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2014/15 NBL considering marquee players, three imports

Article going up soon, he says. Something afoot.

Asian conference? NBA D-League affiliate?

Wow. Just got off phone with @NBL's Steve Dunn & yst had @CairnsTaipans coach Aaron Fearne saying ... well, wow. Hammering my keyboard now
Then later:
Sorry 4 tease, had 2 go write it. Be up at NewsLtd sites soon, I'll tweet link. This @NBL season will be last of its kind. Gr8 changes afoot
@NBL has realised entertainment is its priority and where its obligations lie. Exciting times ahead!

At least it will be better than this season being the last, full stop!

Part season as normal, then (or during) a competition where the best teams face off against Asian clubs? Basketball is pretty popular in the Philippines, Korea and China. Dunigan's in Korea now, right? Ex-NBA players play in China. Games here and over there could make for decent commercial opportunities - exposure for local sponsors and big crowds to see CBA imports.

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I immediately thought it was all over too.

Regional teams?

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What about all that talk about formalising links with the NBA? Could this be it?

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Happy Days  
Years ago

What about 3 points for a dunk.Lucky to see 2 dunks a game these days.

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@danieleade - must be going back to 48 minutes

@mrjohnnywhite @danieleade - probably something about music during games

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The Situation  
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Mr Johnny Eade  
Years ago

@mrjohnnywhite @danieleade really hurt my head.
wish i could put a filter on twitter and stop either of thier posts being retweeted by people i follow. perhaps it says something about the people i follow.

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Okay, waiting patiently, with interest...

I like the idea that entertainment may be big on the front line of their agenda, let's make sure the officials tow the line on that one and I'm sure the players will deliver!

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Biggest impact would be NBA affiliation or Asian championship series. In the case of the former, some sense of legitimacy. In the latter, gradual ramp up with TV/money to be able to increase our cap and value of players here.

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What about 3 points for a dunk. Lucky to see 2 dunks a game these days.

I'll 2nd that!

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Me to Boti:

@boti_nagy Hints? Too impatient.
Boti's reply:
@HoopsForum 2013-14 & topic we don't speak of - import restrictions. Why do we still have them? It will be on the table. And marquee players

@HoopsForum Oops. 2014-15 I meant.

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Interesting as a discussion point at the very least. On one hand, I think we could see fringe Australian NBL players on the outer in favour of SEABL and NZ NBL type imports. On the other, it's likely to be more entertaining and boundaries of nationality are somewhat arbitrary anyway.

If a points cap no longer applied, that wouldn't work in favour of the Macmillans, Teys, etc. Probably not even in favour of someone like Holmes? Wonder what the NBLPA might think?

I guess it would be up to each team to balance between entertainment and supporting their local basketball community.

The league could drop the import restriction, but require a penalty fee for each import over the first one or two. e.g., $20k import tax. So if you want to ditch Teys at the 36ers to add in Willie Farley on the minimum, you cough up a fee that goes towards league marketing or special events.

I think I'd be more comfortable with the idea if there remained protection for Australian players (young and old). A stronger underpinning league? A split season with regional games and a limitation on games played by imports? Extra imports can only play road games?

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Massive hype for a small change!

If 2-3 new teams come in next year it would make sense to allow an extra import, and a marquee rule is good so long as it is designed to encourage spending on top Aussie/NZ talent as well as imports.

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... but hype is good at this time of year!

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paul, at least it's something not regularly mentioned. We have our share of 48 minutes, marquee player, etc.

NBLPA might not stand for the rule in general. Increased competition would drive down the salaries of Australian players.

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Type faster boti!!

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No problem with the idea, as long as it comes with an increase in teams, just chuckling at 'the end of the world as we know it'!

Not really a game changer though, Germany got rid of import restrictions and didnt really help their league, in fact it hurt it, and they have only started recovering since reducing the number allowed.

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Clean the game up, call the fouls when they are there and bring back the silky skills. You will see more dunks if the game is more free flowing and the players can play clean bball. Won't matter how good the import is if they cant get past the defender as he is hanging on with both hands.

