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ABL following NBA?

There have been discussions in the past about how the NBA are stamping out trash talking and handing out Tech fouls willy nilly to anyone who even looks at someone the wrong way!
Is the ABL following suit? In a very competitive game on Sunday between two old foes (and very much friends off the court) there was a lot of trash talking between individuals. I for one think this is part of the game and as long as it doesn't become too personal then why should umpires intervene???
Do they think that players can't handle trash talking mentally?
Do they feel that someone like...let's say Blake Truslove can't hold his own against someone like...let's say...Daniel Kosmider?? Or is it they certain umpires just can't stand not being the centre of attention??? Why if your going to "T" one player up not "T" the other one? Why not just tell them both to shut up and get on with it???
I for one was given a warning for talking to an opposition player, even though we were both having a joke! Funny enough it was the same umpire in both cases.
Right now I don't feel I could get more screwed by the umpires than I already am, so I have no problems coming out and saying that the umpires over the last three to four weeks have been absolutely atrocious! Again umpires need to be more approachable than what they are and i'm not talking about when a player abuses them for all of you who were about to jump on your high horse, but listen to what players have to say and think before pushing air through that metal peice in your mouth. Win or lose the umpiring has not been at a decent level lately and I can honestly say that I have seen opposition teams cop it just as much as what my team does.
I know this will be like water off a ducks back but for those senior umpires who are out there watching and taking notes, let's get something done about it.
And on a good note...the little ref who umpired the South vs West game on Sunday, great job! I don't know your name but next time introduce yourself and keep up the fantastic job your doing, maybe one day other refs will take a page out of your book.

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The truth  
Years ago

trashing talking is part of the game and i for one think it should stay in the game ... Its part of itimadation of your oppenent .. as long as it dosent get out of hand ... Which it then becomes hard to police ... How far is to far ????

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Years ago

I find that if you approach most umpires in a polite manner from the get-go, then they tend to reply to queries you may have about calls throughout a game.

But i did say "most" umpires...

but yeah... i do believe most are fairly approachable during a game if you come at them in the proper manner.

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

Panther - you raise some very good and valid points about the umpires. They can forget that they are there to handle situations and administer the rules, not take control of the game and become the centre of attention. And your right, umpires should be more approachable.

However the issue of trash talking isn't so much trash talking between players, but its the image portrayed when doing that, and the language used.

If a tree fell in the forest and no-one was around to hear it, would it make a sound? Likewise, if you are trash-talking and there are no spectators, would the umpires T you? Probably not.

The ABL is trying to push its family image, getting juniors to game and so forth, and if you are continually swearing (as an example, not saying your language is bad) at another player, this image would not come across as the league would like.

Trash talking is a part of our game, and i think should remain, but you must remember that an ABL level, you are looked on as a role-model .... sort of, and must consider what influence your actions on the court has on the juniors who come and watch.

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Years ago

"And on a good note...the little ref who umpired the South vs West game on Sunday, great job! I don't know your name but next time introduce yourself and keep up the fantastic job your doing, maybe one day other refs will take a page out of your book"

I believe Panther you mean Josh Wilson-Smith

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

If this is the same Josh that reffed SA Church at a senior level over the past few years ..... I always knew you'd do well Josh. Keep up the good work - from someone you know very well as a player over the years.

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good point panther. i agree..

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Years ago

From someone who hasn't played the game but thoroughly enjoys watching it I don't see an issue at the top level but I absolutely hate it at junior levels. I just loved watching Big J and JB turn on the niggle.
especially against Ballarat.

At the Nunawading tournament the Limestone coast kids were confronted with some awful trash talk and intimidation and from 12 year olds it's plain ugly. Although it is pleasing to see the potty mouths burst into tears when they get rolled by country kids.
The Pioneers have had an awful run with refs this year apparently Canberra was a disgrace.
Recently one shining light being Sharon (is it Arnold) she was sensational as well as the centre of attention for all the right reasons and invisible when the game was flowing.

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Years ago

The trouble with Panther is that he thinks he is the 'hard man of basketball' but in reality if he really was the hard man of anything he would play a sport with body contact in the rules, like football. So sorry panther, your a bit soft and shouldn't winge about your runs with the refs.

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Years ago

read his post, he's not complaining about his run ins!

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