Years ago

Will Stephen Weigh stay a 36er next year?

Think Stephen will stay in Adelaide for another season ? On Saturday night we seen what he can do when he plays his own game and not in martys system

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Years ago

Marty's system or just garbage time?

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Years ago

Garbage time lol whatever he does is, make good up and coming players into gray men.
Will be interesting to see the likes of Weigh, Gibson, Creek DJ under a new program
All of them can be stars if they have the right program to get the best out of them.
Look at what's happened to Madgen & Goulding this year.

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Years ago

I hear Wollongong are chasing Weigh HARD!!!!!

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Years ago

I'm with '804. Also heard the Gong is where he's off to, but from a unreliable source. Plus he's heading home for QBL, and moving out of his house.

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Years ago

Let's do a swap then, Weigh for Oscar!

I'd like to keep Gibbo and move DJ for Wortho!

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Years ago

When you think about it he was part of the Perth championship team, so the guy has had been to the top and won, now coming to Adelaide and been wooden spooners and having his home crowd boo them could not blame the dude for going.

If he did go I would like to see him go to a team like the kings Shane would develop his shot and get him an open look

Do something out of the box and move him to the 2 from the 3 get some on balls think if you could run that with Petrie in the 3

Would stretch the floor and stop the two bigs from been doubled

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Years ago

Would'nt blame him if he read half the shit posted about him in Toxic Town.

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Years ago

I hope he stays, but wouldnt be shocked either way, could definatly understand if he wants to go to the Gong and play for Geordie, best coach in the NBL for me, and his game would flourish, plus with Saville retiring likely to be plenty of minutes for him.

All the best what ever you chose Stevie, personally i hope to see you back as a 36er!

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

The Gong is a good move for him as he will fit the type of player they need after losing Sav...not saying he can tie Sav's boots however i think Conraad and Wiegh can fill the void.

From the 36er's point of view we got to give Creek more time at the 3 spot otherwise we risk losing him if he is only playing spot mins behind weigh for the next 2/3 seasons (Assuming Weigh will want a 2/3 year deal no matter were he ends up)

I'd rather us throw our good money at 2 good imports PG & COMBO 2/3 type guy so Creek & Caddee can keep developing and giving us 15-20 prodcutive mins a game which by the end of 13/14 will hopefully enable us to get back in play offs and have a nice balance between youth & expereince.

That said it all relies on the right imports!

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The entire club needs a review and I think they know it. It'll start from the top down and until the coaching lineup is locked in for next season I don't think you can say one way or the other.

I would be happy if he stayed. Big, athletic, can be aggro when needed and can sink 3's when needed.

Would like to see the boy from Isa hang around.

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Years ago

I'd hoped Wollongong would go for a more dynamic defensive replacement for Sav (given that was what he provided) and assumed it might need to be an import, but anyone who can hit the three is useful at the Hawks.

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Years ago

I wouldn't bank too much on Mitch Creek with more minutes he's jut another 6"6 athletic guy with all the raw talent in the world but a shit house work ethic.

The reason he doesn't get minutes is because he doesn't spend enough time developing his game, especially his jump shot.

If we look at Goulding, Abercrombie, and Ben Madgen, they all stepped up this year. Mitch Creek before his injury still looked like the same player that he has been for years.

Get a jump shot, get some game time.

Know this sounds harsh for a young injured bloke, but someone needs to tell him this because it seems the coaching staff isn't.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Creek is alot younger than the above menitoned players and i think with time he'll be mentioned alongside those guys....hence my thoughts with more time and select good imports in the guard spots to protect/play him as required.

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Years ago

I imagine the Anonymous above is just a troll since he is trying to suggest Creek has a shit work ethic.

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Years ago

Goulding 24 yo
Abercrombie 25 yo inc international opportunities
Madgen 28 yo inc college

Creek 20 yo

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Years ago

Players with long term injuries nearly always come back with an improved J.

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Years ago

Creek shit work ethic?... Didn't know people could put those words in same sentence. Bloke works harder than most, and especially on his shot.

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Years ago

Get Panther on the recruiting team - 2 good moves getting DJ out for Wortho and Oscar for Weigh. Both upgrades and improvements IMO.

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Years ago

DJ has still got 2 years left on the 3 year deal he signed last offseason.

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Years ago

C Schenscher/Pero
F Johnson/Petrie
F Creek/Cheapie
G Import/Cheapie
G Import/Cadee

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Years ago

Forman likes Wollongong and is captain there. Not sure he'd rush to leave.

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Years ago

Creeks jumper was starting to improve before he got hurt. he will never be a pure/automatic shooter but can definately become reliable.

