bartlett his minutes.

He even preferred to give Weigh 35 minutes a game to Creek's 10 minutes a game even when Weigh was struggling.

Can't blame our demise on Creek's injury.

He would have been on the bench waving his towel either way.

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Years ago

Creek is more then happy with Clarke and the anti-dynasty they have created. He just doesnt see the bigger picture. Creek will remain an unrealized potential for the rest of his career... all of the physical tools and none of the smarts. spends too much time on Internet forums downtalking frustrated fans that he should be overwhelmed by for the fact that they even care anymore.

As for Christopherson, He has played his last professional Basketball... I dont hate the guy, I hate the decision to bring him in. CJ was atleast showing good signs.. even won us a game on his own hand, and was liked by the crowd. Christopherson never showed himself to be this lights out shooter they said, and he also made a mockery of the measurement 6 foot 3.... Maybe 5'11?

A boy amongst men. I feel sorry for the guy, but its time to look into another career...

This team needs a new coach and management first and foremost. Acting like putting Dean as the GM is a step in the right direction is a joke.. A step in there own shit is more like it

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Years ago

That is true, Creek doesn't mean anything but I think Isaac was thinking I was making a point that our season nosedived after we axed CJ so threw in someone who (a) went out at roughly the same time and (b) was equally irrelevant to our W/L record.

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Years ago

We were troubled with him, worse without. Ended up forced to play SC at SF which was pretty horrible.

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Years ago

They could've cut SC and signed a small forward, local or import but didnt, I suspect given the wording of the CJ release at the time they really wanted Marty to wear that.

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Years ago

the anti-dynasty they have created

Haha I liked that one, the "anti-dynasty". It sums up Clarke's rein pretty well!

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Years ago

With stats like that, he should have paid for a ticket and sat in the spectators' stand.

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Hanging Round  
Years ago

At least if he was in the crowd he might have 'caught' a free Iced Coffee or got the opportunity for a long shot at 1/2 time without defensive pressure!
Bring on Pat Thomas

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