Years ago

36ers who should have their jersey retired.

Right now only Maher #5 and Davis #33. Is there anyone that you think should be added?

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Years ago

Christopherson #11

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Years ago

He was a dominant player lol

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Years ago

I think they need to move the ones on the wall to the rafters and officially retire them. Also think its time to make the dome the official home of sa bball and hang the west adel championship banner from the rafters. And get the lightenings banners off the wall and onto the rafters. after all, they are all one club now.

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

Do the Sixers base this on longevity more so than anything else? They've had several top players, but have they stuck around for longer than 6 or more years?

Has there been much consideration for the likes of Phil Smyth, Paul Rees, Rob Rose, Darnell Mee, Kevin Brooks? Or are these all guys that haven't been around long enough for the honour, or perhaps not "great" enough?

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Years ago

Al Green is the only other player I would retire, otherwise I like it how it is, set a very high bar to retire player's jerseys.

Keep the others on the wall as noteable players.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

S.Weigh some sorta record for minutes played here

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Years ago

Players that have had their singlets retired


Only Maher and Davis' have never been allowed to be worn by anyone else.

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Years ago

and Pearce.

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Years ago

KB3 they aren't retired

They're honored.

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Years ago

Al Green

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

You want a retired jersey to mean something. I like the idea of the retired jerseys begin for the Club Legends, whereas those players who have played X games, or won two titles, get an honoured spot as a fist step to the retirement.

I have often thought that the Sixers could have jersey points around the stadium with a jersey number and who has worn it over the years. Could be something to make the stadium a bit more interesting and also a possible meeting point?

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Years ago

no they were most definitely retired

Back when the rules were that you could only legally use 00 then 4-15 , 20 - 25 etc etc the club realised that it was highly prohibitive having 4,8,9,10, 15 retired.

This coupled with Hemmerling's de 36er'ing of the Dome meant that the retired singlets and championship banners actually got mothballed for sometime.

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Years ago

"Hemmerling's de 36er'ing of the Dome"
Who and what was that?

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Years ago

All 36ers memorabilia bar the team posters mounted on the wall was removed and put into storage

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Max Power  
Years ago

Went to a Kings game recently and instead of having retired numbers they just had big banners who were considered legends of the club. I agree retire some numbers like Maher and Davis, maybe a banner honoring other 36ers great would be a good way to go.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

"All 36ers memorabilia bar the team posters mounted on the wall was removed and put into storage"
Have they found that storage yet?

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Years ago

Paul Rees enough said

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Years ago

Pearce.....was awesome

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Gordon Liddy  
Years ago

Mark Davis
Brett Maher
Al Green
Darryl Pearce

That is all.

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Years ago

koberulz, Mal Hemmerling was at one point the 'owner' of the 36ers, not Eddy Groves because Groves owned the Brisbane Bullets and you can't own two teams in the NBL, you dig?

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Years ago

Kym Taylor!

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Years ago

IMO there are five numbers on the wall that are missing.

#9 - Ray Wood
#13 - Darnell Mee
#14 - Bill Jones
#43 - Kevin Brooks
#53 - Paul Rees

I wonder if they'll ever retire Murray's #36? I mean, I've never before heard of a magpie knocking out a martial arts expert with a basketball :p

Here is a question. Which Lightning players should have their numbers up alongside Rachael Sporn's?

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Years ago

Christopherson apparently LIT IT UP during training, so I suggest that his training jersey be retired.

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Years ago

the singlets hanging on the wall were definitely retired, however those numbers can still be worn by other players.

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Years ago

"the singlets hanging on the wall were definitely retired, however those numbers can still be worn by other players."
You don't know what 'retired' means, do you?

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Years ago

There is a whole complicated back story to the pre Dome retirements. This is as i understand it.

Initially Bearcats achievements where incorporated into the 36ers history.

Depending on who you ask West Adelaide either folded with people like Green, Wood and Ali becoming 36ers as a result or the 2 clubs merged with the same results to the playing roster.

Some people then believed that West Adelaide didn't merge with the 36ers and so the achievement of the Bearcats should not translate to the 36ers. ( I dont know if this was on the 36ers side or the bearcats side)

Ray Wood for instance played just 78 games as a 36er so the question was asked why does he get his number retired when most of his career was at a different club.

Green for instance played 13 seasons only 6 of which were as a 36er. If the Bearcats history is counted then he has 10 years with the "club" an extra title and all the other accolades Al achieved in his first few seasons.

All of the numbers and names above were retired at one point but slowly the significance of the retired number wore off as players wore the numbers eg Farley , Brunson and many more

Personally i would like to see Pearce and Green retired and the others achieve legend status. I would also like to see some acknowledgement of 36ers who went to worlds or the Olympics honoured somewhere.

Guys like Bradtke and Cattalini were critical parts of the club at various points and that way they can be honoured without being retired per se

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Years ago

Yeah, I've often thought that would be a good idea for the Wildcats, too. Guys like Watterson, Torrance, Rogers, etc. deserve recognition, but not retirement.

Weren't the jerseys retired for the same number of years as the number on the jersey? Think that was mentioned on one of the docos Adelaide did.

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Years ago


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Years ago

Julius Hodge

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Years ago

Would love to see some Lightning jersey's up there too. I think Sporn would be a good start, maybe wait a little and add Hill up there too.

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Years ago

I think players who were top 2-3 guys on championship teams should have their jersey honoured in some form, not sure if id go as far to retire the Jersey though, as some of these guys didnt play a huge amount of time at the 36ers, especially when compared to Maher and Davis

But jerseys id like to see honoured are:

#13 Mee - seen as one of the best (if not the best) imports to ever play for the 36ers, lead the team to 2 titles, club was up/near the top every season he played

#43 Brooks - pretty much for the same reasons as Mee, GF MVP and a club MVP help validate that.

#6 Cattalini - Olympian, selected whilst a 36er, a key starter on 2 championship teams.

#9 Farley - star import, one of the most dynamic/exciting we have ever had, top 2 player on title team in 2002, played several seasons as a 36er.

maybe even #53 Rees, was starting C for 3 titles, and always known to contribute way more than the stats show on and off the court.

Could even consider some of the other players who played in 98/99 ans 2002 such as Stiff, but id probably put most of the others ahead of him and he didnt play for the 36ers for all that long.

Guys like Green from the 86 title have already got their jerseys honoured, (i think, their may be a player or 2 you could add?) so maybe keep those ones up on the wall or something and add those others to it.

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