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Courtside announcers in the NBL

I'm watching the Hawks Breakers game on TV and it sounds as though the Hawks courtside announcer barely draws breath. He seems compelled to fill every spare second with inane commentary while the game is being played. It makes the game (at least on TV) a little less watchable for me.

I understand the need to announce when someone has scored, or when there's a substitution, and even the occasional "let's go Hawks" or "Defence", but not every single possession, and not saying stuff like "great defence" (even when the away team doesn't lose possession) or "nice rebound!".

This definitely isn't limited to Wollongong. The announcers are similarly persistent in Perth, the Sydney announcer seems to think it's his own personal talkshow, and the Cairns guy is quite happy to wear out his vocal chords every game by screeching "Defence" for the entirety of every defensive possession.

Do others find this annoying? I know the music at games is a particular point of contention, but I find this is also a big issue. I know Perth have gone to the US looking for ways to improve their game day experience, so I wonder if they and others could take a cue from the NBA and its less talkative, more professional stadium announcers.

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Years ago

Never been a fan of Macca.. Was glad when the Hawks got someone else to do the courtside announcer job but then fans complained apparently so they brought him back.

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It can be annoying tbh - I prefer an initial defence chant start for the crowd to start then silence or a comment about handbags if an opposition player has a bit of a sook. Piva who does the Cairns games has been told numerous times by fans to stop screaming down the mic - but he is moving to Townsville for Uni so we might get someone different who realises less is more. Gausa the bench announcer is really good - he only calls subs, big dunks/shots or the defence call if Piva is too busy playing with himself or his mobile (either or). The hawks music today was way too loud and grating and the announcer made it worse with his inane comments.

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Years ago

Most court announcers always get involved with the Defense, defense chants too which is technically illegal.

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Years ago

illegal? CALL THE COPS!

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Years ago

Yep like the cheerleaders it seems. Oh we wont even talk about the refs and the score benches.

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

Piva's leaving? Great. The only time he got the crowd up last week was the stupid "we want maccas" chant at the end, when they should have been cheering for the Taipans dominating the comp.

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Years ago

I muted stretches of the Hawks-Breakers game firstly because of the music and secondly because of the announcer. Either were just drowning out the sounds of the game.

For a potentially exciting comeback, that game as televised was hugely awkward:

- no indication of time remaining (besides the clock above baskets)
- no score overlay
- crowd was silent even as their team was making a run
- Woods called NZ "Perth" twice and Carfino didn't correct him
- home team missing easy buckets early might've thrown the crowd

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

Yep, and don't forget them showing the ladder at the end with the Melbourne 'Tigers' in 7th spot (at least they got the United logo right).

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Years ago

Don't worry about the announcers the big fat bald bloke with a goatee from the crocs behind the basket he's more to worry for ever giving mouth to opposition players wait till a player looses it and has a crack at him they are way to close to the game in Townsville

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Years ago

As a side note - watching the Perth/Sydney game - the whole game was just a wash with noise, with the court side announcer, the fans seemingly making noise at all moments for no reason, the commentator talking at volume 11 and then the constant music ... it makes the game very difficult to watch.

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Years ago

"Most court announcers always get involved with the Defense, defense chants too which is technically illegal."
Is there anything more trustworthy than an anonymous internet user mentioning a rule that isn't published anywhere?

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Nathan of Perth  
Years ago

"- Woods called NZ "Perth" twice and Carfino didn't correct him"

He was just trying to find the best compliment he could ;)

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Mr bEn  
Years ago

I agree with OP's Wollongong sentiment. Guy on the mic didn't shut up and music played incessantly, intolerable! This is pretty bad if we're picking up on it from watching a telecast.

Would love to hear the thoughts of any Gongers here who have been to games this season. Sometime what we see/hear on tv can be perceived quite differently from fans at the game.

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Years ago

Read the rules #kobedoesntknowtherulez. They are indeed written down.

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Solid Moves  
Years ago

The NBL really needs to crack down on this.. It completely destroys the telecast for the viewers at home and I know that fans at the game are constantly peeved by the fact that teams think the fans need constant noise to keep them interested.. Last time I checked, we went to the game to watch basketball and not these clowns!

As an announcer myself in the WNBL, SEABL & BigV the key that I have found (after a lot of trial and even more error) is that music in game should be canned.. Short 10 second snippet after an exciting play 2 or 3 times a quarter is ideal and letting the crowd start their own chants. No doubt ask for noise in TO's etc but during the game make the play all people focus on.

I don't know why it's so hard for people to understand?! I'd place a wager that if there comes a time where Perth hit hard times and the basketball is poor then they'll fly quicker than anything out of that stadium due to the obnoxious announcer. First class ticket to going broke - poor game night experiences.

