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2013 NBA Draft

Thread created for announcing of draft picks (mainly for those that won't be watching) trades and trade speculation and general discussion on the draft. Tips off at 9.30 Adelaide time I believe

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So do they announce draft picks from number 1 onwards or is it from number 60 down?

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1,2,3 etc.... To 60. 5 min break between first round picks, 2 mins between each second round pick

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So it could be 2-3pm before its over I guess. I am hoping Delly gets picked up somewhere.

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Delly was predicted at 53 to pacers on they say its purely because of his how well he has done at each teams trials!

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Years ago

Think it will end up around 1-1.30. That's when the ESPN program ends

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Youknowme, I'm wondering how you thought it might've worked going from 60 to 1? All teams had picked and they were just announced in reverse?

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I have a feeling Adams is going to Portland @ 10

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Some news that the Thunder may trade up. (i.e. trade their no. 12 and 29 picks plus someone like Perkins to get into the top 5).

Makes a huge amount of sense. If they were to get into the top 5, they would get either Noel or Len. Someone like Len could make an immediate impact.

Orlando could be a prime target for the Thunder to trade with.

I think the Thunder realise that Adams may be off the board by the time the 12th pick comes around. So they want to trade up and get a quality big. Must not think much of guys like Plumlee or Olynyk.

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Years ago

I'm not liking Delly's chances.
But the fact that the Suns bought him back for a 2nd work out can only be a good sign.

I'm predicting pick number 57 to the suns

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Adams could be a huge bust....his game will need so much work and it worries me he could get lost in the system of the NBA and not develop....i hope i'm wrong cause he has all the phyiscal tools to be a very solid NBA player.

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Years ago

Adams reminds me so damn much of Tyson Chandler.

Initially, that should be something to aim for. Getting rebounds, blocking shots, setting good screens, talking and communicating defensively and finishing around the rim/cleaning up misses.

Every team would love a Tyson Chandler type guy. His value goes so far beyond the stats.

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Years ago

haha Youknowme, choosing 60 first down to 1 .. way now thats a good fire way to lift spirits and kill it. I hope that was not a serious comment.

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Years ago

Got to love all the booing the crowd gives David Stern!!!

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Years ago

Bennett???? Wonder what Kyrie is thinking right now?

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Years ago

Really - Bennett!!!

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Years ago

Haha Bennett goes #1. WOW, did not see that coming

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Years ago

Argh Oladipo to Orlando #2. Wanted him to drop to 5

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Years ago

As a Magic fan, I love Oladipo game.
Defence wins games & the magic now have Afflalo & Oladipo.
Unless the magic trade Affalo

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Years ago

Otto Porter to Washington @ #3

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Years ago

"I can't hear you"

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Years ago

Wow the Big guys are dropping!! ie Noel and Len

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Years ago

no trey burke yet either

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Years ago

Looks like the NBA teams are scared off by Noel's weight / strength.

What if the Thunder trade up and grab Noel??
And he turns out to be a gun defender!!
Scary stuff!!!!!!!!!

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Years ago

alex len goes to phoenix @ #5

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Years ago

No wonder LeBron James left Cleveland. McLemore will be 2013 ROY

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Noel wouldn't last a whole season in the nba in the paint with his frame, that is why his sweet flat top hasn't got a cap on it yet

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Years ago

the Pelicans have taken Noel @ #6

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Years ago

Yeah but the lower he goes the better the team that drafts him and so he can be developed slower.

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Years ago

Wow skinniest frontcourt in NBA history.

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Years ago

ben mclenmore to Sacremento @ #7

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Years ago

"Yeah but the lower he goes the better the team that drafts him and so he can be developed slower"

how are they going to develop "scrawny" and "undersized"?

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Years ago

detroit have taken Caldwell Hope @ #8

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Years ago

Noel to the 76ers for pick 11 & a pick in 2014 (Not set in stone yet)
But close to a done deal.

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

Sacramento isn't exactly a breeding ground for development and discipline though. Any young guy who comes to Sactown, I have my doubts about.

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Years ago

Philadelphia sends Jrue Holiday and a first-round pick in 2014 to New Orleans for Noel league source says.

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Years ago

they better not send jrue.... send his brother instead.

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Years ago

Burke to Timberwolves
But they don't need a point guard.
Most likely will be traded

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Years ago

If Holiday has gone to New Orleans.
They will take Michael Carter Williams or CJ with pick 11.

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Years ago

Yeah T-Wolves better be trading Burke or this is just becoming a tragic joke!!

Hey how about we use every draft on PGs for 3 years!!!!
Sounds like a great idea.

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Years ago

Surely Philly must be tanking hard for Wiggins if they're trading Jrue (their best player) for Noel (injured but high potential). They could be pretty poor next year with no Bynum or Jrue

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Years ago

Portland Trailblazers take Cj
McCollom @ #10

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Years ago

Ingles rumor is the 76ers are giving up their 2014 pick with Holiday.
They won't have a pick next year unless they trade for one.

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Years ago

My Bad.
Just said on TV that 76ers will get the New Orleans 2014 pick.
Ingles you could be right.
But the pick will be protected.

"Noel will be traded to the 76ers along with a protected 2014 first-round pick for Jrue Holiday and a 2013 second-round pick (No. 42)."

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Years ago

So they're losing Jrue AND their first round pick next year for Noel? That's a great trade for the Pelicans then

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Years ago

Ahk makes sense now

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Years ago

Will laugh if OKC traded James harden (who developed into the best SG in the league) for a one year rental of Kevin Martin and The pick that turned into Shabazz who will be harden 2.0 but nowhere near as good

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Years ago

Steven Adams to OKC at number 12

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Years ago

cant believe the sixers are trading jrue - gonna be a hard team to support next season but then im used to supporting them with no great success for some time.
Sixers have obviously given up on Bynum.

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Years ago

The Wolves will send Burke to the Jazz for the Nos.14 and 21 picks

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Years ago

Congrats to Steve and his family and to the OKC Thunder for picking him. Great to have a Kiwi become a One and Done 1st Round Lottery Pick

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Years ago

Good fit for Adams, no pressure to produce on offense.
He can concentrate on his strengths while developing his shooting and post moves.

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Years ago

Pick 13 - Kelly Olynyk by Dallas - Traded to Celtics

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Years ago

plus he gets up and down the floor well and sets good hard screens to get Durant and Wetbrook open looks.
Great result as long as he doesn't get Traded.

Lets hope someone picks up Dellavadova now.

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Years ago

Pick 14 - Muhammad - By the Jazz - Traded to Timberwolves
Don't like this pick - The guy doesn't play as a team player

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Years ago

The Jazz have taken Shabazz Mohammad at #14.

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Years ago

be interesting to see what Atlanta will do with their #17 & #18 picks.

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The Situation  
Years ago

Harden just tweeted "Steven Adams loooooollll!!!' and then deleted it.

