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Knox Basketball financial situation

The plot thickens at knox. Major money worries.

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Do tell

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Dear team delegate,
Would you please pass on the following Statement, from the Board and Management of KBI, to all of your team members.
John Bowie.

Dear KBI members,

Since the recent AGM an extensive review of the 2013 financial budget has been undertaken. The findings from this review, project Knox Basketball Inc. to trade with an approximate loss of over $500,000.00 for the financial year ending 31 December, 2013 unless significant changes are made to the current operations of the Association. This loss is significantly higher than the 2013 Financial Budget presented at the AGM on 30th May, 2013 suggesting that KBI was on target for a budgeted $114,000.00 loss. The newly elected KBI Financial Director has worked tirelessly since taking on the role to ensure that the records of KBI are accurate and kept up to date. Once all income and expenditure transactions were brought up to date it became evident that the forecast loss was unrealistic and based on some very loose assumptions. Any hope of actually achieving a result remotely close to the budgeted loss was based on receiving a large sponsorship deal of approximately $400,000.00 from Sixth Man Promotions Pty Ltd. Despite assurances at several meetings leading up to the AGM and at the AGM by Management that there were Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) in place ensuring this sponsorship deal was a done deal, it is now clear that those MOU's are not worth the paper they are written on and do not hold the sponsor to any obligation to proceed. In fact the last MOU signed by Management 8th April 2013 basically gave the sponsor an option to pull out if there was a change in the position of Chairperson or CEO of KBI. At the time of that signing KBI did not have a Chairperson, only an acting Chairperson, who had already indicated in January 2013 that he was not intending to re-nominate. Therefore a change in Chairperson was imminent allowing the sponsor to opt out of the deal at their discretion. This is hardly a sponsorship deal to set a forecast on. It should also be noted that Sixth Man Promotions Pty Ltd has not repaid any money to KBI and is indebted to KBI in excess of $153,000.00. KBI has now commenced legal proceedings to recover this debt from Sixth Man promotions Pty Ltd and its Directors.

We can now also confirm that the claim for wage underpayment of approximately $176,000.00 by casual employees denied at the SGM is valid and relates to 3 years of award increases not being observed. Arrangements are being finalised to ensure that these employees are correctly remunerated for work already performed and to ensure that correct rates of remuneration are observed in future.

As a result of these projections, the KBI board has had to make many operational and financial decisions that are going to significantly improve the overall financial viability of the Association. If the Association and the KBI Board of Management do not make the necessary decisions to ensure the Association can meet its financial obligations, the Association is potentially going to be placed into liquidation.

The KBI Board fully understands the impact fee increases will have on members. However, without the additional income from a fee increase, KBI will not be in a position where it can continue to operate. The fee increases alone will not arrest the losses of KBI. The KBI Board of Management also recognises that significant expenditure savings and controls will need to be put in place as quickly as possible. Significant increase in salaries over the last 18 months has been highlighted as a major expenditure concern and will be addressed immediately. Every opportunity for expanded competitions and growth is being explored together with opportunities for KBI to assist junior clubs with recruitment and development of members. The Board has established several task forces to work on specific areas of the business. This includes fortnightly financial task force meetings with Bill Fenton and Laurie Joyce who have both generously volunteered their time and expertise to the cause.

At a recent Junior Domestic Presidents & Secretaries meeting it was initially indicated that only the Saturday team sheet fee increase was necessary. However, the findings of the full financial review have shown otherwise. Hence, the fee increase to other competition costs is necessary.

We ask that all members consider that fees have not increased since 2008 and in that time wages for all staff and referees have increased. It has been well documented in the media that utilities such as electricity have also significantly increased in that time. Please also consider the major improvement in the quality of courts that KBI members now play on.

Please rest assured that the fee increase and operational changes are not a grab for cash and that the Board and Management will do whatever it can to minimise the cost of participation by members. The KBI Board of Management is fully committed to set about building a strong association for the members that includes services back to the member clubs to help grow the competition.

Any member who has a genuine case of hardship is encouraged to contact their Junior Domestic Club or Senior Team Delegate, so as it can be ascertained if support can be offered.

The Board would like to thank members in anticipation for their understanding during these very difficult times.

Yours Sincerely
Eric Noordzy

Chairperson KBI
on behalf of the Board and Management of KBI

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What exactly were you hoping to achieve by posting this Anon?

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I'd say trying to highlight the mismanagement that occurred, at least the new boards willing to be transparent that's a start right?

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Sounds like they are trading insolvent to me.

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Shut the doors. Fenton was behind joyce termination. Now brothers in arms. Two faced billy you have no conscience.

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BTW from trying to follow the numerous threads and discussions on this debacle the figures to me always pointed to to a $400k debt. So is this new news at all?

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Happy Days  
Years ago

Financial mismanagement of the highest order.Now we know the importance of good governance.

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Probably not great dragging KBI issues onto forums like this unless posters have solutions. For one I think KBI just hitting a hurdle but will come good. Need outside expertise though.

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Dragging issues to forums is ultimately good. It is called transparency and it makes club managers think twice and act more carefully.

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Happy Days  
Years ago

Open, honest and transparent.Member based association. A good chance to advise members of an increase in fees.

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$400K in their budget not there Yeah good idea lets not tell anyone. EGM has said it all.

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Does this at all affect their payed players for seabl teams?

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Certainly affects everyone there.apparently been terminations in their admin department ,and rumours that they are moving to Big V next year to save $$$$.That would mean massive exists in the mens team and complete roster change on the womens side

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If Knox end up in Big V that would be catastrophic. Big V for try-hard clubs. SEABL where heavy hitters belong.

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If the new board wants to transparent why have they not put in their letter that by sacking the last CEO they said goodbye to sponsorship of not just $400,000 but millions of dollars.

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mr sandman bring me a dream show us the millions that we never seen!!!!!!!!! get real anonymous #428809

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Pretty simple really. SHYOW ME THE MONEY. If not put up or SHUT UP.

