Double Clutch
Years ago

Funny What's Hot/What's Not

This week is for the haters:


  • North Adelaide upsetting Woodville for a come from behind win 100 to 99. The game was 80 to 70 Woodville winning at the last break, before a Burdon 3 with 1:45 left had the game at 95 to 98. Hawkes knocked down some FTs for 97 to 98 before Elder went 1 of 2 for 97 to 99. An old man Cheapshot 3 got the score at 99 to 100 with 19 seconds to go. Controversy occurred as the ball found its way to Paul Rees who apparently had the ball stripped from from him by Nick Hambour to allow Burdon to dribble out the win. After the game Paul Rees was heard to say to the refs "Who was to say I wouldn't make the free throws?" Some fire in that big body. Good to see.
  • Meanwhile the upsets continue with the Tigers over the Panthers and Wests over the Elitist Eagles.
  • Speaking of upsets, at least 6 women teams managed to score over 29 points this weekend. High scoring round!
  • Deanne Ranford 22 points on 7/17 shooting.
  • Losselips statline: 19 points, 7 rebounds, 10 assists but on 7/21 shooting? Most makes came in the fourth, was a big reason why they were in such a whole in the first place. Loveday needs to do something about North's slow starts.
  • The two Woodville girls starting the defence chant.
  • Justin "what loyalty?" Wilkey 25 points at 8/13 FG with 6 assits and 6 rebounds. Luckily Centrals probably won't make the finals this year so Justin won't choke coming into the fourth quarter of a knock-out final.
  • Grahem Kennedy. R.I.P. Put your mind at rest EC, I poured a little Johnny Black for my man GK on the weekend.
  • That punk bitch Mike Cheapshot Mckay. 17 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists.
  • Andrew Webber 9 assists. Kid is coming up.
  • Brad Gerlach. 18 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists in a Southern win.
  • Josh Wood 23 points on 9/16 shooting.
  • Michael Zorich 17 points on 6/9 shooting with 2/2 from the arc including an awesome 3 points play where Zorich finished a step-back on a fast break from ten feet off an Woodville bump in the second to spark a North Adelaide run.
  • Steve Carfino radio ads.
  • Blake Truslove 30 points and 14 rebounds on 12/20 shooting in West win over Eagles. Ben Evens also had 20 on 8/20 and Daniel Phillips continued his good season with 18 points on 7/16 shooting.
  • Matthew Sutton with 18 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists on 7/14 shooting.
  • North Adelaide pounding Mapunda all night long. Cheapshot lived up to his name and left him lying on the ground in the first, and in the third both Hawkes and Zorich slammed Mapunda on a fast-break. Looselips was also heard to trash talk Mapunda. A bit of feeling between old team-mates? Luke played well in any case, with 15 points on 6/10 shooting and a nice block to stop a three point play which wasn't credited.
  • Melissa Marsh hitting 27 points on 12/24 shooting with 8 rebounds 6 assits. Enough stats to fill up an entire women's box score.
  • The bald guy going off at the North players on the side-line so loud I thought his head was about to explode! "No cutters. NO cutters! NNOOO CCCUUTTEEERRSSS!!!!!!!"
  • Nick Hambour 20 points 7 rebounds on 9/18 shooting.
  • Dallas Quiqley with 11 points at 3/5 in 20 mins. Man deserves more time on the wood.
  • Cameron Wilson 14 points and 11 assists.

  • Norwood's offence. 77 points with Keith Krause with 14 points on 5/13 as the only player in double figures. I questioned Rupert's ability to get his players to score in a brothel let alone a basketball court at the moment.
  • Jason Baylis going 1/5 from the free throw line. Most likely taking tips from Adam Blight who went 4/10.
  • Some punks who miss lay-ups this weekend: Nick Hambour who got blocked by the rim on a 4 foot shot, Michael Zorich, Paul Rees after two pump-fakes missed a two footer power-up and Simon "no game" Kent who also missed two FTs which struggled to make ten feet.
  • I'm not one to criticise calls (or give "Punda" props) but Luke Mapunda made awesome position and grabbed a clean rebound only to be called for a foul after his arm was held by a North player. Pretty soft call, and if I heard right KB was "f-ing angry".
  • Channel Nine's worm. You telling me she didn't notice that her bag was a little heavier and a whole lot more awkward? I'm all for the legalising of dope but she knew what she was doing and is nothing but a pusher. Hopefully I won't have to see her ugly arse face on television no more.
  • The haters
  • Adrian "I swear on my mothers grave ticket sales were higher last year." Bongobrain from Jaba. Not much positive I can say about the front office on here when there isn't positive news being sent out. Oh yeah no graded seating sucks. You got a problem with me saying that? Well sue me! I dare you!
  • Emo "music".