I for one, will be emailing Perth with a complaint. Destroyed my Friday night NBL fest and many more who didn't have the TV on mute..

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Years ago

A-League proves you don't need music and announcers - put a good product out there, fans will rock and make some noise.

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Years ago

I found highlights of a random NBA game on YouTube. Check the background music (it's more like a beat) and how the court mics pick up everything that makes it sound like basketball.

NBA game highlights

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Years ago

Comparing the less is more approach of announcers in the NBA to the NBL is also destroying the stereotype of Americans as being more fond of the sound of their own voices than Australians.

I think that's actually a big part of why so many of the announcers in the NBL talk so incessantly: ego. They believe they have a gift for talking and entertaining, and get carried away by the allure of a mic and a captive audience.

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Hoop Dreams  
Years ago

Ive only ever been to games in Adelaide and a couple of times in Cairns... n they seem to let the game speak for itself. i been once in perth (in the old stadium) and yeah... a bit much but it didnt particularly bother me coz we won lol. But end of the day we go to the basketball to watch basketball... not to listen to the announcers and music... if u wanna do that, then stay home n put the radio on.

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Years ago

"Read the rules #kobedoesntknowtherulez. They are indeed written down."

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Years ago

I think that's actually a big part of why so many of the announcers in the NBL talk so incessantly: ego.
I don't think it's ego. I think it's just that announcers here and at that level are more likely to think too simply: "My job is to talk about the game, so talking more is better." Are they researching how it's done in the NBA and paying really close attention to differences? Are they looking to improve or just do the same thing?

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Years ago

Yes, yes, yes!

Making the game the focus of the basketball 'event' or 'game night experience' would solve many, if not most, of these noise problems; and they are problems.

I've said it before, build the 'extras' around the game instead of piling them on top of it and squashing it. Which is, in fact, what other sports are doing. They fill the gaps between the action with sound and side shows but don't let the extras get in the way of the game as basketball does.

Perhaps it would be worth considering requiring court announcers to attend training in the role - why they are there, the significance of their role in shaping the 'game night experience', and what they are expected to do. Such a course would need to be designed with a clear basketball focus; and ideally based on some solid data from a good, well-designed survey of fans and the wider community. Of course, getting that sort of information would cost money.

Might also be worth considering limiting clubs to use of a court announcer: i.e., eliminating the role of 'urger' like that of 'Jarrod' in Adelaide.

Having someone on the mic who understands and has a feeling for basketball and is aware of and sensitive to the state of a game and the emotion of the crowd would also definitely help, particularly in the 'music men' who can't seem to distinguish between a rock concert and a basketball game. The style, form and amount of music and when/how it is used can enhance a game or, as we are seeing so clearly and often demonstrated, verge on destroying the 'game night' experience, particularly when combined with a self-important announcer or 'urger' who seems to focus on 'making noise'. It's what so many of them say - 'let's make some noise' ... and what they focus on doing.

Don't worry about the game, our hearing, peace of mind or enjoyment, let's make some noise, even if it keeps people away from the game and has them turning off - or muting - their TV sets.

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Years ago

I think the guy in Adelaide does a decent job.

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Years ago

Andrew Gaze spoke about it on the radio this morning:

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Years ago

The Perth guy is a wanker.
He does these "wooooooooooooooooo" type noises all the time. Can hear them on the TV and it's deafening at the game. They just aren't pro's and seem to think it's all about them.

Shut up...let the talent talk :)

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Years ago

100% agree with Andrew Gaze.

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Below The Rim  
Years ago

Agree with Tornado... he's there enough to notice what he does/needs to do... but is smart enough not to be remembered after the game... if u get what i mean... Seems very basketball respectful. (much like the referees should be!!)

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Three to make two  
Years ago

Macca is generally pretty good. He does have a good knowledge of the game. When they replaced him it was for some local radio guy who just didn't seem to understand the game. So, I for one, was glad they got Macca back.

However, overall I hate the loud incessant music. I like the sound of the ball (and occasional body) hitting the floor, the crunch of a good screen,the interplay between the players and officials.

What the music does is raise the general sound level so you miss a lot of this. It is even difficult to talk to the people next to you. And, unless you have some form of electronic amplification, you can't give the officials some constructive criticism without screaming at them like some crazy guy.

Also, I hate that they have to have some second or third rate pop singer at half-time further drowning out the opportunity to have a chat with the people around you without screaming. Why do they think that because we're all at a basketball game, we all like bland pap music? I like punk and stuff like Nick Cave and Sonic Youth. My wife likes gentler stuff like the Corrs, Leonard Cohen, Don McLean. Get local kids rep teams play (like they did last week at the Hawks) and let the pap singers ply their wares elsewhere.

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