Some teams (we all know who) would have no players left on court if they actually called the hand checks/dirty defense tactics. Id go as far to say goorg wouldnt have won any championships if they called the over the top physical D.
As Johnny F stated its way too physical in the NBL when the player has the ball, no advantage hence the low scores and boring games for non basketball lovers..

If you want entertainment then clean it up firstly so players can actually entertain and show off their skills..

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Years ago

@igotmadskills ZING!!

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oh shit, I thought they were going to bring back the Magic Man - anyone else hear that on Hamish and Andy this week?

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Turns out the suggestion is of three imports rather than a free for all. With two new teams after this season, that isn't unreasonable. 14 new Australian spots added, potentially 7 removed. More jobs for everyone.

No panacea given so many of our imports aren't picked for showtime, but shouldn't hurt.

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3 points for a dunk is dumb, the next thing we'll be playing a 20/20 (cricket) type of game to make it 'entertaining'. If you don't like the game the way it's played, scatter. Can't keep changing and altering it to suit a league's needs, address external issues, don't change the game. May seem like one little rule but you leave the door open then to more and more and more changes.

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Should definitely go for the marquee rule for one Aussie and one import over allowing three imports for established clubs who already have talent.

I like the idea of allowing extra imports for new clubs though to allow them to be competitive early on without breaking the bank. Reasoning is here:

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paul, what about two import restriction. $20k "premium" paid if you want a third import. Premium is waived if you finished bottom 1-2 last season or are an expansion team in their first year.

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I like the idea of atleast one extra import per team and dont mind having no restrictions.

It may rule out a few fringe Aussies as Isaac said but the league would be better imo and more entertaining imo.

Townsville would have a better line up if they could replace say Hinder or Vanderjagt with say Rickert.

Adelaide could upgrade a guy like Teys to a Farley or Massingale type import.

Same would apply to most 9th/10th men id say.

It would also be great to see guys like Jazz Ferguson, McFarlin, Mercer, Wilson, Wright, Markson, etc from the NZ/SEABL given a go, lets face it they are probably better players and more entertaining than many of the back up Aussies.

At the end of the day who are people going to enjoy watching a guy like Vanderjagt or Rickert, a guy like Teys or Massingale/Farley type, to me it makes sense.

The NBL needs to sell tickets, if they can get a cheap

I'd personally limit it to 3-4 per team so it some what protects the Aussie talent, but would make a large difference to the league, especially for a team like the Crocs who couldnt get a top Aussie C and needed to use there import spots on other positions, so have ended up being a starter short, the extra import would solve that, make the league more even/exciting.

but i guess you could argue a team full of imports some stars, some cheaper types could be more entertaining/generate a higher revenue, than current teams, so could be arguments for allowing 10/unlimited imports, but then not sure Aussie fans would like to see too much local talent pushed out,

with an extra team or 2 entering the league hopefully in the next year or 2, would mean not too many current Aussies in the NBL would be pushed out if they allowed say 4 imports per team, so sounds good to me!

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Years ago

Mmm, I dont know. I would prefer to see teams with money spending it players with names, be they locals or imports.

What's the point of spending money on extra imports who arent better than the players currently in the league and dont generate extra publicity?

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NBA draft 2nd rounders would be an easy pick up, many this year are looking for jobs overseas as they need financial stability for there families, if clubs could offer 250k for a season or more (with out clause) . Im sure some like ennis would jump onboard, if the NBL gets a good name among imports the better quality players we will get and the more the league builds!

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Years ago

Agree Benno, if more teams can build relationships like Perth have it can only be better for the league.

And that's where a marquee rule for a couple of players can work, Wollongong cant afford those guys but can pick up imports just as good as they have shown. We just need the rest of the cap to be reduced to allow an even playing field.

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I like the idea of two imports plus a third one (marquee player) and raise the salary cap about $200K.

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Years ago

@paul use this season to figure all this out, even everything out and really pump up the 2014/15 season, I'm not much of an NBL fan myself but i know this game is building. Consistency is the key!

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Years ago

Yeah spot on.

