Years ago

Sixers finals ticket prices

Please Sixers,

Let's get full house for final.

After what fans have had to put up with for last few years, don't go and double prices for finals and wonder why stadium is half full.

Keep them the same price and let's get a full house!

Think how good the atmosphere would have been with 6-7000 in the last 2 finals games rather than 3500-4000 (or thereabouts)

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Achtung Baby  
Years ago

Obviously arent thinking of the fans. Clearly they are happy with 4k, as no change was made for game 3. No doubt the players would be ecstatic with a full house. Going with Gold/silver pricing 4k people at $40-45 = $160-$180k and ok atmosphere, or 8k people at $30-35 = $240-$280k with a nuts atmosphere and a full house!

Not Rocket Science

Does it cost more to run a final?

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Muzz Buzz  
Years ago

Factor in the NBL fee and the extra booking fee and 36ers aren't getting any more money at $45 a ticket than a normal season game

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Achtung Baby  
Years ago

I knew it wasnt as simple as just charging more for more profit. But I am also sure that operating at a small loss for the sake of a sell out crowd would be well worth it. Imagine the embarrassment of having to offer happy hours and discount tickets for a Grand Final.

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Years ago

"Going with Gold/silver pricing 4k people at $40-45"
Those same tickets will cost you $80-100 in Perth. They don't seem to have trouble drawing fans.

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Years ago

"operating at a small loss for the sake of a sell out crowd would be well worth it."

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Years ago

/ Exactly, clubs in the NBL should NEVER EVER operate at a loss just to fill a stadium.

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Achtung Baby  
Years ago


A sell out crowd, and a championship!

On a positive note, at least we get the friday night game, hopefully BSA will make the smart move and reschedule Juniors for this one week.

I'm not going to bite on the Perth issue, has been said before, by many before me.

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Years ago

BSA making a smart move?

Good luck with that one

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Years ago

Stop your bitching 2x gold tickets to game 1 is costing me just shy of $200.

I'm not saying that makes me more of a fan than any of you but if your angry about prices then rock up and DON'T be silent!

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Years ago

It is not a good look if basketball is trying to sell its product on TV and the stadiums is empty and no atmosphere. the seats are there does not cost extra to put a person on it.

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Years ago

Not sure if the NBL set the prices the same as the AFL. Also consider the fact that the 36ers do not own the stadium so there would be hire costs etc. I'm sure the Scouts and SA Church want their share of the pie.

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Years ago

I certainly believe there should be a discount for the season ticket holders who have been there all year and helped the team get to where it is now

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Years ago

RG, the season ticket holders are the ones that will turn up anyway, and then get to secure the best seats.

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Years ago

RG, Sixers members are usually the die hards and rather than expect to pay less would be happy to pay more. We're members because we love the team and want to see them in a Grand Final.

I understand at some point tickets become a financial decision for some but to me any profit the club gets goes to the club I love so dont have a problem with it.

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Years ago

RG, there is a discount for season ticket holders. We also get priority to renew before the public buy their tickets.

Obviously arent thinking of the fans.
Achtung Baby - pffft! Aren't thinking of the fans? The guys losing money on a team for years, trying to put together a winning formula and keeping the brand going for the rest of us to follow whether we pay to spectate or watch on TV or follow online?

I've posted before about how the finals are one chance the battling (well, many of them) NBL clubs get to try and improve their financial position. The NBL clips $5 from each finals ticket sold and I'd guess Proticket are taking more than usual too.

It's expensive and it's certainly a bit different to the season ticket experience of buying once and then just showing up with your membership cards, but this is the time we suffered through the lean years for and we all want to secure the financial position of our clubs.

We have one home grand final. Hundreds of people stayed away from the semis either saving their money or biding their time. Now's the chance to be part of the amazing atmosphere.

For me, both of the home semis I've paid for this season have been exceptionally entertaining. Easily worth the expense.

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Years ago

While there seems to be a call to arms, I think whats important is those members who attended the last 2 finals games need to rock up.
I think with such a large window to book and a Monday night final, it changes lots of things.
if 36ers win Monday night, then it becomes the hottest ticket in town.
if not, then the call to arms approach comes into swing.
either way, 4000 people last night made to feel like 8000? the previous week was 3800 and again, it felt like 6000?
u cant beat the home town support anywhere u go

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Years ago

Great points by XY and Tornado above. On the same point I will say how much extra discount would you want? $5? $10? Surely you can pay that little extra just to help support the club. Think about the owners that have helped keep the team alive and lost thousands in the process. Support the team and the owners!

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I didn't think the ticket prices were too bad. Whenever there are finals in any other sport the ticket prices go through the roof. The Sixers pricing I was thought was good considering I heard the price for the Wildcats was $100 for the same $45 ticket in Adelaide - can a Wildcat fan confirm?

Season ticket prices will always be a little be cheaper per game based on the fact there is an inherent discount for paying up front for a full season.

There's an argument for Finals tickets prices being always a little more than season pricing because of the quality of the game as well as making it special.