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Years ago

No. 1 - Cleveland Cavaliers
The Pick: Anthony Bennett, F, UNLV
In a bit of a surprise, the Cavaliers claim Bennett with the first pick of the draft. Bennett is as NBA ready as any other player in the draft and addresses Cleveland's need for a forward. He can score inside and out and has the size to be a force in the paint on offense and defense.

No. 2 - Orlando Magic
The Pick: Victor Oladipo, G, Indiana
Oladipo's surge up draft boards in his final season at Indiana lifted him all the way to the second-overall pick. An impressive competitor, Oladipo is a tenacious defender with leaping ability and offensive skills trending in the right direction. He was turnover-prone at times at Indiana but his character and athleticism make him a valuable addition in Orlando.

No. 3 - Washington Wizards
The Pick: Otto Porter Jr., F, Georgetown
The Wizards go with the local college product in Porter, who is already an all-around player and will have an impact right away in the NBA. He needs to bulk up to have a consistent presence in the lane but is more than athletic enough to adapt his game.

No. 4 - Charlotte Bobcats
The Pick: Cody Zeller, C, Indiana
The second Hoosier off the board, Zeller has a high basketball IQ and is a good ball-handler for a seven-footer. Zeller is a smooth scorer around the basket but could stand to grow into his frame. He impressed scouts at the Combine to elevate his draft stock and will see a lot of the floor right away in Charlotte.

No. 5 - Phoenix Suns
The Pick: Alex Len, C, Maryland
Len was a potential No. 1 pick and has all the tools to be a potent big-man on both ends of the court. A native of Ukraine, Len has great size, a solid perimeter game and a good touch passing the ball. He will need to prove he can consistently take charge in the paint to live up to his potential.

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Years ago

No. 6 - New Orleans Pelicans
The Pick: Nerlens Noel, C, Kentucky
A longtime favorite to be drafted first-overall, it appeared Noel would be joining fellow Kentucky product Anthony Davis in New Orleans, but Noel was reportedly traded to the Philadelphia 76ers along with a 2014 first-round pick for Jrue Holiday. Noel is an explosive playmaker on defense with a growing offensive game but is still recovering from a knee injury.

No. 7 - Sacramento Kings
The Pick: Ben McLemore, G, Kansas
McLemore is an elite shooter with excellent range and an above-average rebounding ability for his position. He may have the highest ceiling on the offensive end of any player in the draft but has work to do improving his ability to create shots before he will fill scoreboards in the NBA.

No. 8 - Detroit Pistons
The Pick: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, G, Georgia
An accomplished jump-shooter, Caldwell-Pope has a quick trigger, deep range and the athleticism for be a playmaker on offense and have an impact on defense. He needs to improve his ball-handling to open up his options on the offense end but will be a key player in Detroit.

No. 9 - Minnesota Timberwolves
The Pick: Trey Burke, G, Michigan
Burke is a physical guard with playmaking ability and a knack for coming through in the clutch. The national player of the year in his final season at Michigan, Burke will provide a spark on offense but needs to ramp up the intensity on the defensive end.

No. 10 - Portland Trail Blazers
The Pick: C.J. McCollum, G, Lehigh
McCollum is an elite shooter that has the potential to be the best guard in the draft. An injury ended his senior season at Lehigh but a quick first step and an outstanding all-around skill set on offense make him a steal as the No. 10 pick

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Years ago

What's wrong with Harden?

Sounds like the level of humility he had at OKC has gone way down.

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The Situation  
Years ago

I dont know, if you played in the Finals with your team, were foolishly traded for some crap players and a draft pick that was turned in to Steven Adams, wouldn't you be kinda amused too?

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Years ago

The Mavs will select Lucas Nogueira with the 16th pick (via Celtics) and will trade it to the Hawks along with Jared Cunningham for 18 & 44.

Then Pick 17 - Dennis Schroeder

Mavs are slowing moving down in the draft

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Years ago

No. 11 - Philadelphia 76ers
The Pick: Michael Carter-Williams
Carter-Williams is an impressive passer that strives to make others better, sometimes at the expense of his own offensive production. He has excellent size and court-vision but needs to improve as an outside shooter to open up opportunities for his teammates.

No. 12 - Oklahoma City Thunder
The Pick: Steven Adams, C, Pittsburgh
The Thunder draft Adams, a New Zealand native, who brings a much-needed seven-foot frame and physicality to Oklahoma City. Adams is a natural rebounder with the tools to make an impact on offense but needs time and experience to develop into an elite big-man.

No. 13 - Dallas Mavericks
The Pick: Kelly Olynyk, C, Gonzaga
Olynyk had a breakout season at Gonzaga after redshirting, showing excellent offensive tools including a three-point range jump shot. He needs to step up as a rebounder on the defensive end to make use of his seven-foot frame but has the motor to be a consistent scorer. Olynyk was traded to the Boston Celtics in exchange for the Celtics No. 16 pick and two future second-rounders.

No. 14 - Utah Jazz
The Pick: Shabazz Muhammad, F, UCLA
Muhammaed is a solid outside shooter that could end up as a steal at No. 14 if he polishes up his offensive talents and learns to compete on defense. Off-court and character issues soured his draft stock but as an overall physical player, Muhammad has the potential to play better than his draft slot.

No. 15 - Milwaukee Bucks
The Pick: Giannis Antetokounmpo, F, Greece
Antetokounmpo is the youngest player in the draft at 19 years old but will develop as a project player with incredible upside. He has offensive versatility and great length and size but needs to bulk up and prove he can compete against a higher level of competition than he did in Greece.

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Years ago

The Situation, they were forced to trade him in a way.

Harden wanted a max deal. It was more of a financial problem. They offered him $55mil over 4 years (which I thought was a lot).

OKC are a small-market team. They don't have Lakers type money.

Also, Harden didn't play in the finals Situation.
I mean he was present, but I didn't see him 'play'.

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The Situation  
Years ago

They weren't forced to trade him so hurriedly, and they didn't even offer him a chance to enter in any negotiation. They handled it very badly. So yeah, I can see why he would be pissed off.

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Years ago

Man... This drags on doesn't it?
5 minutes to pick, then Stern takes his time coming up to the podium, then he jokes about them booing him, then he announces the pick. Then there's a 2 minute ad break, 3 minutes of interviews and discussion, then we do it all again.
AFL draft can be up to 100 picks and it takes less time than the first 30 here.

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

At the end of the day, there is only one ball. There was a lot of deadweight loss when Harden was there. Personally, I think they would've been playing finals again vs Miami if westbrook didn't get injured. What were the regular season records between the two seasons? I don't think they'd be much different. They were just as good with Martin. Yes, with Westbrook down and Harden still there, they may have beaten the Grizz because Harden is another ball handler, however they didn't plan for westbrook to go down did they?

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Years ago

Harden should just quietly stfu and worry about which lemons he'll end up playing with and not against.