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It's been some years for me since being closely involved at kbi my junior club. I came back to coaching this year in the junior rep program. The treatment i have witnessed to heather reid after 25 years of voluntary service is shameful. Heather was the heart and soul of knox basketball. It has been reported that the person who has taken over from heather resigned from the kjr committee some 12 months ago due to personal conflict matters involving her siblings. Her resignation was emotional and behaviour disgraceful. She confided in people close to her she intended to get even with the people she had issues with. History shows heather was voted out by proxy votes obtained from senior domestic teams whom have no relationship with the kjr program. A fault in the kbi constitution but nevertheless legitimate.
After successfully using this loop hole in the constitution to remove heather she rang the kjr committee the very next day requesting their resignation. I am informed these people refused to resign. Next thing the committee receives a notice signed by this person and the chairman of kbi stating the kjr committee was sacked due to poor governance issues. The kjr committee met with the chairman and vice chairman seeking explanation for their dismissal. Unbelievably the chairman admitted to the kjr committee he had signed the dismissal letter without reading or understanding its content!!
The chairman and vice chairman acknowledged the issues and gave an undertaking to look into the matter and get back to the committee members.
Well some three weeks have elasped and there has been no feedback. The kbi website has announced the new kjr committee. I have asked around the club and no one can tell me when the new elections were held. I have been informed by a person very very very close to a board member that the matter was raised about the new chair kjr dismissing her committee without justifiable reason or consultation with the kjr members. I'm advised the chair of kjr got the sh1ts having her integrity challenged. The new kbi board backed down and let this person have her way. I have heard from a number of coaches this same person has now taken on the role of DOC. She has take it upon herself to stand down 2 coaches pending investigation about complaints from well known rogue parents. These coaches have been left high and dry. The u12s coach was told to take a break for 2 weeks while things got sorted out. It now appears on the same day the chair of kjr had approached someone to replace the u12 coach as he was not coming back. In recent days existing kjr coaches are running around telling their peers the teams they've been appointed to next year. This is despite the fact that the closing date for coaching applications had not closed. The source of these leaked appointments come back to one person. The new chair of kjr!! You can imagine the morale amongst the kjr coaches. We question what experience and knowledge she has to make such decisions? And if she is assuming this role why is Knox advertising for a DOC if the chair of kbi has the sign off on these appointments?

So for those of you whom talk about openess, transparency and good governance well I say hogwash.

We have a board that is divided about Seabl vs Big V.
We have a Chairman who admits he signs letters without reading or understanding the meaning of its content.
We have a chair of kjr who has dismissed a committee without consulting her members.
We have a chair announcing coaching appointments prior to application closing dates.
We have a chair of kjr who has appointed a new committee without consulting members.

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Years ago

Nunawading looks pretty good now !

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If the Big V vs SEABL is in question and now Laurie Joyce is involved at Knox while he is employed at Big V & his partner the boss at Big V is that not a conflict of interest?

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Sorry pushed wrong button. To finish off I have to say the new board is divided, leaks, has no loyalty, is run by factions, has a chairman who will be snowed easily, is hypocritical about governance communication and transparency, has a board who bully the kbi staff.

I could go on and on and on. Having only just returned to knox, I am committed to coaching next year in the kjr rep program providing I can see that coaching appointments are based on merit and that the DOC is not a puppet to this women who is hell bent on reincarnating Hitler.

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Years ago

Hang on let me get this right. You are a coach whos just come back and wants to coach again next season. Good luck with that after the garbage you've posted. As if that's true. I imagine you are a long term coach or parent who is panicking because your security blanket has been well and truly ripped off your back.Welcome to the world of non protection..........hahahahahaha

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Years ago

LJ is not EMPLOYED at Big V, get your facts right.

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Years ago

He might as well be. Still a conflict of interest!

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Red 88  
Years ago

Well Well Well how unusual someone with a personal gripe spreading misinformation about KBI.
Lets look at why the Old Board and Management were replaced. Decisions made by the Old Board and Management regarding Six Man Promotions. $156,000 of our kids money given to Wayne Caroll to set up his private company 1/2 without the permission of the Board. Decisions made by Wayne Caroll that were not supported by the Board but they were to frightened to challenge him because of his allegeded sponsorship deal. Numerous Old Board memebers have stated that WC would have been gone if not for the sponsorship. There WAS NEVER GOING TO BE MILLIONS COMING FROM MICROSOFT AS THEY KNEW NOTHING ABOUR IT.
Heather Reid was a Board member who knew the damage being done by WC to Knox Basketball but like her other Board memebers did NOTHING. Yes she has been a great KBI person over a lot of years but as a board member she had a responsibility to the members to speak up and do something about it she did not, HER CHOISE.
KBI has been left in a terrible financial position by WC and the previous Board. Now we have members who are working together to sort out the mess. The Golden Goose is cooked and all those who were enjoying the free ride now have to pay like everyone else.
So lets all be part of the solution and not enjoying causing trouble with misinfomation.

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Years ago

@ Anon #428870 -

The person who posted this stuff is 100% correct with their information. How do I know this - well I have gone direct to the sources named in this post over the past weeks because of my concerns on the rumours spreading throughout the club.

Rather than argue, respond, defend your post I would like you to also investigate the facts raised with the sources named and then come back and tell us if this information is wrong!!

Ask the Chairman and Vice Chairman if what has been said is true.

Ask the sacked KJR committee if this information is true.

Ask the KJR parent members if they were advised of the dismissal of the committee and if elections were held to replace these people.

Ask the acting DOC if the position still holds the authority to appoint coaches.

Ask the board members or people close to (sleep with)the board members and who have trouble understanding what confidentiality and loyalty means - they will spill their GUTS!!

Ask the Senior Domestic teams if they willingly gave their proxy votes to a new board member and this was used to oust Heather Reid.

Personal vindictiveness is her driving force - there are so many KJR parents angry with who she has attacked and gotten (or is still to get)rid of. And it is largely to do with not getting her own way on issues relating to her kids.

Time will tell what damage this new chair of KJR will do to its once proud and strong rep program.

If none of this information is correct then justify it by confirming you have spoken to the sources mentioned above - this is the only way you can get credibility on your reference to NON PROTECTION.

I know what is posted is 100% ACCURATE - prove it to be wrong @Anon #428870

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Happy Days  
Years ago

What is Six Man Promotions?

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Years ago

Sixth Man Promotions is a company owned by the recent CEO of KBI and another person not connected to KBI.

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Years ago

Good old WC!!!!

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Years ago

Good ol WC - we have replaced WC with KJ.

What about good old KJ? Be very afraid Knox people.