The big changes shouldnt be to the on-court product though, they have to be to the off-court stuff that has been neglected for a long time.

There are only smart tweaks needed to what happens on court.

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Years ago

Yea id like to see a 700k cap, with the allowance of a Marquee player, say capped at $500k.

So a team spending a mil currently, can spend 300k on a marquee player without spending any more then what they are now. Maximum total spend being 1.2 mil, so clubs not going too crazy, as most probably wouldnt be able to afford much more anyway without sending themselves broke.

Not sure who you would get but would guys like Newley, Donta Smith, Cedric Jackson be easier to get/keep if you could spend say 300-500k? My guess is it would put you in the ball park for guys of that level, and that would be the reason to do it.

Also like the idea of spending the marquee spot on a NBA 2nd rounder, ala Perth this year, if you cant get a top line Aussie/NBL proven star import, would be great if all clubs could establish NBA links like this and build a strong reputation and bring out some great talent.

My guess is guys like Ingles, Andersen, Jawai would still be out of reach as would likely be making significantly more than $500k in Europe but could put you in the ball park for a lot of the others, would 300-500k be enough for Delly to not worry about Europe/D-league if he doesnt get a NBA contract?

3rd import rule also sounds good. Even if a cheaper one in some cases, the best example is the Crocs who to me look a starter short of being a strong team, if they could have the 3rd import, would solve it, and hence make the league stronger with more strong teams.

So liking both ideas, i hope they both happen personally.

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Years ago

Its simple, attract better players with more lucrative cash. This will make the league better than it is, which in turn will attract more highly skilled players to play in a more skilled league. The more highly skilled players in the league the stronger the league is. The more the league will grow and the more happy us aussie basketball fans will be!

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Years ago

True Benno, I agree with the need to increase the salary cap.

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Years ago

Unfortunately it's not quite that simple Benno. First, the money has to come from somewhere. Second, you have to make sure the clubs with more cash dont just dominate so the smaller clubs lose support and die.

It's about finding a way to balance the need to attract some marquee names who provide marketability. These ideas are good if the right framework for them can be found.

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Years ago

"We're about providing entertainment," Fearne said.

"We should have three imports per team and each team should register 12 players.

"When I started playing (NBL), we had Australian talents such as the Gazes, the Bradtkes, superstar Australians and the top college kids.

"But just look at this season and our best college kids like Dellavedova, (Ryan) Broekhoff and (Brock) Motum.

"They're not even giving us (the NBL) a year."

You tell me another major league in the world running with a two-import restriction," Fearne challenged.

There aren't many. (God bless Google).

"The Boomers pathway now is not just the NBL but Europe, the NBA, college," Dunn said.

"We have an obligation to our product.

"Basketball already is Australia's second biggest participation sport but 13th on eyeballs.

"We don't need to focus so much on participation but ways to get more eyeballs, more people wanting to see our league."


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Years ago

@paul the money will come over time as the league continues to grow! Yes i agree, strong named players will get the medias attention!

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Years ago

Isaac, NBA (through its China office) is already looking at an Asian/Oceanian type club tournament.

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Years ago

"You tell me another major league in the world running with a two-import restriction"

How many imports are Euroleague teams allowed?

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Years ago

Googling in an attempt to answer my own question (number of imports per Euroleague team): I can't find any mention of a restriction. But then why is it a big deal when an NBL player has a Euro passport (eg Kevin Lisch having an Italian passport apparently made it easier for him to get a spot on a team)? Is that just because the player/team doesn't then have to worry about visas?

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Years ago

I dont think Euroleague has any restriction, but national leagues in European countries have varying restrictions from 2 (Spain, Greece) right up to 9 in Germany!

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Years ago

Typo, that was meant to be 6 in Germany. Used to be as high as 11/12 from memory, or close to.

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Nathan of Perth  
Years ago

I do like the marquee idea. I follow the A-League as well and the Marquee rule has, by and large, worked very well, especially this last year.

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Years ago

will allow NZ to replace CJ Bruton with Kirk Penney when he retires and still keep the pieces they have built/developed.....great news.