Ive heard he works harder than anyone...

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Years ago

Third Party deal from Triplezero to lure The Big O back to Adelaide is the word on the street, in the ballpark of Judd's deal with VISY plus use of the Ferrari!

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Years ago

What is it with the Pero thing? Have a look at what he does - or doesn't do - at ABA level. Might be training fodder but that's the limit.

Definitely NOT back-up centre; particularly behind an increasingly brittle Schenscher,IMO.

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Years ago

As a player you wouldn't give a shit about what people say. If you are wooden spooners for the second year in a row, you expect to be booed! If you put up a shit performance why get offended if someone says you played crap? If you do then get out of the game!!!

Comments like "Would'nt blame him if he read half the shit posted about him in Toxic Town."

and.."and having his home crowd boo them could not blame the dude for going."

Trust me, if he was on the same side at Perth and they finished bottom, played pathetic defence and showed no heart, they not only would be booed off the court, they would be lucky not to have their houses burnt to the ground!

Unfortunately these days with players being accesible they are going to constantly receive this treatment.

LeBron James won a Championship this year and gets booed all over the place plus constantly receives death threats. If one whacko in Miami threatens him do you think he's going to play somewhere else because of them?
If one reporter has it in for a certain player, would you move town? No.

So stop pretending players are precious little flowers, they get paid very well to do a job they love, if they have a problem with it then go get a day job!

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Years ago

@Panther You really believe that?
I know if the option came up i would jump and your attitude and some like it would be part of the reason why.
Do other clubs Boo there team?

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Years ago

i think he is just "weigh"ing up his choices

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Years ago

One of the biggest markets on the Basketball stage the New York Knicks are renowned for booing their own players!
I personally have never booed the Sixers, but it doesn't suprise me with the performance's they have put up in the past couple of years!
I just stopped going until they find a coach who can coach on game night. It was extremely frustrating watching such a talented team underperform day in and day out and when you pay $700+ for a season ticket, I expect to see a team like that perform.
When you teach a team to be robots yo take the passion out of their game.
I remember watching the first game and guys like Gibbo and Petrie playing with so much passion only for that to be completely gone about half way through the season.
If I was on the team I would be saying, hurry up and appoint a new coach and I will make my decision then.
They have one of the best teams in that league and should be playing finals right now.
That's not a situation that comes along every year (except for Gibbo normally!)

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Years ago

BOOO Panther, who cares about your decision!! F%#K Off!!!

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Years ago

I totally agree with Panther.

I don't think Gibson in the previous off season would have checked the hoops forum to see whether or not he was liked here before making a decision.

I also doubt that many players check the forum and if they do they would do it for entertainment value and would not care about the criticism they get from anonymous internet posters.

Every team's fans give their team negative criticism. Obviously Perth will get less then Adelaide due to how successful they have been but they still get criticism.

At the end of the day the point is a player is not going to be discouraged coming to a team just because a minority (probably less then 1%) of fans on an internet forum talk negatively about the players and the team.

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Years ago

Just IMO, but the biggest problem with Creek's jumpshot is his feet are too close together, meaning he tends to over-balance left or right, and as a result he misses left and right. Great shooters will tend to be much better balanced, and typically only miss long. I don't think Creek's problem is a lack of effort, but his technique needs correction.

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Years ago

sob...sob...That's it "Hoops", i'm leaving to go to!

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Years ago that you Radford you bitter individual

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Ballin Fan  
Years ago

Guess we are going to know in the next 2 weeks if Creek is playing next season,
i think his contract option is that has 2 weeks to decide.
Ditto Gibbo I believe.

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Years ago


I think he made the ABA team of the season as Centre last year in ABA season. Also look at his stats for limited minutes on game night. I was surprised he didn't get a few more minutes here and there.

Can't do much if you don't get on - but when he did he was ok. Don't tell me you are a Warbout fan - he is too slow for his height. I think I can still guard him and I am 40+

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Years ago

Word is his already signed with a Qbl team - wouldn't be surprised Ipswich was the team. Nothing been announced yet, kings and the hawks are after him.

Kings are to be said to offer him a lot plus the big minutes that goes with it

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Years ago

He's signed with Rockhampton.

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Years ago

Hadn't thought of the Kings, but he could likely do as much as Lazare and certainly more than Dann. Good time to be a half-decent SF/PF - Boucher and Sav retired. Few on the decline and others looking like their time is up including imports that weren't quite home runs.

