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FFA Style Competition for Basketball here

The F.A cup in England is huge, now the A-League have copied this concept in their FFA cup competition and it is getting huge coverage with a local state team making it to a semi final against the big boys (Perth Glory).

The TV coverage is great, crowds are massive and local heroes get their chance to go up against the best in the nation, truly inspiring and will inject big $$$ into the sport of soccer, not to mention the amount of publicity and junior participation it will create.

This got me thinking, what about the other world game, hoops, and something similar trialed here between say NBL teams and the best SEABL level or equivalent teams playing off in let's say a FBA cup for want of a better acronym?

Of course we need to consider how and when it would be run and of course who would put up sponsor dollars and how the media would be attracted to this concept.

So, I am happy to put suggestions of my own forward, if anyone is keen to have a go at coming up with their opinions and ideas, I see this as having potential to spark some interest at ground roots level...

My initial thoughts would be kind of like this:

At the end of the state competitions and the start of pre-season of the NBL we would start the FBA cup.

Teams will play each other in double headers (home and away) with an aggregate score counting in case of one win each and overtime if that score is even at the end of game two to decide a winner.

Teams play regular games and continue in a knock out format until the final two are decided.

The competition would essentially go into the NBL season, but I would not anticipate long into it.

The concept gives local Association based teams and their supporters to have a chance to see an NBL team play against them up close and personal.

Local Association based teams then get a chance to participate and promote the game on a bigger stage!

The winning team gets a $$$ purse and a cup, then maybe something else I have not thought of...

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would be hard to get a good gauge on the SEABL teams as A LOT of NBL players dominate the SEABL...

Maybe the Local Teams like Centrals/forestville/West Adelaide etc type teams...

not TOO many NBL players play in those comps...

Love the idea, great concept, would work, cant see why it wouldnt...

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nzNBL teams included too maybe?

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Of course, I would not discount some NZ teams and their NBL team of course, it would just be a cost factor for the travel that needs to be covered, otherwise yes including NZ in this concept would be awesome I would think...

I did think about the issue of NBL players in the SEABL, but I don't think it would be a big factor, the bigger problem might be holding SEABL level imports for additional weeks perhaps??

Introducing time limits on NBL teams so they have to play all their roster could even things out some?

There is always a solution if we use our heads I reckon!

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Years ago

Love the idea,

If there is enough $$$ in the TV deal or something maybe the FBA could cover the cost of imports to get extra imports into the SEABL clubs to cover the NBL players who they lose and keep the talent at a good level.???

Also like the idea of the top few NZ clubs being involved, could even invite some Asian teams??

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Pretty sure it used to happen in Victoria back in the day when the NBL was played over winter.

From memory it was the old CVIBL/VBL...Ballarat or Bendigo knocked off the Melbourne Tigers NBL team one year from memory.

The team the Tigers fielded included the Gaze & Co

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Years ago

what happened to that 'made for tv' tounrament a few years back...

that was a great idea...

quick short sharp carnival


thought that was going to be the beginnig of the resurgence of the NBL...

sitting here listening to MMM and they still are going on about the footy... i know its the biggest sporting code in the country but nothing not an ounce of basketball talk... besides the lil bits in the news frustrating...

if the FBA can bring a few extra hundred fans into the game and create a bit of media hype then i am all for it... however the NBL has been terrible at marketing itself since jordan left... i remmeber you could buy NBL tops at Kmart... now i see the odd singlet at rebel sport but usually only ADelaide ones... how many Adelaide singlets do you see aorund town compared to NBA ones...

need $$$ and these ideas are great but need someone with deep pockets happy to lose some money first to get the ideas up and running...

a naming rights sponsor for the competition couldnt hurt....

keep the ideas coming though!

(apologise for the rambling and disjointed post)

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Years ago

I love the idea

One idea i have thought of for ages, which is basically along the same lines as this, but do it as a tournament over a couple of weeks at a couple of venues.