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Nathan of Perth  
Years ago


Well, it sounds like people are starting to agitate in that direction, even people from Those Teams We Aren't Mentioning. The off-season changes make it sound like they're pushing to change the philosophy towards excitement/athleticism.

I think it would definitely be a good move.

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Years ago

Improve the way the game is called, the TV production, social media/highlights and advertising in local stadiums and there will be a huge improvement.

Then add in a well thought out marquee player(s) rule and I think we will be on the right track. Let's hope the new admin gets it done, the ideas I have heard from HQ are certainly very good so fingers crossed.

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Years ago

@paul totally agree, they are all pretty easy things to change which gives the league a great outlook. Someone just needs to implement them. Thankfully it seems like things are changing.

I think we need to focus more on AUS and NZ and not worry as much about the Asian market until we get ours right. We should however get some nba stars to come to AUS after their china tours, they will get similar receptions to kyrie so hopefully kyrie can start a trend.

76ers v boomers would be nice in a few years once bbrown gets em going.

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Years ago

Love the idea of a marquee rule.

Look at what A-League clubs have been able to attract ( who cares if they're at the back end of their career...look what Del Piero did for Sydney!)

The idea would be for clubs to get maybe 2 average imports and one absolute stud (the latter being the marquee player).

I don't know how effective it would be for those teams that just went out and got another average/run of the mill import.

If they did that then theyd see no return on the 300k or so they used to get the marquee import....because average imports won't help drive TV viewership, crowd attendances nor league interest and media coverage.

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Years ago

3 imports and a marquee player rule for Australian players only would be great and dropping points system. None of the teams would pay big dollars for the 3rd import anyways, and would end up used on a SEABL type player coming off the bench as a 6th man. If it helps the league to make it more competitive and increase the overall talent level that can only be good for the Australian players to improve themselves but also get more seats filled.
We do need more teams though to join the league before we could make it work however. 2 teams to kick it off and a plan to increase by a team or 2 over the following 5 years.

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Years ago

"Should definitely go for the marquee rule for one Aussie and one import over allowing three imports for established clubs who already have talent."

Totally agree with Paul.

3 imports is just such a poor idea. At this important moment in Australian basketball really smart solutions are need to be develop and implemented.

Get rid of the points system so teams don't make decisions for there last one or two players based on what points are left. delaney delaney, DELANEY at the Hawks.

use a separate cap for the 2 positions of marquee for one Aussie and one import. Then a cap for the rest/remaining players. and give each team an AIS Cadet for the season at no cost so it doesn't stop them going to college if they want to go.

it should be a system to promote talented Aussie players not have an easy fix by just using imports.

Don't get me wrong there should be imports in this league but they should be the absolute absolute best we can get... and that costs money so go for one that is excellent not three (over have the on court team in 10 minute quarters). of course the Aussie marquee would keep good players here longer or bring them back...

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Years ago

ok. Go for the marquee player rule all you like. Just don't compare it to the a-league.

There is precious little evidence that the marquee player rule has any medium or long term impact in the a-league. And a second year marquee player has basically no impact at all. Which means you are potentially back to rotating imports every year.

However, given 5 on court, it needs to be tried in basketball.

However, it does not fix the fundamental problems of the league.

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Years ago

(over half the on court team used in 10 minute quarters)

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Years ago

"There is precious little evidence that the marquee player rule has any medium or long term impact in the a-league."

in terms of exposure sydney and aleague mgt would totally disagree with you regarding del piero and all his team mates would disagree with you on his ability to play and make those around him better.

same with Ono and Broich

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Years ago

Get rid of the points system so teams don't make decisions for there last one or two players based on what points are left. delaney delaney, DELANEY at the Hawks.
I don't think Delaney has ever had a full roster spot. Just development position.

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Years ago

I think by having one marquee player is going to kill the league. This guy will come in and think he is the shit. Making so much more than anyone else on the team will mess with chemistry. Mark My Words

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Years ago

I like marquee rule, but one issue is how good the NBL is. We had the leading scorer from last WCs and Olympics play in NBL and while very good players did not stand out from the pack of top players.