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Years ago

remember harden choked in the finals. Would have been great to keep him but his style is ball in hand when OKC already have durant and westbrook to do that.

if harden wanted a little less then he probably would have stayed.

its all a business now and makes it a little hard to identify with sometimes. Especially when you fav players are traded.

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

Well said, Mystro. He's getting a little big for his booties.

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Years ago

Brian Talyor and the AFL commentary team could take lessons from David Stern in how to embrace boo's. It didn't both Jobe last night but geez they went on & on about it.

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Years ago

With rumours that Howard has narrowed his team choices to 4.
Mavericks, Rockets, Hawks & Lakers (With the Hawks & Lakers very unlikely)

If the Rockets sign Howard, they will be scary team next year.

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Years ago

Most people said exactly that about the Lakers this season when they signed Howard - only thing they scared was their fans away who got sick of watching superstar egos rather than a superstar team

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The Situation  
Years ago

He was 22 in the Finals!!! Yeah, he played poorly, but you don't trade such a talent at such a young age cos he had a bad Finals series.

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Years ago

Warriors have bough the 26th pick from the timberwolves.
Curry, Bogut,Thompson, Lee & Barnes needs help off the bench.

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Years ago

Correction: Golden State bought 26 and then traded to OKC for 29 & cash

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Years ago

Harden doesn't have to look far to get some amusement from NBA teams front offices.

Houston signed Lin to a contract that will pay him $15m a year in the back-end of a $25m 3 year deal.
That $15m will kick in when the new CBA takes effect.

Very amusing.

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

I think they will lack a lot of discipline if Howard goes there.

Not sure if Howard, Harden or McHale can keep a lid in those kids.

I don't think Harden is at all mature yet. Way too many possessions wasted with iso plays. And then he goes and tweets that gem... Has the face of an old bloke, but not the head of one.

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

To,clarify^ Harden and Howard are kids themselves is what I meant

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Years ago

Dewhite Coward is not going to be good for locker room morale

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Years ago

Denver takes Rudy Gobert with pick 27 and deals him to Utah.
(Not sure what Nuggets will get in return)

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Years ago

and Lin isn't exactly a cool head or vet like Fisher or Kidd to calm things down when needed.

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Years ago

Draft nights are usually full of ZZZZZZZ's for Philly fans like myself but man, I'm awake.

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Years ago

They just said on ESPN that following trade has been agreed to in principal

"Brooklyn has agreed to send three first-round picks (2014, '16 and '18) along with Kris Humphries' expiring contract, Gerald Wallace, Tornike Shengelia, Reggie Evans and a sign-and-traded Keith Bogans to the Celtics for Pierce, Garnett and Jason Terry."

WOW that is a massive trade if it goes through!!

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Years ago

on twitter just said brett brown the new coach of the 76ers.

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

This is a very active day in the NBA. Naturally, considering it's a crappy class. But still.

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Years ago

No. 16 - Boston Celtics
The Pick: Lucas Nogueira, C, Brazil
A seven-footer with exceptional shot-blocking ability, Nogueira is athletic for his size but raw offensively. He proved his worth against the United States in a U-18 contest and will need to add strength to make use of his size in the NBA. Nogueira will begin his career with the Dallas Mavericks after a draft-day trade.

No. 17 - Atlanta Hawks
The Pick: Dennis Schroeder, G, Germany
The third-consecutive international player to come off the board, Schroeder is a force with the ball in his hands that may end up being the steal of the draft. He draws comparison the Celtics guard Rajon Rondo but needs to spend time in the film room to improve his basketball IQ.

No. 18 - Atlanta Hawks
The Pick: Shane Larkin, G, Miami (FL)
The Hawks grab a second-straight guard in Larkin -- son of MLB great Barry Larkin -- who brings an excellent jump shot and aggressiveness on both ends of the court. He is undersized for his position and didn't make it to the free throw line often in college but possesses elite quickness.

No. 19 - Cleveland Cavaliers
The Pick: Sergey Karasev, G, Russia
Karasev is a versatile guard with a high basketball IQ and Olympic experience on the Russia national team. He doesn't possess overly impressive athleticism but makes plays with great passing ability and efficient shooting.

No. 20 - Chicago Bulls
The Pick: Tony Snell, F, New Mexico
Snell is a jump shooter with a quick release and an efficient shooting percentage. He is still developing defensively and need to improve his ball-handling, but Snell fits well into the Bulls' system as a spot-up shooter.

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Years ago

No. 21 - Utah Jazz
The Pick: Gorgui Dieng, C, Louisville
A tall-timber to maneuver around in the paint, Dieng is a first-rounder for his rebounding and shot-blocking. As a 23-year-old Senegal native, Dieng is old for his class but has the frame to make an impact on defense for years to come. His scoring talents are in development but a good passing touch gives him value on offense while he sorts out his jump shot. Dieng will begin his career with the Timberwolves after a draft-day trade.

No. 22 - Brooklyn Nets
The Pick: Mason Plumlee, C, Duke
Plumlee is a consistent rebounder and the best player available at No. 22 for the Nets. He possesses great athleticism and an above-average mid-range jumper but needs to develop a post game. A fluid athlete for his size, Plumlee can put the ball on the floor and get to the rim.

No. 23 - Indiana Pacers
The Pick: Solomon Hill, F, Arizona
Hill is a great defender with an all-around skill set that makes him a valuable addition in Indiana. A potential plug-and-play athlete, Hill has experience bending his talents to fit the needs of his team.

No. 24 - New York Knicks
The Pick: Tim Hardaway Jr., G, Michigan
Hardaway is a high-energy player with the potential to step into J.R. Smith's role in the offense should he leave the team via free agency. He can knock down outside shots or find his way to the rim but needs to improve his shot selection to be more efficient with the ball in his hands. Hardaway isn't the same type of player his father was but can be effective in his own way with a some development.

No. 25 - Los Angeles Clippers
The Pick: Reggie Bullock, G, North Carolina
A successful outside shooter, Bullock makes his impact on offense in catch-and-shoot situations and stepped up on defense when called upon at North Carolina. He will be a good fit in the Clippers offense with Chris Paul's ability to find open jump shooters.

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Years ago

No. 26 - Minnesota Timberwolves
The Pick: Andre Roberson F, Colorado
Roberson is a great leaper with exceptional rebounding ability who needs to develop an identity on offense. Predominantly a defensive specialist, Roberson averaged 11 rebounds per game in his last two seasons at Colorado. He will begin his career with the Golden State Warriors after a proposed draft-day trade.

No. 27 - Denver Nuggets
The Pick: Rudy Gobert, C, France
Gobert has a massive 7-foot-2 frame and a 7-foot-9 wingspan, surprising leaping ability and a game that will translate well into the NBA. He needs to add weight and strength and refine his post game to best take advantage of his body.

