Years ago

Marty & Radford Contracts not Renewed

Just announced on Facebook that Marty & Rat have not had their contracts renewed.

Marty & Rat not renewed

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The Big Fella  
Years ago

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Years ago

Pretty terse.

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Years ago

Isaac, all that needs to be said has already been said?

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Years ago

They didn't deserve anything more embellished than that.

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Years ago

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Years ago

They should have done it ages ago. Now there is another vacant head coaching spot. Missed the boat IMO.

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Years ago

I knew today was going to be a good day. Completely out of there league. Radford especially, showed that with a team with lesser players and more startegy required, he was woeful.

I hope Clarke finds himself another bball job.

SOS its now or never to get this club back into the fray within SA sports and gain respect within the NBL again.

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Years ago

Is that a URL or is it spam?


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The Situation  
Years ago

Sack Marty!!!

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Years ago

Does this mean we have seen the end of Marcy Camby?

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Years ago

Fantastic News! Thank You

Let's get this club & arena cheering for the better once again.

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Years ago

Carcus Mamby? ;)

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Years ago

Ive been coming on this site for such a long time waiting hoping for this title thread. Way over due, and very sad it had to come to this, and the 36ers didnt get the success everyone at the beginning hoped for. Something tells me as much as the players have been saying all the right positive things about their support for Clarke, there would be some relieved players right now.

No one likes or respects playing for a coach who is at the helm of a 8 win team, c'mon be honest.

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Years ago

Isaac, all that needs to be said has already been said?
I believe that the club and players were happy with the off-court work/preparation, training and work ethic at that times. I think they deserved a paragraph about that. No reason not to be overly nice at this point.

If they're good guys but you want a different direction, then saying kind things will help them with future opportunities. If they're flat-out hopeless, then the same kind things might trick another team into getting stuck with them and downgrade an opposition team.

Instead, for three years of (admittedly mostly winless) efforts, they got this:
"Marty and Mark have had a significant impact on the development of some of our players and their dedication and time is greatly appreciated. The Club wishes them both well for their future careers."
Regardless, it's done late but at least done. I guess Maher and assistant is the probable road forward unless there's a Bevo miracle?

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Years ago

Congratulations Adelaide. Things can only get better from here.

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Years ago

Rumor is Clark will take on the old SASI role.

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Happy Days  
Years ago

I agree with Issac, need to take the emotion out of it when writing a press release.

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Years ago

Getting rid of Gliddon would be an even better move if Clarke took over his job,

Brett maher will not coach the sixers

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Years ago

Maher for Prime Minister!

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Years ago

just looking for my surprised face

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

I'm happy for you today, Adelaide.
This is good news not just for the 36ers, but also for the NBL.

Best of luck to Marty. Hope has has success elsewhere, but clearly he was not the right fit for Adelaide.

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Years ago

3 years ago everyone thought getting rid of Scotty was going to be good.

Only the players know what went on behind closed doors, but all were supportive of Marty and his skills. For goodness sake, he must have something to be a Boomers AC!

We all need to understand that good teachers sometimes don't make good coaches and sometimes good players can't be taught!

Yes, made some woeful selections but some were given a chance to go higher, , Diamond Simpson under Marty regimen, so all is not bad.

I think the biggest fault of basketball in this state is how many of our players aren't playing here and why?

Madgen, Newley for men, Foley, Thopmson, Newley, etc for women.

Crowds will come back to see local talent play like Daly and co with some great supporting imports.

I hope Marty stays in SA

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Years ago

Three years of me asking for this and being told, its to soon, its to soon! Hah...FINALLY!

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Years ago

Is now a dream job for any coach. The only way is up and with the talent already locked in you'd be hard pressed to have a worse record in your first year!

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Years ago

Liam Flynn high on their list.

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Years ago

I think Marty Clarke would be the great choice to head our junior state program in SA.

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Years ago

Clarke could be the next Wildcats coach.

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Years ago

who will be the next coach to take on the poison chalice ?