People expect marquee players to stand out, if not they lose interest in watching them as happened with Mills and Flynn.

Where do you consistently get players better than Penney and Mills for less than $1million?

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Years ago


You completely misinterpret the premise.

I did not say del pierro and numerous others cannot play. I did not say it did not cause publicity.

These are only meaningful if they boost crowds consistently, along with viewership. The impact however is short term only.

I have detailed here many times the true impact (or lack thereof), of A-league marquee players on crowd levels.

A blip, not a bump...

A-league crowds are still not back to the levels they were six seasons ago (07/08 was their best season by far). They remain well below that level. In that time they have removed their worst drawing teams, and last season in particular, attracted exceptional marquee players....

The evidence, as opposed to the optimism, does not measure up. The damage, realised in part already by Victory, is what happens the season after your best "marquee" player leaves - the one-upmanship cannot continue forever.

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Years ago

I hope that the league can upgrade his sponsorship from Virgin (Australia) and players and support staff can get free travel through out the season and if we go into Asia then you'd gather that would help make it beneficial to our community based teams.

I'm not sure how I feel about 3 imports as I've always been a fan of making imports naturalized and rewarding teams for their loyalty with players and hope that this continues long into the future

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Years ago

People expect marquee players to stand out, if not they lose interest in watching them as happened with Mills and Flynn.

Yeah okay!

Patty Mills in his 9 games with the Tigers had them top of the table at 6-3, was leading the league in scoring and top five in assists.

Jonny Flynn was 2nd in the league in scoring, 2nd in the league in assists but did lead the league in turnovers per game (Cedric Jackson in total).

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Years ago

No so sure the NBL is quite ready for the marquee player yet.

I tend to agree with HO on this one, don't compare a game played outdoors in a 50,000+ capacity stadium to Hoops when looking at something like a marquee because Soccer has that broader audience (makes it easier for soccer to promote the marquee concept)!

The other ideas seem pretty good, but I think the money that a club would throw at a single player 'marquee' if you like, would be better served with three imports and no restrictions on the points...

Improve the product, sure, but we still need to walk before we run IMHO.

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Years ago

I agree Bear,

What about a half way of each

ie Rosters of upto 12 players, soft salary cap of 700k, you may sign one player outside of that, ie 11 within the 700k and then sign 1 player for upto say 400k, but no minimum spend, do not have spend above the 700k cap, so hard cap of 1.1 million. Teams are allowed to sign upto 3 imports.

For every dollar spent over say 950k, you pay a luxury tax of say 50c, which is distributed to the teams under the 950k, which are likely to be the community teams.

If say teams are currently spending on average say 900k, they could still afford a 200k 'marquee player' without spending any more than they currently are, teams like Perth who look as if they could spend a bit more could sign a 400k guy, total spend of 1.1 mil, that could be enough to even keep Lisch around for them, which is also great for the league.

Make the 11th and 12th spots, part time and pay around 20k.

I'd keep the points cap, but increase it to say 85, to accommodate an extra import and a roster of a total of 12 guys, ie you could add a new import and a player of upto 5 points to any current roster.

Would this achieve sort of the best of both worlds, without forcing anyone to spend more than they are already, but adding a little bit of extra for those who want to, plus forces the clubs to spend a little more say 200k on one guy rather who is at a higher quality, ie every team ends up with a Ervin/Deleon type import, who lets face it are more exciting than most Aussies without really spending any more.

Thinking of current rosters if these rules where in place.

36ers (spend at current levels say around 1 mil)

C Johnson/Schenscher/Vasiljevic
PF Petrie/Anthony
SF Frye/Creek
SG Gibson/Farley
PG Ervin**/Cadee/Daly

Basically replacing Teys with Farley, who even at his age is likely the better player and would put more bums on seats, and Daly and Pero keep there spots.

Ervin has the Marquee spot, and being able to pay him 200-300k would more likely lock him in for a couple of years in the NBL atleast which is great for the league and if its with the 36ers even better as it allows the fans to keep a longer term import a bit like what used to happen, when guys like even Brooks, Mee, Farley play several seasons at 1 club, which doesnt happen as much these days, especially the top line imports.