No. 28 - San Antonio Spurs
The Pick: Livio Jean-Charles, F, French Guiana
The Spurs stuck to their script, targeting a young international player in Jean-Charles who won't be NBA ready for at least a couple seasons but has a high ceiling. An excellent athlete that runs the floor well, Jean-Charles needs to develop a jump shot to earn a spot in the Spurs' rotation.

No. 29 - Oklahoma City Thunder
The Pick: Archie Goodwin, G, Kentucky
Goodwin is a raw but talented guard lacking a consistent jump shot. He is a consistent defender and has excellent ball-handling skills. A lackluster freshman year at Kentucky hurt his draft stock but Goodwin has the tools to develop into more than a role-player.

No. 30 - Phoenix Suns
The Pick: Nemanja Nedovic, G, Serbia
An explosive slasher, Nedovic has a nose for the rim and a bulldog mentality on both ends of the court. He is undersized for his position and needs to develop a jump shot.

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Years ago

wheres delly? :(

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Years ago

fair few pics left n he was predicted to go in the 50-60 range anyways.

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Years ago

Delly should go pick #58

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Years ago

or #57

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Years ago

Round 2

No. 31 - Cleveland Cavaliers
The Pick: Allen Crabbe, G, California
Crabbe is an accomplished scorer with below-average athleticism and size for his position.

No. 32 - Oklahoma City Thunder
The Pick: Alex Abrines, G, Spain
Abrines is a raw talent who will likely stay overseas until he's ready to make an impact in the NBA.

No. 33 - Cleveland Cavaliers
The Pick: Carrick Felix, G, Arizona State
An athletic wing player, Felix might have been a first-rounder with another year of collegiate experience.

No. 34 - Houston Rockets
The Pick: Isaiah Canaan, G, Murray State
An efficient scorer, Canaan was projected by many to go higher in the draft.

No. 35 - Philadelphia 76ers
The Pick: Glen Rice Jr., F, NBDL
Rice is a versatile wing player but has baggage after being kicked off the team at Georgia Tech.

No. 36 - Sacramento Kings
The Pick: Ray McCallum, G, Detroit
As an excellent ball handler with great vision and an average jump shot, McCallum will be best suited as a role player.

No. 37 - Detroit Pistons
The Pick: Tony Mitchell, F, North Texas
Mitchell is a versatile player with great quickness for a forward but needs to develop a jump shot.

No. 38 - Washington Wizards
The Pick: Nate Wolters, G, South Dakota St.
Wolters has an exceptionally high basketball IQ that has potential to play better than his draft slot.

No. 39 - Portland Trail Blazers
The Pick: Jeff Withey, C, Kansas
An accomplished shot-blocker, Withey projects as a backup center with a developing post game.

No. 40 - Portland Trail Blazers
The Pick: Grant Jerrett, F, Arizona
Jerrett is an excellent shooter that might have been a first-rounder in another year.

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Years ago

No. 41 - Memphis Grizzlies
The Pick: Jamaal Franklin, G, San Diego St.
An incredibly athletic wing player, Franklin has the tools to develop into a big-name player.

No. 42 - Philadelphia 76ers
The Pick: Pierre Jackson, G, Baylor
Jackson is a quick guard with most of the tools on offense but lacks good ball-handling skills.

No. 43 - Milwaukee Bucks
The Pick: Ricky Ledo, G, Providence
A high IQ player with an excellent jump shot, Ledo was pegged by some as a fringe first-rounder.

No. 44 - Dallas Mavericks
The Pick: Mike Muscala, F, Bucknell
Muscala is an efficient big-man that lacks the athleticism and size to step into the rotation right away.

No. 45 - Portland Trail Blazers
The Pick: Marki Todorovic, F, Serbia
A developing player with tools that played limited minutes for Barcelona, Todorovic will likely stay overseas for now.

No. 46 - Utah Jazz
The Pick: Erick Green, G, Virginia Tech
Green is a shooter with three-point range that finds his shot better than he finds his teammates.

No. 47 - Atlanta Hawks
The Pick: Raul Neto, G, Brazil
An experienced player for Brazil's national team, Neto is an aggressive guard and good ball handler.

No. 48 - Los Angeles Lakers
The Pick: Ryan Kelly, F, Duke
Kelly can shot with range for his size that needs to improve his athleticism to make a difference.

No. 49 - Chicago Bulls
The Pick: Erik Murphy, F, Florida
Murphy has a good skill set on offense but not much a contributor on defense.

No. 50 - Atlanta Hawks
The Pick: James Ennis, F, Long Beach State
An explosive athlete, Ennis needs to improve his basketball IQ and ball-handling.

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Years ago

I hope Delly goes undrafted...he can then pick up a deal via Free agency. I would had for someone to hold his rights and stash him away.

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Years ago

Delly's not going to the suns with pick 57.
They will take Alex Oriakhi.

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Years ago

Spurs - Deshaun Thomas picked at No. 58th
Timberwolves - Bojan Dubljevic is taken with the 59th
Grizzlies - Janis Timmas from Latvia with the 60th pick

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Years ago

Not good for delly

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Years ago

Wait has the draft enbded or is this just asdsumptions?

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Years ago

LC's nailed it. Better not to be drafted, than be a late second rounder. Now Delly is a free-agent, will get summer league and training camp offers from various clubs, and he can be in a bit more control of his professional future. If nothing happens with the NBA this season, he'll play pro in Europe, and then have the World Cup next year to again show his skills in front of all the NBA GM's. He'll be fine.

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Years ago

Agree with LC, not the worst result if you don't get drafted, with his basketball IQ and leadership skills Delly will find a home, in time quality counts...

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Years ago

Soi... he wasnt drafted?

Reply #425134 | Report this post

Years ago

*shakes head*... routinely called the best guard in the pre draft camps... College All American with Olympic experience. Undrafted.

Skinny 7 foot guys with a dodgy knee and subpar stats... Drafted 6th overall.

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Years ago


I think a lot of teams were after bigs for the second round.

When teams did need a PG, there were still some very good PGs on the board, such as Lorenzo Brown, Nate Wolters and Peyton Siva.

LC is right. Good result.

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Years ago

No. 51 - Orlando Magic
The Pick: Romero Osby, F, Oklahoma
Osby was a consistent scorer at Oklahoma who projects as a hard-working rotation player.

No. 52 - Minnesota Timberwolves
The Pick: Lorenzo Brown, G, North Carolina State
Brown is a playmaking guard with the ceiling to play well above his second-round draft position.

No. 53 - Indiana Pacers
The Pick: Colton Iverson, C, Colorado State
A seven-footer with solid offensive skills, Iverson's below-average athleticism dropped him deep into the second-round.

No. 54 - Washington Wizards
The Pick: Arsalan Kazemi, F, Oregon
Kazemi makes up for sub-par athleticism with a tenacious motor and good tough around the basket.