Jay Leno look-a-like of the week:
  • Ok I admit you have to be on the right angle but for my money David Curtis who coaches Forestville 14Boys 3 is pound for pound the best Leno look-a-like in SA ball. Congrats Dave!

Pimp of the week:
  • Gray Birmingham. 22 points and 3 assists on 8/16 shooting including an amazing play on a fast-break. Running out of control against three North defenders Birmingham spun 180 degree running parallel to the basket and threw the ball over his right shoulder for an amazing team lifting basket. Gary is the pimp of the week as this player has some moves!

Flop of the week:
  • Matt Elder. Sure the bloke had 18 points with 17 rebounds (6 offensive) 2 block shots on 8/14 shooting but he choked on that last free throw which could have at least made the game go into overtime. Seeming he's had a nice little article written on him by the soft man of ABL journalism Boti Nagy its time he was put under the harsh DC spotlight. Matt Elder in the hall of fame as the ABL flop of the week.

Hyjak lyric of the week
  • "Mic snatching off Guy Sebastion, using his head as a toilet brush."

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Peter Maravich  
Years ago

what's not

I hate to do this being a ref myself, but the umpire who did two games at the Eastern v Sturt fixture.

Constant chatter with sturt, several warnings, then layed two T's on Eastern. Would call a foul if any one breathed too heavily on the wafer thin Ninja, in the first 3 quarters.

Not only that, but before he would call a foul to then bench, would glance at the Sturt coaching brigade. C'mon mate, you dont need their permission to call a foul...

Was very quick to disappear at the end of the game... hope the evaluator wasn't too harsh on him.

What's hot


M.Bauer, played quality minutes.
D.Ng's second half 3 point shooting

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Years ago

Peter Maravich, are you the guy sitting behind me and shouting abuse at the umpires all night?

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Peter Maravich  
Years ago

haha, no. I know better than to abuse umpires, as i said, i am an umpire.

It just frustrates me that the general standard of umpiring at ABL is sliding.

This guy was clearly intimidated by Sturt, and his umpiring was affected because of it. I have to give him credit for doing two games back to back, but that's the only positive i can find.

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Years ago

Add to this the umpiring at the Woodville vs North game.

Both sides struggled to understand how the game was going to be called, with numerous terrible decisions going against both teams.

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Years ago

EC, no, that guy was Richard Hill. ;)

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Good edition. Though I think Flop of the Week should go to Kent, for getting blocked... Twice! When you get blocked by a 6'4 Puddifoot twice in a game, you shouldn't be playing!

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Years ago

how can u call missing a free throw a flop ? That is like his first miss in the competition, that aint no flop. I'd be bloody happy with 18 and 17 for a game !!

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Blue Collar  
Years ago

Hot: Tigers defeating the Panters is a good sign for the health of bball in the South.

Not: Team rebounds. Assists not being creditted.

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Years ago


Watching the Pistons v Heat series by boxscores on my computer instead of on ESPN.

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Years ago

I am sick of un-informed comment about statistics

Re the post by Blue Collar

Team rebounds result after a shot when no rebound occurs ie when the balls goes out of court.
The program we use automatically credits the team who has the next play with a rebound.

The definition of an assist has been posted on this forum in the past.
The short version is an assist is ONLY given if the pass results in a DIRECT move to the basket which in turn results in a score.

Most of the Clubs have NBL/WNBL Statistics Panel members as their head statisticians. Further, to ensure that all calls are consistent across the competition. each club is visited twice during the season by the C-ABL Head statisticians

If you have a problem, sit with your Club's stats people during a gameand learn what it is all about.

You will find that the caller has to make on average 600 calls during the game  and they are only the ones that are recorded. There are many more judgement call, steals and assists, where a decision has to be made that results in a no-call.

Stats workshops are held at the start of each ABL season. How about attending one and learning what they are about before shooting your mouth off!!

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

What's Hot
The NBA final series.

The Academy, when is the new breed going to be decided?

Tigers shooting! 48% from outside, 50% FG.

Chicken Dinner's

Deep ABL rotations.

RJ's team reports, can't wait for the Classic report!