I came up with the name 'Hoops Fest'

Find around 2 weeks (maybe in the December/Jan School holidays and promote it heavily to kids and families, the problem being the NBL would have to have a break or the teams would have to play some extra games for those weeks so may not work) (Pre season time would be more appropriate for the NBL teams, so could maybe be played when the Blitz is on)

Have training clinics for any kid who buys a ticket in the morning, have many of the players, the higher profile the better involved with the coaching of it.

Have the 8 NBL teams, plus a team made up of the best state league players from each state and a NZ team from the NZ NBL, (these teams can have upto 5 imports who are playing in there league) Could use the top team from each state and allow them to recruit a few 'top up players' from other teams in the state (imports or Aussies), to keep the talent level high

2 pools of teams where everyone plays everyone once, maybe 1 or 2 cross over games, depending on how many games can be scheduled in, then rank the teams then have a knock out tournament. With a final four weekend like the NCAA does.

Have 1 pool play in say Perth, 1 pool play in say melbourne, have the knock out tournament play in NSW, then a final four weekend in Adelaide, or something like that the mix the games around and spread it around the country a bit, could mix up the venues from year to year.

This is basically the same idea as Bear FFA idea, just thought id through it out there.

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Years ago

Also invite some of the better local 'social teams' to play in a tournament at each venue, each day and maybe have a bit of prize money to generate some interest among the general public who play at a social level.

Basically make it a full on week or 2 of basketball at the venues.

Could even have a NBA2k xbox/PS competition or something too on a big screen like in the Apollo restaurant at the Adelaide Arena,

Come up with as many fun things to do with basketball as possible, to reach as many people as possible.

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Years ago


thats the only real issue here...

ALL GREAT ideas....

surely a bogut or mills could througha few hundred thousand of there own coin into something like this...

get sponsors on board and the media and those other high profile basketballers and it will sell itself...

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Years ago

Yep exactly, finding the $$$ to fund these things is what would be the challenge

Need a few wealthy basketball fans and some good TV/media money for it to ever be possible.

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Years ago

Cup matches between different divisions doesn't work in basketball since it is a offense driven game. Scores would be 138-32 etc.

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Honestly, and don't get me wrong as I have Foxtel and enjoy watching it, but surely with some of the shows on the pay-TV channels (Sport in particular) being pretty average and repeats...

Surely Foxtel could get behind this as a full on sponsor and promote every game by showing them all, maybe one game per week on free to air, but that is what I am seeing with the soccer, so why couldn't they get behind something similar for basketball?

That would solve the cash issue I reckon, wouldn't it?

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Years ago

Anon @617, that is definitely a possibility and could happen in some games, but mechanisms could be put in place to even things up if need be.

Also, depends on how much incentive to win is placed on NBL teams, they could treat it a little easily and you just never know when a surprise result may occur...

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Years ago

If the issue comes with the NBL duties (training camps, etc), then perhaps you run it within the NBL offseason and have these players playing for their local associations.

Top 4 Teams from SEABL, with the top 2 from SA, NSW, BigV, WABL, QBL & NZNBL (sorry - I don't have much knowledge of the depth of programs. Feel free to renumber the teams) gives you 16 teams. If you make it based on the season previous, it gives teams incentive to resign players / build stronger ties with community, etc.

Bracket style competition with seedings (as determined by a formula - I'm sure there is a mathematician out there who can work that one out!).

Games to be played at the higher ranked opponents home court (could be a double-header system like suggested higher too).

You would have to have bye weekends fixtured into the various state comps, but that would be possible. Especially to start with - the first two weekends are locked in as being bye weekends for those teams in their local comps.

Because it is bracket style, Round 3 is the Final 4 (elimination games) & Championship game. That can be penciled in for a certain weekend & if teams make it through, games are rescheduled for their local comps.

Love the concept, but agree getting the funding is the only issue. I'm happy to tee up a BBQ if someone can bring the snags?!

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