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Schomas Thmidt  
Years ago

presumably clarke & radford will now be activating their team of barristers/lawyers in the first step of bringing the club down and taking all their assets through the legal system and also possibly shutting down their twitter account on a permanent basis.
this is why the arena was quickly bought by the scouts because the club would of become domeless once they legally and happily stripped all its assets.
not renewing clarkes contract may even be criminal on some levels. there is an 80% chance they will be back coaching the team next season

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

It would be a brave person to say that this comes as a shock.

Marty's strength is in player development. I would imagine he would be the coach you want to watch your players shoot and he would be the one who picks up that their elbow is out of position by 5%, or they snap their wrist 0.2 secs too late.

I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

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Years ago

Liam Flynn back to 36ers. Radford being pushed forward to the Crocs. OMG the mediocrity !! :(

As a Kings fan I loved 36ers keeping Clarke & Radford. haha but seriously the 36ers need a professional proven winning coach OF MEN.
Coaches that build programs: Goorjian, Stacker, Bevo, Lemanis, Molloy, Mcleod.
Coaches that just coach teams well: Joyce, Gleeson, Wright, Fisher.

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Years ago

Need an established coach, last two rookie coaches have not ended well.

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Years ago

2 good news announcements in 2 days - I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

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Years ago

Madgen, Newley for men
Newley's ability puts him outside the NBL. Same with Ingles. Madgen stepped up at a time we had coverage at his position; now he's appreciated in Sydney and seems keen to repay that support. 36ers had their chance to get Forman after NZ cut him but he appears happy in Wollongong and the 36ers have contracts with three bigs already. Schenscher and Daly are already with the 36ers. Holmes and Hill seemed to both be in that category of 'need better in those positions', whether people agree or disagree. Any other SA players elsewhere in the NBL?

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Years ago

Any other SA players elsewhere in the NBL?

Adam Ballinger ;)

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Years ago

I'll say it again.......Shawn Dennis

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Years ago

With Mahersy as his assistant

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Years ago

Agree Shawn Dennis should be the next coach o get a crack at the bigtime

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Years ago

Oh Marcus Camby, where are you?
Two good things happened today, payday and the news of the dismissal. And about time.

Onwards and upwards I say

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Years ago

If Bevo stays then Dennis will be gone.

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KracKa BballiN'  
Years ago

Ten news said they'll have an interview with marty in sports report...should be interesting...

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Years ago

Boti's article about it all - doesn't find too many positives which is probably about on par with the experience of many fans.

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Years ago

Channel 7 says 36ers will look for an experienced coach instead of Maher, Smyth/Joey Wright interested to coach.

Channel 9 painted Maher as our probably next coach to save the 36ers saying he was interested.

Conflicting reports shows that nobody has a clue of what is happening, probably both are correct to a certain extent. Channel 10 is hopefully the most accurate saying we've inquired about Bevan.

1. Bevan (unlikely)
2. Smyth/Maher combo (Good succession plan - could work?)
3. Wright (expensive?)

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Years ago


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Years ago

oops - Rob Beveridge

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Years ago

Surely Wright will lower his expected Salary. Lets say he was getting $150k previously, if they offered $100k he should take it as I don't think he would be getting that with whatever he is doing now.

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Years ago

Thought he was a good choice at the time. Bringing young players in and being a teacher.

Seems like a college coach but not a coach of men.

I liked him as a player but have to agree he has been found out in pro sports.

For me I would like to see an experienced coach with a couple of fresh assistant coaches.

Ie Gorg, wright, stacker, smyth


Ie maher, orlick, arsego, Dennis (granted orlick and arsego not fresh)

Maybe run a 1 season deal for the top line and then choose the next from the bottom.

Having said all of that $ is the biggest issue and probably why we will end up with another unproven untried head coach that will take peanuts for a crack at a top job.

Shawn Dennis the favourite in the betting?

Sort of like Port when they were successful a lot of their personal now head coaches, also collingwood and Geelong.

Pick the assistant from a successful program and hope it rubs off.

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Years ago

Nothing to say re: Marty and Rat that hasn't been said. Should have gone year one / just about flat-lined the entire club.