I note with interest that no one has attacked Anon #428886 about his/her comments?

Is there any truth in the statements.

Come on KJ you are so good at destroying other people's reputations. Come out and deny the facts raised about you and your integrity.

I for one know you can't.

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Years ago

Yeah come on KJ.

You can no longer sit in background and stab good people in the back. You have put yourself on a pedestal and now people will find out what a nasty person you are.

I am so looking forward to you getting what you gave.

I hope your time as KJR chairperson is as miserable and stressful as you made it for others.

Karma's a biatch!!!!!!!

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Years ago

I think you nasty pasties are being blinded by your own grief at losing any sort of authority you thought you had. I was at the AGM and KJ beat HR by as good as 200 votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know for FACT that the clubs looking for change secured nowhere near 200 senior team votes so thats a fairytale thinking that unethical securing of proxy votes made the difference. One minute threatening that if HR was removed you would all walk now crying in your own venom cause you were removed. I guess its obvious who has a lack of integrity. All of KBI know and have heard the evil you all spoke before and after the AGM. Grow up and move on if you cant cope!!!

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Years ago

@ ANON #428986.

I also was at AGM.

Not sure it was the same AGM you were at. Your comments are factually incorrect. I was involved in collating the votes.The senior domestic proxy votes cost HR her position. FACT!!!!

The now chair of senior domestic board member has been open about his strategy to gain proxy votes to go after HR, NQ and SB. He got HR and nearly got NQ and SB. FACT!!!

KJ threatened to get even with HR after her bizarre tantrum and hostile resignation in not getting her own way. FACT!!!
She has summarily dismissed the KJR committee without consultation with the KJR members. FACT!!!
She has self appointed the new KJR committee with out consultation with the KJR members. FACT!!!
She has terminated two coaches with out due process. FACT!!!

I can tell you the KJR members have not been consulted about the changes to the committee members they elected and/or were happy with. The majority of KJR members are angry about what has transpired.

In other words KJ has taken it upon herself to run the KJR program her way. If you have an opinion or contrary view to hers you were blacklisted.

Don't worry about likenings to Hitler - Saddam and Gaddafi are good models to reference.

Let's go back to Anon # 428834 and Anon #428886 posts. Assuming these posts are from different people, they are making some RELEVANT points.

There are reported statements that purport to be coming DIRECT from ACTUAL SOURCES.

Let's not deflect further posts from these two posts. We need answers from the board about the accuracy of these claims.

The only way to resolve this matter and separate FACT from FICTION is to adopt the recommendations of Anon #428834.

Only then will KJ be able to claim any credibility and put to rest the amount of ill feeling and distrust the KJR members have in her at present.

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Years ago

Red88 you seem to be spreading your own wrong imformation and conveniently leaving out the truths you don't want people to know about (especially if you are who I think you might be)
WC might not be the greatest administrator but what you are accusing him of is a disgrace. There were people on the board who knew about ALL the money borrowed but because of confidential manner in which it was being handled the three of them kept it quite because certain members of the board (some still there) leak like a sive. You saying there was no sponsorship coming shows how amateurish you actually are at finding out information and actions taken by certain individuals (possibly yourself) put the deal under immense strain whilst WC was there.
Trying to say that the reason Heather was voted off was because of her knowledge of what WC was doing is a lie. There was a campaign run by your select group to get on the board and Heathers position was challenged because of a personal vendetta by the new KJR chairperson because she had not gotten her way in the past.
This group containing disgruntled KJR parents and SEE members with an axe to grind are now trying to ruin this association because of their personal agendas.
Agendas being run

Knowing that taking over the power of KJR will push out the coach they wrongly tried to get sacked

Appointing coaches to positions for next season that will look after their own kids

Trying to move senior raiders to big V because of relationships with current Big V administrators

Personal a grievance that the second NBL licence wasn't handed out the way they wanted 18 months ago

Don't be fooled by these people saying they have done what they have done because of the financial position KBI is in, they have recruited their posse per say based on this spruiking whilst hiding their real agendas. It is all about them and their kids and they will do whatever damage they need to to make sure they benefit.

Do you realise that at least one juniour club delegate was removed from their club committee because he was going to vote for HR.

It is a joke so sad to see these people ripping apart the fabric of this club, as I said before be afraid of the parent groups ruining knox for personal gain

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Years ago


First prize is a job at knox basketball because the staff hate and distrust the majority of board members.

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Happy Days  
Years ago

I think i'll pass on the CEO's role at Knox. Is there such a thing as conflict of interest???

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Years ago

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Knox Parent  
Years ago

To KJR Chair - KJ.

Boy are you copping stick and rightly so.

I note with interest the post by Anon #428834 Anon #428994 have not been denied?

Why because as these people say - THESE ARE THE FACTS.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Alot of people saying the Big V are very actively pushing to get Knox senior teams into there league. (Discount competition fee's & good incentives!)

It would be a massive coup for Big V to get knox and everything that comes with it....i.e another competitive team in Champ Div, Access to State Basketball Centre facility etc

That said they would leave a whole is SEABL and it would damage the knox brand with a large number fo supporters and senior players leaving.


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the chief  
Years ago

Sorry Tiger watch nothing of the sort has been offered by Big V nor have there been any real "official" approaches by either party.
As for supporters and senior players leaving, players yes as a lot are retiring supporters no. If they go to Big V there is a feeling amongst a lot of the Knox faithful that it will a good move.The other issues that nobody is bringing up is SEABL still a needed league.My belief it is on the way out and what will prove that is if Knox leaves you just watch the exodus of other clubs. It is just to costly to play in SEABL for what you get out of it.

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Years ago

@ Tiger Watcher.

Spot on my friend. Also just a coincidence that LJ and WS as board members (don't let LJ tell you he is not) happen to have strong relationships with Big V.

CEO Big V married to LJ. LJ is a board member of Big V - Conflict of interest?

WS son works at Big V and left KBI as a disgruntled employee - Conflict of interest.

LJ as CEO tried to convince the Knox Board for years to exit Knox from SEABL and join Big V (of which he was a board member) - Conflict of interest?

Board members (SB - Chair of SEABL - conflict of interest? and NQ Chair of KBI SEABL and whose son works at SEABL - conflict of interest) are disgrunteld about WS, ER and LJ going behind their backs and having secret meetings with Big V.