No. 55 - Memphis Grizzlies
The Pick: Joffrey Lauvergne, F, France
An athletic big-man, Lauvergne lacks experience against top-caliber opponents but is a proven perimeter shooter.

No. 56 - Detroit Pistons
The Pick: Peyton Siva, G, Louisville
Siva is quick in transition and has excellent leaping ability for his size.

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Years ago

@Bear -

"No. 42 - Philadelphia 76ers
The Pick: Pierre Jackson, G, Baylor
Jackson is a quick guard with most of the tools on offense but lacks good ball-handling skills."

I appreciate the notes, but where are you getting your info from? If Jackson weren't 5'10 he would've challenged for a lottery pick; his ball handling is at least right up there with Michael Carter-Williams and Trey Burke.

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Years ago

Can Australians please stop overrating Dellavedova now? 60 guys were chosen over him... he just isn't as good as Aussies think.

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Years ago

We're not overrating him. He's good enough to play in the NBA, as are many guys who don't get drafted. We all just hope for the best for him because not only is he a good player, he's a better person.

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Years ago

Yes you are. People are actually surprised that he didn't get drafted... He was on virtually on no mock drafts apart from ones done by Aussies.

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Years ago

Anonymous. He wasnt called one of the best point guards in college basketball and fawned over by college experts for nothing! Dellavedova IS a very good point guard deserving atleast of a 10-12 man spot one would think.

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Years ago

So how come none of these college experts had him in their mock drafts?

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Years ago

A video of Steve Adams thanking Kiwi fans for all their support and encouraging young Kiwi Kids to surpass his feats.

He reckons he'll hopefully be back soon with a ton of OKC gear to give out haha.

Good humble kid

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Years ago

Cheers for the rundown bear. On Dellavedova he is better off not drafted now he can go through summer league and/or training camp, Philly maybe??

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Years ago

Anon you are a hater. Delly is a beast. Here is a couple of mock drafts listing him from memory:

Reply #425177 | Report this post

Years ago

Anonymous he was in plenty of mock drafts by the end. And was actually called the best guard at most of these pre-draft camps. It is known why he isnt in the NBA... Athleticism and Speed. Heights fine, Basketball IQ is fine, Hustle on D is fine, Wingspan is fine, Shooting is fairly good. You could have got an athletic dud who doesnt know how to run an offense this year and they would have been picked. I do think hes been overlooked for the 'conventional' Basketballer. They have disregarded his performance and gone for kids who "may" become something.... not kids that already play like professionals.

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Years ago

Just a paste from a live draft site some US dude was doing as an update during the coverage. Sorry if he got something wrong, just thought people might enjoy a read on the forum during the draft...

Can't even recall the sight now!

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Years ago

There was a lot of serviceable point guards in this draft in my opinion.
Myck Kabongo & Phil Pressey were very unlucky not to get drafted either.

Delly will get a summer league invite.
If he keeps working his bum off, he will end up in someones rotation at

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Years ago

Funny that you provide a link to draft express, seeings as though they had him going undrafted in their mock draft:

Delly is unathletic, old for a draft pick, can't guard quicker guards and can't create his own shot against decent defenders.

You guys only like him because he is Australian. Same reason people think Patty is a star.

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Years ago


Major concerns due to lack of lateral mobility, explosion and potential ... A graduated senior that turns 23 years-old in September ... High dribble allows smaller guards to rim him ... Tall, but lacks length in arms to make up for slow feet on either end ... Question of "blow-by" ability at next level ... Has trouble finishing in traffic over bigger defenders ... Competitive defensively, but lacks tools to make a positive impact on that end ... Oft easily beaten off dribble at the college level, and struggles navigating through on/off-ball screens ... Might be a finished product and failed to progress in senior season ...

And his NBA comparison was Blake Stepp. Who's that? Exactly...

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Years ago

ESPN Draft Grades (Sorry can't use a link, as it won't work)


Round 1: Lucas Nogueira (16), Dennis Schroeder (17)

Round 2: Mike Muscala (44), Raul Neto (47)

Analysis: The Hawks are probably losing a chunk of their rotation this offseason and didn't get much help in the draft for next season -- it may be several years before we can accurately gauge how well the Hawks did.

Nogueira and Schroeder have upside. Nogueria can develop into an effective rim protector and Schroeder is quick, athletic and tenacious on both ends. But both players appear to be several years away from being serious contributors at the NBA level.

Muscala is the opposite of Nogueira and Schroeder. He's a polished college veteran who might be the most ready to play now of the Hawks' draft picks. Neto is a good player as well, but he's unlikely to come over to the NBA this year.


Round 1: Kelly Olynyk (13)

Round 2: Colton Iverson (53)

Analysis: The Celtics made more noise outside the draft on Thursday, agreeing to trade Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to the Nets for what boils down to three first-round picks.

So the Celtics are starting over and it looks like Olynyk will be part of a young core led by Avery Bradley, Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger. (Rajon Rondo's future in Boston as he recovers from a knee injury is uncertain.)

It could get ugly real fast for Celtics fans. While I haven't been a huge fan of Olynyk, I think he can stick in the league in the right style of play -- as long as his coach doesn't try to turn him into a center. He can hit shots and get to the rim, though he'll also play some matador defense.

Iverson adds toughness and six fouls, but no one will expect much.


Round 1: Mason Plumlee (22)

Round 2: None

Analysis: The Nets made their mark on draft day with agreement on a massive trade with Boston that landed Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry for Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, other players and three future first-round draft picks. Clearly in the short term, the Nets came out way ahead.

On top of that, they kept their 2013 first-round pick and landed Plumlee, the most athletic big in the draft not named Noel. Plumlee slid in the draft because of his age. Had he been 19 or 20 years old, he would've been a lottery pick. But at 22, teams question how much upside he has. He runs the floor and finishes high above the rim, but he will probably be relegated to spot minutes in a backup role.


Round 1: Cody Zeller (4)

Round 2: None

Analysis: We began hearing on Wednesday that the Bobcats were seriously considering Zeller at No. 4, though it was hard to believe they would actually take him - and it would've been even more difficult to accept if we had known the Bobcats would be passing on Nerlens Noel and Ben McLemore to take Zeller.

I like Zeller's NBA potential, but this pick was a major reach. Zeller is athletic and was probably underrated, but he's going to have to change his game pretty dramatically to succeed in the NBA, and no one knows if he'll be able to pull it off. Shooting jumpers in workouts is one thing. In an NBA game, it's another.

The Bobcats have made some pretty bad picks during Michael Jordan's reign. I don't think Zeller will be a bust in the way that Adam Morrison and D.J. Augustin were. But I struggle to believe he'll have the career of Noel or McLemore. For the Bobcats' sake, I hope Zeller proves me wrong.


Round 1: Tony Snell (20)

Round 2: Erik Murphy (49)

Analysis: The Bulls really wanted a swingman and decided to go with workout wonder Tony Snell. With Reggie Bullock, Allen Crabbe and Tim Hardaway Jr. on the board, all three of whom have better track records, I was a little surprised that the pick was Snell. He might have more upside, but his lack of consistency on both ends is concerning. The Bulls filled a need, but I don't think they got the best guy to do it.

