Years ago

Greatest College 5 vs High School 5

C- Shaq
PF- Duncan
SF- Bird
SG- Jordan
PG- Magic


High school
C- Amare
SF- T-Mac
SG- Kobe
PG- Lebron

Who would win? thoughts? i say college!

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Years ago

I would put Ewing as college centre over shaq.

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Years ago

I'm with you on that one anonymous. Ewing for sure!!

I would be tipping the college to clean up over the High school team.

How many rings are in the college team?

Jordan 6
Duncan 3
Bird ?
Shaq (if you leave him in there) 3

And the High schoolers have:

Kobe 3
KG 0
Amare 0
LeBron 0
T-Mac 0

That high school team has only 1 player even to make it to the last round - Kobe.

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Years ago

How many rings are in the college team?

Jordan 6
Duncan 3
Bird 3
Magic 5
Shaq (if you leave him in there) 3

And the High schoolers have:

Kobe 3
KG 0
Amare 0
LeBron 0
T-Mac 0

That high school team has only 1 player even to make it to the last round - Kobe.

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Years ago

Worthy was an unbelievable college player

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undersized pf  
Years ago


C - Lew Alcindor
PF - Bill Walton (not exactly a pf, but one of the greatest college players in history)
SF - Larry Bird
SG - Oscar Robertson
PG - Magic Johnson

Honourable Mentions:

Wilt Chamberlain: (his ultimate reign of terror didnt begin till his first season in the NBA)

Michael Jordan: again his true dominance wasnt achieved until NBA

Christian Lattner: one of the most celebrated collegates of all time

Shaquille O'neal: power and dominance

Patrick Ewing: A truly all round center. Some of ewing's dunks on the break during college are massive (check at Patrick Ewing: Standing tall, aweseome vid)

Pete Maravich - Enough Said

Bill Russell - Revolutionzied the college game, changed the rules of bball.

High School: Who cares

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Years ago

Don't confuse NBA rings with college brilliance . . . What did Shaq ever win at college? Shaq had a more celebrated high school career than college career. Besides, I'm taking Alcindor or Walton at centre from college.

Definitely have to mention Alcindor, Moses Malone, Chamberlain, Connie Hawkins, Earl Monroe, or Earl Manigault from high school.

Come on, guys. Cheezeburger, you claim to be an historian of the game and you don't even mention these guys? You're showing your true age!!

How about guys like Maravich, Laettner, Bill Russell, or even Steve Alford or Ralph Sampson, just to name a few.

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Years ago

anonymous dig a hole. it what post did i say im a historian of the nba???

ps dig a hole

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Years ago

oi anoymous you named like 8 players you want to fit in that know the game or what?you cant have 8 players in a starting 5!!!!!

ps the hole is already dug for you

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Years ago

Geez your easy to rile up arnt you Cheeze...are you still grumpy cause Atlanta missed Bogut and now noone wants to go and play there? :)

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Liam Flynn  
Years ago

Undersized Pf - very impressed with your college hoops knowledge!

Cheeze - He's 5 college players that havent been mentioned yet that would still woop your "all time best team"(how much college hoops have you actually watched to make such a statement??!!):

PG: Bobby Hurley - Duke: Terrific organiser, huge heart and back-toi back championships

SG: Chris Mullin - St Johns: Pre - Scott Ninnis flat top days, maybe the best shooter ever to play college basketball;

SF: Sean Elliott - Arizona: A bit of a personal bias here but one of the most versatile and explosive forwards of any era

PF: Danny Manning - Kansas: if you havent read a A Season Inside : One Year in College Basketball do it! The Manning/Larry Brown tandem at Kansas was some awesome hoops to watch.

C: David Robinson - Navy: Set an NCAA Division I record by averaging 5.91 blocks in one season!

Honourable Mentions: David Thompson - NC State, Isaah Thomas - Indiana & Bill bradley - Princeton

Coach: John Wooden - UCLA
Assistant Coach - Pete Carril - Princeton

And For the women:

PG: Diana Taurasi - UCONN: So many game winning shots....
SG: Cheryl Miller - USC: 4 time all american and three time Wooden award winner!
F Tamika Catchings - Tennesee: also a four time All American
F Chamique Holdsclaw - Tennesee: won three straight NCAA titles (one underfeated season) for the Lady Vols during her stay
C: Rebecca Lobo - UCONN: Awesome leader for her team, started to put ladies college basketball on the map.

Coach - Pat Summit

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Years ago

liam,that comment you made about undersized pf knowledge just made his pants bad the growing didnt effect his 5'11 frame.

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Years ago

plus what i dont understand is.the thread states name the -Greatest Starting '5'.why are you naming 10 players that you want in,with only '5'spots avaliable???

