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BASA Junior Competition

just wondering what other people's thought are on the junior competition? Is it serving it's purpose? What are the problems? And doews anybody have any idea's too improve it?

1/ Obviously the method we are currently using makes it hard for BASA to have the full program out early. Would changing the format make this easier?

2/ U/16 Div 3/4/5 boys playing on Thursday night needs changing.

3/ The large number of blow outs in games in all grades.

Are there any others?

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what the  
Years ago

blow outs could be narrowed by a promotion / relegation.

the programme is way too late - but it reflects the tenative nature of some participants - pulling out at the last minute

if no thursday night - when will they play - why do they have to change?

summer should be a grading season - with a series of play offs between winners and losers - we have all discussed this system before.

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Years ago

Looking more at what other people see as the major problems.

How could we change the comeptition to improve the effects of a team pulling out mid-season. I see this as a major problem but see no way of fixing it.

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Years ago

The way of fixing the team pulling out problem is fine the Club, heavily.

It will only need to happen once or twice and Clubs will either recruit kids to fill gaps or pull teams that will only have 6 at the start.

Currently, there are some Clubs who don't nominate teams if they only have 6 players to prevent this happening. Why can't all Clubs start using this kind of commonsense?

The other option is, give teams a bye. Do the programme and when teams start getting too many byes, people power will prevent this from happening again. Of course, BASA won't go for this, if there is no game, they won't make any money.

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Years ago

There has been a fair bit of discussion abpout this previously.

Have to agree, that if we are going to be more competative with the eastern states, we have to have a promotion / relegation system which fosters better development because teams are playing at their level and not just because their club has to have a div 1 team.

It's not rocket science really!!

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Years ago

So what do people see as problems other than the closness of games and the programming ???

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Years ago

I know this may fall under the progamming problems, but equality in the rounds.

Some seasons you can get 3 byes and miss finals because another team has only had 2. This seems a little unfair, given that it is completely out of anyones control apart from BASA's.

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Years ago

Stadiums.........if we don't get some better facilities, we are not going to attract juniors.

Most council funded rece=reation centres are now very well equiped and provide air-conditioned comfort for a couple of dollars a week.

I know that they don't have the "quality" coaching and standard that district ball boasts, but most young kids simply don't think that those things are so important.

If we can't use the venues to promote the sport, we have to advertise the other benefits like coaching and development. That isn't really happening and that is why most clubs are now not able to field the team numbers they did in years gone by.

Wasn't all that long ago that North and Norwood had 60 junior teams each. Sturt has certanly grown since they moved to Pasadena and Forestville also have had growth since they moved to Wayville. Yes they boast good devlopment programs, but surley the venues have something to do with it???

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boost juice  
Years ago

i agree re the stadiums - quality is required - even if it meant rationalizing a stadium or 2 - they need to have a decent cafeteria and support facilities - clean, quality stadiums will showcase our game.

not shanties

in the lower grades clubs need to embrace what makes that team click

more senior refs and players out at the kids games

brad / colin adjusts the byes - so that is no argument - they are well aware that some teams are affected by an uneven amount of byes.

the only real affect that has is that the team with more byes usually sits lower on a close premiership table than others

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Years ago

contrary to what the perception is BASA try very hard to get programs out, but unfortunately it is becoming a common factor of teams pulling out. Unfortunately the main reason for this is that people don't place enough importance on responsibility and commitment and this comes down to the parents. We have generally found the kids want to play, but it's all too hard for the parents. They don't seem to take into account the ramifications on their team mates etc. Re relegation if this was to be considered it would need to be thought out very carefully especially when you have teams changing every year due to players'ages etc, it's easier with seniors where you are able to stabilise a team with the same players.
Clubs are currently fined for late withdrawals
One factor that has made it hard for clubs when nominating is the timing of when nominations are due as quite often it's over a holiday period and hard to contact or get commitment from people during that time.

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Years ago

bloody you are right

some scrubber groups hold the majority back

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Years ago

there is a clear difference between what makes a div 1 player / parent / team click and a div 5 group

as long as BASA embraces all - we can continue

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Years ago

I think that BASA should have a regulation type of system where they drop bad teams to lower divisions and give the good teams in the lower division a chance to be promoted.

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