Aussies O/S. Fingers crossed Bucks pick up Bogut, could be the spark Australian Basketball needs!


What's Not
Eagles - are the too Newley Dependant?

Eastern - in a slump

Parking Inspectors - no mercy

Shallow ABL rotations, dont leave quality players sitting for sake of older players ego's.

People who abuse umpires.

Umpires who get intimdated by coaches, and benches.

Multiplex - ouch.


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Blue Collar  
Years ago

I would glady attend any sessions re: statistics. Mate, you can post until you are BLUE in the face on this issue and you will never convince me that the INTERPRETATION of the assist rule in our local competition is anything other then a complete waste of time. As far as i can see, to get credited with an assist, you have to basically hand the guy the ball as he lays it up. Anything else it seems is not considered a DIRECT move to the basket.

Now, having said that, I can understand that assists of all the stats are something that is up for interpretation. It was a simple passing - not hot - comment.

Try getting up out the other side of the bed tomorrow sunshine...


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Years ago

Dr. Dunk,
Eagles - Not Hot?
They lost 1 game after a huge winning streak. Big Deal.
And that loss was to a pumped up West and Truslove went for 30 and had plenty of help.
They beat North easily last week without Newley and North are going well at the moment. The big test will be vs Sturt and Woodville

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Blue Collar  
Years ago

Just thought i'd add this OGB...

Tigers vs Panthers Mens fixture:
88 missed shots by both teams plus 32 missed free throws - if we assume half missed on the back end then 88 + 16 = 104.

Unfortunately only 81 rebounds were credited to players - I am confused as to where the other 23 rebounds went and don't tell me out of court because there is no way it is humanly possible that 22% of the rebounds go out of bounds.

Food for thought anyway...

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

foxtrot, it was more a question than statement, hence the question mark at the end... but you've answered it anyway.

Blue Collar - protocol outlines a 'rebound is the controlled recovery of live ball by a player ater a shot has been attempted.' There is however an option to credit a rebound to a team on the software, which is not in the protocol, but may be practised by some statisticians. If the ball is tapped, the rebound should be credited to the person who first controls it, but in this case, some stats people may (incorrectly) credit a team rebound.

As for the rest of your missing 22% of rebounds, when there is a foul on a rebounding contest, the rebound will often not be recorded. And the ball does goes out of court more often then you'd think.

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Years ago

WHAT'S NOT: Lunch-cutters!!!

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Blue Collar  
Years ago

Thanks Doc.
As with most things in basketball, the stats people are slaves to interpretation. I applaud them for their efforts as volunteers.

Keep up the good work guys & gals.

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Straight Fringe  
Years ago


Cutting someones lunch?

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

ELG, I was almost going to give it to Kent again, but that would be two weeks running and three out of four for the flop. Thought I might mix it up a bit.

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Years ago

Blue Collar, I think you should think again about one of your previous comments:
"there is no way it is humanly possible that 22% of the rebounds go out of bounds."

Below are the individual rebounds and team rebounds for both teams from the last five NBA games and the percentage of team rebounds.

45 3 6%
37 15 29%
39 15 28%
38 16 30%
35 10 22%
49 3 6%
41 11 21%
46 8 15%
34 10 23%
34 8 19%

Surely you can't have a go at the NBA stat guys as well!
As Dr. Dunk said it is surprising how many times the ball goes out of bounds.

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Years ago

The Stats people for ABL do a great job - end of discussion

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Double Clutch:

Maybe if he (Kent) took all the stupid accessories off he might play better, amirite?

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

If he doesn't place the ball on the floor after every rebound. If he works on his jumpshot to get some arc. If he improves his court vision. If he improves his post defence etc and also takes off the accessories he might play better.

Seriously I don't want to bag the guy too hard because after seeing him against Norwood I can see what Loveday sees in him. Just a shame that was a once a season performance.

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Years ago

Whats Not - This thread was taken away and changed......why ??

(Mod: Care to elaborate? DC has moderator privileges which means he can edit his post (or any others, for that matter) and may have fixed a typo or removed something inappropriate. What's changed?)

(Mod: DC here, wasn't me who changed anything. Can't spot the change either.)

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Years ago

Re the criticism of the ref who did both games Sturt v Eastern: My perspective saw more credit due - If you have reffed I suggest you consider what responsibility he had with virtually no support in the first game and not much more in the second. As the only ref willing to make any calls, let alone the hard ones I think your devaluation was misdirected.

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