Years ago

BSA thinking of points system of CABL

interested on peoples thoughts on this

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Years ago

Seems like a smart thing to consider especially as it is nigh impossible to control any type of salary cap.

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Years ago

And who would be deciding the points?

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Years ago

big mistake it is exactly why the NBL is not that popular - all leagues need disparity, it is what makes the competition, even teams takes away underdogs, dynasties not to mention gambling when you look at nbl etc - the better the disparity the more popular a sport will be, it builds story lines and development pathways once in the league.

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Years ago

Only 1 team per division advocates at work

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Years ago

dione92 nicely said.

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Years ago

Dynasties rise and fall much like in history, clubs have seen the top and succumb like all good dinosaurs Sturt will succumb to the rise of South.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Any system would need to ensure that juniors are not compromised. It would be terrible to see a player who started in U10's not be able to play CABL due to an administrative ruling. Perhaps those players who have come through the junior ranks are exempt.

I think the real issue with the CABL is the distribution of elite players between the clubs. Having a draw like the Crows used to have could help, but having elite players play is better than not having them play at all. (ie dummy spit because they are forced to play somewhere)

I know a former SOS member was talking about allocating a Sixer per club to try to build the relationships between clubs and the Sixers, but never grew legs.

As with any system, planning is the key. Why is it needed in the first place? What are the aims? How will one know if it is working? What is the process to refine it if needed?

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Years ago

I brought this up a little while ago as I have seen it work in Country Football really well.

Here's my previous thoughts...

Here would be my recommendations....

The league need to make every team as competitive as possible.

We need to try and keep the Sixers here in SA playing in the CABL somehow. Sometimes I think is this a restriction of trade but on the flip side I think it is in the Sixers best interest to keep the players local so they can work on their games individually.

So here's a couple of idea's.

How much is it worth to the Sixers to keep their players local? Is $3,500 out of the question? Add this amount onto the contract with a requirement that they play CABL and that the team they are playing for will at a maximum match it.

My guess is $400 a game would be a decent match payment for these guys. This also allows local clubs to not spend their whole budget on one player.

Introduce a draft type system like the SANFL do with AFL players. Going on last season the bottom team has the first selection and so on down to Forestville. Allow the clubs to select the players that best suits their requirements.

The first season will see all teams pick up a player who has no affiliation to a local club. Players who have an affiliation have the opportunity to play for that club.

Then on top of that, as country football leagues do, introduce a points system not unlike the NBL one where each player has a points rating. NBL/Euro/Imports get allocated 3 points, 2 points say for SEABL players, 2 points for a player from a team within the league and 1 point for local players, 0 points for players under 18 years of age.

The allocate points to each team, say 12 points per team (10 players each night to be selected) or even as some clubs do, allocate them according to where they finish on the ladder at the end of the minor rounds, so say 10 points for top 2, 11 points 3-5, 12 points 6th and 7th and 14 points for the bottom 2 teams, (obviously this would need to be looked at in more detail).

This system at first was introduced because the salary cap just wasn't working, just like in the NBL. But I feel looking at a lot of local football leagues they haven't been this close in a long time. You also see teams who finish down the bottom move up the ladder a lot quicker.

This would also stop teams from stacking their teams with NBL players like Norwood have, would restrict poaching players from other clubs as much and would also encourage clubs to play local players and promote juniors.

Surely three things that supporters and clubs want is an even competition, NBL players in our league and locals playing for their home club?

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Years ago

this is about athletes who play all their junior basketball with one club and go on to play decent minutes in the NBL/WNBL then become restricted players.

Strong development clubs can faced with the situation that they can not have all their own juniors return to play CABL because they have more than 2 classed as restricted.

These athletes should not be classed as restricted players if they are playing for the club they played all their juniors with

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Years ago

Agreed anon above. These players would be assigned minimum points if playing for their junior club but higher for anyone else.

As it stands the so called salary cap is not in place and certainly not controllable in CABL. This is a compromise to ensure some evenness of the comp and also reward loyal club players and also juniors who stay with their club into seniors.

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Years ago

big mistake it is exactly why the NBL is not that popular
That's a load of crap.

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Years ago

I don't mind the thought of a points system in CABL.
The problem is that BSA will administor it...

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Years ago

Name one player who plays NBL/WNBL and actually wants to play CABL but can't because of the current rules.

That nonsense is the same as the Barlow/NBL rubbish some try to make the public believe re the points cap

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Years ago

Sturt couldn't have all their junior girls or boys play.




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Years ago

Holes hill and foreman aren't coming back to play for sturt anyway

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Years ago

what is norwoods womens abl team looking like this season ?

I can appreciate the argument as any new lightning programme player seems to go to norwood.

But we dont want juniors being forced away.

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Years ago

#716 as above I'm asking who actually was stopped from playing. None of those players want to play CABL so the rule isn't stopping them from playing.

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Years ago

I reckon they be referring to national league players in abl teams isn't it capped at 2 plus bench / restricted minutes players? So you couldnt have Ange Laura and Emma they all be starters in wnbl.

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Years ago

Well now Lewis is playing low minutes that means Norwood will probably help themselves to another Lightning player seen as Lewis wouldn't qualify as a restricted player I don't believe. So nothing is going to be different to any other year. Hard to compete with really.

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Years ago

Yes the Norwood team has lightning players, but the difference is the depth that they have in the team. Most teams have 6 good/solid players, Norwood have atleast 8.

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Years ago

Most teams have good solid players??? Someone is dreaming if you really think that.

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Years ago

I meant 6 good solid players. My point is, most teams do not!

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Years ago

curious only south and centrals doent, the rest probably do

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Years ago

i would suggest that in the CABL women Sturt, Forrestville and Norwood would be faced with this proble from time to time and posibly more in the future.

others like North maybe Eastern will see this in the future

But anyway the point is having a system that ensures even if rarely that clubs do not have to turn their own away.

The potential manipulation is though that for some clubs that ignore sallary caps, the may use it as a way to add an extra non home grown restricted player?

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Years ago

The rest probably do. I don't think you are aware of the decline in the women's competition. There is a very large gap between the top 5 and the bottom.

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