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Big V Thread

Lets talk BigV

Werribee doing very well in State Champ with no outstanding players.

Sedale Threat doing WORK, his stat lines have been incredible to start the season. Seems to be stepping up a bit more taking more responsibility for everything than previous seasons.

DV just had 2 tough losses in a row sending them crashing down to Earth

Are Corio as good as people think?

Bulleen sitting pretty on top undefeated with people to come in still.. Will there be enough shots to go around?

Oh yeah, and Melton are 0-4.

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Happy Days  
Years ago

Might be Demarcus's last season at Mornington if his stats line continues the way it is.Great job off the court but very ordinary on.Needs to spend a little less time in the canteen.....

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Years ago

Corio Bay are good, but they need to continue to give 100% as a team to get over the line against other good teams. Going quite well at the minute and should be very much in the mix if they can stay fit...

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Years ago

Werribee the big surprise packet after their pre season form. They were comfortably getting beaten in practice matches. It is a credit to them and their coaches for beating the top teams of Waverley and Ringwood in the last couple weeks.

Buleen will be happy to be 4-0 after not having their full squad. They haven't played a finals contender yet except Werribee first round. They play Stingrays this weekend so it will be a good test to see where they are at. Anyone know when Sturt arrives? I see Rose played his first game and put up nice numbers.

Waverley are tough led by Sedale Threatt Jnr who is putting up great numbers in recent weeks. They are contenders this year.

Ringwood don't seem to be as good as last year. The losses of Sturt and Bowlin are extremely hard to replace. New import Dougher can seriously shoot the 3 ball though.

Stingrays still haven't clicked yet. With an interrupted pre season because of injuries, they will take time. They have a new import in Anthony Kimble who played his first game on Sunday against Hume City. Jason Reardon still to return from holidays after missing the last 2 games. They have been sharing the court time as they are 10 deep this season.

Sherbrooke, Melbourne and Eltham are going to struggle.

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Years ago

Have to agree Werribee CM have been the surprise - have they only added Simon Bradbury to the Div 1 list? All the rest are local guys I believe so Paul Jones has done an amazing job with this team.

CM - I tend to think Bulleen, Waverly, Corio Bay, Werribee & Ringwood will be the top 5 teams. One will miss finals but which one I'm not sure. Eltham have improved in recent weeks but will miss along with Hume & Diamond Valley.

CW - the current Top 4 Hume, Ringwood, Bulleen & McKinnon are likely to be final Top 4. Hume will be tough to beat with the experience they have added.

D1M - Mildura & Whittlesea will dominate Terrill Conference with Black Angels & Supercats the more fancied teams to make the Top 4.
McKinnon, Chelsea & Hawthorn looking the goods so far in Watson Conference while its anyones guess for the last spot in the Top 4.

D1W - Geelong, Craigieburn & Whittlesea are going to be tough to beat while I think Mildura will do enough to scrape into the final spot available in the Top 4.

D2M - Casey have improved significantly and should be a Top 4 finish - Shepparton will be a good chance to finish the season strongly but after that it will be anyones guess. Teams who were considered favourites like Keysborough, Melton, Pakenham havent turned up as yet and others who you wouldn't expect to win many games are doing ok - so its too early to tell with this Division at the moment and will become clearer by midway through the season. It could end up going right to the last round of the season before this gets finalised.

D2W - Southern Penn, Werribee, Melbourne Uni & Casey will be the Top 4 - just a matter of which positions they will finish. The Sharks & Devils to make it through to Grand final series.

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Years ago

VP, don't rate Diamond Valley to be considered in the top 4 of SCM? I think they are a good chance.

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Years ago

DV have lost there last two games but only just against Corio - the next 3 games will be a better indicator against Ringwood, Werribee & Hume if they are going to be in contention.

They seem to have a good list but it doesn't always translate into wins.

Wait and see on the Eagles!

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Years ago

Bulleen look strong especially with Rose on board. The guy is an absolute gun, with Corey playing well and Sturt to come with a supporting cast of experienced Big V players they will be tough to beat.

Sturt looks like arriving in May and will make Bulleen I think favourites if they play to their potential. Rose has to be easily the best player to ever play big v.

This week against Corio should be a cracker!!

