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Marty Clark to St. Marys?

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If true good to see given the last 3 years. HE seems better suited to an assistant and player development role. Good luck to Marty.

I wonder what the rat is going to do.

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Rat went home to Tasmania to finish his teaching degree

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That article has some errors and omissions: Clarke is not an assistant for the Boomers. They also failed to mention that Clarke's tenure at the head of the Sixers was quite possibly the worst coaching effort the league has ever seen.

The absolute worst possible scenario for Dante Exum is ending up at St Mary's and being "developed" by Marty Clarke.

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Totally agree Mick!!

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Years ago

Or the Fact he took a Job with a shit organisation and the issues behind the scenes are massive.

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Bit harsh re Clarke. He was good at the AIS, so has a record of being good with kids. He should do well teaching in college, just not suited to the pros. A bit like Dunlap IMO.

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Years ago

Worst case scenario would be Exum going to St. Marys full stop.

He is a top recruit. Going to St. Marys was good for a player like Delly because he is a player that needs leadership and control and St. Marys offered him exactly all of that.

Exum needs to go to a major program, not a mid-major.

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Years ago

Only way Exum to Marys makes sense is if he is going to show up after graduating in November (as the article suggests) and only play half a season of college ball. It would be hard to show up mid season and even crack the rotation at Indiana or North Carolina, much less get major minutes. Marys on the other hand would be keen to gear their entire offense around him no matter when he shows up, like they did with Patty. A major would be preferable, but if Exum is as good as advertised, he's a one and done lottery pick no matter where he ends up.

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Years ago

I would like to see him go to a larger college. Proof is there that you can go to a WCC team and make NBA. You just need to go Gonzaga or ST Mary's

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Years ago

Saint Mary's have a bit of talent on their roster as well as some decent transfers and redshit and recuits coming through. I think if Exum come to them they could be a top 25 team on potential.

Of course the big boys offer a top 10 scenario but there will be question marks on whether he'll get the playing time he wants.

I would also say if you're good you're good! Damian Lillard Weber State rookie of the year in the NBA says hello.

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Years ago

@Flip, Steve Nash turned out ok after going to St Clara.

Let's not all forget Bogut went to Utah University. Not exactly a major university

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MC had the resposibility/opportunity to coach/develop
the best young talent in Aus. Obviously he will be recognised a developer of talent.Could he have done better? Certainly the quality of shooting emerging from the AIS could be described as very average. Very important aspect of game, who's responsible.

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Not hard to recruit when you are AIS coach. Not like the kids had any choice of other places to ply their trade. Totally different story when recruiting in college.

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St Marty's?

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sounds like St Mary's is downgrading ( yes I know - very cheap shot)

But I'm certain that Marty WAS a assistant Boomers coach at the time he applied and still would have been when he was accepted for the position - IF he arrives there.

Croy would have used his current coach as a reference. The bloke he is replacing is leaving after 34 years, 34 !!! FFS - any chance that he did NOT (!!!) tell his school of 4 damn decades that he was leaving at the end of the season, - any chance that Croy was NOT lined up well before the season finished - with St Mary's full concordance ??

Impossible to know, but IF Clarke arrives there, it may well explain Marty's zen-master like sangfoid in respect to the progress ( or lack of it) of the 36ers in the 2nd half of the last NBL season.

always good to have a safety net - aand .... don't applications for Uni course ( even in Tassie) have to be in before October .

Pah and Piffle - good luck to them both.

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Years ago

@daneo, Utah is a major University. They only have 5 teams make the Tournament in UCLA, OREGON, ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, AND COLORADO. Not a major university though.... do your research

And when Bogut was there they were in the Mountain West Conference with teams like New Mexico, UNLV, Wyoming, Colorado, Colorado State, San Diego State...

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Years ago

I hate Dunlap more than anyone on here, but that analogy is just plain dumb given his NBA tenure after the Sixers.

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Lillard put up some crazy numbers though. 24.5ppg in his final year. Shot 40 % from 3 and 88% FT.

One player that reminds me of Lillard is McCollum from Lehigh.

McCollum put up 23.9ppg at 49.5FG%, 51.6% 3 (wow) and 84.9% FT.

Attitude is changing though.

GMs and execs. are showing more love for mid-majors.

What college you went to is meaning less and less

Think Seth Curry..thank god he isn't in mock drafts. Sure he averaged like 18ppg at Duke in his senior season, but IMO Delly is a better all round player than him and more capable in the NBA.

Reasoning behind Exum not going to St. Marys = really just want to see an Aussie try it big in the major programs.

Just think its a case of "if you're good enough, go for it".

Have seen some scrubs try to go to big programs like Ben Allen to Indiana (haha). When guys like Exum and Simmons come through with such hype, it would be disappointing to see them go to somewhere like St. Marys

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Years ago

Sorry, Apoligies I was comparing it to the big universities that are getting mentioned now indiana,kentucky and nth Carolina.

And if you are talking about strength of conferences the mountain west which they were in back then, only had 2 or 3 teams reach ncaa tourny not 6 or 5 like the big East, Acc and Big 12.

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Years ago

Radford is going back to uni full time with a view to coaching in college.

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Years ago

so he's off the mainland?

rejoice says me. The mainland basketball will be the better for it. Radford please stay there permanently and for goodness sake think twice before becoming a teacher or take communication classes before you do.

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Years ago

I saw a photo of him on FB today. It looked like a venue in Tassie.

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