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Years ago

"He's signed with Rockhampton"
Annon do u have a source? as Rockhampton have already signed 2 SF-Brad Williamson & Justin Watts(US Import)
& nothing has been released on the Rockets website.

Unless Rockhampton are going to play him at the 4 spot

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Years ago

Unless Rockhampton are going to play him at the 4 Marty.

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Years ago

He'll flourish in the right system. All things considered, if Sixers don't resign him and Gibson walks it leaves some cap space to go after a quality import and then play Creek at the 3. Good resolution.

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Years ago

Hoops = definitely bitter Radford.

Tell me hoops, if Bevo's rumored to be unhappy in Perth because management is constantly on him then how would they and the fans be if Perth had Adelaide's record under your buddy Marty? Agree with panther, if Perth were bottom being booed by your own fans would be the least they would do.

If you can accept the cheering when you play well, then you must accept dissatisfaction when you play badly OFTEN. Btw I think all know that the players are not the ones being booed, definitely towards Marty and you Radford. Most agree Marty is a good teacher or developer of talent but you mr Radford are out of your depth. No eye for talent (christopherson), poor reader of the game. I hear you criticize your players constantly for not being "elite". When were you EVER elite? Played footy in tassie? Wow! THAT'S elite. How many games of basketball have you played at the top level to say that they players are not "elite"? Can't wait to see the back of you and your hoops forum alias' of 'hoops' and 'Marcus Camby'.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I got the impression of him being a man of about 30 from Perth , but seems he's young and improving from Queensland . Was the main man in the Clarke system , so many minutes . A US scoring swingman a better option.

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Years ago

On that topic. Where is Marcus Camby ? Has been weeks
since his/hers/it's last post.

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Years ago

Well said @panther and Anon

I'm sick of hearing about how tough we the fans are on players, coaches etc. Grow some grapefruits and suck it up. Lebron, Kobe, Buddy, Ablett and a huge list of top tier sporting professionals around the world put up with much more than a little bit of booing or criticism here and there on a forum.

When did our athletes become so soft and emotional? Around the same time we started losing tough games and giving up when confronted.

See the connection?

I'm a big fan of Mitch Creek but seriously harden the f*ck up bro! The problem isn't his work ethic or his jump shot. It's his lack of testicular fortitude when challenged both on and off the court. As has been said many times, in any organisation you had a junior employee going toe to toe with your customers/supporters on social media you would take action straight away and discipline your employee for soiling your brand, especially when your supporter base has halved and your going broke.

The scariest thing about the Clarke/Radford era is that these these professional athletes actually believe the garbage that is fed to them.

We as sixers supporters don't boo or insult because we like to. It's because anyone from 8 to 80 that loves sport could see that the direction the coaches were heading over the past year with the 36ers was not working yet no action was taken to try to improve the situation. Not management, not the coaches and unfortunately not the players. Everyone just sat back and actually believed that they were heading in the right direction. Unfortunately the right direction isn't the bottom of the ladder again.

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Years ago

Great post CP3.

Especially the point about Mitch Creek. Just really embarrassing and highlights the complete lack of professionalism that has become the 36ers.

Disappointing thing is that his heart is probably in the right place...just a lack of smarts, experience and good advice.

Clarke, Radford and Silver Fox should have got him to pull his head in, not only for the 36ers sake but also for Creek's own sake. Not a great look for his résumé as a pro athlete arguing with fans on Facebook.

Not to mention the obvious that he may be arguing with someone he thinks is some red neck fan who might actually be a major sponsor or someone connected to a major sponsor.

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Years ago

PLayers from all around the league talk about the negativity caused by fans and Boti. It doesnt happen anywhere else to the same degree.

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Years ago

Clubs NEVER put minutes in contracts along with dollars. Agents can come back and argue if a player gets a raw deal against what was promised, but....never in writing.
Now the Captaincy is another matter, altho usually done with player votes.

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Years ago

Bit else going on in Adelaide at the moment, but noticed just then on Instagram (obsessed btw) that Weigh is driving home to Rocky today. All over, or just having time off?

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Years ago

The guy is very overated, would not worry me if he walked.

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Years ago

Totally agree about Creek RRose & CP3! Dont worry about it even being a sponsor, it could be some clown who king-hits him in a pub or club if he sees him out & about.

Just been disillusioned by the whole clubs attitude with accepting acceptable criticism from fans. You have been hopeless for over 4 years, it comes with the territory in professional sports. When commentators etc say that Sixers fans are the most knowledgable (Even back to the Apollo days!) they aren't talking about the rose-coloured glasses brigade! It's the one's who know they are watching rubbish ball and are jack of it!

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Years ago

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