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Chima Moneke, Aussie athlete in america

This kid played alongside Dante Exum last year in the Aussie School Championships and put up 15 points and 17 rebounds a game.. Where is he now?

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I heard he's at a junior college in Nebraska but not too sure.. he has a lot of potential from what I saw, and he's still 17 years old!

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Years ago

Last two posts same IP.

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Tiger watcher  
Years ago

Thanks Chimaera glad we know we're your at....enjoy Nebraska I hear it's great this time of year

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Years ago

Lol shammeeeee

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Years ago

Some Fulla, yes, the other one you queried was same IP as well. Deleted the topic.

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Years ago

Ha! This kid has worst attitude in ACT basketball

lazy, poor work ethic worst trainer I have seen in a long time, refuses to work on his weaknesses, does not play D. Athletic by OZ standards that it....

Lost Div 1 oppurtunities because of his poor attitude...

If you can't dominate in Canberra your not that good!

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Years ago

wow ^^
There ya go... I watched him at ASC's last year. Great at getting to the rim and rebounded well. No outside shot.

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Years ago

Has gotten a lot better since the 20s championships this year grown a bit still not much of a jumper but he is on a stacked team at his juco seen them play

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Years ago

^ don't you think that's over the top anonymous? If he averaged 15 and 17 at a national tournament, you obviously have potential

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Years ago


Isn't 41 points at senior level dominating?

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Hi Chima.....just a heds up its the ACT league! Rather than jump on hoops and pump yourself up jusy focus on getting better and play in one of the better winter ABA leagues in the new year and continue to put up numbers then we'll start talking about you rather than you creating your own conversation.

Go luck!

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Years ago

41 points in a slow mans zone based league who's top 3 players are retired vets

Keys, Williams and Baird

If you were truly dominate we're was your invite to the gunners squad? That's right their was none!

These invites went to younger more less naturally talented individuals who have great attitudes.

Fix your attitude, try to become coachable correct your footwork and learn how to play d how many opportunities have gone by the way side because of your attitude? Only you know that....

Prove me wrong, let's see where you end up, my hope is that your getting a quality education at you juco because there is a 1000 kids who had potential.

Good luck maybe you should concentrate on your game rather than writing on this ....

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Years ago

Why assume it's Chima himself posting? Just because they're posting something positive about him? Perhaps we should also assume that any negative post is just someone bitter that they were dunked on by him or something?

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Years ago

Anon #0086

He was playing for ACT someone had to score it was only him and Malone..He is a good athlete Ill give him that but d1 basketball is a different story. when he isnt going to be the biggest most athletic at his position he will have to work for his shots and his outside game is not near what those players have.

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