Crocs (Community team, so fitting roster under say 700-800k, no real 'marquee player'

C Rickert/Vanderjagt/Hinder
PF Conklin/Holmes
SF Blanchfield/Henry
SG Crawford/Pace
PG Markovic/Norton/Djeric

To me that team is so alot better, isnt a starter short as the current crocs are at C, and would be far more competitive. So this would help the more community teams without spending much/if any more than they currently are.

Hawks (another cheaper roster, along the same lines as the Crocs)

C Davidson/Gruber
PF Forman/2 young Aussie bigs
SF Import (Jordan Gregg)/Coenraad
SG Hurdle/Demos/ young Aussie guard
PG R.Clarke/R.Martin

Ie can have a import sg and sf which they need to have a strong starting 5 imo, and not really spend a cent more than they currently are, as Hurdle/import sf would be cheap. Also keeps a fan favourite in Hurdle around, also great for the league/club.

Perth (plenty of money, will spend the full 400k on Lisch to keep him, roster of 1.1 mil)

C Knight/Will Hudson/Jervis
PF Redhage/Wagstaff
SF Ennis/Hire
SG Lisch**/Burdon/Muo
PG D.Martin/R.Carter

Lisch, marquee player on 400k, decides to stay in the NBL.

So it would allow the Wildcats to keep Lisch, still grab Ennis and get a import big man (Hudson) to help out Knight/be insurance if he gests hurt, which are things they currently cant do, would only cost them an extra 100k, also likely give them the points to keep R.Carter (even though i doubt the points are really the issue)

So to me adding the extra import and a slight increase of the hard cap, improves all of the above rosters, a cheap (Townsville/Wollongong), Medium spend, ie no more than current cap (36ers), big club (Wildcats, they dont have to chose between a import sg and C, they can have both which it seemed like they wanted to)

All should be more entertaining to, even if only a player off the bench, ie Farley for Teys, Perth keep a stud in Lisch, Townsville/Wollongong end up with a propper starting 5.

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Years ago

This is about 5 years over due!!!! Great news if this can get off the ground, league needs to show some creativity in its attempt to make it more enteraining.

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Years ago

So how will you enforce this hard cap?
The NBL couldnt do it. The new NBL will have far less chance. never heard anything so ridulous. The NBL is close to folding. This if implemented will be the final blow.
Kings have cut their spend back for this season, Crocs, Taipans and Hawks are already close to folding. The last 3 teams didnt want to and in all realiry chose not to spend the full cap now Fearne was a maruee player? Tell him his pulling himslef.

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Years ago

Well thats why i want to keep the points cap, just raise it to 85, and allow 3 imports, and 12 man rosters.

I see huge benefits to all teams in allowing the flexibility of 3 imports, with or without the marquee player or salary cap changes.

could keep the salary cap identical really, clubs can just chose to do what i was saying with the marquee player, ie spend the 600-700k on most of there roster and then the rest on one player, if they wish,

i was just thinking of rules to put in place to make it a bit more structured with the hard and soft cap, and a marquee player without spending significantly more overall but i do agree it would be impossible to police, hence keeping the points cap

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Years ago

I like the idea of - 2 x imports + 1 x "bring an aussie home" a 10 point player not included in salary cap,but with increased points cap(85)

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Years ago

All just @@@@@@@ into the wind, 3rd Marquee import would send most clubs bust. I would rather employ more australians and stop teams stacking themselves.

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Years ago

What, so just keep doing what we have been doing for the past few years a die a slow agonising death, no thanks, let's try something at least...

@Hawkeye, everything is a risk mate, but doing nothing at all is the biggest risk of all!

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Nathan of Perth  
Years ago

Wildcats had a nice half-page advert showing off Ennis in his Miami Heat gear in the inside cover of the The Wests's sports pages. Nice to see them putting in the yards to capitalise on the signing.

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Years ago

probably should be..... 1 x import + 1 x "bring an aussie home"

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Years ago

Agree, dont do nothing, have 1 import

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