So much for these new board members bagging the old board about lack of governance, transparency, honesty and good communication.

I agree with Knox Parent, it will be interesting to see the board explain away these FACTS and also the FACTS raised by the anon posts #428834 and #428994.

Come on new KBI board - explain yourselves.

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insider trader  
Years ago

@ The Chief - is that you LJ? How are you?

Come on mate - the leaks from Big V office confirm there have been two meetings with KBI board members (obviously not the board members SB and NQ who carry accountability for Senior Program if the last post is accurate).

Is it true the SB has cracked it and left because you are undermining him at SEABL board level?

Is is true that the KBI board is divided about leaving SEABL (obviously the one's with family members at BIG V I would be happy to leave I'd suggest).

If you are going to come out and deny such allegations, then you need to get the people at Big V and the KBI board members to understand what CONFIDENTIALITY and BOARD SOLIDARITY means.

Both places leak like a Tsunami - division ,hatred and distrust amongst the KBI board members will bring you all undone.

But you keep denying it CHIEF - keep your head firmly planted in the sand. GOOD LUCK.

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Years ago

I'm loving this messy situation! I just giggle as it gets worse and worse!

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Years ago

Me too. I wake each day looking forward to watching these people take pot shots at each other.

Isn't the game about the kids - oh that's right maturity knows no boundaries.

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Years ago

I suggest reading this thread with a big bowl of popcorn ;-)

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Years ago

Wow is this a blazing debate with so much passion you'd think the Raiders would win everything.

About Knox
To all KBI is a business and in business reality is simple you muck up in running the business and you are gone, so now the old board and Heather is gone sorry that is fact and history.
The old management failed in financial management of the club and eventually (as it always does) the truth came out about the situation, this is undeniable fact, so action had to happen.
Look at Nokia they put their heads in the ground about smartphone now one of the world's largest companies is on the brink of folding, you do not think their board has been replaced?

Now about the Junior Basketball manager.
The old committee was very loyal to Heather (fair enough) the new manager would have known this as such needed to reform this committee so that her back has some protection from all the knifes you guys are trying to but in her back.
If the old committee members are really here for Knox than stop crying and ask the new management where they can really help out the club .

It’s time to move on and put up some positive direction to try and fix the situation or risk losing a great basketball organisation.

If you keep fighting the way you are the club will simply fold and you can sit back all you want and say you were right. As the childern of Knox look elsewhere for sport or to travel to Ringwood and etc to play the game they love.

In closing I ask you to think about why you are writing these inflaming statements, is it to smooth some hurt pride, to drive your agenda or to protect old board members .
If so please get over your pride, stop with the agenda’s and leave the old board members to protect themselves and DO WHAT IS RIGHT BY THE KIDS!

If you cannot do this than you should consider why you are at Knox.

I hope the best for the Knox club and am sure it will return better than ever.

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Years ago

Despite all of the above (most of which seems to be fairly accurate - not sure of all the dirty details myself, so not my place to comment) I am sure there are a number of quality coaches who will remain at Knox next season / perhaps even bring one or two back into the fold. I don't count myself in that crew, but I hope to coach there again.

Knox kids are genuinely some of the best in the state to coach. Some of the kids coming through the senior end of the junior program and the VYC comps are crazy legit - an exciting time to be a part of that program thats for sure.

Let's not forget - developing kids is why we are in the coaching fraternity, it sure aint for the money!

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

@ The chief

Not sure about the knox side but a number of people in big V circles are really talking up the prospect.

Not going to throw anyone under a bus or call people names but plenty of leaks from Big V...which miight just be the plan to unsettle the natives...which does appear to be working!

Can't really see why a club would want to drop back from SEABL to Big V...comp is a lot weaker & less profeesional in terms of venues, marketing etc

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Years ago

If you are $400k behind in your budget you have to cut costs. So are they insolvent? No one has answered that yet.

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Years ago

Big V means money can be saved on airfares etc. This worked a treat for Dandy. If they didnt go accross to Big V for a couple of years they would have been in mega trouble in terms of cash flow.

It is called smart management and sometimes you have to make the tough decisions that people do not like to look after the business.

If the people of Knox are true KNOX people and not SEABL people they will support moving comps for how ever long the club needs to.

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the chief  
Years ago

well said anon it is about supporters supporting their club not the league they participate in. If they go to Big V you just watch the support they will get. Lots of loyal people at Knox despite all the shit that is going on.

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knox loyalist  
Years ago


Either you are dumb or have selectively read the threads about KJR chair.

Go back and read and absorb the behaviour of this person and her fellow board members.

I'm not disputing the facts about the old board. But for heavens sake there is a solid theme based on what appears to be unprofessional behaviour by new members.

Domma - do i read your post right? Are you not coaching next year? If so that's a shame. We are losing too many good coaches and something or someone should be doing work to stop this exodus before its too late.

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Years ago

I am very disappointed with what has has happened to me.I have to be very careful what I say as I know that people can re-act with venom. But basically I have been set up and had many mistruths told to and about me.I have been promised mediation -- but like a lot of other things it simply did not happen!!!!! I can't name the people involved but just about everyone knows my story. I am comforted by the fact that the people that know me know the truth and also the people that have put me in this position have trouble looking me in the eye and they will have to live with their actions WE KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Days  
Years ago

I have no doubt Knox will bounce back.Get the right people in place spend less on player salaries and rebuild from there. Im with Tigerwatcher, Big V are beating the jungle drums very loud about Knox going back to Big V.

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Years ago

@knox loyalist

Not a chance - I will definitely still be at Knox next year.

Despite there are a few good coaches leaving (as is the case at most clubs when we operate in a financially unstable environment like junior coaching!), there are many good coaches who remain. Hoping to get one who is involved with VYCM back involved at a junior level next season too.

Coaching development struggling at Knox with a lack of a DOC - however, the Acting BOM is doing a great job keeping people involved who should be involved.

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

I do hope knoz can stir through the mess and come out clean.

all clubs with big facilities will hold debt at one stage or another...just got to have a good plan to trade back to a more managable sum and as with most business when you get back to square you look to expand again to continue growth & making the business stronger.

Best of luck to them and i hope they can stick in SEABL for the long term.

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Years ago

Knox loyalist.