The obvious question is now:

If you paid $350 for a season ticket for 14 games, would you be happy to pay $450 for a season ticket knowing that the season is a minimum 14 games, but could go 18 home games and get the finals tickets as part of the price? Perhaps the Sixers could offer the base package for the H&A season and a "premium package" where fans could lock in possible final series tickets at the start of the season (no refunds of course if they don't make it)

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Years ago

Were there any other members who had issues with their tickets last night?
My tickets were not activated and I soon discovered Proticket had sold my seats to members of the general public. On a positive, my seats were upgraded to Platinum but the idea of getting in early to secure "my" seats was a bust last night. I hope the glitch is rectified for the Grand Final.

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Years ago

You're right Jack. For our platinum seats, we paid $100 per seat for the semi at Perth Arena and bought GF tickets yesterday for $110 per seat. I wouldn't miss next weeks game at any price.

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Years ago

easy way to fill the stadium!

Postpone next friday's junior games.

do that i and probably 4000 others go

dont do it, i have to coach and a heap have to play

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Years ago

'563, start a petition.

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Years ago

But it's on a Friday and BSA wont change the junior games so it doesn't matter how much it costs I will just complain about everything instead of supporting my team

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Years ago

Surely BSA will postpone juniors this week. Everyone who remotely follows basketball in this state should be watching the game. Whether it be at the stadium or on TV.

6ers need to promote the hell out of it all of next week. Anything short of a sell out is poor form by the management. After the game is sold out they need to promote to people watching on One/Ten

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Years ago

alexkrad you are missing the point!
its not complaining, people wont be able to attend if they have to play, probably could have got an extra 500 last night if they had cancelled all youth league games instead of just the div 1
tuesday night game wouldnt have helped either

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Years ago

Why bother going or changing junior schedules?

Wildcats will hand Adelaide their arse. Swept. Much.

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Years ago

If Gold is too expensive then buy silver, nose bleeds who acres, but to show enough interest to be a foumr poster BUT not attend a GF against arch rival Perth is pathetic. Maybe budget differently and dont have that extra few beers for once i dont know, dont care, BUT if you love basketball and the 36ers get to the game, to say its too expensive at this stage of the season is weak.

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Years ago

People are assuming that juniors who have games postponed will automatically go to the final. 4,000 extra if Friday was postponed? I doubt it very much!

How many people who usually had U23 D1 commitments turned up at the game. I suspect not many. If they all did I wonder where all the other supporters were then!!

I wonder if the 36ers have yet approached BSA to ask for a postponement of Friday's junior games? I wonder what the owner of the 36ers used to say to such requests when he was President of Sturt.

From a personal perspective, with enough notice being given to the District clubs and a request coming from the 36ers, the District round should be postponed. However I am far from convinced that by doing this an extra 4,000 would attend!!

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Years ago

Dazzman, I don't think ProTicket handled the short turnaround very well.

With Members likely to have 3 or 4 days to get their tickets this time before the general public, I don't think it will be an issue.

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Years ago

Dean and the club notified all relevant parties 3 weeks ago that if they made the Final and it were against Perth it would be held on April 11. Dean and the club put in a request for postponement across all leagues for that Friday night and have been following it up and getting on their backs since, especially as their chances have been gaining momentum. Dean said they will follow it up again this week now that it is a definite but at the end of the day it is out of his & the clubs hands.

He does encourage all to petition, phone, facebook, twitter, mail (if anyone does that anymore)etc and put in your request to have Friday games postponed.

The club cant do much more than that, from here on in it is up to the people and the governing bodies.

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Years ago

Thanks Skip. I actually phoned the Sixers office to pay for my tickets first thing monday morning and I had no issues for game 1.

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

Im sure it will sell out with or without the junior games on.

Its a grand final, Sixers are one of your national pro teams following a very long drought. Im confident you will easily get 7500-8000.

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Years ago

When do tickets go on sale to the general public for next Friday's game?

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Years ago

Members 12pm tomorrow, general public early next week.

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Years ago

We finally get the team back into the finals and people bitch about pricing and Friday night games.
Come on support the team, $40 for our 2 homes games and what ever it costs to get in the door for game 2!!
Once in a while it's good to spoil yourself and help the club! Let's hope we are winning the championship that night!!

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Years ago

We need to pay Joey and Gary!!

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Years ago

Ticket Prices
Pricing: Tickets in $AU - transaction fee and credit card fees additional
Member $100

Adult $50
Concession $45
Child (17 Years and under) $30
Family $110

Adult $40
Concession $35
Child $25
Family $95

For members with a 2013/14 car park pass, it is valid for the finals.
For everyone else, it is $10 per car.

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Years ago

So our own 4 member seats will set us back $400 for the game.

Mother of jebus.

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Years ago

Wait. $200.

Row G behind scorers is in Gold, right?

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Years ago

Yes, Platinum is only those first few rows. What's $50 for gold there was $45 or whatever for the semis.

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Years ago

Meanwhile for the Wildcats, Platinum is $110, Gold is $95, Silver is $65 and Bronze is $40.

If you're not a member, it's $150, $110, $75, $50.

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Years ago

^ and they're STILL selling out constantly.

Kudos to the Cats and their model - impressive.

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Years ago

Does anyone know if members can get extra tickets early?

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