Murphy was a good second-round pick -- a terrific shooter who should be able to play stretch 4.


Round 1: Anthony Bennett (1), Sergey Karasev (19)

Round 2: Carrick Felix (33)

Analysis: The Cavs kept everyone in suspense for six weeks. They talked trades with everyone. They wrung their hands over who to take. And then they shocked just about everyone by taking Bennett with the No. 1 pick. I understand the reasoning. Cleveland wanted a pick-and-roll partner for Kyrie Irving. Bennett has the potential to be a 20-and 10-guy, perhaps the only one in the draft.

On the other hand, I think Nerlens Noel, Victor Oladipo and Otto Porter were better prospects, and I would have liked their fit in Cleveland as much as or more than Bennett's. With the No. 1 pick, the Cavs needed to get the best talent and I'm not sold they did.

I loved the Karasev pick. They needed a shooter with a high basketball IQ and I think he has a chance to be a solid player in the NBA.

That's all you can ask for at No. 19. Felix is a tough defender and should be able to get minutes coming off the bench. He's not an upside player, but he should be able to play right away.


Round 1: Shane Larkin (18)

Round 2: Ricky Ledo (43)

Analysis: The Mavericks are trying to lure free agent Dwight Howard. To create salary cap space, the Mavs moved down from No. 13 to No. 18 and traded Jared Cunningham.

The prospects they landed are both solid. Larkin has the skills to be a NBA point guard – the question will be, does he have the size? Ledo has the skills to be a terrific scoring wing -- the question will be, will he show more maturity than he has in the past?

Of the two, it's Ledo that has the better chance to be special. If the Mavs nurture him, he could be this year's Lance Stephenson.


Round 1: None

Round 2: Erick Green (46), Joffrey Lauvergne (55)

Analysis: The Nuggets traded the draft rights of Rudy Gobert to the Jazz for cash and the 46th pick. Time will tell if the cash and a mid-second round pick were worth passing on the longest player in the draft. What Denver got in return is one of the best scorers in the draft. Green can score from just about anywhere and do it efficiently. He slid in the draft because of concerns about his position. He's a classic tweener -- too small to be a shooting guard, but lacking the vision of a point guard.

Lauvergne is athletic and soft and the type of draft-and-stash candidate that rarely gets unstashed.


Round 1: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (8)

Round 2: Tony Mitchell (37), Peyton Siva (56)

Analysis: After weeks of hearing about the Pistons' need for a point guard and their desire to move Brandon Knight to the 2, the Pistons passed on all three of the top point guards in the draft and drafted another 2-guard. That felt a bit odd.

I do like Caldwell-Pope. He can shoot, has a high basketball IQ and has a lot of potential defensively. While he doesn't fit a need, I think the Pistons felt he was the best player available and they would solve the point guard conundrum some other way.

At No. 37, they walked away with one of the most physical talented players in the draft. Mitchell was a disappointment this year at North Texas, but his athleticism, length and rebounding suggest that in the right role, such as coming off the bench behind Greg Monroe, he could be fantastic.

As for Siva, his niche in the NBA will likely be limited to disrupting opponents. He has quick hands and feet, is a jet up and down the floor and plays with passion. He just is offensively challenged.


Round 1: Nemanja Nedovic (30)

Round 2: None

Analysis: The Warriors began the night without a first-round pick but traded back into the first round at No. 27 before trading that pick to the Thunder in return for the No. 29 pick, which they then traded to the Suns for the No. 30 pick. Got that?

The player they ended up with is interesting. Nedovic is an athletic combo guard that some scouts think will be an absolute stud in the NBA. The Warriors needed a fourth guard behind Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Jarrett Jack (if he returns). Nedovic is probably not a draft-and-stash player. They'll bring him into Summer League and give him a shot to win a spot on the team.


Round 1: None

Round 2: Isaiah Canaan (34)

Analysis: The Rockets also didn't have a first-round pick, but essentially got one anyway at No. 34. Canaan may have been the fourth-best point guard in the draft and I think Houston got great value. Canaan isn't a pure point guard, but he's a great athlete and a dominant scorer and he can really shoot the ball. Not a lot of second-rounders stick in the NBA. I think Canaan will be one that does.


Round 1: Solomon Hill (23)

Round 2: None

Analysis: Last year I hated the Pacers' pick of Miles Plumlee, which felt like an enormous reach -- a pick made on the misguided belief that a college senior would naturally be able to come in and contribute for an NBA playoff team. That didn't work for the Pacers last year (Plumlee played just 14 games and averaged 3.9 minutes per game) and I'm not sure it will work this year either. I like Hill better than Plumlee, but not by much: He was ranked No. 79 on our Top 100, if that tells you anything. As a college player, Hill was a jack of all trades and master of none. There isn't a single characteristic he has that screams first-round pick.

I imagine the Pacers will say a college veteran who plays the right way can help off the bench. Color me very skeptical.


Round 1: Reggie Bullock (25)

Round 2: None

Analysis: The Clippers wanted a wing who can shoot and got great value at No. 25. Bullock will fill a role for the Clippers as a 3-point specialist, and he can play some defense. In those regards, his best comparison might be Danny Green of the Spurs.


Round 1: None

Round 2: Ryan Kelly (48)

Analysis: I'm not sure I'm in love with Ryan Kelly as a prospect in general. But Ryan Kelly on a Mike D'Antoni team? I can get excited about that. Kelly's ability to shoot the rock, handle the ball and play point power forward at times should make him a perfect fit in Mike D'Antoni's system. I'm not predicting Kelly will be a star, but his chances for success go up dramatically under D'Antoni's watch.


Round 1: None

Round 2: Jamaal Franklin (41), Janis Timma (60)

Analysis: Jamaal Franklin was ranked 19th on my Big Board yet somehow managed to land in the Grizzlies' lap at No. 41. I'm stunned. To me, he's Tony Allen 2.0 -- an aggressive, long wing who can do a little bit of everything. I love this pick.

Timma is an athletic wing from Latvia that will continue to hone his skills in Europe.


Round 1: None

Round 2: James Ennis (50)

Analysis: The Heat traded into the second round to grab Ennis, a long, athletic wing who was one of the sleepers in the draft. I was really impressed with his play at the Brooklyn workout and think that, in the right environment, he has a chance to stick. A solid pick at No. 50.


Round 1: Giannis Antetokounmpo (15)

Round 2: Nate Wolters (38)

Analysis: Give the Bucks credit: They aren't afraid to take a chance.

It may be several years before we know whether the Bucks wasted their pick or struck gold with Antetokounmpo. While he is a skilled, athletic point forward, he has the body of Kevin Durant and very little experience playing against other talented players. Also, he's expected to come to the NBA now, meaning that the Bucks will spend millions of dollars for a player who is likely to play in the D-League for a couple of years. But could the investment be worth it down the road? Yes.

