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Is Patty Mills the GAOAT?

There must be a strong case for Patty to be the Greatest Australian Of All Time now that he has got his ring. Especially with being the main story of the championship game.

2014 - Won first NBA championship with the San Antonio Spurs
2012 – Made ESPN All-London Second Five
2012 – Mills has highest scoring average at 2012 London Olympics with an average of 21.2 points per game
2012 – On 26 April 2012, Mills scored a career high 34 points vs Golden State Warriors.
2012 – Has first game in the San Antonio Spurs starting five.
2012 – On 27 March 2012, Mills signed with the San Antonio Spurs.
2009 – Drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers in the second round of the 2009 NBA Draft, the second Indigenous Australian to be drafted into the NBA
2008 – Australia Post Boomers squad member; Beijing Olympics
2008 – WCC Newcomer of the Year, All-WCC First Team
2007 – MVP Outrigger Hotels Rainbow Classic, Saint Mary's College Tournament champions
2007 – West Coast Conference Player of the Month: December 2007
2007 – West Coast Conference Player of the Week: 26 November 2007 and 26 December 2007
2007 – In just his fourth NCAA game for Saint Mary's, Mills dominated with 37 points against Oregon – the sixth-best return in the school's history, and best by a first-year player.
2007 – Australia Post Boomers squad member; Under-19 men squad member;
2006 – Boomers squad member (youngest at 17 years of age); AIS scholarship; Australian Junior Camp; U-20 World team at Nike Hoops Summit (USA); U-20 National Championships representing ACT and RE Staunton Medallist
2005 – AIS scholarship; Australian Junior Camp; Youth Olympic Festival Australian men's team (gold); U-18 National Championships representing ACT
2004 – U-18 National Championships representing ACT
2003 – Marist All Ages Basketball Tournament – MVP

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Will be. Most likely!

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Years ago

Not yet but he probably will be.

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Years ago

Who would rival him? I'm assuming Andrew Gaze and Luc Longley would be contending that mantle.

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Years ago

Good early call, but a very early one. He is on track though!

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Years ago

Just to clarify, are you saying best Aust Basketballer or best Aust Sportsperson of all time.

Both no in my opinion,
If Basketball - Then Gazey is still my Greatest of All Time.
But as mentioned above, he is still only 25 & will most likely over take Gazey by the end of his career.

If Australia Greatest Ever Sportsperson - Then no chance.
Sorry Don Bradman & Rod Laver are miles ahead of Patty.
I could name another 10+ greater sportspeople than Patty at this stage.

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Years ago

I read into the OP as 'greatest Aussie b'baller', I would not entertain him as being the greatest over all sports, that is a stretch...

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Years ago

Id still have bogut and longley over mills at the moment. If he can gain regular minutes then there's no reason why he can't have a crack at being the best Aussie ballet of all time!

Will exum pass him quickly? Or at all?

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Years ago

He has got plenty of time left to put himself into #1 spot. Not there just yet.

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Years ago

Love Mills' game. But what about Lauren Jackson?

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Years ago

Exum will have something to say about this...

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Years ago

If we were putting women and men in the same category and comparing what they have done in their respective leagues and careers the greatest would be Lauren Jackson by a country mile. But as we are most likely talking about men, Lack of real NBA impact not withstanding Andrew Gaze remains our greatest ever male Basketball player and has had the most impact of any player for the game here.

Longley has had success but lets be honest, on that 3 peat Chicago team they would have worked with any barely adequate center who could just stand there.. be 7 feet tall and swat the occasional shot. Not a lot was really asked of the guy, he played his role.. but he kind of was just "along for the ride" for that team and by no means do I think of him when I think of the Aussie "Goat"...

Too early to say on Dante Exum, Ben Simmons or Thon Maker... but I do expect Patty Mills to put his name in the GOAT conversation and if he isn't surpassed by those 3 names then I believe he will be.

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Our game  
Years ago

Depends on the criterion for consideration, in terms of working your ass off, refining your skill set & siezing opportunity, patty's Already possibly our most acomplished male baller.

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Years ago

I would have him behind Gaze for sure at this stage. It's tempting to put him ahead of Bogut right now, but despite the inevitability of Patty coming out ahead, I don't think his career accomplishments get him there just yet. He's been the better Boomer, but he's really only had one good NBA season, whereas Bogut has had several, held down a starting spot, earned league awards, etc. With Bogut unlikely to suit up for Worlds and very possibly Rio, Patty's international career will outshine his so dramatically that their NBA accomplishments will end up (at best, for Bogut) a wash and this won't be a conversation.