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Liam Flynn  
Years ago

*uncomfortable silence*...*a tumbleweed floats by in the distance*....*a dull cough is heard from the crowd*

Liam awkwardly breaks the silence:

"Blokes having growing issues in their pants (* a distance snigger is heard*). Hey, whatever floats your boat cheeze."

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Years ago


If you read my post, you'll see that I didn't name a starting 5 for college or high school. I merely was pointing out some rather significant names that you had overlooked.

As far as the historian comment was concerned, whilst you may not have used that exact word, I think if you look back over your posts, you have claimed to possess an extensive knowledge of the game and have previously bagged other posters for their ignorance or lack of knowledge. Funny how you react when I point out your lack of knowledge by putting Shaq as starting Centre ahead of Lew Alcindor or Bill Walton on your All-time college starting 5, and Amare at centre ahead of players such as Alcindor, Moses Malone or Chamberlain on your All-time high school starting 5.

Easy when your dishing out the criticism; not so easy when your taking it.

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Years ago


How can you use NBA Rings as a measuring stick?

The College team has 3 retired players, and 2 Vets.

The High school team has 2 Vets (younger vets) and 3 very young superstars.

I don't know that your argument will hold up in say... 10 years time.

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Years ago

ok fine.sorry for putting the most dominate ever big man at centre in the starting 5.

liam your words make no sence to a hard working factory worker.we dont speak in those terms.but then again rides your tide liam.

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Years ago

My team

PG - Bobby Hurley, the reason Duke took it to Michigan, great story

SG - Pete Maravich, taught him every he knows (knew, R.I.P.)

SG - Jaylin Rose, my personal favorite as a youth

PF - Chris Webber, he was go to man in the Fab Five

C - David Robinson, Army like disipline

Coach - Dean Smith

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Liam Flynn  
Years ago

Its pretty obvious that my point (along with Anonymous - post #41507) is that if you are going to start a 'chest beating' thread about the all time greatest college basketball team (and dont get me started on the HS one becasue its a crime that Kenny Anderson was left off your team!), then at least have some of the greats in the team!

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but understand that you put yourself up to scrutiny when you put your name to a thread.

By all means have a crack at me if I start an "all time Atlanta Hawks team thread" featuring Eldridge Recasner, Bimbo Coles, Adam Keefe, Cadillac Anderson Jon Koncak....

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Years ago

What The?

Dominic Wilkens is missing Liam

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Liam Flynn  
Years ago

I missed Matt Maloney as well....

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Years ago

ok fine i will put my greatest hawks team up

c Moses Malone
pf Bob Petit
sf Dominque Wilkins
sg Pistol Pete" Maravich
pg Lou Hudson

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Years ago

Liam,Your female list is pretty much spot on, maybe the only difference I may have come up with Dawn Staley for the PG position. It's tuff but maybe another name to float around is Teresa Edwards.

My College:

C: Lew Alcindor - College career average of 26.4ppg and 15.5bpg. Oh he also led his team to a record of 88-2 over three years.

PF: Willis Reed - Average 26ppg and 21 boards in 1964. Career average of 19ppg and 15 bpg.

SF: Dr J - 1 of 5 player to average 20 points and 20 rebounds in his College career

SG: The Big O, Oscar Robertson - Averaged 33.7ppg and 14.1bpg in 1960. Career average of 34ppg and 15 bpg.

PG: Jerry West - 29.3ppg and 16.5 bpg in 1960. Career average of 24.8ppg and 13.3bpg

Bench would be:
C: Patrick Ewing,
PF: Bob Petit,
SF:Hank Gathers (if you don't know of him, check his stats. He died in 1990),
SG: Pistol Pete Maravich,
PG: Earl the Pearl (he averaged 41.5ppg in 1967),
11th man: Jordan
12th man: Ed O'Bannon (anyone remember him ripping it up for UCLA, and utimately busting in the NBA with the Nets)

Highschool - no real worthy mentions compared to my College players bar Moses Malone.

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Years ago

Here is some useless information, but did anyone know what Webber's first name ain't Chris.

Drumbeat please.....................................................................................................

His first name is Mayce..... Mayce Webber... hahaha, no wonder he prefer's Chris. I kid you not.

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Years ago

What about Lafarell Darnell Mee? Pretty obvious why he dropped his first name.

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Years ago

Liam, your absolutely right (post #41512)
Cheezy understand that nothing is personal in this forum. EVERONE has an opinion and for you to sprout off and tell people to 'dig a hole'...what the!
Don't leave yourself open for a pounding (so to speak) and take criticism on the chin

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Years ago

Good to see Danny Manning and Sean Elliot getting props. What about Len Bias?

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Years ago

If anyone wants to see anybody dominate College ball, go watch some old David Robinson tapes. Didn't think anyone would mention but Liam on the money up there with Melhoops.

Some crazy games he had - sequence would go - block - fast break dunk - block - block - alley oop dunk...etc. Unstoppable.

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