I am not dumb, some may differ on that but really I am just trying not to get caught up in all the passion around this and keep my focus on the key facts and a way forward.

The facts are from my understanding :

1. Knox was in a mess and needed change. Do you not agree they were in a financial mess? If you agree than change must happen, again do not follow the Nokia head in the sand approach.

2. Any new Management has the right to review the team and in a crisis Management must have a team they can trust will deliver for them.

To all again please if you got burnt in the change than remember why you did/do this it's FOR THE KIDS!
Stop all this fighting and ask what you can do to help the club and really deliver it for the club.

Knox Loyalist:

So what are you going to do to help or are you going to join the other do nothing complainers?
I think from your posts that you will help were you can and I thank you for this!

Reply #429097 | Report this post

Years ago

Knox Loyalist:

Sorry about last line. I see you are still helping and that is great. Try and get behind the new management at least for a while.

Have a great night.

Reply #429098 | Report this post

Years ago


Hey all the best I know your heart is in the right place.

Best of luck dealing with all this but keep focused on what is best for the kids.

Maybe you could fix the under 18 domestic comp as it is a joke in Knox. Check out Nunawading under 18's it is as passionate and fun as Knox domestic U14's.

Reply #429101 | Report this post

Years ago

Just saying if Knox does go to Big V.
Men..Gone: Massingale,Strong,Hill Phillip,Page,
Possible departure: S.Carroll,Coach
Women.. Gone: Coach,Richards,Wilson,Allan,Fryters,
Possible departure:Greaves,Donald,May,Quirk

Reply #429102 | Report this post

Go for it  
Years ago

Looks like they won't be buying any more premierships in the near future!!!

Reply #429113 | Report this post

Years ago

Forgetting the incredible commentary above, a move to BigV carries many implications, here are some to think about:

- should the BigV require Knox to make a medium term commitment? ie, should they say, "unless you are here for 5 years forget it". The BigV was badly damaged by Dandenong's behaviour last time around and the bigV trashes its own brand if it simply allows programs to come and go, and use it as a halfway house
- the naming of players likely to leave is irrelevant, as even if they stayed in SEABL, they would be likely to leave as you think staying in SEABL means player budgets would be slashed
- what damage does this do to SEABL, where equalisation is very dependent on non-traveling Melbourne sides - meaning costs go up for everyone else - what does that do to Albury, Mt Gambier, NWT etc
- with rumours around that Nunawading have also talked BigV, could Knox jumping also cause them to jump, or does it make them more likely to stay?

Reply #429115 | Report this post

Years ago

Poison is marked with an X

Beware of shit stirers

Reply #429116 | Report this post

David P  
Years ago

I did not vote for Kerrin Jones

I did not vote for any of the other new board members, because nobody contested the vacant positions.
The new board believes in the Association, enough to put up their hands.
Now they must prove their worth.

For whatever reason, we find ourselves with a debt that needs to be managed.
In relative terms it is no greater than the liability that was upon us at the opening of Boronia.

It is time to look forward, to the best interests of the kids and the global game.

It is time EVERYONE put aside personal agendas.
STOP trying to influence decisions & placements.
Until May next year "It is what it is".
Let's pull together and make it work.

The minor changes in JDC will ensure that there is continuity in the strength of the Domestic Program.

I have put my hand up to assist with KJR - whether a named position, or otherwise, it does not matter. I have experience to share.
Not to listen to crap, just to help the kids and families of Knox enjoy Basketball.

In the immediate; teams are competing & attempting to make finals.
Give the support that is deserved.
Knox U14 Girls have qualified to represent us in the Australian National Tournament.
They require our support, on & off the court.
It is a costly exercise to have the best preparation:
If you are able to help with the fund raising efforts of these families – please speak up.
Sponsor arrangements, or general donations can be discussed, please contact the office.
(Any spare folding will be much appreciated).

David Phillips
(I am happy to put my name on record)

Reply #429120 | Report this post

Years ago

Interesting to read the possibly actionable comments being made in this forum by people who have no understanding of what has actually happened in recent times. The former Chair of Junior raiders has been a great servant to the Association but was defeated at an election, not by proxy votes, but by a majority of the Junior Clubs in attendance. Under the constitution, which has obviously not been read by many contributors to this forum, any sub committee can be dissolved by the Executive and reformed at any time. As I understand this is what has happened, nobody has been sacked but a new committee has been appointed, and this has been done before. The thing everyone should be worried about is the financial situation the Association finds itself in currently. This is what we should be concentrating on and we should be grateful that there are people prepared to work towards sorting this out. Pie in the sky "millions in sponsorship" should never, ever, be relied upon for the financial viability of the Knox Association, what is required to keep us strong is setting budgets that can finance the operations of the sport. I hope the current board at Knox receive the support and assistance they deserve from all true lovers of the game. These people have put their hands up to try and get the Association out of this current mess and they should be congratulated not denigrated by people with an axe to grind. As for the chairperson of Junior raiders she deserves to be given the respect she deserves for taking on a very difficult and testing position not sniped at anonymously!!

Reply #429121 | Report this post

Years ago

To anon, you certainly were not involved with the counting of votes or you would not make the ridiculous claim about proxy votes making the difference. Senior proxy votes were not a factor in the count I know this to be a fact because unlike you I actually counted them.

Reply #429124 | Report this post

Years ago

Good one spectator, put him back in his box.

Reply #429125 | Report this post

Jack Toft  
Years ago

A $500K loss may seem like a massive amount, but if the organisation turns over several million as they would, then as a % of the turnover, the amount could be re-couped with some clever fund raising and accounting.

Any sponsorship agreement is not worth the paper it is written on until the money is in the bank. Sometimes you need to "unleash" the debt collectors to recover their obligations.

In the case of Knox, I hope the pain be short term.

Reply #429128 | Report this post

knox loyalist  
Years ago


Glad you are sticking around. Word is KJ not happy with your results in missing nationals last two years. Tough it out mate you have youth and potential on your side.

Bringing back DJ Mif is a coup. Sherbrooke will not be happy.

Reply #429131 | Report this post

Years ago

Thanks Dude41 - I still think i have what it takes to coach rep. Do you know of anyone ever getting 14-5 into Metro2?I love Knox and have a lot of good friends(for life)But unfortunately they put more importance into keeping troublemakers than good people!!