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

@ KDB - I agree with you if & it is a big "IF" Bullenn can gel i think they will be top 4 onyl real weakness is depth/PG position however there top 4 players are strong.

You might be smoking a little of the green when you mention Rose as the ebst players ever in the Big V...i can think of a few in recent years that are streets ahead of Rose that before we even look back to the old VBL/CVIBL days when some teams had future Boomers etc

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Years ago

I might be a little biased with Rose I must admit Tiger Watcher, but coming off jetlag and having a couple days with the team to pull off 25 4 and6 is not bad... Most of which all came in the first half.... But I am biased..... haha

They are only really 4-5 deep with a couple off the bench for extra minutes but should easily be the best starting 5 in the comp when Sturt arrives.

PG is an issue as Yusuf is more of an sg and they lack team working and passing but if they get that right over the next 10-15 weeks they will be tough to beat on any given night.

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Happy Days  
Years ago

Tigerwatcher who is the best import you've seen over the years in Big V?

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Years ago

Best import in Big V all time for mine is Bobby Cunningham.

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Years ago

Hands down Bobby C

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Years ago

Ryan Miller @ Ringwood was a freak shooter, Pepper @ Shepparton was also a phenom but for sheer longevity and what he brought to both the league and his team/community Bobby C wins by a mile.

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Years ago

You can't go past Bobby Cunningham for quality and longevity

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Phobos 92  
Years ago

Thanks for the contribution Bobby.

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Years ago

I wish there were more guys like Bobby in the big v, in fact bball in general. Absolute champion!

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Years ago

The best thing about Bobby C was that he put back into the community where ever he played Warnambool, DV, Sandringham.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Mike Rose isn't even the water boy for any of the follow from the Big V hey day when it was a legit league Pre 2008

Pepper, Croswell, Bobby C, Jeka, Corletto just to name a few.

Even if you look at the Big V since its dramactic decline in the level of play a guy like Tragardh stands out.

Mike Rose really isn't even in the conversation with those guys.

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Years ago

Tiger Watcher - you have me laughing.... Crosswell in the same breath as Rose??? You must be joking...

I have watched countless Big V games pre2008 as my brother in law played for the tigers back then and Rose is easily in the conversation.

He is more athletic, better shooter and passer and by far a better defender than most if not all of the names you suggested.

Have you even seen Mike play??

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Sting what?  
Years ago

Predictions for this week?

Diamond Valley v Ringwood:
Should be a cracking game. I predict Sam Belt will have a big game and get the Hawks over the line. DV inside presence is a weakness for them and allow him to go to work. Ringwood by 5.

Sherbrooke v Melbourne Tigers:
Melbourne Tigers should get their first win on the board. Going by results they seem to be a bit more competitive than Sherbrooke.
Tigers by 8.

Hume City v Waverley:
Sedale to continue his hot form and get Waverley the victory here. Hume lack in the guard department. JB and ABK to contie their good form but won't be enough to beat Waverley.
Waverley by 10.

Bulleen v Corio Bay:
Another huge game. Bulleen currently undefeated and still waiting on Sturt to come. They haven't played a true contender yet(except Werribee in first round) so will be interesting to see where they are at. Corio Bay should have their full line up for the first time this season. Reardon is back and new import Kimble played his first game last week. Too much dept for the Rays.
Corio Bay to get up by 4.

Werribee v Eltham:
Werribee the hot team at the moment getting big scalps in Ringwood and Waverley in recent weeks. I don't think they will have much trouble getting the points against Eltham.

Werribee by 15 plus.

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Years ago

I see the Mildura import Guard Terrell Bell had 19 rebounds on the Sunday game ( Not bad for a guard)

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

@KDB - Crosswell was the best PG in the Big V for about 4/5 years running.

Big V Career Avgs of: 24.2pts – 6.9ast – 1.9stls – 4.4brds

Plus he also went on to have a long career in the NBL so I hardly think Mike Rose compares at this stage.

I don't know Mike personally so don't want to slander him or his career but he was a short term NBL signing a few years back and has regressed toNZBL and now back to Bulleen in the Big V which isn't exactly a hotbed of basketballing talent looking to further there careers!