As for Wolters, he was one of my favorite second-round picks, a Jimmer Fredette type with better court vision and much less hype. I could see him getting minutes right away for Bucks.


Round 1: Shabazz Muhammad (14), Gorgui Dieng (21),

Round 2: Lorenzo Brown (52), Bojan Dubljevic (59)

Analysis: Flip Saunders walked away from his first draft as the Timberwolves president and acknowledged that folks were a little disappointed. Four months ago, getting Muhammad at No. 14 would have been seen as the coup of the draft. But Muhammad's reputation is tainted and fans are less excited.

The Wolves wanted scoring, and once Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was off the board, they found a way to get the other guy they liked in Muhammad. I think Muhammad is a terrific scorer and he'll find his niche in the league. While I don't love him as a prospect, the venom directed toward him as a player and a person is unwarranted.

Dieng is a little harder for me to swallow. I see the appeal because of his size and length, but hearing the words "raw" and "23 years old" together doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

Brown has talent as a big point guard, but like Ricky Rubio, he can't shoot.

Dubljevic is a terrific shooter, but he lacks athletic ability, enough to make him a question mark.

So while the Wolves walked away with talent, I'm not sure anyone they drafted on Thursday night moves the needle much.


Round 1: None

Round 2: Pierre Jackson (42)

Analysis: General manager Dell Demps decided he was done with the lottery on Thursday night and sent the draft rights to Nerlens Noel and the Pelicans' 2014 first-round pick (top-five protected) to the 76ers in return for Jrue Holiday and the draft rights to Jackson.

On the one hand, I question this decision. Noel was the top-rated player on our Big Board and has more upside than Holiday. New Orleans also lost a valuable asset, a probable lottery pick in the 2014 draft, which will feature a collection of talent that looks amazing on paper. In fact, the Pelicans were the only team in the NBA to actually give away a 2014 first-round pick.

On the other hand, it's clear that Demps is under pressure from new ownership to get better now, and Holiday, who is just 23, is a great get. By putting him with Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis, the Pelicans will have the makings of a great young core that could compete for years.


Round 1: Tim Hardaway Jr. (24)

Round 2: None

Analysis: The Knicks got name recognition on Thursday, but unfortunately, Hardaway Jr. is no Hardaway Sr.

Hardaway Jr. does have great size for his position and he's a good shooter, but his game is pretty forgettable, as three years at Michigan demonstrated. He was able to win over coaches and teams with his professionalism and work ethic in workouts. But I'm not sure that the talent is there for him to have a ceiling any higher than "rotation player."


Round 1: Steven Adams (12), Andre Roberson (26)

Round 2: Alex Abrines (32), Grant Jerrett (40)

Analysis: The Thunder got a little bit of everything on Thursday.

Want upside? Adams has a ton of it, with great NBA size and strength and the ability to shut down people in the paint. If his offensive game comes around, he could be really good.

Want rebounds? Roberson was one of the two or three best rebounders in the draft -- an athletic specialist who might carve out a Reggie Evans-esque career.

Want a scorer? Abrines has a chance to be a better version of Rudy Fernandez if OKC is patient. Want shooting? Jerrett has the ability to be a lethal stretch 4.


Round 1: Victor Oladipo (2)

Round 2: Romero Osby (51)

Analysis: Oladipo was my favorite player in the draft. Not only is he, in my opinion, a sure thing, but he still has upside, too. He's going to bring it every hour of every day for on a young, impressionable team.

Osby is a tough, physical, undersized 4.

It's clear GM Rob Hennigan is trying to change the culture in Orlando and he took a big step forward on Thursday night.


Round 1: Nerlens Noel (6), Michael Carter-Williams (11)

Round 2: Arsalan Kazemi (54)

Analysis: New GM Sam Hinkie came out swinging on Thursday night. The last thing Hinkie wanted was to be where the 76ers have been the last few seasons -- in the middle of the standings. So he blew up the team in an effort to build a foundation of greatness. He made the boldest trade of the draft and walked away with a potential franchise center, a very promising point guard and a valuable 2014 first-round pick from the Pelicans.

It cost him All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday, but in the long run it may be worth the price. With Noel out for the season, the Sixers will likely be in the hunt for the No. 1 pick in 2014. By next July, this team could have four young players with franchise potential on their roster. In three years, they could be wicked good.


Round 1: Alex Len (5), Archie Goodwin (29)

Round 2: Alex Oriakhi (57)

Analysis: The Suns have blown the draft in most recent years, as the names Earl Clark, Markieff Morris and Kendall Marshall demonstrate. This year, Suns president Lon Babby hired one of the best scouts in the business, Ryan McDonough, as his new general manager. But the first draft pick of the McDonough era, in some ways, looked a lot like the draft picks the Suns have been making.

Len has upside, but he's also coming off of stress fracture surgery, and in two years of Maryland, he showed only flashes of greatness -- he rarely could sustain it. Len was the riskiest pick of the consensus top six, and Phoenix passed on two better prospects -- Nerlens Noel and Ben McLemore -- to take him.

With the No. 29 pick, things got a little better. The Suns wisely overlooked Goodwin's so-so freshman performance and saw the potential he has. If he ever gets a jump shot, or learns what a good shot is, he could be special.

As for Oriakhi, I think there were better players on the board, but I can't quibble too much. At No. 57, there wasn't going to be a difference maker and he does bring length and toughness.


Round 1:C.J. McCollum (10)

Round 2: Allen Crabbe (31), Jeff Withey (39), Marko Todorovic (45)

Analysis: Portland GM Neil Olshey must believe the Blazers need more offense in their backcourt, as they drafted two of the most aggressive scorers and best shooters in the draft.

The Blazers had coveted McCollum for a while and think he's a great fit in the backcourt next to Rookie of the Year point guard Damian Lillard, who thrived when he played off the ball last season. Portland sees McCollum as a guard who can play both positions too.

Crabbe is a shooter with ridiculous range and he isn't afraid to let if fly.

Withey is one dimensional, but the one thing he does well, shot-blocking, he does really well.

Todorovic is a project that they'll revisit down the road.


Round 1: Ben McLemore (7)

Round 2: Ray McCallum (36)

Analysis: Kings GM Pete D'Alessandro has been on the job just nine days, but things are already looking up. Having McLemore, one of the two or three top talents in the draft, slide all the way to No. 7 is a godsend. The Kings wanted athleticism and shooting at the 2, and McLemore is a great fit. He has the chance, with hard work and greater confidence, to be the best player in the draft.

McCallum is a solid, no-frills point guard who might end up earning a lot more minutes if the Kings decide to clean house this summer.