Reply #429134 | Report this post

Years ago

P>S> - Dave I have supported u/14-1 fundraising to the nationals and have fingers crossed that they can win.I also will be buying a knox raiders membership just like I have for the last 10 years - even though I can get in for free as a raiders coach.Dave I know you're legit and like you I hope the Raiders can get through all that is going on - might need a few changes though!!!

Reply #429137 | Report this post

Years ago

Spectator she deserves the respect of no one. She has been in the position for 5 min an d already torn. The place apart.

Tell me what credentials she has to appoint coaches... What a joke!

The financial position of knox is not that bad it was always going to be expensive initially to move into the state centre...... Are you that naive to believe this groups motivation was for the financial good of the association hahahaha it was a smokescreen for their grab at power

Reply #429138 | Report this post

Years ago

Why do people call it a grab at power ,when they seek to be elected onto a board or position. Surely any position that requires you to be voted in is only temporary and not a job for life.
Also love the way people get on here and say ALL of this and ALL of them..speak for yourself and maybe the 20 people who you know agree with you but you are definitely not the appointed spokes person for the whole club

Reply #429139 | Report this post

Years ago

And what are your credentials, "anonymous" to make the claims you are making, as I understand the current administration has the support of the majority of the Associations Clubs. These people do deserve our respect because unlike you and the other snipers they put their hands up to help get Knox out of an extremely difficult situation. As for qualifications for selecting personnel for KJR, the former holder of this position was in a similar position when she was first appointed, not elected, to the position. I have the utmost respect for Heather, but she made mistakes early in the piece also, but with support, she grew in to the position. The current holder of this position is entitled to the same support, she was elected by the clubs to do the job, not you or any of the other denigrators. I suggest that next elections perhaps you should show the same fortitude Kerrin has shown and put yourself up for office, but somehow I don't think that will happen. Meanwhile if you want Knox to thrive again, try showing it by not being negative and start supporting the greatest basketball association in the country.

Reply #429141 | Report this post

knox loyalist  
Years ago

@ Brianw.

Brian I have known you for some time. I also know what you have done for basketball at Rep and Domestic level. You have been poorly treated - no question.

I have recently heard Ian Firth has been given similar treatment. Complaint from parent was investigated and Firth was cleared.

KJ didn't wait for investigation findings which took some six weeks. She appoacched a permanent replacement for Firth the very next day.

Guilty until you prove your innocence - give KJ a go you say.!!!!

Lets see what we have.

Two coaches terminated and reputations permanently damaged We have probably the best junior development coach In our program not applying for a job next season because KJ has a personal grudge against him.We have four other experienced coaches leaving because of Kj's alleged interference in coaching appointments.

Give her a go you say!!!!!!!!!!!

@ spectator

Please don't give me any more BS excuses about KJ giving up her time for the betterment of KBI.

And people suggest we support her and give her a chance. Rubbish we have seen her operate as a parent and a KJR committee member over some six years where she showed her colours. We have seen more than enough of this women to know how she operates. You are obviously not close to this and therefore would not know her history.

Ask the FTG and Wasps domestic clubs what sort of person she is. I know of at least two new board members who in a short time working with her are concerned about her behaviour.

You say give her a go cause she's new. She has already misled the chairman. She has dismissed the KJR committee and elected her own committee with consulting KJR members.

How many posts do we need to understand this lady is a dictator.

People who continue to justify her election to the board obviously don't want to recognise the history of behaviour of this vindictive and malicious person.

I don't care who you are or what you say, you cannot defend the indefensible.

You are right the kbi junior domestic clubs have elected her. This shows the faults in the consitution. 80% of kbi junior clubs wouldn't know or care about the kjr program. Nor would they know who HR is.

If you had an election of only the KJR members, KJ vs HR Id bet my house on HR in a landside majority.

In other words KJ was elected by people who had little or no knowledge or understanding of the KJR program.

If you scroll back over these posts many people share. Y views.

Maybe the only way to test this would be to get relevant people to vote ie. KJR Parents. KJ vs HR in a secret ballot.

I can damn well tell you the outcome for KJ would be embarrassing.

Reply #429143 | Report this post

Years ago

Anon, Precisely why the Knox Constitution was set up the way it is, KJR is a sub committee of th association and answerable to th executive and the member clubs. Th eassociation cannot have the tail, KJR, wagging the dog, KBI, and I have a fairly long history in both organizationsv so I understand very well how they work. If you think you have the support you have the option of getting a special meeting of the association called to discuss the situation upsetting you. But your problem with this is you need the support of 10 percent of the members which I sincerely doubt you have
Your other option is to try and change the constitution but to do this you need 75 percent of the members to vote for your changes, again you will not succeed. I have been a member of the association for a very long time and this sort of in fighting does very little to assist in providing our kids with good coaching and a financially viable association.

Reply #429145 | Report this post

Years ago

@ knox loyalist

Haha I doubt the DJ is back is coming back, but I'm hoping DC may be. I don't know but am hoping he would come back.

I appreciate the fact I may not seem to deserve the 14s again at Knox after failing to make Nationals over the past two years. Interesting that my success in Season 2012 is being defined by that, despite a semi-final loss to eventual champion Nunawading and all top-age players making either the u16 1st or 2nd side. That said, I'm a coach and we are in it for the kids so if I end up with the u12-6s then so be it.

Reply #429147 | Report this post

knox loyalist  
Years ago

@ domma.

Precisely my man. 2012 was a g8 year for you.

And this is why coaches are challenging KJ's credentials to assess and appoint coaches. It will be interesting who replaces you. They have big shoes to fill.

Reply #429148 | Report this post

Years ago

Knox loyalist - I agree 100% with your comments. Domma you are not only a good coach you are a good(knox) person as well.As coaches we are always open for critism - but IMO you are doing your best which is pretty good.

Reply #429153 | Report this post

Years ago

Did Heather take away the role of selecting coaches from the BOM like KJ has done

Why did she sack KJR committee

I know that she is within her right to sack the entire KJR committee however why was there no election, why did she feel the need to appoint her own people, since you have been around so long how many times has this happened.

Of recent times the only mistake HR made was the Handeling of Brian Williams, but she came in and did the as me thing in her first 2 min.

