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NBL Amateur Hour

There are plenty of threads debating who was right and who was wrong from the respective teams in the aftermath of last week's Perth / Adelaide clash.

However, what the handling of this situation has demonstrated is that the NBL has a lot to learn in managing the league and the reputation of the sport.

As a long term NBL fan and club member for 12 years, I despair at how the league administration continually shoots itself in the foot. To have this situation drag out for a week and then be delayed indefinitely is, in my view, inexcusable and reflects very poorly on management.

How can we have any confidence the the current administration can deal with anything as complex as expanding the competition, and negotiation of a new TV deal, when they are unable to deal with a post match scuffle quickly and decisively.

Whatever your view about who was right and who was wrong, surely this should have been dealt with by Tuesday so that all the focus was back on what is a very important round of games starting tonight.

As one small and insignificant fan of basketball, the handling of this matter has destroyed any confidence I had in the administration of the league. I can only imagine what it will do to the organizations that the league is trying to woo to invest in new teams or to broadcast the game.

I was hopeful that the new blood in administration this year would be the dawn of a new professional era for the NBL but sadly it seems not. No wonder they have trouble attracting people and sponsors.

In my view, which I know won't be shared by most on this forum, we need to get a high performing business person to run the league, with support from sport administration experts and grass roots basketball people. No self respecting CEO I have met would self inflict as much damage to their management team and brand as the NBL has this week.

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

I agree with your post regarding the handling of this scuffle by the NBL. Its very poor. But Im optimistic that the tide is turning and the NBL is on its way up with plenty of activity happening to revive the sport. Mostly with expanding the league. I'd like to be naive and think they have the right people involved, so Im just hopeful good things will come to the league.

There are issues big and small that the NBL has to address over the next year. The Perth Adelaide scuffle is just a small one. Hopefully lessons have been learnt and the NBL can adjust to deal with it moving forward.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

'cancelled at the last minute. the ceo is in court on another matter. joey and parker pretty relaxed.' just then on ten news

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Camel 31  
Years ago

hope he's in court over one of the contracts, but could be anything.....
Seven news expects Joey to be heard on Monday

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Camel 31  
Years ago

....then parker on nine news;'GM meeting on monday will agree to finalise these sorta things by the tuesday. wednesday in future.'

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The Situation  
Years ago

I hope Nick Marvin live-tweets the GM meeting.

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Years ago

WAS just chatting with a few of my journo colleagues at The Advertiser here in Adelaide and saddened to hear their perceptions of the NBL haven't changed greatly, the Wildcats-36ers’ aftermath a case-in-point.

"Can you imagine what would have happened in the AFL if a club CEO tweeted a photograph from an incident minutes after it occurred when it was obvious the league would be investigating it?" one asked me.

“Picture Eddie McGuire tweeting a pic from a post-match melee between, say, Collingwood and Carlton, allegedly incriminating a Carlton player or coach?

“What do you think would happen to him?”

While I was trying to reply to that one, I copped: “And how is it a coach gets charged for an incident three days later and after he already has coached again?

“It is absolute amateur hour.”

I was about to make a point but was hit with: “And then, a few days after that, another participant in the incident is belatedly charged.

“And you wonder why no-one outside the NBL takes it very seriously?”

Well, no, not when reminded of the fact it is a league almost embarrassed to discipline itself, in case any stakeholder/director/GM gets upset and decides to take their ball and quit.

“If that was the NBA, it would have been sorted out overnight, the various people involved would have been fined in 24 hours and life would move on, instead of having it roll along like this for a week,” I was summarily informed.

“Actually, if it was the NBA, they probably would have reprimanded James, Joey and Adam, told them to 'play nice’ and focus would have been on heritage round.”

Suitably assailed and unable to defend the indefensible, I shuffled back to my desk, glad I hadn’t mentioned that Perth’s lovable second assistant coach Adam Tatalovich was unlikely to even have his charges of misconduct and bringing the game into disrepute heard now before next week.

No-one would believe that.

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Years ago

REALLY? That's how we leave this week? Joey Wright’s charge still not heard and no end in sight?

And here we thought PLOCH used to be fairly ordinary. He looks positively the height of tribunal efficiency these days.

How does the NBL expect the world at large to view it as anything but bush league when resolving an issue which could have - should have been settled within 24 hours – still hangs in the air a week later?

Just nonsensical. For starters, before anything else, both clubs ALREADY were found guilty of breaching the NBL Code of Conduct for their roles in the melee. Why haven’t those penalties and/or sanctions even been finalised?

Wright (striking) and Wildcats import James Ennis (attempting to strike) were charged on Monday, Ennis exonerated on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, at the 36ers’ prompting, the NBL decided to review the culpability of Wildcats second assistant Adam Tatalovich and charged him with misconduct and bringing the game into disrepute.

By this point, anyone not directly associated with either club or a fan of either already was starting to yawn with indifference.

Not sure whether the league somehow believed prolonging this nonsense into a second week meant more publicity than usual or if it was a victim of circumstances but ultimately, it makes no difference.

The league just looks amateurish and barely competent.

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Years ago

I'd say both the AFL and NRL administrations, neither of whom have great track records, would be sitting back and laughing at the NBL at the moment thinking something along the lines of "At least we're not THAT bad".

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Years ago

NBL a laughing stock right now. Should Perth and Adelaide charge the nbl with wasting their time. Give a token slap on the wrist to all parties involved and let's move on

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Camel 31  
Years ago

those that follow livestats,like allstar game,player of the week, are not surprised this was postponed.
Although, every news service mentioned Joey was coaching the 36ers against NZ here on sunday and that's more plugs than we ever get... should be a good crowd....

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Years ago

AFL and NRL administrations wouldn't even know what the NBL is. It's so far removed from their radar it's not even worth thinking about.

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Years ago

So why should the NBL care about the afl or nrl?
So many experts so little clue

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Years ago

"league almost embarrassed to discipline itself, in case any stakeholder/director/GM gets upset and decides to take their ball and quit."

Sadly true...

NBL needs to get it's act together, again.

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Years ago

"So why should the NBL care about the afl or nrl?"

So true.

Also NBL brought professionalism in playing at nights instead of every fixture being played at a fixed time and weekend day of the week which is what the AFL and NRL were doing well into the 90s, they were in the stone age. There were games on TV throughout weekends and full regional coverage.

NBL revolutionised the professionalism of sport in Australia. Yet it is easy to forget and not give any credit this is what it did. History can be forgotten but its effects will forever be felt.

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Years ago

When NBL was being played in primetime on Friday, Saturday nights and also Sundays, spread schedule, regional coverage with all games on TV the AFL & NRL shat themselves about their prehistoric approach and while in awe proceeded to erect lights in stadiums everywhere as to finally have night games. So primitive and this was only 20-25yrs ago. Easy to forget.

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Years ago

Oh and also NBL was the first truly nation wide league from coast to coast. Not focused on a million teams in Sydney or Melbourne like others.

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Years ago

When the NBL was advertising those two GM roles, one of them (GM-Operations), had about 50% of its role as something that a sports lawyer would do in major sporting league / organisation / federation (eg Tribunal, doping, sports regulations, transfers, caps etc).

I emailed the recruiter and the NBL and asked if they considered that the role be split to have an Operations head and a Sports Legal head. No response.

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