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Heat vs Pacers Game 7

The heat players not named James seemed to copping a belting in the media. I really think its James who must be held accountable. Bosh is no punk, Wade is no punk. How is it possible that James can't get his players more involved? That's what the greats do, and I think that is the next step for James. Stop trying to be the next Jordan, and be the new Magic. If James had arrived with no MJ to be compared with, he would of been touted as the modern day magic. He is way better suited to being that teams point forward.
James should be getting double figure assists when he plays, but truth is, he is in a individual scoring headspace brought on by all the MJ comparisons.
Let's hope he doesn't get into a Magic headspace or this game 7, and the spurs series could be a heat wave.

Pacers only have to worry about the refs.

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Years ago

James would be getting double figure assists if wade and bosh would drop their shots. James is carrying this team in this series.

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Years ago

Can't blame Lebron.

He gets knocked for not "taking over" and now it's his fault because Wade and Bosh are stinking the joint up and he "can't" get them involved.?

I'm one of his biggest detractors because of his boring, media-trained personality and his stupid dance routines and narcisistic endeavours, but I'm not gonna knock his play on the floor when he's doing everything he can for his team and getting no help.

I couldn't disagree with you more about him looking for double figure assists. He should be looking to attack the rim at every opportunity. He's not Magic Johnson. He's Lebron James. He is a freight train attacking the rim and one of the best passers in the game to boot. Playing passive and looking for assists is not going to do his team any favours. He needs to do his thing and attack the rim at every opportunity, and use his passing game to complement that. His boys just need to step up and earn their payday because so far only Chris Anderson and Udonis Haslem are earning theirs. Wade is obviously hurting so I don't think you can count on any big performances from him going forward after years of going out of his way to initiate contact (you'll see Derek Rose enter an early decline for the same reason). Ray Allen and Bosh have no excuse. Mike Miller looks like he is being held together with sticky tape.

This Pacers team is shallow as, if you start getting some half-decent production from deep in your roster you can run straight through them. Their bench stinks. DJ Augustin offers absolutely nothing. Mahinmi is solid but Vogel doesn't use him. Hansborough is all energy and no talent. Sam Young can be an x-factor but is very inconsistent and prone to letting his head get the better of him. The rest of the bench doesn't even see time, ever.

But go Pacers. They have the momentum. They just need play solid D while avoiding any of their trademark offensive droughts and they can take game 7.

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Years ago

Don't think that Magic was ever called passive....

You're right in saying James is carrying his team right now, I really don't think he needs to do it with scoring for himself.

Run a Heat offence not a James offence.

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Years ago

If lebron plays like he did in q3 of game 5 then the heat are extremely scary

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Years ago

Pacers bench has been horrible all season. Mahinimi has been solid but I haven't been a fan of Augustin ever since we signed him. We have been fairly lucky in terms of injuries to our main players (excluding granger of course)

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Years ago

Take a bow Mick, you are 100% correct.

Blaming James is absolutely ridiculous. He is the lone piece holding this team together.

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Years ago

Quagmire I couldnt disagree anymore. Lebron is playing out of his mind this year and the playoffs whilst being one of the most unselfish players in the game.
So if he passes it more like you said and they lose, what will everyone say. Oh Lebron was too passive and didnt want to take responsibility etc etc. The poor bloke cant win.

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Years ago

Bosh and Wade's stats say it all that they are stinking it up. Wade seems hurt but once on court that is no excuse. If the heat get up I cannot see they beating the spurs.

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Years ago

The amount of refball that could go on tomorrow is insane. Does stern really want a spurs pacers finals in his last season as commish?

Ps also Isaac. You may want to re edit the date of this thread for tomorrow to avoid any new threads and to keep the whole discussion in this

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Years ago

Disagree totally,

None of this is on LBJ.

Wade is just going through the motions. His body language and everything..

Erik can run all the plays in the world for him in game 7, but if he doesn't have that energy and explosiveness going to the hoop, it's just going to be game 6 all over again, won't it?

How dare anyone blame LBJ.

Wade had many chances to create his own shot yesterday. He got the ball in places he would normally go to work.

He just settled for ugly jumpers, or tried his stupid pump fakes (which Indy are scouting superbly).

I think Erik was even wrong for blaming himself yesterday for supposedly 'not running enough plays for him'.
Wade has never really had plays ran for him. He has always been a 'create his own shot' type.

Plus, why run a play like an iso for a guy that is struggling to beat his man off the dribble and can't explode.

Bosh is scared of taking it to the hole. Why? Hibbert.

Indy are probably happy if the Heat run more plays for Wade and Bosh. Given their current form, its unlikely those guys will be as effective as LBJ in terms of shooting %

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Years ago

In other news, Hibbert fined $75k.

A flop gets you $5k fine.

No wonder people keep flopping.

15 flops get you the same punishment as Hibbert.
Hibbert's probably thinking..dammit..I could have got 15 flops.
Actually, because the league misses a third of them, I could have probably got 45 flops in for the same value. -_-

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Years ago

"Take a bow Mick, you are 100% correct.

Blaming James is absolutely ridiculous. He is the lone piece holding this team together"


That was me.

Why it posted under Mick I will never know haha.

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Years ago

That 75k fine is ridiculous. League office is way over the top all because he said he didn't care if he gets a fine. Hope pacers win and he drops a few F and C bombs in the interview for good measure lol.

Haslem and Anderson are the key to a heat victory. If they don't step up as they have been (and as Haslem always has in playoffs), then the pacers will own the paint and it will be game over. Lebron is getting his way as usual, but without anybody to pass out to he won't be able to finish in the paint as much. Hopefully the refs don't tarnish game 7 with phantom fouls

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Years ago

Hibbert's fine is an absolute joke. I'm not even sure if its for the 'motherfucker' comment or the 'no homo' comment (which I didn't even hear in the press conference).

As ricey said, I hope the pacers win and he provides a sequel to these comments ;)

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Years ago

Id like to see lebron run back on defense after turning the ball over or missing a layup before his team mates are criticised. The amount of cheap dunks he gets on fast breaks because of there unselfishness is not returned by his laziness for team fundamentals.

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Years ago

To clarify, I don't think LBJ is selfish, or lacks determination, I do feel the heat would benefit more from running an offence that requires less of him so that he can be fresh to close, plus have teammates who are a threat because they have been involved more.

Loving George in this playoffs though.

Currently in Bali, hoping to find a place to watch G7...?

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Years ago

I've got a feeling you'll see lots of bailout calls going Miami's way in game 7...

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Years ago

Game time.

Front page bump?

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Years ago

12-6, great start for the pacers

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Years ago

Hey look. DJ Augustin in. Time for the heat to go on a run

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Years ago

Stop turning the ball over indiana bloody hell! Amazing there only down by 9 really.

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Years ago

And dear god there bench is awful barring mahimi who I reckon goes alright

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Years ago

Augustin is -13 in 7 minutes wow. Has he had a positive +/- this series? I doubt it. He's this years Barbosa for the pacers

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Years ago

Fingers crossed the pacers get it together in the second half...
They have been out muscled inside. Causing big probs.

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Years ago

Have to play the starting 5 for pretty much the whole second half if ur the pacers. If they keep their turnovers to a minimum there a chance of coming back but gona be a huge effort!

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