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NH: Brian Lake incident

Take the same scenario off the field and what would you call that....

Personally the AFL must be severe to send a clear statement that losing control is not acceptable. If you do that in front of 35 thousand people then I would ask what would happen in a more private environment if enraged…..

With the off field issues with the various footy codes this incident is an issue….

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what's the tie-in with basketball?

get back to the AFL blog please

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> Take the same scenario off the field and what would you call that....


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Years ago

Please mark non-hoops topics with "NH" and also categorise them as AFL so people know what you're talking about.

For anyone else who had no idea, apparently a guy called Brian Lake got in a scuffle and seemed to be strangling his opponent. In the middle of an AFL game.

Lake's argument that he was attempting to grab at the lapel of Petrie’s jumper, rather than place his hands on his throat, did not sway the tribunal jury of Wayne Schimmelbusch, David Neitz and Richard Loveridge from accepting the prosecution’s contention that Lake’s action had constituted forceful impact and had the potential to cause serious injury to Petrie.

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

Probably the most disgusting act I've seen on an AFL field. Worse than anything big Baz Hall did. Warranted more than four weeks.

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Lol it was a pissweak scuffle that two drunk blokes might have - Yes Lake did the wrong thing but its nowhere near as bad as what other players have done in the past.
Barry Hall has nearly killed people one punch along with Plugga, there's been plenty of coat hangers and king hits, the "sleeper" hold wasn't a proper lock - sanitize the sport some more why don't we take the bump and tackle out and stick touch footy tags in their shorts..

secretly most love a bit of biffo the excitement - publicly everyones sooo PC its boring.

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

That's your take on a guy aggressively pinning down another and strangling him almost to the point of unconsciousness?

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Years ago

and this is our societys problem .... Its okay to be violent. bump and tackles is not the same as a choke.. that is a player using controlled power over another person and watching him suffer... that is scary stuff to see a hold prolonged even though petrie was obviously scared. if the other players had not pulled him off he probably would not have stopped... that is the issue... it is completely not comparable to other rough play and yes hall should also have been suspended for king hit. Imagine these players taking this out to he street and that has happend and it was your daughter, your so , your mother, your brother on the receiving end... this was a very scary in incident due to the mindset behind it and to claim not guilty and think everyone watching will believe it was a shirt hold attempt is mind boggling. Money talks and these players are protected because they help teams win and make money. That is the 80's mindset. Our ao iety has moved on from that. Shame on clubs who do not address this... Shame on those who say it is okay and dummy spit about sanitising the game. The fact you can not see the difference between a bump and the tough ess of the game and these incidents is a problem and you wil not convince anyone who is disgusted with it any different.. We are fast becoming more violence tolerant than any other modern country rapidly and at this rate will pass other countries with worse history... We are better than this.... This is why I follow basketball, it has issues but the culture is far more in line with what is acceptable.

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Years ago

almost to the point of unconsciousness??

You've got to be kidding Statsheet!

Sure it was the wrong thing to do and the penalty while pretty tough sends a message that its not the done thing. But to say Petrie was almost unconscious is BS. If that was the case I reckon he may have had a spell on the bench to recover rather than taking a hanger and kicking a goal shortly after....

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Thunder Jam  
Years ago

You're flying solo on this Statsheet as you can tell.

YOU really think he meant to choke him(ala attempted murder)?
Man up for god's sake.Did you see the cuts and scratches on Lake's face?

Yes he over reacted and deserved a week or two at most.

The most disgusting thing was watching Crow McKernan getting away with that horrific elbow last year.

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Ah trollololol

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Years ago

scratching face to protect yourself is what should be expected. bit as always the cictim has to man up and say oh it was nothing so they don't get labelled a woose. this is why victims including men lay silent...

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Years ago

Nothing wrong with the scuffle. Just two blokes showing some passion

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

Goodness me, you baboons above have proved my point yourselves.

Sammy, you're so right. The passion Drew Petrie showed when he was on the ground incapacitated. Oh man, so passionate. How good!

1) Look at the still image and the video, and you can clearly see where Lake's hands are -- on and around Petrie's neck

2) See quote from Petrie post-game: "was nearly asleep". I don't see anyone here claiming to be a doctor or knowing anything about concussions. All we can go on is a quote from the very man who was actually experiencing it

3) If you are using the eye-gouging as an excuse for Lake losing his shit, look at why Petrie was forced into that act. Lake had already lost his shit and Petrie was just trying to get the bloke off him. As anon said, self-defence should be expected when someone has you pinned down with their arm around your neck

As anon said earlier, let's take this to the street and let's suppose a cop was watching that unfold right in front of him/her. What Lake did was felony assault (let's just say Aggravated assault), and you can get up to two years in prison for that in Victoria. And that's for Aggravated assault. Imagine if there weren't blokes around to separate the two... Petrie's brain gets deprived of oxygen if they go just a little bit longer. Have a read of the link below, you sick freaks.

Also, remember a thing called 'the choking game' that was on the news a while ago. People died from that.

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Years ago

Stress less.. That's why we love footy, Something clearly set Brian Lake off.. And of course Petrie is going to say he was "nearly asleep". He had to get off his eye gouging charge.

4 weeks is plenty of rest for his misconduct.

We can have all our own opinion on the matter. No need for name calling

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Statsheet Stuffer  
Years ago

It's in the nature of a footy player to play down overly rough play because of the culture anon talked about above. And that's what he did once he actually thought about the incident's repercussions. Gotta look after da bois.

Well the word 'sick' is a pretty accurate character description for those who think that kind of behaviour is okay. It actually borders on the psychopathic.

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Years ago

I agree with Statsheet Stuffer. You must be a good Egg seeing it that way... Attitudes extend beyond footy into our moral landscape and we should all be deeming it unacceptable, just like sending little kids in to MMA and fight club rings at age 5… It is just wrong and scary..

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Years ago

have a look at start of fight Petrie was eye gouging before lake but he gets nothing for it serial offender also

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