Gaze will always be a tougher comparison. Different era, and if all the conversation about where Tim Duncan fits in the pantheon is enough to convince me that those arguments are futile.

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Years ago

Gaze for mine. Top two all-time scorers in Olympics and WCs.

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Years ago

i think bogut is the most talented australian basketballer. due to injuries though bogut will likely have to be managed through the rest of his career. mills bogut and gaze would be the names to talk about and would be more fair to compare at the end of their careers but mills is still very young by nba standards so is on track for the current nba guys to be called the best aussie baller.

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Years ago

Let's check Wikipedia:

Andrew Bogut:
All-NBA Third Team (2010)
NBA All-Rookie First Team (2006)
NBA blocks leader (2011)
Consensus first team All-American (2005)
Naismith College Player of the Year (2005)
John R. Wooden Award (2005)
Oscar Robertson Trophy (2005)
Mountain West Player of the Year (2005)
No. 4 retired by University of Utah
FIBA Under-19 World Championship MVP (2003)
And drafted #1 (2005)

Andrew Gaze:
NBL Rookie of the Year (1984)
15x All-NBL First Team (1986-2000)
6x Gaze Medal winner (1990, 1994-1996, 1998, 2000)
7x NBL MVP (1991, 1992, 1994–1998)
FIBA's 50 Greatest Players (1991)
2x NBL champion (1993, 1997)
NBA champion (1999)
Australian Basketball Hall of Fame (2004)
Sport Australia Hall of Fame (2005)
All-time leading points scorer in the NBL (32.0 ppg)

Patty Mills:
NBA champion (2014)

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Years ago

Maxx, that ignores the success that both Gaze and Mills have had at international level. There's consistent evidence that Bogut puts his NBA performance ahead of playing for the Boomers, and while that's his call, you can't just look at the areas he's been successful.

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Years ago

as ive said. bogut is the most talented. gaze has the accolades of a champion , but by the time all 3 have retired and we can look back on it patty has the opportunity to be the best of the current crop. but certainly on current accolades you would have gaze. bogut would be a shoo in if he could have stayed fit.

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Years ago

Really it depends what you rank as more important

Boomers - Olympics/World Champs



Cant really bring up Gazes NBL acheivements as Mills, Longley and Bogut the main contenders with Gaze have barely played NBL (if at all) but i think its fair to say among the Aussies who played significant NBL careers Gaze was the best, 7 time MVP speaks for itself. However you could easily argue had Mills, Bogut, Longley played NBL they would have all been NBL candidates for there careers too, so that is why we wont use NBL careers. Mills was pretty good during his brief Tigers stint.

Now if you rank Boomers acheivements first then Guys like Gaze and Mills would be ahead of Bogut and Longley, with Gaze being a fair bit ahead overall, largely due to multiple high level Boomers campaigns, Mills may get around the mark, but not there yet.

If you rank NBA acheivements first then Mills, Bogut, Longley are all ahead of Gaze. Then how do you rank the other 3 who would be basically our 3 best NBA players at this point. If you use the PER stat as a way of ranking them then Bogut is first (16.90), closely followed by Mills (16.80) then followed by Longley (11.99). Could also use college but that is a little harder as so many different conferences, strength of conferences, etc, but id say the order would stay the same anyway.

So I guess which ever way you look at it, Mills is in the top handful of Aussie basketballers to have played, he is also still young and still playing, yet to reach his prime so this will be interesting to look back at in around 10 years time when guys like Mills and Bogut are retired and then we will be possibly adding guys like Exum, Simmons, Maker, etc into the debate if they live upto there potential/hype.

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Years ago

Pretty sure nba is the best competition in the world so that should be regarded as most important.

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Years ago

Still some Patty haters out there.
Though Gaze played a minor role in the NBA his international and NBL achievements still have him at the top IMO with Mills closing in on him.
Bogut deserves a mention for his NBA efforts alone.
Exum isn't worth talking about for a few years yet.