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Sting what?  
Years ago

Article on Stingrays new recruit: Anthony Kimble

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Years ago

CM - Looks like I'll have to rate Diamond Valley now after some reasonably good wins and now sitting second to Bulleen.

Werribee show they will struggle without Oswald or Bradbury in the line up.

Sherbrooke could find themselves in Div 1 next year unless they can start to justify their position in Championship Division.

CW - no real changes as suggested the current top 4 looking good.

D1M - Terrill Conference with Whittlesea & Mildura should still finish 1 & 2 but anyones guess after that. Black Angels season slipping away fast.

D1M - Watson Conference should be much closer with Sharks now staking a claim for a top 4 finish with Hawthorn & Chelsea & McKinnon & Latrobe.

D1W - Camberwell done themselves no harm with a gutsy win over previously undefeated Craigieburn Eagles while Geelong & Whittlesea continue business as usual.

D2M - Pakenham made their intentions clear smashing Casey by 25 points while Melton will look to make a steady climb up the ladder after a strong win over Keilor.

D2W - Sharks & Devils still undefeated but the challengers are getting closer.

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Years ago

CM - Bulleen, Corio & Waverley have kept the wins coming to fill up the Top 3 however Diamond Valley, Werribee & now Ringwood are going to be in a 3 way battle to make the four.

CW - Ringwood, Hume & McKinnon will certainly play finals but Bulleen will have to lift its game if it wants to get the remaining finals spot.

D1M - Terrill Conference its a two horse race with Whittlesea & Mildura way ahead of the rest but both have suffered heavy losses to McKinnon in recent weeks.

D1M - Watson Conference Hawthorn & Chelsea & McKinnon continue to dominate the conference however Blackburn had shown considerable improvement in recent weeks until dropping to Seahawks by 1 point today.

D1W - Camberwell continue their good form and have joined Whittlesea, Craigieburn & Geelong as the clear standouts in the Top 4 with a gap growing to the next group.

D2M - Maccabi take the battle of the Warriors over Pakenham in huge upset this afternoon. Mornington move up to second with demolition of Keysborough - something seriously wrong at Springers. Melton continue the long climb with 4 W's in a row.

D2W - Sharks & Devils currently undefeated face each other next weekend at Hillview for outright leadership - think Sharks will just get over the Devils in a close one.

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Years ago

SYCM - A two horse race is emerging between Waverley and Hawthorn.

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Years ago

Only know bout D2m,
Melton the hot team right now. Pakenham still the bench mark tho no one else has that much talent. Keysborough and Westernport to be the bottom 2 n will only win games against each other for rest of the season. Keysborough massive disappointment after all the self promotion the club done. Sheparton the smokey. The rest is even

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Looking at the SCM division i think Ringwood might just be hitting some form and the new import has settled in so i expect they might slot into forth.

The wheels normally fall off DV about this time every year...maybe anew coach might change that but i think it is more to do with the players.

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Years ago

All is not well in Hawk land. Players are now openly talking about the coach and are not happy. Might be the last time around for Ken.

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Years ago

Horsham Hornets to return in 2014 from all reports coming out of the farming district!

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Years ago

Love these little summaries VP. Keep them coming

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Funny they love the coach one year after getting the GF and after 1/4 of the season there is rumblings!

Kenny been down there forever so think he will be leaving when he feels the time is a few players on that team are pretty much done anyway!

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Years ago

Awesome news about Horsham if true.

They should follow in the steps of Shep and focus on 100% local guys.

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Years ago

CM - Bulleen sitting pretty on top but they have had some close games throughout the season. The run home will be interesting with games against all top 5 teams. Hawks 8 game streak will continue for another two weeks or possibly more with a good chance to take finish 2nd if Corio fails in the run home. Waverley only just to get 4th place over Diamond Valley.

CW - Hume back on top after getting over Ringwood in the 2nd game of the weekend but I'm sure both teams will be stepping it up come finals. McKinnon look like they are still going to finish 3rd while 4th place is between Waverley & Diamond Valley just like in CM.