She has given one of her new committee members the 16-1 girls and she has only coached 1 season

Hahaha let's give her a break.... No

Reply #429159 | Report this post

Years ago

Anonymous, to my knowledge at least twice in 30 years the KJR committee has been dismissed and a new group installed until elections could be called and new rules put in place. Heather was appointed to the chair the second time this happened along with Jenny Michell and they ran KJR for a time together. This is all possible under the KBI constitution and can be done at any time by the Executive if they decide it is necessary for the organization to succeed. Changes have been made and we all hope for the betterment of the sport and for the children that participate. It is incumbent on us all to keep an eye on proceedings from now on and hopefully the Association can move on from its present predicament,

Reply #429172 | Report this post

Years ago


Do you think she should be appointing coaches

Do you think she should have sacked the under 12-1 coach and appointed a new coach before an investigation was finalised ( which cleared him)

Do you think Dom has not performed as coach over the past 2 years

Do you think it is appropriate she has given the 16-1 girls to one of her new committee members who has very limited coaching experience

Today I hear the BOM position has already been offered to someone and yet the applications don't close till Friday


Reply #429200 | Report this post

Years ago


Good post

Reply #429206 | Report this post

Years ago

@ Spectator and David Phillips.

I really admire your support to Kerrin and your ability to deflect the FACTS on how she has operated as a KJR parent and committee member.

She left the KJR committee in anger PUBLICLY threatening Heather Reid and one of Knox's best coaches on the way out the door.She left no one in doubt that if she got her way they would both be finished at Knox.

Kerrin's husband (Trevor)spent countless hours spruiking to people around the domestic clubs how he was going to use his influence as a major sponsor to convince the KBI Board to get rid of Tony Smyth.

Tony is still coaching at Knox today. Kerrin & Trevor are so incensed by this that they began to personally attack Heather, accusing her of surpressing information to protect Tony.

In an attempt to pacify Kerrin & Trevor, the KBI executive decided the complaint lodged by the Jones should be handed over to an independant body in this case Basketball Victoria for their investigation.

Statements were sourced from parents in the team associated with the Jones child. There was also clear and conclusive video evidence submitted.

Mr Glennon from BV fully investigated the matter and found there was no case for Tony to answer.

Not satisfied with this, Trevor went back to Mr Glennon on three separate occasions appealing his decision without success.

Since then both Kerrin & Trevor have made it well known that both Heather and Tony were targets.

History shows she was successful in getting rid of Heather. And the word around basketball circles is Tony is not intending to apply for a coaching position this year because Kerrin has made it known to people in authority that she will not have him involved whilst she is Chair of KJR.

Now Spectator and David Phillips - I know Tony will be filthy when he hears his name has been mentioned on this forum. I'll wear the consequences of that.

However, I have taken this step to further highlight there can be no denying there is a consistent pattern to Kerrin Jones past and most recent behaviour.

I am all for the betterment of Knox Basketball and I am supportive of the new board and the challenges it has taken on.

But it an undeniable FACT that you have a person who's motives are questionable and not in sync with her fellow board members!!!

Reply #429209 | Report this post

Years ago

Does KJR stand for Knox Junior Raiders or Kerrin Jones Raiders?????????

Reply #429213 | Report this post

Years ago


Best of luck and you have a great attitude. I hope you get a strong team that you deserve but I note some other clubs have moved some of there stronger coaches to 3 and 4 development teams (U 14 and 16) to find and develop the young talent in these groups.

Best of luck again.

Reply #429217 | Report this post

Years ago

Knox Loyalist,

Now I have read every one of your 4 posts in these you have stated:

1. Coaches reputation permanently damaged by KJ?
2. Best coach not returning due to KJ?
3. WASP and FTG will tell you what type of person KJ is?
4. KJ mislead the Chairman?
5. 80% of KBL clubs do not care about the league?
6. KJ was elected by people who know nothing about Knox Basketball.
7. Spector posts are BS Excueses.
8. Dude41 is Dumb.

Wow what a lot of BS from one person and I should say some of it boarding on slander, good luck if you get sued (hiding behind a fake name will not help, it is easy to find you out).

I guess I am dumb as I bought into your first statement than applogised to you, well from what you have written I would have to say KNOX is better if you just leave.

Even others who are not happy and have much more at stake such as David, Brain and Domma are putting their efforts into moving forward. You are just a sad person are looking backwards.

I will not waste my time replying to the above points but just say to everyone please do not even reply to Knox Loyalist's posts (this will be my last reply) in the future. It just continues this silly debate.

David, Brain and Domma my hats off to you guys, and as David stated

"It is time EVERYONE put aside personal agendas.
STOP trying to influence decisions & placements.
Until May next year "It is what it is".
Let's pull together and make it work."

So end my posts.

Reply #429239 | Report this post

Years ago

WOW - and based on what has been said on here about Southern Tigers I thought they had problems!!

Reply #429249 | Report this post

Years ago

Hey dude41.

Correct me if I'm wrong. It's only slanderous if what you say is wrong and damaging?

Knox loyaltist seems to giving plenty of examples which are being backed by others.

Can you be sued for telling the truth?

Reply #429259 | Report this post

Years ago

What about if you are posting using an internet cafe?

Reply #429285 | Report this post

David P  
Years ago


My allegiance is to the kids of Knox & hope to assist in their transition from Domestic into Rep.
My support is without prejudice.

I like, respect and voted for Heather Read

We move on...

These are the only facts I need to state.

Like Dude41 I will no longer post to this futile & vitriolic forum.

Reply #429293 | Report this post

David P  
Years ago

Sorry Heather Reid

& that is it from me

Reply #429294 | Report this post

Years ago


Sometimes you sound sincere - then bitter

I think you are probably the first victim of X-Factor

X is poison
Feeds on shit does not go away & causes much grief
Maybe FTG has a compost heap

Reply #429297 | Report this post

Years ago

Ok guys this is my last post also. There was an independant investigation into the "incident" I was involved in as coach of the u/14-3 girls.I was first told by Robbie B. that he MIGHT get rid of the 2 girls that accused me of grabbing their arms.I admitted I that I did grab 1 girls arm to get her attention,but never went near the other girl.I was called into the office the following night to be told that they were terminating me as coach because someone else had said they had seen me grab the second girls arm.I said that's bullshit and that I was being set-up.I asked who the person was but he would not tell me - great I couldn't defend myself!

