Years ago

NBL christmas wishlist!

Channel 10 to advertise the game they broadcast

Perth to beat Adelaide in Adelaide

Ennis to dunk on Youngs head

New Zealand to just make the playoffs in 4th only to be knocked out by Perth

Shane heal to play pg for kings... -_-

Woolongong and Townsville to sell out home games.

And a secret all star game organized for end of season imports v anzacs!

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

New coach for Cairns?

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Years ago

On the Wollongong/Townsville note... I KNOW it is terrible promotion to lose more teams.. but are we going to keep propping up teams that are too weak and don't have real public support? I would probably wait until we have Brisbane/New Melbourne in and I would let those 2 drop off unless people TURN UP.

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Secret all-star game where they play in Red or Green santa costumes.

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Years ago

Adelaide to make grand final
Perth to win grand final
A proper tv deal
A proper NBL website

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Years ago

36er Championship

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

Amen, Wilson. I like the names being tossed around on this forum the past week (even if just for kicks).

Lemanis pls

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

No dead teams at the end of the season please Santa

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Years ago

Taking the league back to Winter where it belongs.

Return of one and one at the foul line

Top 8 final series (okay pisstake)

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

I'm sorry but why do people think moving the NBL to winter will benefit the league?? I like having the NBL as a summer sport.

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Manut Bol  
Years ago

Why do people keep wishing for a second melbourne team. Dont forget the previous failed franchises and the tigers aren't even getting 4k to games. Brisbane should be the next logical choice

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Manut Bol  
Years ago

I wish for... ennis to agree to terms for a three year contract extension with the wildcats with no out clause

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Santa giving us no franchise foldups this offseason would be just grand, especially as the league starts moving upwards and outwards...

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Brisbane to come into the NBL next season (self funded).
Back to a 48 minute game.
Get rid of Possession arrow.
NBL.tv's Perform to be destroyed by fire.
Larry Davidson to get a haircut.

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Years ago

Some nbl legends want the game taken back to winter. I wonder how that would go not running parallel to the NBA, will we be more inclined or less inclined to nab high quality imports?

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

In winter the NBL will have to compete with AFL and NRL, how is this better??? Someone please explain.

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Dasson Maid  
Years ago

Better website that works on my phone.

NBL.tv that doesnt crash on device every 10 mins, or a quality stream that doesnt look like it was filmed with a camera from the 1950s.

Decent merchandise. Visible merchandise, Rebel Sport etc.

Unique identity team uniforms.

CH10 to promote the game they televise.

Carfino to retire.

An NBL Facebook updater that doesn't think "keyboard warriors" is funny. Dude we're paying your wage. Step up and promote.

Luxury Tax fed to the smaller teams. Perth can stack their roster. This would require proper salary cap auditing.

Return of the Jump Ball.

Return of Hollywood Mal Cooper that we heard from in the pre-season and first couple of rounds.

James Ennis & Jermaine Beal to get an NBA call-up in January. Give us a chance Perth.

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

Spot on Dasson! (Except your last point)

1. Wildcats to win title no. 6 this season. Against Adelaide.
2. Carfino to never commentate an NBL game again
3. A decent website with a mobile friendly version
4. A solid TV deal and coverage to be proud of.
5. Greater presence of the NBL in mainstream media
6. 10 team competition

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Years ago

Winter's awesome! Def on my wishlist. For starters, I could actually make so many more games because of less competing social events etc etc etc. Winter's definitely a good time for spectator sports!

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Years ago

First and foremost - the 36ers to join Perth as the only clubs to win 5 NBL championships. Beating Perth in the GF series would be a good way to do it. Even better if we win the series 2-0 like NZ in 2012-13.

Secondly - Perform (the company who currently runs both NBL.tv and the live stats on the NBL's website) to announce they have sold out to a company that can and will do the job properly and provide a quality product.

Third - Ten to actually advertise the sport they broadcast. I've seen more adverts for the T20 Big Bash on Ten in the past 2 or 3 weeks than I have for the NBL in the past 2 or 3 years.

And last but not least - For the Adelaide Arena to once again be packed out for each home game regardless who we're playing, finals or not.

There is my wish list. Realistically I think only 1 and 4 are a chance, and 4 is a bit of a long shot right now.

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Years ago

Oh, I left off one more wish.

For the NBL, 36ers, WNBL and Lightning to get a fair go in Adelaide's AFL saturated media. Its been almost 3 months since the AFL season finished, yet we still get our sports reporting on TV and radio basically dominated by anything Crows, Power or the AFL. If not for Boti's articles and Fresh FM promoting the 36ers, basketball wouldn't get a look in (IMO 5AA should rename their drive time sports show as the AFL Sports Show, for that is what it really is, even in December).

Won't happen though, not when our TV and radio execs seem to think that all we want to hear about is AFL. When all they hire are ex-AFL or SANFL footballers to read the TV sports news or host radio sports shows, that tells the story in itself.

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