D1M - Terrill Conference - The Heat seems to have gone out at the Furnace with Mildura losing 4 of last 5 games but will still finish 2nd. Pacers on a nice 7 game streak sitting at the top. Geelong to finish 3rd with 3 home games to finish while Me3lbourne Uni is likely to steal 4th place with good form in recent weeks to leave the Gators just out of finals. Warrnambool men to join the ladies in Div 2 I'd say.

D1M - Watson Conference - Chelsea, Hawthorn & McKinnon all probably done enough to make finals but all play each other close to the end to possibly change some positions. Recent losses show each is beatable on any given day. Latrobe have been up & down in recent weeks but have probably done enough to sneak in for the final place. Sharks & Vikings certainly maintaining the pressure but will finish just short.

D1W - Geelong & Craigieburn & Warrandyte continue to dominate the competition and are already preparing to play finals. Whittlesea & Camberwell just making up the numbers and wouldn't get past Geelong in the semi-finals.

D2M - Melton on a 10 game winning streak after losing first 4 games that should now go through to 14 game streak with an easy run home and take top spot. Pakenham will probably lose 1-2 more games but should finish 2nd while Keilor have a tough fortnight but should finish no lower than 3rd as each other play this week. Keysborough have improved markedly in recent weeks while Mornington have gone on a slide. Both are still in the mix for the last spot available.

D2W - Southern Pen drops its first game of the season to Melbourne Uni in an upset but sit equal top with Werribee. These two teams will finish 1st & 2nd and the final round will decide the final placing with the Sharks playing at Werribee. Casey should have enough wins now to 3rd place while Melbourne Uni & Keilor are going to go down to the wire for 4th place.

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Years ago

If you keep calling Corio Bay (Corio) you can start saying Diamond. Or southern

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Years ago

Some strange decisions by the Big V on the COTM awards for June - all involving Keilor Coaches.

Div 2 Men Keilor (2nd) were 3-1 for June with a +23 aggregate while Melton (1st) were 5-0 with a +77 agg - Big V award Keilor's Peter Jukes COTM??

Div 2 Women Keilor (4th) were 4-0 for June with a +48 agg while Werribee (1st) were 4-0 with a +96 agg - Big V award Keilor's Carey Papps COTM??

YL1 Men - Keilor (2nd) were 3-0 for June with +13 agg while Werribee (1st) were 4-0 for June with +47 agg - Big V award Keilor's Liam Glascott COTM??

In all three Divisions the Coaches of the Top Team were not rewarded for their teams superior results in June.

I think all three decisions were wrong! Not because they were Keilor but purely on team results.

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Years ago

VP, Big V is about equal participation, everyone gets a turn in the spotlight, they share the awards around too.

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Years ago

VP, who did they all play? if a side beats teams above them, but a top side just keeps winning, then maybe it is merited - but all three sound strange...

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Anyone heard more about the Hume City mens coaching rumours??

I've heard Epperson will be gone at end of the season any thoughts on who will be availble to out there hand up?

Giffening, Lloyd, Smith, Estcourt just off the top of my head.

That said any new coach would surely want to be able to pick new imports because the current 2 just aren't getting it done!

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Years ago

Nobody with any brains would go near Hume without doing research and homework on the the management and board first.

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Years ago

This equal participation mentality is the exact reason why Big V is light years away from SEABL, QBL and SBL (WA). Equal participation is for domestic basketball not semi elite competition. The people running the show are amateurs at best. There is a saturation of poor basketball running around in the Big V competition at all levels and it needs restructured big time. Big V should be challenging every player and club to strive for EXCELLENCE.

Both in YL1 (Werribee) and Div 2 Men (Melton) the far superior coaches over the course of the season have been Trevor and Grant. Both coaches have guided their teams to significant streaks over the last 2 months.
I'd be a little embarrassed if I was Peter and Liam. Both good coaches in their own right but reward the BEST at the time.

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Years ago


Your first para is just a troll. You can't just make enormous statements like that without some empirical evidence. I have been critical of the BigV competition structure and some of their admin/media, but they also do some very good things, that in turn, are well ahead of the other leagues.

I just had a quick look at the D2M ladder and records of key teams. Melton moved from 4th to 1st during the month, in itself probably meaning their coach deserved COTM. Keilor went from 2nd to 3rd in the same stretch, but with arguably a tougher draw. Still, Keilor only went 3-1.

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