I thought about it over night and realized it was probably my assistant coach - who was also the girls domestic coach at Knox Cougars.I rang the assist/coach the next morning and he said that he had made a mistake and would ring Robbie B. which he did. Robbie B then arranged a further meeting with me this time Heather was present.They told how disappointed they were with the ass/coaches evidence and were withdrawing the termination letter.They then interviewed the whole team and Robbie rang to say the meeting went well and I would be getting my team back.However they were suspending me for 2 weeks for admitting I grabbed the first girls arm -no tribunal hearing and I was not able to call witnesses. I stayed away from training and gamesfor the 2 weeks so kept my end of the agreement.

Reply #429315 | Report this post

Years ago

and then you headbutted your assistant coach (minor details)

Reply #429329 | Report this post

Years ago

Can we get to 100 posts? Come on guys you can do it! !!

Reply #429333 | Report this post

Years ago

Anon I have been cleared by an independant investigation of this!!!!
If you wish to go on about this matter can you
please have the courage and decency to use your real name as I have. There was no Headbutt.

Reply #429349 | Report this post

Years ago

what a sad sad club. Thankfully the VJBL only allows for 2 players to transfere into another team otherwise there would be a MASS walk out from this sinking ship. Bad management, bad coaches and quite obviously BAD members. Seems like moving to the new venue has had the opposite effect. Its brought out the worst in people and made a financial mess.

Reply #429360 | Report this post

Years ago

Sounds like this thread is getting almost libellous.

Reply #429371 | Report this post

Years ago

@ anon #428624

You must be pleased with your self in posting this letter on an open forum. The KBI letter was meant for Kbi members.

Why would you put this out for the world to see. You knew your actions would stir up emotions and doing so in an open forum would hurt the club.

What have you achieved other than publicly humiliate Knox and it's members.

To all who have responded - you have been suckered by this person.

What is his agenda? Who cares!!

By continuing to respond only feeds his malicious mind.

If you want Knox to prosper in the future, then ignore forums and resist the urge to comment.

Reply #429376 | Report this post

Years ago

My popcorn box is almost empty! Anyone else got some other goss to bring into the forum about Knox. It sure is entertaining

Reply #429386 | Report this post

Years ago

'What is his agenda? Who cares!!'

Clearly you care and got the response that you are saying people shouldnt respond too. Who's more of the fool now.

Reply #429387 | Report this post

Years ago

Anonymous #429387

TonyS makes sense - ie. don't comment cause you only feed these people's egos. Sta away from forums to protect Knox and its members.

You are right when you so he cares - about Knox not the agenda of this person.

How is he a fool?

Your post does not make any sense to me.

Reply #429402 | Report this post

Years ago

Don't keep feeding the trolls.
If someone cares to post an email that is for members only why is that a biggie?. The implosion of Knox should be public knowledge. Air all the dirty laundry and if that saves new people joining the club and getting caught up in their clearly poisonous environment fantastic.

Reply #429404 | Report this post

Years ago

Knox was once a family, now it is a jail cell.

Reply #429415 | Report this post

Years ago

A letter sent out to the general public finds its way into a forum GO FIGURE !!!. Perhaps the fool who wrote the letter should have anticipated it would get out given it was sent to so many people. Perhaps a better more carefully worded document would have made more sense.

Reply #429470 | Report this post

Years ago


This thread is just toxic. I mean seriously, clubs have ups and downs, power and control struggles and have wins and losses. Its the nature of competitive sport.

All Knox need to do is hire good leaders and managers who are determined to build a culture of accountability and transparency starting from the top down.

Knox have talent, need to attract talent and can be competitive next year in SEABL or wherever they go.

Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. New Management need to set the standard, hold everyone to the same vision and goals and work on providing an environment where team culture is the most important thing not personalities, egos or even individuals.

My 2 cents worth. I live in the area and would love to see Knox return as a basketball powerhouse.

Reply #429472 | Report this post

Years ago

Cut and paste the Knox situation at Frankston. CEO spending way over budget, and the Board not being accountable. Sad that 2 once great clubs are going backwards!

Reply #429580 | Report this post

Years ago

I dont think anyone wants to see any club have these issues, however its a sad day that its happening. Can it be reversed? Probably. Damage done? Massive.

Reply #429662 | Report this post

Years ago

Time to build a bridge and get over it people,
the members have spoken, some of you are disappointed with this but the fact is we now have to move on or leave.

Reply #429729 | Report this post

Years ago

Now that is libellous Joker. Time to suck it up Princess cause ain't no one listen to you anymore.

Reply #429807 | Report this post

Years ago

Well said kdb.

Reply #429888 | Report this post

Years ago

NO financial problems at Frankston. Change of management and alot of promises.Be interesting to see if he delivers. Only time will tell.

Reply #429889 | Report this post

Years ago

Brianw you are a tosser.

Reply #429890 | Report this post

Years ago

Good to see Knox Men beat the top of the Ladder Braves. Good luck to them next season where ever they may play.

Reply #429913 | Report this post

Years ago

What is this l hear, one of the new board has resigned.

Reply #429958 | Report this post

Years ago

new Vp went Saturday

Reply #429964 | Report this post

Years ago

Has'nt IW resigned once before. So is it that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Not good.

Reply #430008 | Report this post

Years ago

Just stating facts OzHoops.

Reply #430019 | Report this post

Years ago


Not that I am overly concerned these days what occurs at Knox Basketball. Always regarded it as being run by Rednecks. A lot of good people at Knox Basketball though particularly running the Domestic Clubs.
But it is good hear the Chairman of the JDC has been moved on, too much manipulating, influencing outcomes of the rules, tribunal, grading etc and obviously incompetent at being aboard member.

As for HR, not a fan either, but 5 years is long enough for these roles not 25 years. Get in add value and move on, too many people just hang around and add little value.
Just have a look at Basketball Victoria, full of grumpy old men, they now have a nice new castle to put their feet up in. At least they can thank Knox Basketball for that.

I suppose the only way is up now!


Reply #430342 | Report this post

Years ago

Hope Knox don't do a Dandy - Play Big V for a few years, save a heap of money then bugger off to ominat SEABL..

Screws the Big V over big time

Reply #430651 | Report this post

Years ago

Reply #430666 | Report this post

Years ago

Reply #430667 | Report this post


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