Moving on: Beveridge or Wright please.

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Years ago

Good to see it finally made official. Disappointed to hear the GM say on radio yesterday that they are in no hurry to sign a coach. IMO they should have been exploring options behind the scenes for a couple of months now and should already have a very good idea of who they want. It's important the new coach is signed soon so they aren't hamstrung in either retaining key players or recruiting new ones.

IMO it has to be a coach with a successful NBL record. Glad to hear Smyth appears to be in the mix. I think he would be successful again on court, he has a high profile on the SA sports scene and we know he can do the public relations side, which Marty obviously struggled with.

If Maher is serious about coaching, I could see him working under Smyth too. Those two have enjoyed a lot of success together in the past, so you'd think they could make a good team.

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Years ago

Isaac, I don't agree with your comment about saying nice things to help them with their future opportunities. All the damage to future opportunities has already been done by Clarke and Radford themselves. Anything more that the club would have said would have made them look like hypocrites.

Happy Days

I agree with Issac, need to take the emotion out of it when writing a press release.
. I think the club did take the emotion out of writing a press conference by not saying very much. I read Isaac's comments as adding to the emotion by saying more.

For all those who say Clarke was a great developer of juniors, he should have stayed at the AIS in Canberra, not brought the AIS to Adelaide. That's not what a professional NBL club is about.

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Years ago

Its a business decision. No emotion involved. They have to do whats right for the club. I am sure they didnt mind the guys, they gave them well and truly more chance then there performance warranted and they were given a modest send off... They should be glad they weren't chucked out on the street by a couple of smirking bounces who wipe there hands of them.

Worst thing they could do now is bring in anyone inexperienced. Bring in a good head coach and maher as assistant. deal done!

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Years ago

Hmm I must admit, the thought of a Smyth-Maher coaching team gives me a bit of a tingle inside.....

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Thank You . Thank You finally .
I can renew season ticket and actually go again as refused to go to last 8 home games.
These two not only were crap coaches with extremely bad attitudes with no care for the supporters that help pay them who brought our club to almost down and a lot of correct decisions need to be made to head back in right direction.
NO-- No to Smyth .
Love Brett but dont see that can go with another novice coach after last 5 years .

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Years ago

Maher will not work with Smyth.
Shawn Dennis happy to have Maher as his assistant.

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Years ago

Can Marty head up our NCTIP program and bring it into the 21st century like say .... Tasmania

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Years ago

So happy the 2 clowns are finally gone but don't want Maher. Too much the nice guy who wants everyone to love him. Need someone with a bit of mongrel and even swagger to them. Hated Joey Wright coaching against us but he's the type we need, same with Goorj. If we go for a former Sixer would prefer a Sapwell or even Brooks over Mahersy

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Years ago

Sapwell or Brooks? That's a joke, right?

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

A Dennis/Maher combo would sound pretty good to me if I were a 6ers fan.

From my Perth perspective I can't see both Bevo and Dennis being here next season - Dennis is too good a coach to stay an assistant.
If Bevo isn't here then I'd hope we would promote Dennis to head coach. If Bevo stays then Dennis needs to go elsewhere. Not that I want to lose him at all, but it seems greedy. The league needs him to be helping another team.

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Years ago

Sack em all, cos thats what will happen with this poison chalice. Wake up Adelaide, part of the issue is the fans who yurn on the team and coach.

Like it or not, you need money and a good coach. The choice is not so simple as all teams wish for this.

Grow up, Adelaide.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

While ABC news ran the story first item on sport
Voldemort and Maher can work together and Joey wright also a contender , they mentioned.
Clarke : ' Not bitter ,in the end we didn't get enough wins .
Right now , I'm on the internet looking for a job here or overseas.'

( The general disappointment of Voldemorts hostility to hoops sa , was inappropriate . He oughtta be spanked for putting on a show like that . )

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Years ago

Maher is a nice guy undoubtedly. Let's appoint him because he's a nice guy. Good idea. The Maher legend will be no more.

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Years ago

Marty is welcome back in Tas as a straight swap for JS.

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