Round 1: Livio Jean-Charles (28)

Round 2: Deshaun Thomas (58)

Analysis: The Spurs, like the rest of the NBA, were wowed by Jean-Charles' 27-point performance in the Nike Hoop Summit. Jean-Charles is a forward who can play the 3 and the 4. He's not particularly skilled, but he has a nose for the ball and finds a way to contribute. He'll likely stay in France for another year.

Thomas is one of the top five scorers in the draft, but he slipped because of an inconsistent effort on the defensive end. If Pop can get him to play some defense, he might be another second-round steal for the Spurs.


Round 1: None

Round 2: None

Analysis: The Raptors traded this pick to the Rockets (who in turn traded it to the Thunder) as part of a trade last year for Kyle Lowry. So, was Lowry worth missing the chance to draft Steven Adams (who the Thunder took at 12)? It would be hard to say no.


Round 1: Trey Burke (9), Rudy Gobert (27)

Round 2: None

Analysis: Everyone knew coming into the draft that the Jazz were hunting for a point guard. On Thursday they packaged the No. 14 and 21 picks to move up five spots to grab Burke, the college player of the year. With Burke they get a floor general who can excel equally at scoring and getting others involved. He's a little small for his position and lacks elite athleticism, but he plays with a lot of moxie and has the winning credentials that scouts tend to love.

I personally prefer C.J. McCollum to Burke. McCollum is a better shooter and scorer and bigger than Burke, but it is close.

As for Gobert, the Jazz also land a third young big man who happens to be just about the longest player we've ever seen, with a 7-foot-9 wingspan. I'm not sure how ready he is, but the hope is that someday he can turn into a Roy Hibbert-type rim protector.


Round 1: Otto Porter (3)

Round 2: Glen Rice Jr. (35)

Analysis: The Wizards had one of the easier paths of any team in this draft. Porter was the perfect fit as both a player and person for the franchise. While his upside might not be as high as that of some others in the draft, he also is the most well-rounded, NBA-ready player of the group. He should contribute right away in D.C.

Rice Jr. was also a great pick. He led his team to a D-League championship and won MVP. He's a bit of a tweener, but his athleticism and shooting ability make him a potential spark plug off the bench.

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Years ago

Hey youknowME don't worry about Dellavedova not being drafted Exum and Simmons will be there soon. Chin up bud

Reply #425192 | Report this post

Years ago

Yeah Well I would hope Exum and Simmons will.. they probably have the more marketable NBA traits. Delly will probably end up struggling a bit for NBA and end up at a very good euro league. No shame in that.

Reply #425194 | Report this post

Years ago

As for Anonymous... Sure there may be some aussie bias going on, on my behalf. I think its mainly because I have seen what he can do.

Reply #425195 | Report this post

Years ago

Oh and the 30 NBA teams haven't?

Reply #425197 | Report this post

Years ago

There were some pretty decent PGs that missed out. Kabongo, Pressey, Kenny Boynton, and Brandon Paul who I really thought was a lock to be picked, though he is more of a SG/PG. Delly had a tough field of PGs to compete with. Even Seth Curry, though again more of a SG/PG.

Now, here's hoping the 36ers get Brandon Paul or Seth Curry as an import ;-)

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Years ago

Assumning this NBL season goes ahead that is!

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Years ago

I hope Delly makes the NBA for two reasons 1. He deserves it (fellow Victorian)2. To annoy the anon in this thread who thinks he's no good!

Reply #425223 | Report this post

Years ago

I put it this way... Team USA didnt exactly make him look bad! few great passes over them, was a part of the 14 point turn around.

Reply #425225 | Report this post

Years ago

You're an idiot, dipierdominico. Do you know what 'overrated' means? It means people think you are better than you are. I do think Delly is a good player, just not as good as you guys make him out to be.

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Years ago

Your point has been made anon. now can you piss off?

Reply #425259 | Report this post

Years ago

Jeez, you guys a get a little offensive over Dellavedova, don't ya?

Reply #425261 | Report this post

Years ago

Agree ith uppercut time for you to fuck off

Reply #425267 | Report this post

Years ago

Was a good thread until anon above got involved

Reply #425268 | Report this post

Years ago

People will get defensive for players they like.. Anonymous just sounds like a hater. A new zealander I take it? yeah congrats on your big D league bound dud finding himself 12th pick in the weakest draft for big men in history. See how do YOU like it?

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Years ago

Haha, "hater"... A response used by people who cannot think. No, I don't hate Dellavedova. I don't even dislike him. And no, I'm not a Kiwi. He is a good player. You guys think he is better than he actually is, because you are Australian.

No need to get upset over it and so hostile haha

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Years ago

because the anon trolling you doesn't rate Dellavadova he must be a hater from New Zealand YouKnowMe?

Australians like New Zealanders tend to over rate a lot of our own players in the global scheme of things (nothing wrong with being patriotic) but Dellavadova would not be one of the Australian players I would call overrated.

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Years ago

"I'd rather have Delly as my starting PG than Jameer Nelson. Even in the NBA."

How is this NOT overrating Dellavedova?

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Years ago

I agree with "delly hater" give yourself a user name. That Jameer Nelson comment was way over the top

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Years ago

Dude, how am I hating on Dellavedova? If I'm "hating" on anyone, which I'm not, it would be YOU people who thinks he is an NBA starter.

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Years ago

Anonymous.. he is clearly not an NBA starter... I am sure he would be worthy of a few minutes however!

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Years ago

Adams will play in the NBA, and not end up as a dud in the D League, it will take him some time to develop that's all (and no I am not a Kiwi), don't know why the hate for Adams?? Good for him for trying to take care of his family and reach his dream. Delly has a chance of making a roster, but has a long road ahead. Like others have stated will most likely be a backup pg if he does make the league. Just needs a foot in the door I guess, look what happened to Lin.

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Years ago

Adams has only been playing basketball for 5 years and was not exactly doing well at school 5 years ago either.
He is a very quick learner with freakish natural attributes and a great work ethic.

He will develop his offensive game over time and will contribute. His offensive game was not utilized under Jamie Dixon in a guard heavy rotation at Pitt.
NBA GM's and Scouts saw at the Draft Combines that he does in fact have a mid range jumper among other things.
Ibaka and Perkins will def help his defensive game also and Steve's easy going humorous personality should help him gel with his new teammates.

OKC just scored 3 million new fans.

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Years ago

i dont hate adams, just pissin off kiwis lol

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Years ago

"i dont hate adams, just pissin off kiwis lol"

you were the only one pissed off lol

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Years ago

This forum would be so much better if you had to register to post...

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Years ago

"What's wrong with Harden?

Sounds like the level of humility he had at OKC has gone way down"

MACDUB: the Harden tweet was a hoax that Chris Vernon either got fooled by or pretended to be fooled by:

@ChrisVernonShow: @JHarden13 yo... my bad. was all over my timeline, thought was real.

Then his next tweet:
The @JHarden13 tweet was fake. apologies for being duped by twitter

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