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Years ago

I reckon bogut is jealous of mills. Hasnt even said congrats publically to him or baynes

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Years ago

thats a big stretch to make. you dont know if he has privately. you dont know if he has publicly in some form and you haven't seen it unless you stalk every news media outlet in usa/golden state. when twitter came along all other forms of media such as radio didnt disappear.

even if he hadnt im not sure how you can put that down to jealousy without just making an assumption. unless your one of those people that likes to nitpick over every little thing people do when you know nothing about them personally?

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VC fan  
Years ago

NBA scouts saw Bogut as the best player in this draft class versus a guy who almost went undrafted.

I know the centre position doesn't run as deep but in his prime Bogut was one of the top few players in the NBA at his position, can you honestly say that will every happen to Mills?

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Years ago

I'd probably rank the top 5 as following:

1. Gaze - I think he's the best no question. His performance in the NBL and internationally were out of this world and he had limited opportunities in the NBA.
2. Andrew Bogut - The best individual NBA career from as Aussie. His prioritising of the NBA over country means that younger players who put their country first will likely surpass him in years to come.
3. Patty Mills - A key contributor on an NBA championship winning team. His commitment to the Boomers has also been admirable.
4. Luc Longely - Was the starting centre on the Bulls second "three-peat" team. His career stretched a decade where he was a solid contributor on the teams he played for.
5. Chris Antsey - Rounding out this list was hard but I went for Anstey in the end. He experienced success in both the NBL (x2 MVP, x3 champion) and had 3 years as a serviceable backup in the NBA (fun fact: his NBA PPG average was higher than Gaze's).

Of course Mills will likely continue to rise and guys like Delly, Exum, Simmons and Maker are up and comers. They could make their way on to this list when it's all said and done.

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Years ago

he's not even the best Australian in the NBA at the moment! is it school holidays yet?

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Years ago

^^ hater

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I noticed at tennews,lastnite, that he was Australia's best under18 aussie rules footy player, one time ago.

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Years ago

To me you judge a player as the greatest when watching them you have the most confidence that they will succeed.

If your judging that then I don't think we still feel that with Patty and Gaze is still #1.

In the future I reckon we will only grow in confidence with Mills and I wish him all the best

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Earlier this year

No way. Just another rich snob. Does nothing for his own Aboriginal people. Been 7 years since he even went to his Aboriginal community. Gives absolutely nothing to them. His elders weren't even invited to his wedding and some that were had to pay their way.
Has nephews and neices who want his spurs shirt but he gives nothing.
Over $12 million US a year and can't even visit his Aboriginal community for 7 years now! Does only that which pays him. Water projects in desert are all paid by and partnership deals.
Makes a book to inspire Aboriginal kids but charges them $15 for each. Then uses proceeds to sell more his publicity. Tells everyone he is an Ambassador for all Indigenous people, yet clearly is way out of touch with reality of most Indigenous people. Which is actually poverty. Where is the Patty Mills scholarship Foundation?? Answer is it doesn't exist because Pat cares about Pat.

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Earlier this year

John, was that meant to be satire? I've never heard anyone say something bad about Mills. Pop often compliments him for his good character and exemplary off-court attitude, describing him as "the best teammate ever". Mills is well known to make visits to indigenous communities in the NBA off-season. A quick google search showed this during the last NBA off-season:

I'd suggest the only reason you don't know about all of this is because Mills remains so grounded and humble. He really ought to be the flag-bearer for Australia in Tokyo.

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Perthworld’s little bro  
Earlier this year

john what are you doing for the jerk community brah

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Earlier this year

Patty just moved to #2 on the Spurs all time threes made list

He really ought to be the flag-bearer for Australia in Tokyo.


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Earlier this year

At just under 40% shooting average, he's also one of their most accurate over his 9 seasons

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Earlier this year

Giddiest All-Oceania Around Town?

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Earlier this year

Giant Asshole Or Annoying Twat?

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Earlier this year

Yeah, Bradman....Rod Laver... to be honest there would be a massive list of sports people ahead.

That's not a slight on Mills, there are plenty of unbelievable Australian sporting stories out there.

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Earlier this year

The post was obviously referring to basketball no all sports

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Earlier this year

where does Joe Ingles sit? played NBL, rookie of the year, played euroleague, won a championship, repped for Boomers many years now, integral part of Jazz, might not put up big numbers, but man sure would like him on my team more often than not.

I would expect future wise that Simmons (if he remained healthy) would be up in the top few Aussies.

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