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Melbourne United Jersey - Rate or Hate

Melb United's uniforms were released this morning - one dark dark blue and one white.

Rate or Hate: Thoughts.

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

Didn't see And1 on the jersey. Anyone know what's up with that?

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Years ago

You should probably link to the photo so people can see what you're talking about.

I don't rate them. Think they look far too busy and de-emphasise the team name.

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Years ago

Geez, they're locking in the Sponsors as well

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Years ago


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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The uniform was always going to be pretty bland IMO. You can't do too much with Navy and white. Look at Carlton.

Probably need to get the Eureka Flag in there somewhere seeing as though it's a Melbourne team. Then they can be sponsored by the BLF and chant: "the ballers, united, we'll never be defeated"

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Years ago

"We wanted it to be simple, clean and bold," Crivelli said.
To keep it extra simple, there are three logos across the upper chest, then a mark and name of another sponsor, plus that sponsor's name in full, then the playing number surrounded by a chainlink/netting diamond and the team name. Super simple! And OCTI!

Should be: CTI, NBL, team name, playing number. That's simple.

Home singlet should have United as the team name, away singlet should have Melbourne. Everyone at home already knows they're Melbourne, no one on the road cares if they're uniting Victorian clubs.

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Years ago

the name change is/was a joke.

But man, have they made some killer moves since then.

Organising a high quality team and getting good sponsors on board.

Surely, even the die hard Melb Tigers fans would be lured by it all. I know I would. If I lived in Melbourne, I wouldn't hesitate to go out and watch a team like that play week in week out.

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Years ago

The colours are cool.
The logo is horrible.
The name is horrible.

Melbourne magic Much better name..

Sydney kings.. Nice colours, nice name
Perth wildcats.. Nice colours, nice name
Townsville crocodiles... Awful colours, nice name nth qld rivalry with cairns
Cairns taipans.... Ok colours, nice name nth qld rivalry with Townsville
Adelaide 36ers.... Nice colours, crap name
Wollongong hawks... Nice colours, nice name.
Nz breakers... Nice colours, crap name. Needs to be Auckland create rivalry with another nz team

Expansion teams: 2 teams every 2-3years.
Canberra cannons?
Brisbane bullets? Rivalry with se qld Gold Coast
Tasmania tigers or devils?
Gold Coast blaze/heat? Rivalry we qld Brisbane bullets
Fremantle fire? Rivalry with Perth
Port Adelaide sharks? Rivalry with Adelaide
Wellington waves? Rivalry with breakers
Geelong ? Rivalry with melbourne.

Darwin heat/blaze? Maybe premature.

Just brainstorming...
16 team comp...

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Years ago

The best thing about the jersey is they made the design clean and didn't just through on bumper sticker logos wherever they fit.

It is really a nice clean simple finish.

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Years ago


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Years ago

I think that singlet looks great. As a tigers supporter, I'm glad that the emphasis is on Melbourne rather than United (it's still a ridiculous name).

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Years ago

look good - but think team name should be more prominant and maybe more obviouly navy blue instead of nearly black

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Years ago

The number with the diamond around it reminds me of a Give Way sign.

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Years ago

Look where it says melbourne down on the stomach how stupid is that. Put the city name across the chest morons

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Years ago

@Macdub - it's a shame they never put this sort of effort into developing the tigers. It really makes it all the more insulting to Tigers fans.

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Years ago

I like it.

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Years ago

Re-branding aside they are definitely making alot of good moves to promote the club.

If all clubs could put this much effort into promotion the league would be in a better place.

Public uniform reveals and the associated media bolsted by having public figures present wouldn't have cost them anything more than organising it.

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Years ago

The round-edged diamond doesn't do anything for me.

If those locations are what it takes to get and keep sponsors, well you do what you have to do. I'd be a bit worried about the "Melbourne" being tucked into shorter player's shorts though. You can just tell that some wag will have a go at the "UTD" being the first part to disappear (get tucked in). As a player its the last thing you want to be thinking about.

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Years ago

I think the 36ers had a past singlet where branding or information ended up tucked into the shorts. Jersey designers really need to consider that.

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Years ago

Don't like them trying to monopolise the basketball community booking out any potential for a 2nd Melbourne team in a city that could support 2 teams... Completely inappropriate for Basketball Victoria Metro and Country to be getting in to bed with a single team in the NBL… But I guess with millionaire backing they may think………….

Would this relationship be against competition laws for a business monopolising the market unfairly… Be careful if a 2nd millionaire wants to start up a club with some serious business savvy… It may bite you back...

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Years ago

Nice colours, logo terrible, there is nothing defining about it, much like the terrible new name.

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Years ago

Remember some no EPL and some WNBL team's don't have their name on the Jersey/top, and most Australian sports teams only have the club logo - not the name.

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Pure Silk  
Years ago

Adelaide 36ers is a GREAT name !

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Years ago

I am not bias as I wasn't a Tigers supporter, however bad the demise of them was, but I will give my 2 cents worth on this uniform for the OP.

1. Colours are great, love the simple and clean look too.

2. Logo is very average at best, does absolutely nothing for me and actually looks quite ridiculour IMHO.

3. I have a man crush on the model, he looks a decent fella' doesn't he girls???

4. Placement of sponsor logos and number needs to be adjusted I think, just doesn't work with the Melbourne name and logo as it is, however the uniform overall will work with a few tweaks...

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Years ago

Aaaahhh, bugger the spell check, should read ...ridiculous...

Final comment, the name United is just a balls up IMO, it doesn't work with basketball and Melbourne is a long name that may work if placed around something (like a basketball), but long and straight like it is, nope doesn't work for me sorry just being honest!

A basketball franchise name should be snappy, to the point, have some meaning and be obviously hoops savvy, like the Tigers was, like the 36'rs is and others in the NBL, NBA etc... are.

What is a 'united' anyway?

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Years ago

the cut of the uniform is actually quite nice, its just bad placement for the Team Name. Because that now gets lost near the waist line. While the sponsor's name is more dominant.

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Years ago

Am I the only one who see a grey uniform, not navy blue? It looks horrible to me and I agree that the team name shouldn't look like an afterthought down near the shorts!

I've not seen what the club has been doing marketing-wise, but with a name and uniform like that, I'm bloody glad I'm not a Tigers or Melbourne fan!

LOL @ the union chant Jack!

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Big V  
Years ago

Bear I think you are right it is ridiculour! Don't like the colour as it is a little bland. But that allows the white to shine?? Too dark and not enough blue?? Should have more use of the shorts as branding, as they need to be tucked in, you lose the bottom 1/3 of the singlet.

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Years ago

It looks grey not navy

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Years ago

The diamond lining makes it look like he has a stiffy.

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Years ago

Can't wait to see the Mascot ????????

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rockets fan  
Years ago

A little bit of old Vctoria Titans and Carlton Blues. It is a typical Victorian navy blues.I think it pretty good.

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Years ago

"its just bad placement for the Team Name. Because that now gets lost near the waist line. While the sponsor's name is more dominant."

The dollar is mightier than the name, that's been made clear in recent times!

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Gordon Liddy  
Years ago


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Years ago

Buy one and you'll see

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Years ago

AND1 may not feature prominently on the jerseys but they are still the manufacturer of Melbourne United's new uniform

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Years ago

'AND1' really, I would never have known, thanks anon. For them not to have some more recognition is unusual!

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